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The River Of Time

I’m so far down the rabbit hole, I can’t see anything. It’s very dark but I console myself knowing I’m not the only one down here ! πŸ™‚



Are your memories real ? How do you know ? And are other people’s memories real ? And do others share the same memories as you ?

Has your life been one long false memory ?



Shell Beach.






Eastbourne Beach.






‘Every tangible aspect of reality is likely to be an illusion’.




The Sub Way.

“Give me control of the currency and I care not who makes it’s laws”.

And the Channel and the Tunnel. And the water waves, the air waves, the freeways, the highways and byways, the space ways, and the pipelines etc, etc.




The Prime Meridian is in the wrong place.




Even though logic would suggest that everywhere is the Prime Meridian, the other candidate other than Greenwich, with respect to this article, for the Prime Meridian is Paris.

The Paris catacombs.




But which Paris ? Paris, France or Paris, Texas ? Or maybe they are the same place ?


Paris texas



The Paris catacombs share the same code as Irving, Texas down the road from Paris, Texas – 75014.










The Secretary.




The real Secretary. And who do we all come from ? It’s not rocket science.

Unless the male God grew a vagina, I don’t see where else we would come from. As above, so below. But she probably needed some male help to conceive. Push. We’re good with advice like that.




The River of Time.

Dallas – Nov 1963.




JFK and Harold MacMillan – June 1963. Birch Grove on the Prime Meridian.




The death of Captain Dallas.



ER – Ellen Ripley.





It’s a Mind Field.


134 thoughts on “The River Of Time

  1. I still can’t believe it…you found me deep down here, in this labyrinth.
    And you’re really seeing what I’m seeing.
    Best day ever!

  2. >>>>Has your life been one long false memory ?
    A: I dunno Good question.
    Q: What do you remember? I mean like…what you remember about my life?
    A: Isn’t that whats important?
    Q: To who?
    A: Yep.

    ^Losers – Summertime Rolls (Hybrid Remix)^

    All kinds of wheels within wheels. But the more that someone tries to tell me who and what I am? Without walking with me? Yeah…I’m a bit…”skeptical.” That said, when we know we know, and you know what ya know…ya know? Gotta balance that commonality with uncommon commonality…and then…throw everything out the fucking window and make up your own fucking mind.

    Which…when/if you do that “out the window” bit? Mind the window…eh? πŸ˜‰

    ^Head East- Never Been Any Reason^

    • Cade

      For example, both TTN’s mother and my mother died on the same day. Coincidence, synchronicity or a sign of something more complicated.

      And I know of other similar mirror experiences not with myself but involve others.

      Just asking πŸ™‚

      • Welp, I could use my usual “there are only 365 days in a year” argument here…which is basically that you actually have a good chance of sharing many days and dates with people. But that’s just a starting point. I think The Internet is giving us a little more direct connection with people that we might not otherwise ever have any contact with at all. Kinda like a “letters to the editor” kinda thing in newpapers, mixed in with the idea of “pen-pals” and all kinds of other shit like that which you can prolly think of.

        Commonality is just that. I guess that seeing the clockworks of The Universe a little differently than most people that I’ve been around, or even privy to…erm…kinda makes me discount nothing in my travels and experiences. Not that I am not guilty of doing just that, because I am guilty of doing just that. I’m cautious of the “extra-mechanical” devices that some rely on for making sense of things, and run more intuition. Not that I have anything against these things, but there are many that use these things for whatever reason?…yeah…they have something against me not having an interest in them.

        I have certain things that could/would be considered by some as a talisman, but they mean something only to me. Granted…two of them are meteorites, but to me…that’s a pretty cool thing. /me shrugs

        Nothing is uncomplicated. It allows the uncomplicated things to be easier to spot. πŸ˜‰

        I dunno. I got no answers. Just a fuckton of observations, and a few things that work for me personally. Some may be worthy of sharing. Some…not so much.

        I think needs are usually pretty easy to spot.

        • Cade

          As far as I understand the science, we always see the past. It takes time for us to see.

