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You Sexy Beast

Thanks to Elena and Roob.

On Thursday night, Kumbuka, a silver back gorilla escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo. According to the media, he is a ‘Psycho’. He was born in Northern Ireland. Belfast to be precise.




It was like being in Jurassic Park. And I won’t go into details, as it would take too long, but there is a ‘Shirley, you can’t be serious’ joke in there.

From BBC News :

‘Eyewitnesses Hannah O’Donoghue-Hobbs and Charlotte Neild likened the gorilla’s escape to “like being in Jurassic Park “.

They told BBC London they had been escorted away from windows near the enclosure by the police.

They added the gorilla had been seen by other visitors and that it had appeared to be “really angry” and was “banging on the cage”.


Anyway, the next morning I set off for work quite normally, but on my walk to work I bumped into my Russian friend, ‘Lucy’. She was returning home after taking her children to school and was carrying a rubber horny Dinosaur toy, similar to the one below. For once, I was a bit lost for words and garbled some rubbish at her, and by now, she probably thinks I am a complete and utter loony.




I had left for work earlier than normal ( probably to meet Lucy ) and filling in time, I walked around my local mall, The Belfry. And walking past Super Cuts, Kumbuka is staring back at me.




He was completely wild.’ ‘Wild. I was absolutely livid.



Talking Heads : ‘Psycho Killer – Qu’est ce que c’est’.



And when I got into work, this picture from ‘The Lion King’ was waiting for me.




Yesterday, I was reading an article, in the fountain of knowledge, The Mail Online, about a ‘Glitch in the Matrix’. For me, it’s not so much a glitch but a huge Grand Canyon size chasm in the Matrix. But is it friendly or hostile ? Maybe it depends on your interpretation.

From the cast of ‘Orange
Is The New Black’.
‘Vaginas Against Trump’ and ‘Fuck You Trump’. If you were Donald Trump, you may ask ‘I wonder what they are really saying’.






And Elves all of a sudden are jumping out at me. Such is my life.




And Elvis.

Does Any Thing Matter ?

‘Donald. Where’s your troosers ?’. ‘All mouth and no trousers’. ‘Blowing in the Wind’.



But perversely, the more I understand it doesn’t matter, the more it does matter.

Grandad. Feel better soon.



We Love You.


27 thoughts on “You Sexy Beast

  1. And Drudge has sent out a warning…”On the sex stuff, Hillary is about to get hers”. πŸ˜‰

    Feeling uptight and clueless, just jump right in and go with the flow. πŸ™‚

      • I’ve not seen it either. Where are they getting the vaginas from? Are they buying them? If so, holesale or retail? Or is it purely donation?

        Brexit was one thing but this US election is fucking nuts.

        • Roob its time to free Julian from his cage

          Busy Monday morning as we see that Julian Assange’s Internet access has been “intentionally severed” by a state party, leading to a trending Twitter hashtag of #FreeJulian, and Russia Today which reported Assange’s Internet disruption just had all their UK bank accounts blocked. This is to prevent anymore leaked e-mails about Hilaryious.

          its a free country… another illusion but the entire storyline is full of w holes… wikileaks never releases anything HUGE

    • Today I woke up super early and went to another GEM fair though I’d already decided not to go. It was in the same locale as the last one on 88 fair street in Orange County. None of this factored into any conscious decision to change my mind and go. In fact I didn’t even want to go because beads and gems and crystals can get overwhelming when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Then it all starts to look like a lot of stuff. And the world has enough stuff. And I never have enough currency and the ven-doors hawking the matter, o, vary from sleazy salespeople to honest brokers so it’s exhausting sorting everything out. But anyhow as I was saying, I went to a gem show today and while there my best friend called and said today is her dad’s b day and she was shocked when he told her he is 88. She is a Brit-Nigerian and looks like a sibling of Sade.

      Baa looney, don’t you go disappear now.

    • TTN

      Yes – the Belfast reference was for you. Again, we seem to be tied up with it.

      And good catch on Remembrance. Fits with other stuff. Got Remembrance Day in a few weeks. And ‘Come Back A’.

      But don’t tell the Elf.

  2. Hi

    Off to the Races ………

    So the new thing that the new agers are getting over excited about is the Ophiuchus – previously known as Serpentarius supposedly related to the 13th cranial nerve – cranial nerve zero or terminal nerve – or the 13th gate of the gods. A superior communication device to facilitate communication from someone elsewhere in the aether to someone on earth.

