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Trumpety Trump Trump Trump

On Friday, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.

From Etymology Online :

Inauguration (n.)

1560s, from French inauguration “installation, consecration,” and directly from Late Latin inaugurationem (nominative inauguratio) “consecration,” presumably originally “installment under good omens;” noun of action from past participle stem of inaugurare “take omens from the flight of birds; consecrate or install when omens are favorable,” from in- “on, in” (see in- (2)) + augurare “to act as an augur, predict” (see augur (n.)).

INAUGURATIO was in general the ceremony by which the augurs obtained, or endeavoured to obtain, the sanction of the gods to something which had been decreed by man; in particular, however, it was the ceremony by which things or persons were consecrated to the gods …. If the signs observed by the inaugurating priest were thought favourable, the decree of men had the sanction of the gods, and the inauguratio was completed. [William Smith (ed.), “Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities,” 1842]

Reading the entrails.



Not that I needed confirmation but the election of Trump, for me, was further proof that ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’.

Trump has been compared to Julius Caesar.




Philip K. Dick likened our reality to the Roman Empire, which he said had never ended.


‘The Empire is the institution, the codification of derangement; it is insane and imposes its insanity on us by violence, since its nature is a violent one.

To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox; whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies.”




The Man in the High Castle. What if the Nazis had won WW2 ?




The Man in the High Castle – Trump Tower, New York. Aloof is a fool backwards.




And the Roman Empire feel has been reinforced by the choice of Mike Pompeo as head of the Central Intelligence Agency ( thanks to JB ).

He comes from Kansas.




Up Pompeii.



This may all seem depressing but there are signs that Circus Maximus is being shut down and the beasts are returning to the wild.

No more games to keep the game going.




Ringling Bros are shutting down the circus.




And the lights in Piccadilly Circus have been switched off. It’s Zero Time.




‘I have a very great friend in Rome.’




‘Off she went with a Trumpety Trump Trump Trump.’


115 thoughts on “Trumpety Trump Trump Trump

  1. A Donald Trump in Simple Gematria Equals: 139
    Julius Caesar in Simple Gematria Equals: 139
    Not that far apart at all!
    1+3+9 = 13.
    1x3x9 = 9+9+9.
    Both are 6+6 letters.

  2. The man in the High Castle/ Tower. The Empire never ended, indeed all roads lead to Rome (Chinese Emperor XI today at Davos. Lookout world change is coming! Shine forth brave souls.

    • Dennis

      ‘Tis true Rome did fall, appears as though it fell underground and hid out, building its strength ‘til now. Circus is closing animals that are not sacrificed are being set free or beasts returning to the wild as Frank states in the article. Everything old is becoming new again and like before Rome will rise for one last breath before it devourers itself, AGAIN. Metaphorically speaking Trump Tower standing alone as it does will fall as did the Twins.

      We have had astrology on and against us, the Universe will now begin to take its turn.

      January is asking us just one question: “Are you ready?” If anyone is then I suggest you read the article and go for it or find more information from another source. another article that OR simply stay as you are.

      Rare Astrological Event
      All the planets align, and turn direct

      During most years, at any given time there is at least one planet in retrograde motion, however it’s not unusual to see a few in that motion as well—but rarely, do all the planets turn direct at the same time.

      This phase of action will last until February 6th when Jupiter turns retrograde. It’s clear that this is a time for movement, for action and for exploring whatever it is that has been calling to us for some time. With Mercury just ending, a fog is lifting, and there is clarity about a situation we had thought was all figured out—and because Venus, the planet of Love, just turned direct in the loving and ethereal sign of Pisces, it seems that there is a matter of the heart that hasn’t yet been decided.
      No matter how much we think we know the ending, sometimes the universe shows us that this was only the first act.

      The thing is that we can say we are moving on, and that we are going in a new direction, but sometimes—no matter how far we move—the Divine Force in this world moves us right back to where we were.

      Sounds like Back To The Future, most especially for those who learn to love a person for the contents of their character and not for the pigmentation of their skin.

