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A Quantum Leap Of Faith

Today is Feb 29th and it is a Leap Day. Take a Quantum Leap of Faith.






It is also the day that women can traditionally propose to their man. #Just Say Yes.




I’m saying Yes and I Do to All Woman. It’s Hot N Cold. And Yes and I Do to Life



The Id O. We are Wild at Heart and Creatures of the Id. It’s all God.


wildat heart




The I Dent-ity. Identity is established by I Dental records. Go Pro.


Go Pro


The two faces of Harvey Dent.



It’s Doctor WU.



And Doctor ME.



“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness” – Anne Frank.


Anne Frank - 1940s


And Doctors and Nurses.


pretty little girl and cute little boy playing doctor with their toy bear


In her family caravan, Barbara Wadey was more thorough in her examinations than probably was strictly necessary ! Sometimes, you just have to be patient. It’s In No Sins.


88 thoughts on “A Quantum Leap Of Faith

  1. Frank woke up this morning after writing my latest post last night and put the tv on and everything stood out in 3D just like what happened to me on the opening day of 2012 Olympics. Read my reply to Roob in the comments.

    Waterloo happened in 1 8.15 thats the Time that its always been we are in a battle re-enactment simulation a bit like the War Games in the old Dr Who series constantly repeating the collapse of the Tower of Babylon over and over again.

  2. Regarding the Turing Test :

    Turin’ broke the code, he looked & sighed found an apple laced with cyanide
    His death is SHROUD in mystery the most torqued off in all History ….

    The word Labyrinth comes from the word Labrys meaning “Double AX head”
    or perhaps that should be “double OX Head?”

    Grab the Bull by the horns, take a leap of faith

    & just hope to God you don’t land in a pile of Bull Shit !

    Did you know that the Ancient Kings of Ireland ruled from Tara ?

    Or that ancient stone Ax heads were often made of Gneiss ? Gneiss is a high grade metamorphic rock,
    meaning that it has been subjected to higher temperatures and pressures than schist

  3. Anon I take it thats you 😉 excellent insights that pic you posted above I first came across it in the Heraklion Museum in {ex)Crete. but up to our oxters in shit is very well the place we may end up landing after our leap of faith

    but there is nothing to fear thats just our imagination playing tricks on us again

    just need to go back to Tara back to when we were Kings and Queens.

    • TTN,

      …. I’ve had many names here over the years – eye should settle on one?
      I like you Freely admit to being an IDiot . Idiot Servants ?
      I must like getting walked over. (sends a shiver down my spine 🙂

      Not just Kings & Queens of Tara but “High” kings of Eye Land 🙂

      • Anon underneath the mask WE are the misfits the freaks the aliens the original Addams Family

        strange and deranged…..

        Bel eve it or not I was standing at the site of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hydes house today it was called Skerryvore or whats behind the ScaryDoore it was named after a lighthouse

        it looks like Im ITT 🙂 either that or a TIT

        • Shutter Eyeland popped up on my YouTube homepage today. If you remember, I’m the Taurean Who paid a visit to the Seven Sisters and discovered that one of my lighthouses is missing.

          • Hugo I remember reading it with keen interest as back in 2010 I had an incredible flash of insight into the SS I wrote it down at the time need to dig it out and post it at some point….. but it will make me look even more bat shit crazy….if thats eve n possible.

            Here is what the dictionary has to say about my state of mind

            A person who is batshit crazy is certifiably nuts. The phrase has origins in the old fashioned term “bats in the belfry.” Old churches had a structure at the top called a belfry, which housed the bells. Bats are extremely sensitive to sound and would never inhabit a belfry of an active church where the bell was rung frequently. Occasionally, when a church was abandoned and many years passed without the bell being rung, bats would eventually come and inhabit the belfry. So, when somebody said that an individual had “bats in the belfry” it meant that there was “nothing going on upstairs” (as in that person’s brain). To be BATSHIT CRAZY is to take this even a step further. A person who is batshit crazy is so nuts that not only is their belfry full of bats, but so many bats have been there for so long that the belfry is coated in batshit. Hence, the craziest of crazy people are BATSHIT CRAZY.

            Dude that guy on the corner wears a tinfoil hat and ripped all the wires out of his house so the government couldn’t listen to his thoughts.


            Yeah, he’s batshit crazy.

            Its been a long time since I had my bell rung 🙂

        • For M.A.S.H. get Smash.