          ‘In order to see an object, light from the object must enter our eyes. We can see stars, lightning, and light bulbs because they are emitting or giving off light. We depend on the light emitted from these sources in order to see objects that don’t emit lightβ€”we see those objects because they reflect light into our eyes.’

          • >>>>objects that don’t emit light
            I’m gonna need a list of “objects that don’t emit light”…or the equivalent of a list of.

            Been thinking quite a bit about Helium3 and The Moon/Luna or whatever your preferred nomenclature may be, regarding that big-assed rock a coupla hundred thousand miles from Earth/Terra. Especially with respect to gravity/tides and life in the water columns of not only the seas, but any body of water. When you start thinking about subterranean water(s)…suddenly…there’s a fuckton more water to think about. Especially if you are a nutcase like me that also includes that pesky atmospheric portion of the hydrosphere. I guess that’s why I try to think of all liquids as fluids…even rocks and dirt and shit like that…yeah…shit too. Butt anyway…har har…yeah…Helium3.

            Since we’ve gone subterranean…there’s all kinds of light in the dark. That says to me that there are all kinds of “light emitting”…erm…things. I mean, we’re all made up of atoms yeah? I don’t think of electrons and photons the way that most do, because I see them as “less-connected” instead of “free.” I mean…if it’s disconnected…how are you seeing/detecting whatever it is that is “free?”

            I wrote about this a bit today in my whathaveyou over at Roob’s place, and it was/is primarily about detecting and detection methods. If you design a machine or process to “Find A” and “Eureka!…it’s Find’s A”…why is that such a shocker? Because the only other option is “B = A Not Found.”

            That is of course…you are a sneaky little shit like me, who always has “X” ready in my calculations. Backed up by “Y” and “Z” on a floating scale that can revolve infinitely through the alphabet because of the model(s) that I use to track progress is a fixed-floating model that keeps track of both what you are looking for, as well as what you find. But step one is based on found. Meaning…where we are, thanks to our predecessors. I know I wandered there a bit, but the model that I use operates ALWAYS in 4 + 1 dimensions. X + Y + Z + T = (+ L)

            When you draw something along the X-Axis…that takes time. Even when creating a “static model.” Where I think we fuck up royally, is when we dump time. Things like “2-dimensional beings” that are unable to communicate with us because we operate in “a 3-dimensional world.” What horseshit. So we have an extra dimension. We also have freewill. Ever think that maybe those 2-dimensional fucks just…really don’t want to talk to you? Could you think of any reasons as to why these beings would not WANT to talk to a bunch of pretentious pricks asking them incessantly…”can you hear me? can you hear me? can you understand me?”

            It’s a pickle.
            /me shrugs

            ^Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death (Hybrid Remix)^

            Q: There’s Helium in The Sun/Sol right?
            A: That’s the rumor.
            Q: The Sun/Sol has an uber-fuckton of gravity right?
            A: That’s the rumor.
            Q: What about Helium3?
            A: I dunno…what about it?
            Q: Does it have some mass?
            A: Prolly?

            I dunno. I think gravity is pretty fucking strange and dynamic. 4 basic forces in one that makes the 5th + 2 more.

            Push = 1
            Pull = 1
            Push + Pull = 1
            PUSHPULL + Pull = 1
            PUSH PULL + Push = 1
            PUSHPULL + PUSHPULL = 1
            Pull + Pull = 1
            Push + Push = 1
            Pull + Push = 1
            PULLPUSH = Pull = 1
            PULLPUSH = Push = 1
            PULLPUSH + PULLPUSH = 1
            PUSHPULL + PULLPUSH = 1(4) = 5
            Now we need “the middle” which is the sixth(6), and their freewill to access a push or a pull on either side is the seventh(7).

            Almost sounds…lifey…eh?

            Think of a human being walking around on Earth/Terra or standing or sitting or laying or whatever…but there are two fingers of push-pull/pull-push on each side that keeps us “glued” to the surface. But how gentle that force is, is what allows gravity to be so fucking strong.