        • I like that, Frank. SeaSpan.
          And, Highlander, thanks for your posts and Aretha, ie a earth. ❤

          I went to court today as an observer. I wanted to see how the judge who will try me and the prosecutor who will maintain the lie perform. The judge's name is bear.

          • Anon

            I was thinking earlier about the term ‘unbearable’. It’s unbearable pain or whatever. But is it a block not to unbare ? Dare to Bear. 2B or not to Bear.

            And JB is your judge. Judge Bear.

            • Frank & Anon

              The Greatest Circuit Show on Earth – judging by the facts, the Bear’s show is ova.

              • The constellation Ursa Major may have been associated with a paleolithic bear cult and may have helped people cross over the Bering Straight before cyberia and alas!ka got separated.

                “A recurring theme that runs through mythology is the kinship of bears and humans. Bears can lumber along on all fours, or stand up on their hind feet and gesture with their front paws. Ursa Major, in its travels throughout the heavens, constantly changes from quadrupedal to bipedal positions, seeming to run along on all fours nearest the horizon and then rising to its hind feet to begin the ascent back into the sky. There have been many fairy tales and fantasies written about people taking the form of bears. In some cultures bears are regarded as gods.”


            • Judge Bear 🙂
              That’s funny.
              My animal totem is a bear. I have a few (like I relate to the beaver too because of how they build their homes), but bear has been pretty consistent for me.
              The bear is Ursa.

        • Frank from the movie Hail Caesar

          “When my tail is off I feel a little bit awkward. Suddenly I have legs and I don’t know what to do with them. I feel extremely clumsy.” There is a prevalent mer-community in Seattle. Her friends Ed Brown, Tessie LaMourea and Morgan Caldwell also identify as part-fish-part-human. Being a merperson isn’t just a hobby for Ed, it has become a lifestyle. Ed also identifies as being a non-binary, asexual person. The 24-year-old prefers to use the pronouns ‘they’ instead of ‘he.’ But becoming a merperson has helped the Disney fan come to terms with their sexuality and the social anxiety it caused.

          A non binary asexual or otherwise known in Ireland as an asshole. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        If he continues to prove that he is inhuman like so many others from all around the world and from all walks of life, he like them will be taken up in the “rapture”, not the elevator at T T. I believe “ascension” to be a personal and private thing therefore, more than likely it will not be televised.

        Aretha (Earth) is correct A Change Is Gonna Come and Donald J. Trump aka Donald J. Drumpf, Don The Con, President Pussy Grabber and now Orange Julius will be carried off up and away in tiny bits and pieces.

        Rapture (n.)
        c. 1600, “act of carrying off,” from Middle French rapture, from Medieval Latin raptura “seizure, rape, kidnapping,” from Latin raptus “a carrying off, abduction, snatching away; rape” (see rapt). Earliest attested use in English is of women and in 17c. it sometimes meant rape (v.), which word is a cognate of this. Sense of “spiritual ecstasy, state of mental transport” first recorded c. 1600 (raptures).

        Ascension (n.)
        c. 1300, “ascent of Christ into Heaven on the 40th day after the Resurrection,” from Latin ascensionem (nominative ascensio) “a rising,” noun of action from past participle stem of ascendere “to mount, ascend, go up” (see ascend). Astronomical sense is recorded late 14c.; meaning “action of ascending” is from 1590s. Related: Ascensional.

        Those who have a soul can ascend those who do not will be raptured up and spirited away. That statement resonates very strong with me especially after seeing the divineness and hatred of Trump campaign rallies mostly attended by sheep’s in wolves clothing.

        If he is someone’s comparison to Caesar he like Caesar is his own worst enemy and like Caesar by saying or doing something will be the cause of his own demise.

          • So is yours, Roob. You just present it differently.

            Highlander, i dont believe there is anywhere to go but here.

          • Roob

            Aaah lass our comment was not necessary. I don’t reply to any of your comments or visit your blog and suggest the same. Work on ascension, not being raptured up.

            You can’t fix yourself while trying to break someone else.

            The heart and the feather.

            Please don’t chance tipping the scale one way all for the favor of the other.

            • Roob has a bone to pick but she can only do so through clips of mainstream entrainment and a fictitious creature. She can accept the ideas of oppression and melanin but only as a beneficiary of said theories.