          I went there once. Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya. The Central Tower.

  4. So, we can’t see our faces (except in reflection) but we can look down & see our faeces. Of course / off course, we could use our other senses to feel what “lies a-head.”

    So what does this tell us? Perhaps it tells us that it’s not what’s in front (blind spot)
    that’s the problem. It’s what’s coming up/out from behind us (blind spot) & what usually comes out from behind? (x’cuse my languish butt …)

    A big pile of shit? A lot of waste …. “wasted time” …. “getting wasted?”

    Not necessarily a waste! Man-u-are makes things grow.

    Perhaps we need to change our past to go forward? Hmm! No mean task.
    I am sure someone once came up with a way. If only I could re-member!

    Or I could just relax/relapse & say I am that I am …

    In the end it probably doesn’t matter … or maybe it does … WHO knows

    Timmy (Tim-e) Takes A Peek (no 6 is good)


      There are so many ways to look at things/situations….some amusing some not so amusing.

      Maybe we are the ‘turd.’

      The excrement from the cosmos.

      Turd…Sturdy…and the 7th day/Saturday.

      Old English tord “piece of excrement,” from Proto-Germanic *turdam (cognates: Middle Dutch torde “piece of excrement,” Old Norse tord-yfill, Dutch tort-wevel “dung beetle”), from PIE *drtom, past participle of root *der- (2) “to split, peel, flay, tear;” thus “that which is separated (“torn off”) from the body” (compare shit (v.) from root meaning “to split;” Greek skatos from root meaning “to cut off; see scatology). As a type of something worthless and vile, it is attested from mid-13c. Meaning “despicable person” is recorded from mid-15c.

      sturdy (adj.)
      c. 1300, “hard to manage, reckless, violent,”

      Saturday (n.)
      seventh day of the week, Old English sæterdæg, sæternesdæg, literally “day of the planet Saturn

      In the first part (Genesis 1:1-2:3) Elohim, the Hebrew generic word for God, creates the heaven and the earth in six days, starting with darkness and light on the first day, and ending with the creation of mankind on the sixth day. God then rests on, blesses and sanctifies the seventh day.

      sTURDy TURDs expelled from the cosmos on the 7th day of the week…which happened be called SaTURDay

      The day God rested…blessed and sanctified. In other words MAYBE God had a bowel movement on the 7th day….guess what …we are shIT.

      Pee ~n~ Poop

      ~~~We are spirits on a holodeck of sort…having and creating experiences.~~~

      • DDNA I think what I was trying to say was that “nothing is wasted” even if it may seem like it sometimes. Even if all seems lost, everything is for a use, for a reason

        …I love this place, for whatever reason it seems safe but that’s the trouble …
        it lulls one into a false sense of security. I feel like I am chatting among
        friends & it’s all too easy to forget that one’s sometimes idle speculations
        & word play are being published to the world in what is effectively a public forum.

        Wise men speak because they have something to say;
        Fools because they have to say something.

        I am all too often the fool.

        Some say there are spied us on the web.
        Too many I’s.

        I took a leap straight into the doo doo – I was literally talking shit!

        No offence meant

        … I should probably crawl back under my stone

        • A NOUN I MIST

          I was making reference to my own comment when I wrote; “There are so many ways to look at things/situations….some amusing some not so amusing.”

          In no way was I being critical of what you wrote…as a matter of fact I have yet to be ‘put off’ by any comment you, (Anon, Anonymous, etc.) have written and posted.

          You may sometimes feel as we all do; think ourselves a fool from time to time…but to me…you are very wise.

          ~Please don’t you crawl back under anything you “Carry on”~

          • DDNA Thank you so much for (ALL) your kind words.
            They really are appreciated.

            …and thank you too Frank.

    • Great flick. My oldest son read the book but I haven’t.

      Imma have to use this song in a post later.

  5. 2B Frank,

    A Quantum Leap of Faith
    iT iS!!!!

    Have been holding it endlessly only because every time a reply post
    is about to be clicked & shared,
    has just spoken ’bout it.

    Thus, no point in speaking further.


    fellow Merovingians,

    is a SNAP

    of the
    connections, ideas, feelings & projections

    thiS brhEarthing eXperience is bRinging ALL the t i me

    & it’s as a Quantum Leap of Faith

    that this open invitation is being brought

    around here…

    Quantum Selfie 42º @ N.0W.01 AM




  6. Oscars 2016…anyone notice the ‘black hole’ Chris The Black Rock came center stage out of …on an Eve of God’s first day of creation.