            To relate…imagine the force required to thread a single strand of DNA, but think of the force as both power expended and power reserved…both…at the same fucking time. Sounds nutty…but if you think of it as a sewing machine that never actually penetrates the cloth, and yet still sews the cloth together…maybe that’ll help.

            I dunno. Maybe not. I’m just some armchair idiot with a computer and some free time.

            ^Alanis Morrisette-So Pure *Hybrid Mix)^

  3. Ttn, whaddaya think?
    Any relationship between the “Seven Seals” and the 7 countries on the dons hit list?

    Ban. Close. Seal.

            • JB Ellis County…..Mary Ellis was the Spitfire Girl I wrote about on my latest post and Ellis is a name that syncs with me on a personal level….she is a super collider all right.

              The whole Chris Kyle thing is to do with Death and Punishment as his Craft logo is the same as the comic book character The Punisher the number 22 as I have previously stated is one of the numbers that symbolises death.

              and as Frank has posted before the movie The Seventh Seal is about a chess match between Death and a Knight.

              When He (the LAMB) broke open the seventh seal, there was SILENCE in heaven for about half an hour. 2 Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them.

              The Silence of the Lamb Will Fall

          • Not to disgrace seals or anything, but: sean spicer scene stealer, stein sealer. Dont ask me what that means. Washington’s Attorney Gene-ral has permitted the stay on the travel seal the don imposed on people from seven states. The language is so confusing it takes an attorney to dedicate himself to it.

            Law fails when the normal person can no longer understand it enough to use it; when he can no longer represent himself.

            • Anonymous you mention the travel seal for seven states and Tehtruthnetwork mentions seven angels and seven trumpets. Do you and Thetruthnetwork think they all tie together somehow?

              • I have no idea, JB. I just find the targeting revealing and probably indicative of something more than just the fear of “terrorists”.

                Regarding Trinity’s rants: how’s that for contributing to “sanctuary sites” like Merovee. Like the don, hers is consistent venom. They should get married.

              • Sorry, Om, I called you Jenny by accident.

                I have some intuitions about the 7 countries but not much I can articulate yet.

                • that is ok Anonymous JB and my avatar have the same color. I was wondering about the 7 counties and 7 angels and 7 trumpets because all three together are 777. I hope thetruthnetwork will share an opinion.

                  • Hi OM its only an opinion and just one of many interpretations but the seven seals represent seven periods of time with each seal being broken over each period

                    and there was silence in heaven for half an hour represents a pause an interval between the seals and the trumpets…… of 3 x 7= 21 years as if one day is a thousand years in the spiritual plane then one hour is 41.6666 or 42 years rounded up….half that (30mins) is 20.8333 or 21 years rounded up. the Mayans have referred to it as The Time of No Time…or Oz zzz Time a 20/21 year period to mark the end of a cycle or a time loop.. I wrote about it in an post over at the old Lab many moons ago its the silence/calm before the storm.

                    but like Jon Snow I know no thing

                  • They can be the 7 main chakras both of the hueman body and of the earth. My guess is earth has a “chakra system” and that these countries are in lockdown (terra countries) because of genetics as much as anything else. Etheric bodies related to more tangible ones, etc.

    • Yes Anon thanks for that insight I am musing over it…. πŸ™‚

      One thing about this world system it likes to keep people trapped in the one place you are easier to keep track off…which is why I keep moving from place to place and another nickname of mine is….

  4. Hotel California……


    You, Mr….. “Frank’s” Original Hot Sauce”….

    Well, whatever

    This is the only place I seem to be able to post my misery…..


    O, I knowhatIwasgonnasay….

    That you “captured” above what I posted ways back….

    The exact moment when Jackie shot her husband JFK through the head, meaning you know she was his assassin….

    “Jackie O”

    Which means…..

    You are CIA, as all my merovee shipmates are, and as were all my workmates at CNP…. at the FREEDOM TOWER.


    I KNOW…..


    How I make it MATTER…..