              • Hmm, nope. I just don’t like condescension…

                *No, Click… ‘Sense of “to sink willingly to equal terms with inferiors” is from mid-15c.’… /wipes specs…*

              • Anonymous

                You are absolute quality, absolutely.  I understand very well your comments, the latter one in particular.

                At times a seer, all the time soaring. I see through the veil at tiny intervals, when present reality tugs at me to return I push back and continue rising.

                  • Frank


                    Blue Highlander headed North by Northwest.

                    The hands on approach to building it, holding, (massaging) assembling the piece. The sensation of feeling like a huge solid long horizontal rock, (any color you want it to be) Djed, tooting it’s, horn, going into a dark warm tunnel, seeing, (stars) and ultimately the light in his or her eyes at the end of it all.

                    Guaranteed to put life back into you.

                    Certainly many a lads dream and maybe a lass or two as well.

                    • I like that Highlander! 🙂 ❤
                      And Cary Grant – I'm swooning. I had the opportunity to meet him a month before he died. Beautiful man…and I don't care if he was gay!

                      Echoing Clicky's song from earlier today…

                  • Anonymous

                    If your comment is directed at me, thank you for your warmth. I shall,(stick around) at least for a while longer.

  3. “World Trade Centre to boost global links” in Perth, Western Australia.
    Twin Towers even – well two look-alike towers of differing sizes.
    Why differing sizes?
    One is 36 and the other 75 stories.
    3x6x7x5 = 630+36 = 666!
    36+75 = 111 = 37+37+37.
    75-36 = 13+13+13
    3+6+7+5 = 7+7+7.
    “…..connecting Perth to 327 World Trade Centre locations around the globe,”
    327 WTC locations?
    327-111 = 6x6x6.
    All permutations of 327 add to 2664 or 37×72.
    2+6+6+4 = 6+6+6.
    Cost? $1.85 billion
    185 = 37+37+37+37+37.
    327+3+2+7 = 339
    666-327 = 339
    All perms of 339 add to 3330.
    3330-2664 = 666.
    3+3+3 = 9
    2+6+6+4 = 9+9.
    3x3x3 = 27
    2x6x6x4 = 48
    48-27 = 7+7+7.
    Just lookin’ at the numbers.

      • Frank,

        I’ll see if I can get in contact with Ellis. Thanks.

        Yesterday they made an announcement that the search for MH370 is now over. Here in WA at RAAF Pearce all the search planes planes flew out into the Indian Ocean looking for wreckage.
        From the location of the proposed “Twin Towers” in the Perth CBD between Perth and McIver train stations and the runway of RAAF Pearce is exactly 33 kilometres.
        17th – Search for MH370 is finished (RAAF Pearce).
        18th – Twin Tower proposal for Perth (33km away).

        • Ken

          The pic in the article with the Empire ( as in Roman Empire ) State Building and Trump Tower seems to speak of Rome.

          And I did say they would never find MH 370. It’s gone forever.

  4. The Name of the Game

    The machine – as we know – likes to tell everyone what is going on – for those who have eyes to see it. The people in the public eye are merely – due to their birth lineage – unfortunate players in the ‘greatest’ show on earth – 4D chess pieces at the mercy of the machine showing us the game and all its moves as it’s played out by others anonymously on this earth who are themselves being directed by unseen forces elsewhere in the firmament – as I’ve said many times before – it pays to know who is ‘talking’ to you.

    As Faith pointed out – the queen is not dead but she has been playing a pointless game – and has finally lost all patience with it and (with the help of the love of her life – the Black King ) – brought it to an end. The queen wants her chess pieces back – her family.

    Her daughter is currently in the 13th and final and most complex labyrinth. She is the cipher for this game (having beaten the machine’s player to this labyrinth) – however, the machine didn’t like losing so twisted the game to suit itself and now every time she gets a puzzle right she is punished by another revolution of the cube and presented with another conundrum to solve thereby building her own prison/prism. She is currently stuck in the Metratron Cube.