    • Hi Divine – About your comment above I’m reminded of the old saying “One man’s shit is another man’s manure” perspective is everything. 🙂
      About the Oscars, I thought the rainbow arc of the stage facade was interesting. Actually there were two rainbows, the lower one had these colorful sparkles going off and the upper one was pure gold (?). The choice of ‘Spotlight’ as best pic came out of nowhere, and was puzzling, then this morning I remembered that sensation of being watched. 🙂

      • lol ELENA some of our most delicious edibles are fertilized and grown in ‘animal manure’

        I didn’t watch the Oscars…just saw some of the after photos and the one of Chris on stage…was of interest. The whole thing/show consisted of many messages.

      • dictator (n.)
        late 14c., from Latin dictator, agent noun from dictare (see dictate (v.)). Transferred sense of “one who has absolute power or authority” in any sphere is from c. 1600. In Latin use, a dictator was a judge in the Roman republic temporarily invested with absolute power.

        dictate (v.)
        1590s, “to practice dictation, say aloud for another to write down,” from Latin dictatus, past participle of dictare “say often, prescribe,” frequentative of dicere “to say, speak” (see diction). Sense of “to command” is 1620s. Related: Dictated; dictates; dictating.

        diction (n.)
        1540s, “a word;” 1580s, “expression of ideas in words,” from Late Latin dictionem (nominative dictio) “a saying, expression, word,” noun of action from dic-, past participle stem of Latin dicere “speak, tell, say” (source of French dire “to say”), related to dicare “proclaim, dedicate,” from PIE root *deik- “to point out” (cognates: Sanskrit dic- “point out, show,” Greek deiknynai “to show, to prove,” Latin digitus “finger,” Old High German zeigon, German zeigen “to show,” Old English teon “to accuse,” tæcan “to teach”).

        Another cognate is Greek dike “custom, usage,” and, via the notion of “right as dependent on custom,” “law, a right; a judgment; a lawsuit, court case, trial; penalty awarded by a judge.”

  7. Greasy fuels your language IDiots! 😉

    and as we are all idio(i)ts…

    idiot (n.) Look up idiot at
    early 14c., “person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning;” also in Middle English “simple man, uneducated person, layman” (late 14c.), from Old French idiote “uneducated or ignorant person” (12c.), from Latin idiota “ordinary person, layman; outsider,” in Late Latin “uneducated or ignorant person,” from Greek idiotes “layman, person lacking professional skill” (opposed to writer, soldier, skilled workman), literally “private person” (as opposed to one taking part in public affairs), used patronizingly for “ignorant person,” from idios “one’s own” (see idiom).

    In plural, the Greek word could mean “one’s own countrymen.” In old English law, one who has been without reasoning or understanding from birth, as distinguished from a lunatic, who became that way. Idiot box “television set” is from 1959; idiot light “dashboard warning signal” is attested from 1961. Idiot savant attested by 1870.

    …let’s take a leap

    the water is boiling

  8. I had a very stressful, full day today. The Voice for God is constant now and it can be overwhelming: the joy. I’m just not used to it. 😀

    And the Fear.

    I got my black Renegade today . XX!

    Is Tim Daly and his Family racist?
    Ugly. Kinda sickening but now everyone knows .

    Brother, I’m real. I will not disintegrate into dust. I’m here for you.

    While I didn’t Love your opening, I want you to know you are never home less.
    Oh and the morning I went out to get my new Jeep Renegade, pile of quarters in my pocket and yup. She was there. South Carolina.

    • And this was the song synching today

      Every day is day one. Oh and brother Bill, I AM smiling. And it’s changing my world!
      Thank you brother!

      My Teacher told me, Smile, and say yes. And I AM.

      • Are you fuckers like, rolling a 75-sided die or something? Then listening to a number station to select your replies?

        No wonder I don’t join clubs. YES IT’S TRUE THEY DON’T WANT ME!!!! But, that’s beside the point. So digress or somethiing. lol

    • Along with my finally found South Carolina quarter in the batch of Leap Day “change” were 2 (XX) (twins!) of CONNECT-icut’s Green Trees of Life and, wait for it, another North Carolina! Didn’t realize a state could have two! First North Carolina joined the Revolution and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel on the long and winding Blue Ridge Highway, what, weeks ago? Have a screen shot of my Valentine in my journal. The cutie pie choo choo chugging toward the tunnel! ❤
      And now on Leap Day, the day my brother took a flying leap and is homeless and I got my Renegade on, going "commando," NORTH Carolina (my Mind, not my Body, not South Carolina)… took First Flight!!! (2001)

      And North Carolina (Mind) and South Carolina (Body) came together.