    That’s where I AM

    Am I gonna let you know my next move?


      • Hahaha, Frank!

        Funny. IDK how I know I just know! Maybe YOU aren’t, but I don’t see how you can play so dumb with the sharks who swim in your waters…..

        What EVA


        Anyhows, this was interesting. Just check out the looks on the faces behind the ANTI-Christ Pope as he addresses the Bride of Christ’s Congress in the Capitol, an abomination in the holy place where it should not be…..

        The one on the left with his green tie, the Republican, barely able to keep from bawling….the fucking COWARD that he is, fucking HYPOCRITE.

        You’re a BABY, you loser! Just another SELL-OUT!

        And you call yourself an “American.”

        But REALLY really revealing: Creepy Joe Biden, the “good-guy” Democrat, getting completely IGNORED, you know, a la the Devil who wears Prada….by Satan personified.

        Look at creepy loser “good” Joe’s face twitch as he registers his Master, the KING of the pedophilia rings of ELITE scum worldwide, just IGNORED him, did not even acknowledge his presence, or his LOYALTY.

        Joe’s eyes flash black in his “handsome” face smugly before he gets completely snubbed by the Devil.

        Aww, he looks hurt!!!! Poor good-guy Joe…
        Better go on out to Connecticut Avenue and get some pizza!

        That’ll make you feel better.

        You scum…..

        (“rationally,” thank you very much Frank)


        • Hope we don’t all go “She’s Gone” again with this:

          Which I AM finally able to look at and SEE

          FREE to BE

          Thank you Mel! I love you….! Your dad methinks is/was a genius and a HERO

          • LOL

            I’m watching this 3 hr opus now but Hitler greeting each of his boy troops….um

            Maybe WWII was really the “War of the Boy Lovers”


            “They” hate women….

            Now I know why.

            A real woman defends her young.


            That way, you “pedophiles” are out of food and out of power.

            Out of Business.


            It’s coming.

            • I don’t “FOLLOW” David Semen anymore because I woke up to the fact he is just a Jew, yup, I said it, a “”JEW””….. shill. Flashing the 666 sign and trying to forgive it by saying that it means “GOD.” Or awakening or some sort of drivel…


              He said he believes 9/11 was an act of Islamic (formerly “Muslim”) terrorism, that Israel is protection against this WAVE of Islam trying to destroy us….

              Just watch him for a supreme example of how these members of the Synagogue of Satan serve us all the Truth, seem to be fighting the good fight, only in order to slip in their LIES…. to poison the minds of the children of God.

              THAT’s his agenda, I kid you not…..

              Sorry, David

              It was good there for a while, but when you went to saying flat earthers are nuts, you lost me.

              Good riddance.

              Pizzagate is just a distraction from the greatest TRUTH being revealed in this End Time:

              The earth is a flat disc.

              The stars you see every night are in fixed constellations, not possible on a globe spinning through space.

              USE YOUR MIND

          • Jenny

            Why ? Having said that, there is a lot of doo doo to wade through.

            Martyr complex :

            In psychology a person who has a martyr complex, sometimes associated with the term victim complex, desires the feeling of being a martyr for his/her own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it either feeds a psychological need, or a desire to avoid responsibility.

            In some cases, this results from the belief that the martyr has been singled out for persecution because of exceptional ability or integrity. Theologian Paul Johnson considers such beliefs a topic of concern for the mental health of clergy. Other martyr complexes involve wilful suffering in the name of love or duty. This has been observed in women, especially in poor families, as well as in codependent or abusive relationships.

            The desire for martyrdom is sometimes considered a form of masochism. Allan Berger, however, described it as one of several patterns of “pain/suffering seeking behaviour”, including asceticism and penance.

            • I hear ya! What does martyrdom do for the Whole exactly? It’s right up there with flagellation and scourging – Self-loathing takes many forms. Imo, it serves no higher purpose.

              Somehow we’ve developed the idea that we earn our stripes by giving ourselves the Mark – Prove love of country until we bleed. Why is that what it takes?