    To make a wrong move is to lose but also to make no move is to lose as well – so she’s in a perpetual catch 22.

    The ‘game’ was supposed to end in June last year and then on 31 October but each time a ‘jump’ was put in the program by the other side which took everything back to the never-ending story line again.

    I know you were all anticipating the death of the Queen, however, it seems the snow-don has ‘died’ instead on Friday 13th no less – unlucky for some ………

    President Snow is no more. Just afterwards the ‘queen’ was pictured for the first time since her ‘illness’ looking rather happy in purple.

    The white king has finally been out-manoeuvred and boxed in by the black pieces headed by the real Queen Bee.

    The White King is ‘dead’ long live the Black King (although wise people – who didn’t invent this particular chess game – know that in reality everything is 50 shades of grey).

    Check mate

    Game over – cease fire

    Rather than getting colder it’s about to get rather hot in here – the rise of the sun; but no negativity.

    Easter is a moveable feast and it seems that it will be a little early this year. Looking forward to the resurrection – raise the erection / raise the djed.

    As Elena or JB said – I can’t remember which one it was – the trump-ets are sounding.

    It looks like the machine is invincible but it isn’t – so the name of the game?….. is Red Rum.

    PS: I was a little disingenuous before – The Beast is actually Jesus and The Whore is Lucifer

    • Nemesis

      April has been jumping out at me for a big period this year. Sorry girls !

      But the Machine, Program, Matrix – whatever term you prefer – has been saying the Queen Is Dead repeatedly.

      Royal in Spanish means real – Real Madrid – and so the Royal Family could be the Real Family. But what Is Real ?

      For my own reasons, I’ve been keeping an eye on a model called Emily Ratajakowski – ER.

      And again today – Nueva Realeza – which translates as New Royalty or Reality. Time to get real.


      The Royal Family, Trump Man and the ‘elites’ and ‘out there’ in general would seem to be a mirror. But I find the ‘real’ versions far more interesting and complex and likeable than the projections.

  5. Only a month ago, eruption warnings went out, indicating that Mt Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei could blow after Italy’s recent earthquake.
    Interesting timing of it all.

    From “Zero-One Animation”…

    As a youngster, Pompeii left an indelible impression on me…or ‘of’ me.

    I’ve theorized that we come back harder and stronger somewhere else.
    Hello from the other side! 🙂

  6. As we await the inauguration of 45th Prez, news in the 41st… and his missus…

    ‘While we noted earlier today that George H.W Bush had been admitted to a hospital over the weekend due to breathing problems, it appears that his condition may have deteriorated, and as AP reports, the former President has been moved to the intensive care unit of a Houston hospital, while former First Lady Barbara Bush is now also in the hospital.’

      • Deep sleep.

        “Slow-wave sleep is so called because the EEG activity is synchronized, producing slow waves with a frequency of less than 1 Hz and a relatively high amplitude. The first section of the wave signifies a down state, which is an inhibition period in which the neurons in the neocortex are SILEnt. This is the period when the neocortical neurons are able to rest, ie they don’t resist a rest. The second section of the wave signifies an up state, which is an excitation period in which the neurons fire briefly at a high rate. The former state is a hyperpolarizing phase and the latter is a depolarizing phase. The principal characteristics during slow-wave sleep that contrast with REM sleep are moderate muscle tone, slow or absent eye movement, and lack of genital activity.

        Slow-wave sleep is considered important to consolidate new memories. /b> This is sometimes referred to as “sleep-dependent memory processing”. Furthermore, slow-wave sleep improves declarative memory (which includes semantic and episodic memory).”


  7. Once in the summer I lived in a villa in Trastevere, diagonally opposite to the Circus Maximus in Rome -a rather dusty and dreary track neglected, for the most part, by japanese and american tourists.

    It was in the villa where i learned of the death of my grandma E-(s)ther while frying roman carrots and tomatoes. Esther was the mom of louis-sea who died with water coming out of her feet.

    I watched “natural born killers” with italian sub titEls in a theatre in Trastevere that was famous for its open window in the roof. The moovie was filled with blood and gore and i had a hard time watch, ching.