      First thought of the morning looking out bedroom window into the park: What a beautiful day!

      Lesson 61
      I am the light of the world.
      True humility requires that you accept today's idea because it is God's Voice which tells you it is true. This is a BEGINNING STEP in accepting your real function on earth. It is a GIANT STRIDE toward taking your rightful place in salvation. It is a positive assertion of your right to be saved, and an acknowledgment of the power that is given you to save others.

      First song up on Sound of Life, driving for the first time into the day light commandeering my shiny new Black Beast is “God’s Not Dead, He’s surely alive, He’s living on the inside (TTN! Synch, the Friend within!) Roaring like a lion!” Then brother Joe spoke truth by noting (NOT-icing) that JFK promised that America would go to the moon and back, and the we “did” that in 1969 but that JFK’s truest, most real, accomplishment was his promise for peace, his founding of the Peace Corps in 1961.

      On Route 311 I see a Sheriff’s Deputy SUV approaching… Both hands on the steering wheel I flashed them the “peace” sign. Smiling. And on 84 I spot the logo on the van in front of me: "Bella." Ah, thank you, Father! Then closer: BELLA VISTA. Ah, yes, true that, and thanks to YOU again! Be the change, and all that. 🙂

      On train platform: BEAUTIFUL! With Carol-e King!
      And on train journaling that I seriously am BEGINNING to BELIEVE that it’s God Who’s synching everything up for me beautifully (not my “friends” in Christ), I look out the window (me the Passenger on this train of life) and “see” Engine 111 parked in the yard. I’ve seen it rumbling through the intersection ahead of me on Route 311 a few times and it always makes me smile.

      On the gate to the stairs out of the subway up to the street at Fulton at Trinity Place: “EMERGENCY EXIT”
      Emerge n see!
      “X” it!
      Hmm, what exactly does that mean: “X” it. Sounds bad….

      Ready to cross Church St at Trinity Place, after just spotting the words “Witness to the Great Fire of 1776” at the gate into the Saint’s chapel… Jeez yeah! It WAS witness to the Great Fire after the twin towers crumbled into an inferno that burned for months in 2001…. and I look back to see what’s coming down Church Street: “GOD LOVEs YOU.”
      Emblazoned on the grille of a huge garbage truck rumbling toward me.
      My heart leapt with joy. My Leap Day! Holy cow!
      Like in the hour I first believed. Amazing grace!

      My brother showed the world where he is “at home.” On the stage. That he is an artist, and that sharing his art with his audience is his HOME. I can see that is the Truth. And later I grinned when I realized that I’m at home there too. Because I’m in his audience. I’m his number ONE fan. ☺

      SC at home with SC. The Joy Machine.
      The Second Coming

      And this morning don’t you know I saw a gleaming white swan all by itself gliding on the peaceful water of the reservoir…. Then later on a still pond I saw another one.

      Ha, single swans. Didn’t know they existed.
      Two “loners.” Two exes.

      Got into work to find a little gift for me at my keyboard: exactly what I was looking for the other day! Sugarless gum to help with my digestion…. Turns out it was left for everyone, from the “Simply Gum Team”… and our “Xavier” was behind it.

      "Saving the world"

      Emerge n see!
      “X” it!
      Ha, exit the world as we “know” it!
      Emerge from Hell and look up to Heaven, to the Real World.

      Lesson Review
      There is nothing to fear.
      How safe the world will look to me when I can see it! It will not look anything like what I imagine I see now. Everyone and everything I see will lean toward me to bless me. I will recognize in everyone my dearest Friend (TTN 🙂 ). What could there be to fear in a world that I have forgiven, and that has forgiven me?

      And I see I have an email for me from my Irish sister Colleen.

      Subject: proofread?

      Hi, “Cara Lion.”
      I have a 224-page middle-grade novel titled BEAUTIFUL BLUE WORLD, about young people in the future who must volunteer to fight in wars for their families. Not as bleak as it sounds, I think.
      Due back by 3/23. Are you free?

      And I replied, smiling, no more than smiling, glowing: Yes, I AM!

      I'm a single white swan and I'm FREE!

