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She’s Gone

On Thursday, I wrote ‘The Article’ Riders On The Storm. And on Friday afternoon it disappeared to only God knows where. It’s Gone and I suspect us with it. It was there one minute and gone the next. Anyway, I wrote another. Click ‘Riders On The Storm’.

‘It’s Gone’ followed a couple of bizarre days, but what’s new, that involved Jenny’s doppelganger, an unexpected and powerfully emotional meeting, Roob’s spurt in the comments on the original article, not keeping with the Program and the Space between us. About the Program, Elena noticed Trump’s comment about ‘Keep with the Program. Or Go’. It would seem I and maybe We have gone. Yet again πŸ™‚ . And I notice the Travel ban has been lifted.

Travail :

painfully difficult or burdensome work; toil.
pain, anguish or suffering resulting from mental or physical hardship.


And the run up also included a bizarre incident with an unfortunate African lady who was wearing a wrap thing on her head. She bent down to get some money from her handbag but her head and the wrap fitted perfectly in a wicker like basket, which contained tin badges. As she lifted her head the basket got caught on top of her head, so it came up with her, and she looked at me in bewilderment as the badges began tumbling from the basket, now firmly attached to her head, down her face and onto the floor.

The Article is The Object. The Object has Gone. What do you object to ?


anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form.
a thing, person, or matter to which thought or action is directed:
an object of medical investigation. express or feel disapproval, dislike, or distaste; be averse


The Space between Us.

From Deepak Chopra :

“When you are constantly judging things as right or wrong, good or bad, you create a lot of turbulence in your internal dialogue.

This turbulence constricts the flow of energy between you and the field of pure potentiality. In the silent space between your thoughts is a state of pure awareness, an inner stillness that connects you to true power.”


The Essence of Reality.



Hidden Depths : ‘Every tangible aspect of reality is likely to be an illusion’.






Is it Live ? Or is it Memorex ? ( thanks OM )



And Lady Gaga is on the edge. It’s edgy.




And other related Ova wordplay – it’s Eggy, Meggy, Leggy.

It’s about the Veg and Veggy – there is a Veg short age in Europe. What are we really talking about πŸ™‚ . Sounds like.

Live Life On The Veg.




Girl Power. This girl can can.




And Man Power.




Dream On !




She’s Gone.



And this next part may resonate with more than a few. My life has been a journey into pain but I believe a purposeful journey. And just when I’ve got my life back on track, Life has continually sent me another curve ball.

Even though, my Dad’s death was a real corker, the main pain has involved separation from the feminine. For some, my love life and relationships could be seen as an unmitigated disaster area but I don’t see it that way and that the Other was a co-partner on our respective journies.

But even though some of the break ups have been painful, the deeper pain involved the separation from my daughter when my ex wife and myself separated. And Death.

At the age of seventeen I was introduced to death when my Gran died. Of course, I was aware of death before but it was my first personal contact with it. Even though she was 90, it was a shock that someone who you love deeply can die. And in 2002, my mum died from a stroke which was fucking horrible. And in the intervening years, a good friend of mine, Jacqui Atkins, died about the age of 30 from cervical cancer. To watch a young, vibrant woman disintegrate and then die over a period of five years, again was indescribably grotesque.

But it’s not real. To believe that a loving God / Goddess – whatever – would inflict Death, or pain or illness on us because we have sinned is truly Gaga.

There is no death, there is no guilt and there is no separation. She hasn’t gone because we cannot be separated.




Anyway, at the end of 2013, I was invited into the car of a 22 year old hottie one night, who I didn’t know. This doesn’t normally happen to 50 year old something men. Not even when I was 25 and things have been full on ever since.

And She is saying it’s Time to end the separation and I totally agree. No Objections from me.

We would seem to be working at collective, individual and internal levels and also Time is involved, so I’ve no idea how it will work out individually.

And the Essence of Reality which everything comes from and exists in everything, throughout eternity ?

It’s a No Brainer.



You can’t see it with your eyes, hold it in your hand
But like the wind that covers our land
Strong enough to rule the heart of any man
This thing called love…


It’s All There Is.


54 thoughts on “She’s Gone

  1. Crank, thats funknee because this mourning the machine recommended sever all IV deos to me, including one of a lady who lives in a bowl…like a super bowl?…and others of women who have the disease of multiple ORsgams. Basket rang a bell before these but i caint re Member Y.