    Does this also relate to The Beast in the Book of Rev 13 (kjv)?

    ‘5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

    6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

    7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.’

    Etymology of war is – to cause confusion.

    The internet groups together all kindreds, tongues and nations. Frank, like I say your website is terribly important ……….

    42 mirrored is 24 the number of Jupiter and 4 + 2 is six. Its a long, long time from May to October.

    Incidentally, don’t you think Ophiuchus sounds a bit like ‘O thick us’ or ‘O fuck us’ and Serpentarius like ‘serpents r us’. A bit like being ass-ended or the rapture – rape rut. Do you think something’s having a bit of a joke? Maybe some people are too saintly to see it?

    Like Anon said are the rapture and ascension the same? Do new agers and christians both have the same god? In fact do all religions (buddhism included) worship the same deity – the one that demands all kinds of sacrifice and blind unthinking, unquestioning obedience? The god that says what people want to hear; who loves misdirection and sleight of hand?

    So what did everyone think the end times would look like? Did people really think a rather maniacal woman riding a ten or seven headed (or whatever it is) animal would hove out of the sea at some point? Is the whore riding the scarlet beast actually a sexual reference? Is the sea the sea of people in the world?

    Aside from The Daily Mail of course, the other font of all knowledge is Wikipedia and according to it – ‘The Whore’s apocalyptic downfall is prophesied to take place in the hands of the image of the beast with seven heads and ten horns’.

    Could it be that ‘downfall’ is her fall from the grip of the machine in the air to safety on the earth. Could it be that, despite the overwhelming contrary opinion, the fall is actually a good thing?

    Maybe heaven really should be a place on earth and not in the air at all. Are The Beast, The Joker, the real JEsus all the same? Maybe the book of revelation or The BoRe should be turned on its head.

    ‘Mimicking me is a fucking bore’.

    (Hi Anon – BL here – I haven’t gone anywhere just yet – thanks for your questions, difficult as usual!! – or rather the answers are)

    • E FDL, tell me more about why Merovee is terribly important. (Hope you don’t mind, Frank. I’m the drunk at your bar who stays past closing. I like a good yarn.)

      • E FDL has a point……someone is having a ‘bit of a joke’…..but it’s not funny. It shows utter contempt for simple, peace loving people. And murdering children, and using people, in endless conflicts and wars is not a bit funny. They obviously think they’re much cleverer and more intelligent than the rest of us…..truth is they’re pure evil.

        Gorilla …..alledgedly escapes from zoo.
        Gorilla looks like King Kong……( but smaller )

        Trevor NOAH…..( as in the days )…….says “Trump is like King Kong in that they both broke free of their shackles, and like grabbing white women without asking”

        Confused? Confusing?……or is it Confucius……( Latin name for a so called Chinese philosopher?) Ask the 16th Century Jesuits who created the name from KONG FUZI…….another creation of the Jesuits!! They want you Confused……they think it’s funny

        God doesn’t !!

        • Excellent points, Faith!
          I appreciate them.
          Maybe it’s a brutal way to show us how absurd it is to be dogmatic? I imagine The Machine is as godmatic as hell, just churning shit out that caters to our biases and blindspots and keeping things Confucius enough to make most feel afraid or dumb or “unholy” for asking questions.

          An automatic God.

          With anglish (English/angels) at its side. Manipulating our minds.

          Being body mind and spirit together may be a good thing. Checks and balances.

  3. yes its seems were all ti eye d up together.

    In the Fall Spectre was in a time tunnel where his Mother was calling him…towards the light…the past …..but his daughter was calling him back….to the future

    As you say this time of year is all about death and remembering the dead and for me its Hello We en with the anniversary of my Dad’s death from brain and throat cancer…like Roob my Dad’s death was accompanied by a series of supernatural events…..none of which were very pleasant… was like being a star in my own horror film…just as with the woman who thought she was in Jur ass ic P ark…and this month is appropriately named Stand Up to Cancer month

    and last night we had the return of the Crystal Maze with Rio as captain….and Richard O’Brien as the computer

    another thing that ties you and I Frank is our Mothers ….the 11/6 or 911 or 17…

    The zodiac sign for June 11 is GEM ini. Astrological symbol: Twins. The sign of the Twins… the sign of duality.

    here is a song from the boys who support the Crystal Palace…Libera

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