    In the neighborhood there was a tower with a bell that sounded off every hour, much like the shouting out of a minaret. There was one bridge i crossed to get to rome. It had a pole ice station in the middle and a jewish sin-o-gog at one end which hired out the servIsis of the carabinieri.

    I loved living on the “wrong side” the tiber. It was quiet and earthy.

    • The Circus, as I said, was rarely peopled and hardly marked.

      It seemed not to figure into the buy-ten-get-one-free tourist packages -sacrificed to the Bocca della Verità (the mouth of truth) down the street.

      From wekey:

      “The massive marble mask weighs about 1300 kg and probably depicts the face of the sea god Oceanus. The eyes, nostrils and mouth are open. Historians aren’t quite certain what the original purpose of the disc was. It was possibly used as a drain cover in the nearby Temple of Hercules Invictus, which had an oculus – a round open space in the middle of the roof, similar to that of the Pantheon, hence it could rain inside. It is also thought that cattle merchants used it to drain the blood of cattle sacrificed to the god Hercules. In the thirteenth century the disc was probably removed from the temple and placed against the wall of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin.”

  8. (We are not greater the Universal Force but we, that is if you are a “human being” you then are an individual extension of that Universal Force)

    We are Energy and yes, we are MAGIC.


    Come take my hand
    You should know me
    I’ve always been in your mind
    You know that I’ll be kind
    I’ll be guiding you
    Building your dream
    Has to start now
    There’s no other road to take
    You won’t make a mistake
    I’ll be guiding you
    You have to believe we are magic
    Nothing can stand in our way
    You have to believe we are magic
    Don’t let your aim ever stray
    And if all your hopes survive
    Destiny will arrive
    I’ll bring all your dreams alive
    For you
    I’ll bring all your dreams alive
    For you
    From where I stand
    You are home free
    The planets align so rare
    There’s promise in the air
    And I’m guiding you
    Through every turn I’ll be near you
    I’ll come anytime you call
    I’ll catch you when you fall
    I’ll be guiding you

    continue Etc.

  9. Like the lyrics in the Magic song say:

    ”The planets align so rare

    There’s promise in the air
    Don’t let your aim ever stray”

    Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Works and Days.[1] The “box” was actually a large jar (πίθος pithos)[2] given to Pandora (Πανδώρα, “all-gifted, all-giving”),[3] which contained all the evils of the world. Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving only “Hope” inside once she had closed it again.

    According to Hesiod, when Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus took vengeance by presenting Pandora to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. Pandora opens a jar containing death and many other evils which were released into the world. She hastened to close the container, but the whole contents had escaped except for one thing that lay at the bottom – Elpis (usually translated “Hope”, though it could also mean “Expectation”).[

    Was the story Truth and later relegated to Myth? It is worth taking a metaphorical journey through the mind labyrinth in search of HOPE. You have access to the Temple, the lid, the door, open it, Go Within because Hope Survives. Rescue your hopes and dreams.

    Another way of interpreting this Truth/Myth from an etymology point of view

    The original Greek word was ‘pithos
    ‘, which is a large jar, sometimes as large as a small person (Diogenes of Sinope was said to have slept in one). It was used for storage of wine, oil, grain or other provisions, or, ritually, as a container for a human body for burying.[7][8] In the case of Pandora, this jar may have been made of clay for use as storage as in the usual sense, or of metal, such as bronze, as an unbreakable prison.

    Maybe it is US who are locked inside the box, jar. But we are locked in with HOPE. If by chance there is any truth to that then, it is time to break free of that prison.

    “And if all your hopes, (do) survive

    (Your) Destiny will arrive”

  10. I think that Mr. Trump will be the best President who’s last name starts with the letter “T”…that we’ve had here in America since WWI.

      • I hear ya…but…I thought that business WAS and/or IS politics? Without business, what need is there for politics?