              Humanity has some major healing to do.

            • Hah, yes “people”

              I AM very aware of my “martyr” complex

              I thought this place was a “safe” place where everyone admits their insanity?

              Clearly not, and ol’ Trinity has been maligned by Frank as a deluded martyr.

              What EVA

              I noticed, Frank (if you really are the original Frank who started this site/Maybe he “breathes no more”?), your quote about the “Martyr Complex” does not come from the Course.

              Which is what your site is supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

              Oh and the Course has a LOT to say about this “persecution” phase, this idea of “martyrdom,” in the process of awakening, which I AM.

              Which you, Frank, failed to quote in assistance to your sister.

              Thanks for the help.

              Thanks for the FORGIVENESS, Frank.

              Oh, and I enjoyed my day shoveling out my car in this I will say “beautiful”

              Winter Wonderland

              The Course says Do not fight the ego.

              I can’t fight The Winter Queen…..

              I’m just a peon, peasant, a woman of common bearing….

              And I’m finally accepting that that is OK.

              I’m learning not to be angry about it anymore.

              Have your ice storm, I really don’t care.

              • Oh! And “Jenny” “Roob” uh, that snake thing….oh yeah, “Clicky”

                Gee, I wonder why that whole night’s compilation of posts and Frank’s article went missing?

                My “epic post” damning the Jews and journalist “David Semen” was “triggered”

                Sorry, but the image of a dick ejaculating is fucking porn.

                And any normal “person” would be and was repulsed by it.

                You had to take the whole thing down in case you get caught up in this, what’s it, “pizzagate”?

                Oh but Roob/Clicky/Jenny is genius!!!

                You are such a what do they say?


                FUCK YOU!

                You are Satan’s spawn, all about the body, all about MOCKERY.

                I am shocked by your depravity, Roob/Jenny/Clicky

                And no one will ever tell me, wtf you are….

                If you are a homosexual, which I strongly suspect you are, and you are clearly NOT proud of it because you keep it hidden…..

                Well whatever.

                Oh I’ll be at Random House tomorrow morning, but won’t be logging in to the “system.”

                Just wanted you to know.

              • Trinity

                Guess what – the martyr complex quote referred to Alex Jones not yourself.

                And I don’t restrict myself to one source.

          • Alex is a loud mouth bully and not die for anyone. What he is doing is “dog whistling” to his viewers and listeners trying to incite them into violence against those who do not agree with Trumps policies. He certainly is not going to physically put himself in the line of fire.

            I have read his blog many times and most of the comments are posted by dare I say angry caucasian militia minded men who seem to lack the understanding of many things.

            It’s good to know the enemy and how they think and one good thing Trump has given us their location and put a faces on many if not all of them.

  5. The 13 Steps
    So all this that is happening at the moment that people on blogs can feel and see, the things that they think are something to do with their individual or a collective ascension, etc – or about realising the goddess into this world – is not. As point of fact – she is already here – anonymously living an everyday life just like everyone else is for the moment.

    All these chess moves have been about something else entirely. As Churchill said – the truth is so important that it should be attended by a bodyguard of lies.

    As we know – all this is happening in the mind (contained in the all-important body of course!!) – we all go about our daily lives and nobody really knows (or is interested in) the turmoil going on inside – a secret existence, hidden in plain sight.

    Instructions are given telepathically and moves are carried out here in actuality – whether ratified by people’s thoughts or carried out by their actions – whether for the world to see by the S&D Cult that rules us or done anonymously by the people in opposition to them. Look at the film Aeon Flux to see a literal depiction of this.

    All of this work in opposition (the resistance) was not to let anyone out but rather to let certain people back into this world by re-opening the mirrored doors of the hive entrance – an esoteric portal (port hole) made of magnetic (7th element of metal) luminiferous aether – oily, metallic water ignited by the fire of kundalini love. An act that the machine would – and believe me has tired to – do anything to prevent. This is what some people have been feeling – the build-up and steps leading to this event.