      “I face a giant
      In over my head
      Help me to look up
      I take a deep breath
      And take the next step
      Though I may be weak
      I know who is with me”

      My Master and Commander
      Let’s set sail!

      • Hahaha
        Just saw that North Carolina bit! LOL! Synch! “Joining” the Revolution
        Two Broke Supergirls… !!! Haha! Hey I got the escape vehicle. We can sleep under the stars in it!! And dont cha know Cara was answering the phone today at the Jeep dealership in her beatific voice… And I kid you not, Emeril appeared in the office out of no where and started ambushing people from behind at their desks! “BAM! BAM!” Xavier was behind it again

        It’s becoming a circus! I saw you drawing circles… Hey I’m not afraid. I’m circling the square …

        And I love you. I kid you not the day after my post about them tearing us to pieces I saw a shredded bit of the Lion King poster on the train tracks. It was a piece of the Lion, or Loon, King’s mane… Hahahahaha
        This is toooo funny.
        And if you can’t make that out I’m laughing to tears. Tears of JOY. Lol, Like I did with Riley. Oh and don’t you know, “Riley” is this month’s It Girl.

        • Brother, Teacher, “Steve,”
          How do we help them laugh in the face of this tragedy? In the face of children’s pain?
          How do we help everyone see?
          By helping them to laugh in the knowledge that God loves them and to know we are NEVER laughing at them but we are always laughing with them.

          Dear God,
          We pray.
          Trinity Church
          With All Her Love

          • Words cannot describe how I felt seeing this last night on the Late Show. There is no emoji for it. Yesterday John asked how it felt driving it and I said it made me feel anonymous on the highway driving past cops. Like Batman. He laughed and promised to get me a cool Batman decal, you know, for the rear end.
            I had no idea about

            this Batman connection!!! and it was John who demanded I get Black and not another “girl” color.

        • I just got into work. Everybody’s chuckling at John Oliver’s Trump bit. Got bored at 7:41. Not trying to be mean but it’s a-mazing to me how people don’t “get it.”
          And so wanted to google Circling the Square” (Isn’t that funny? The predatory hawk circling the foolish little square.” Really, I think you are COOL tho ❤ )… I spotted that title yesterday on our new books pile ….

          Squaring the Circle (or rather circling the square)

          "The problem of ‘Squaring the Circle’ or the ‘Quadrature of the Circle’ as it is sometimes called is an ancient geometrical problem of using only a straight line and compass (and a finite number of steps) being able to construct a square of equal area to any given circle. The problem is of course impossible to perfectly solve given the now known transcendental nature of π (pi) 🙂 the proof of which came in the 19th century. Google transcendental if you do not know what this means but basically an irrational number is a number which cannot be expressed as a fraction of x/y where x and y are integers but a transcendental number is one which is not algebraic – this is very complicated but it relates to its inexpressibility ["post-language"!!!]

          This is great news for mystics and sacred geometricians because the circle has always been representative of the spirit and so the proof that all physical expressions of the idea of a perfect circle are in fact approximations – that is, the circle exists in a dimension that transcends linear rationality – really adds to its representation of the ineffable oneness or the soul. As such the image of the square overlaying :0 the circle of equal area becomes a representation of man. The square represents the material world of four elemental cardinal points, and the circle is the immateriality (the soul) that man is comprised of also. This equals of course the number of man, namely five, represented by the pentagram and the five elements (the four elements plus spirit, prana or ether). All these elements being equal and balanced is man at his perfection where he will have yogic union [69!] with universe or Sanctum Regnum [Sanctum Rectum lol] as the western occultists call it (The Divine Kingdom – the Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven)."

          The Second Coming
          SC in his home state of SC
          I AM really losing my mind! God is speaking to me 24/7. And it's "All Good."
          On top of truck below tracks as the train approached the tunnel (!!!):
          In GCT heading down (lol) the stairs into the sub way, on a worn-out tote:
          Hmmm, Hell-ohhhh….ouch! Then see the whole thing:


          Brother Bill told of a study that found that people who smiled were more likely to be "picked up" by a passing car than those who were frowning. He asked, "Are you smiling yet?"

          Yes I AM, in fact, I AM laughing out loud!!!

          I LOVE my Black Beast! And a big reason why is that I'm finally smiling.

          This is what I had been driving the past three years:

          Kind of a demonic grin I'd say, and I noticed it and I think subconsciously thought it would make me look "strong" to my gangstalkers with the single headlights.