        Governments aren’t known for their humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors, because they are too thin or narrow or even non-existent. And even if there ARE philanthropic types of programs? Good…fucking…luck. You may be able to look but don’t touch.
        We gotta preserve this shit for future generations.
        Fucking WHAT?!?!?!?
        What about OUR generation?
        Yeah…good luck getting access to anything at the Smithsonian or Library of Congress or anything else “government owned” if you aren’t swimming within the channels of accepted and acceptable academia. 😦

        Was just talking with someone about The Cosa Nostra last night. That’s all they really are/have been as far as I can tell. Importers and exporters union(s). Irrespective of the “American Version” and/or implementation(s) here and elsewhere…that’s really what it’s all about. Protecting commerce. Just shade more and less defined. As it happens kinda, when and where “governments” can’t or won’t do something. Or even maybe, when the government itself is the/a issue.
        /me shrugs

        OH!!! And since you…erm…you know what…

        ^05 Deadmau5 – This Is Also The Hook – [At Play Vol.2] – [HQ]^

        • There are plenty of politicians who have done nothing but politics since leaving university, but perhaps that’s more endemic to the UK than the US. Alright then, picky, the first President solely from the Private Sector and not Public Service (civilian or military).

          • Welp…aight then…Ms. pickier picky persnickety snickerey person…chew on this…

            “He is now.”

            Q: Now what?
            A: 😛

            Guess it’s time to trade in the “Outsider Club” membership card for the “Insider Club” membership card? Or is he wealthy enough to maintain the yearly dues on both clubs? I hear his new job pays well. /me shrugs

            ^This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren “Cocteau Twins”^

      • Better out than in eh? I’ve been thinking for a while that “social graces” and other types of modern social stimuli with respect to passing gas…might be causing some issues other than simply “temporary embarrassment” or “being outcast/omitted from the club.”

        Ya…srsly. A gas is a fluid…just like liquid is. Some issues there as well maybe.

        /me mumbles something about circadian rhythms and other “time-keeping” types of spins and tics and tocs and vibrations and shit like that, which are “out of synch” with “the clock(s).”

        ^MC 900 Ft Jesus – The City Sleeps^

  11. Notable residents of trastevere included J. SeizeHer who, like Trump, might have had a proclivity for grabbing pussies.

    Caitlyn has been proudly announcing she will attend the inauguration, which makes one wonder if her bits and pieces are now “in order” for Trump to grab. Some members of the LGBT community say the Don should at least DNAce with her as a show of upSport….
    I’m not sure but the T in the acronym may stand for transexual (spanning across the sexes)…formerly known as transvestite…in the weird revolution of words….Anyhoo it trips me out that Trump arrived in DoC (dock/port) today on a military jet and Caitlyn herself jetted into isis to “stand firmly behind him” as a white woman.

    Lol, Roob, it’s a travesty.

    Buuuurrrrr(lesque) it’s cold in here!

  12. Today Trump is 70 yrs 7 mths and 7 days old counting both dates.
    On 20/1/2017 Adolf Hitler would have been 6,666 weeks old inclusive both dates having been born on 20/4/1889.
    On 20/1/2017 HMQEII, having been born on 20/4/1926, will be 90 years and 9 months old or 33×33 months old. 33 squared!

    • Well…what ELSE would you expect on a day where someone was inaugurated when Adolph Hitler was/is 128.19230769230769230769230769231 years old?!?!?!?
      6,666 / 52 = 128.19230769230769230769230769231 years!

      It’s almost…a mathematical certainty.

      PLUS…when we MULTIPLY? Yeah…Things get even more negative!!!
      33 months X 33 months = 1089 MONTHS!!! Which is 90.75 YEARS!!!

      Wait…that don’t sound right?

      33 / 12 = 2.75 years
      33 / 12 = 666 years (Using the Evil Dark Lord Lucifer’s “Special Blend” Calculator®™©℠)
      666 years X 999 years = 665,334 years!!!
      665,334 / 10 = 66,533.4 Decades!!!

      And 66,553.4 Decades = Average time most average people spend on average in the average fast-food restaurant drive-thru lines waiting for an average order or average food…even at the best of average fast-food establishments. This food, on average, reaches a mean temperature of somewhere near ambient room-temperature…assuming that you wait until you get home to eat it…on average. And of course, the average time of year at you participating location(s).
      Offer void where prohibited.
      All sales final.
      Light fuse…and get away.

      ^The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot^

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