    (Mirrors reflect light waves which themselves are sent on wavelengths (plane, sine and cosine) and have bandwidths).

    The Number 12 is drummed into everyone – especially regarding steps – 12 step programme. The 39 steps add up to 12, etc. But there is a further step – again hidden in plain sight – baker’s dozen = 13, 12 disciples + Jesus = 13. Push 13 together and it makes B.

    So Lucifer and others are coming back into this world again as they really are – fully rounded and realised – not just as narrowly portrayed in texts such as the bible. Lucifer is many things – one of which is the god of adult erotic love – some like it hot.

  6. It is a mind fuck!

    Last night Sen. Elizabeth Warren was ‘silenced’ on the floor of the Senate. She cannot be ‘officially recognized’ on the Senate floor. Because she attempted to read ‘parts’ of a letter written by Coretta Scott King.

    But wait a minute I still see her and hear her, she is everywhere in the ME dia today. And you
    can ‘see and hear’ her, too. Who are they kidding? And this morning The Bern took the floor and read the ‘entire’ letter.

    There is no stopping it, the alternative reality is pushing in. πŸ™‚

      • Frank

        That’s a good analogy. The JFK assassination is one of the crazier conspiracy related incidents in ‘memory’. And the Warren Commission with it’s ‘magic bullet’ was set up to make it the ‘official story’ that Oswald killed JFK and acted alone. And so just disregard anything else you make hear or any doubts you may have.

        Just like 9/11 we wait for the official story, then discard the rest.

        Now we’re being told officially that there ‘are’ alternative facts, and we haven’t heard the whole story.

        And ‘she’ll shock’…A ‘trigger’ is the connection between the conscious mind and a buried painful memory.

        • Elena

          I’m seeing it as a Time Loop – Julius Caesar, Lincoln, JFK and others – both Mahatma and Indira Gandhi as well for example.

          Also Alien has been playing round my mind – Alien, A Lien, A Lie.

          Hello Boys. I’m back.

          But looking for the vid, I came across this which speaks of something.

  7. Thoughts, words and feelings, deep within our subconscious mind, (rabbit hole) play out the program through which we experience life. The more someone love themselves, become comfortable with and except themselves the more that person is able to allow themselves to love others. Loving others does not mean one has to like everyone else re agree with all they say or do. If someone does not return love and kindness, it should not be a loss to the individual giving it, just keep going on the merry way with the cosmic flow. Do help those who reach out because they may be in desperate need of the foresight of another.

    It no longer troubles me when I am kind to someone and they don’t return the gesture. I see the unkind person as being in one world reality while I am moving toward a more harmonious reality where others have or are moving in the same direction.

    Unlike ELon Musk has tunnel vision. Going underground, can’t deal with what is above.

    I see two worlds one where we are prisoners of our on making and the other a free world also of our own making.

    Double Vision

    Feeling down n’ dirty, feeling kinda mean
    I’ve been from one to another extreme
    This time I had a good time, ain’t got time to wait
    I want to stick around till I can’t see straight
    Fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision
    Ooh, when it gets through to me, it’s always new to me
    My double vision gets the best of me
    Never do more than I really need
    My mind is racing, but my body’s in the lead
    Tonight’s the night, I’m gonna push it to the limit
    I live all of my years in a single minute
    Fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision
    Ooh, when it gets through to me, it’s always new to me
    My double vision always seems to get the best of me, the best of me, yeah
    Ooh, double vision, I need my double vision
    It takes me out of my head, takin’ me out of my head
    I get my double vision, oh, seeing double double
    Oh, I have double vision, (oh double vision) yeah
    Oh I’m getting double vision

    • Highlander

      Very well put. In a sense it means taking responsibility for our thoughts and emotions which previously have been purely reactive and ‘ego’based. And how we see reality.

      • Frank

        Yes it means taking responsibility for our thoughts and emotions. A lot of people can’t handle that because it means they have to think and be held accountable for their actions. They would rather have someone to lay the blame on, not knowing that if they return to love for themselves and others things would return harmony and balance, treating others as you would like to be treated.