  2. SHes g’One!

    This is the tear of the jewbillie! Its even steven.
    In an unpresidented show of cosplay, the super Bowl ends in a T, IE.

    Mark, my sword!

      • Roob

        They needed Ova Time.

        And I didn’t realise but the movie The Space Between Us opened at the weekend.

        And the Ovalteenies.

        • My daughter went to see Li-on over the weekend.
          She said it was deeply touching and one of the
          best movies she’s seen in a long while.
          I’m seeing a theme, here.

            • Franklin,

              Muskrat Man is all over using tunnels as a “hyperloop” for bullet trains and self driven cars that go the speed of sound. Turns out, a prototype of “Sub-jenny-us” is being built in Texas (Touting Dallas to Houston in under 90 minutes…and quote-unquote “so pricey, most ppl won’t be able to use it”) It even has its own website!


              Apparently, the catacombs already exist in Dallas, thanks to the tunnel started by the SSC in 1993. Big Bertha was Birthed a long time ago and was left underground. Who knows…she’s probably to China by now. The problem I have with these stories is, they keep recycling the same story over as though it’s anything new. Not only is it not new, It’s already been done. $2 Billion was spent on the SSC before it was scrapped…and even afterwards, it was given another $2 Billion to “cover up the hole”, supposedly.

              Feeling a bit like I’m already stuck in one of these hyperloops. I’ve come full circle a time or two.

              Here comes the t-rain…

            • Frank, last night i was haunted by the word prison.

              pri son

              “What if i end up in pre sion?” I tasked myself. What would i do? Would o go insane? Would i use the time to rite a book? Would i be ab used? Etc etc.

                • Thanks, Frank. It’s something even Kafka couldnt have written. Ill tell you the deets when its ova.
                  But i wrote about prison mostly because having to think about the possibility of it has taught me mor3 about myself. Im asking questions. What would i do? How would i manage? Would i manage? Etc. Also, Ive been having a recurring dream that my late father is imprisoned and i cant get to him “in time”. I wonder often what dreams mean and where exactly they exist and why.

          • Richard Lyon, the first Navy SEAL to rise to the rank of admiral, has died. He was 93.

            Sarber recalled photos of Lyon and the other SEALs during the elite military team’s beginnings, showing them swimming with knives.

            “He reminded me of James Bond,” she said. “I never saw him lose his cool. I never saw him be nothing but kind and treat people with manners. He was a real class act.”

            Lyon enlisted in the Navy in 1942 while studying at Yale University. He was among the first to endure the SEAL training known as “Hell Week” in which trainees spend SEVEN days with almost no sleep, running, swimming and doing other drills.


            Fleming’s concept of Bond. The central figure in Ian Fleming’s work was the fictional character of James Bond, an intelligence officer in the “Secret Service”. Bond was also known by his code number, 007, and was a Royal Naval Reserve Commander.

            The Seventh Seal

            • TTN, the don is targeting 7 countries (7 seals) in his travel ban to Us. He says they are gateways for ISIS. Interestingly, he has NOHOtells in these cuntries. Ie, they are mum.

              • And they all start with I or S and sometimes Y.


                He’s prepared to defend the ban all the way to the Superb Bowl of Courts. I wonder what Rusbader will say about dat!

  3. Middle val woman

    EIsinhower came to twerk today. He is rooting for the ptahriots but thINKs it should be a tIE. I told him Idotoo

    • Gaga apparently sang “telephone” at the superb bowl though i didnt catch the act. She also apparently sang with ISS, the Intel Shooting Star group of Dr-Ones. Jenny, that ELO-n project is an example of a white elephant.

      t-ELO-phone, syncho-phant, ELOphant.

      • Anon…

        ELO-n’s plan is fund-a-mental-li flawed. It’s full of h-0s and no 1 knows about it!

        • Jenny, the ELOphant regrets his mouse tattoo. (Crack da coda. Get cracking.)

          Elon tusk reminds me of other prophets in our cult(ure) of personalities. Just from a different angel.

          I was hoping the big game would remain a tie. It was such a let down to see the underdogs lose.

  4. Melissa McCarthy…’she’ is officially ‘gone’. I laughed so hard I cried…it felt good. Sully laughs again. πŸ™‚

    “We will not be de turd in the fight against radical moose lambs.”

  5. I enjoy merovee. It’s the most interesting pace indanet.
    The year of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
    She’s g’One.

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