          "God is the strength in which I trust."

          "It is not my own strength through which I forgive. It is through the strength of God in me, which I am remembering as I forgive. As I begin to see, I recognize His reflection on earth. I forgive all things because I feel the stirring of His strength in me. And I begin to remember the Love I chose to forget, but which has not forgotten me."

          Now, this feels so much better!

          From Gene's email this morning:

          "Those who have ever listened to any episode of the Gary Renard
          Podcast have heard me close out each show with what has become
          my signature phrase: "Whatever the question, forgiveness is always
          the answer!" And it's completely true. Forgiveness is the engine [Engine 111!!!] behind salvation, the gears that turn the wheel of awakening. On the path to
          enlightenment, forgiveness is where the rubber meets the road." 🙂

          "May Grover visit you in your dreams and put you on the right path."
          I think you're on Course, brother!

          Oh, and how many? I think I've got your number (1), and you've got mine (3).

          "You're a Good, Good Father
          It's who you are, it's who you are, it's who you are
          And I'm loved by you
          It's who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am"

    • 🙂
      They’re reading us.

      Thank you, DDNA and Elena <3. Roob 2.

      Last night I dreamt about my father and I cried in my sleep. He died in a leap year and I wonder where he is. Most of my life was spent waiting for him (forget trains) and though he's dead, or whatever you call it, it does feel like I'm just waiting to see him again, like he's just behind a curtain somewhere. I wonder why it has to be this way. I always said if I die and go to hell, I'll go to a waiting room. There's nothing worse than waiting. Patience, Frank?

      • ANONYMOUS…hi

        [didn’t intend for post to be so long…but like a train here it is.]

        In reference to you dreaming about your father and crying in your sleep I share empathy with you. If you say most of your life was spent waiting for him…maybe one of your missions in having this experience in the physical is to teach you, (us) patience. That said your father is always with you as he appears in your thoughts on a constant basis. Although not in the physical…he is just behind the ‘curtains’ in your mind and lives with and through you!

        Open your mind’s eye…you will see him…not in the flesh but in his essence. [In philosophy, essence is the attribute or set of attributes that make an entity or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity.]

        You ask why it has to be this way…maybe it is the way you see/vision it because that’s the way you want it. You, (we) take situations and create your/our own reality according to the way we think.

        You say “if “ you die and go to hell you’ll go to a waiting room. My love we are already dead and this present reality we all share….is hell. You’re, (we’re) waiting to wake up…but before we do we have to go back and remember what and how we came to be asleep. So don’t think of “waiting” as something to be shunned…it’s just time given to you/us to help us retrace our steps/roots and “grow” back home.

        Patience to me is the Ultimate Teacher…sort of like a long ‘train’ that has many cars attached to it…you’re/we’re back in the ‘caboose’ trying to reach the ‘pilot’- ‘buffer beam’ i.e., the front of the train…when we are clearly not ready to Wo/Man, (manage) such a powerful vehicle. Patience is, (maybe) needed to teach us how best to work…learn, (EARN) our way to the front.

        We…Me… most of all have to learn to endure and enjoy, (as best we can…when we can) the ride as we move forward to the “front car.” Talk to your father in your silent thoughts or speak verbally if you wish…then “wait & listen” because he will in a voice that only you can hear…communicate with you…especially if the two of you were close while he was in the physically present. [ My granddad and I were/are close…he appears quite often and is always in my thoughts…shows up in dreams and sometimes I sense his presence gently floating just a bit above and out in front of me …it’s as if he is keeping a close watch over me protecting me and seeing to it that I am okay…just as he did when he was alive] 🙂

        So no matter which train you board…headed in one direction or another, be it old or modern…no doubt it will be coming through tunnels, under and over bridges and ‘round and sometimes through the mountain when it comes.

        Since we are already ‘present reality’ living in hell…it does not matter in which direction the train is headed…

        Don’t Need No Ticket ~Take The Quantum LEAP of Faith~ and Just Get On Board.

        • Ah I feel a little, no a LOT like Harrison facing off against scary guy with the knife sword moves: he just pulls out his gun and blows the guy away.

          I’m done here.
          You my Friend need to get real . To yourself and to me.
          A adios with All my Love
          Trinity Church

          • We let the Devil keep US separate with ideas of sin. When all we want is to communicate.
            Brother, can’t we be revolutionary and do just that?

            I dare you, man. Figure it out!

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