        Religion organized as it is brought nothing but a Dis-Ease to mind of humanity.

        Cruz, Scalia and Fuckabee. One down, more to go.

    • TTN

      Oh good god…what will they think of next!
      Everybody must be packing heat these days. You’d think, anyway.
      So I guess the answer is to build a wall around it or make it bulletproof.
      Perfectly logical. <—not really

    • Miranda read them the riot act before they could read their miranda law to chaos.
      Brazil has the right to YSILence.

  8. Clicky

    Using a wedding band to fend off would-be suitors….

    Go for it “GIRL”!

    Enjoy being the one who “fights for” your “man”

    As for me….

    I just think it’s funny these women who have broken the RULES, get preggers (OOOOPS!!!!), and entrap their “men,” who the only want to be rid of them, talk of following the “rules”….

    I mean it’s a total mind fuck and I will not be part of it.

    FU, “Becky”

    Keep your (lol) “MAN”

    What a joke….

  9. ALSO!

    Big note: I was a married woman.

    And I know how Satan tries to convince married couples that “porn” is a good thing if it keeps the “love alive.”

    Keeps the bedroom spicy, am I right?

    I could never feel ok with it, and now I SEE how wrong it is…..

    PORN is EVIL

    Straight from Satan.

    If you use it to enslave a marriage partner, in MY BOOK,

    that’s evil.

    Pure unadulterated evil, and is a “marriage” that needs to be broken.


  10. Oh and Mr. Sheriff

    YOU are not the one who has kept me alive all this time….

    So get over yourself.

    Get back to your WIFE.

    And leave me alone.

    Sayonara, my FRIEND

  11. That means…..

    You see me jogging down the street? Uh, or you see me hiking…. or….

    It has nothing to do with YOU, fucker.

    The “sheriff.”

    I really don’t care anymore…..

    So fuck off and leave me be.

    I won’t threaten YOU this time…..

    I’ll leave it to, you know…..


    Good luck with that.

  12. IDK but this is straight from my subconscious realm of guilt


    Does the “world” really KNOW my secrets of self-hatred?

    “Satan” is, wow, pretty much everywhere in your world when “he” wants to be….

    I got cardinals looking at me in my house…. Givin me the “eye”

    It’s totally INSANE

    I mean it’s NUTS. And yes, I have been to many of the places depicted. Is that Brussels at one point?…. WHATEVER

    I’ve reached the point of just being like whatever…..

    I’m laughing, thank “God” or the “gods” or whatever the fuck have you…..

    I’m feeling safe tho……

    That’s a nice feeling

    Oh, and!

    I’ll KEEP dancing.

    I’m a good dancer, don’tcha know….

    And I LOVE IT

      • HI Frank

        Yes, Amsterdam and Paris too, so I guess my Brussels is off? Those shots of a palace behind them remind me of the famous square in Brussels. I recognize Amsterdam and its canals, so I’m thinking now it’s ALL Amsterdam….

        I toured Europe two, um god, three? decades ago when I was wee girl in college and while I did not partake of the hashish in Amsterdam, I DID overindulge in the cones of “French” fries with ketchup and Mayo.


        • Trinity

          And have you had an incident with a car crash in the past . Not a small prang but something that effected your life in a major way.

          I don’t want to know the details but I’m trying to make sense of a few things. Don’t worry if you haven’t or want to tell me to Eff off for asking πŸ™‚

          • No, Frank, I can’t say a car crash has made a major impact on my life…. I’ve been in a few fender benders, but that’s about it.

            Nobody died.

            But I also don’t know why you are asking me about the personal details of my “history” on the internet if you are “just” trying to figure “something” out when you could just email me.

            As if you don’t know my enemies are trying to build a “case” against me. I know, this is all a bad dream, but pretty real when you are still “living” in it.

            Anyway, it’s been real, friend. haha….

            I know I’ve said it many times before, but I can finally see the end of the road for Trinity here on Merovee.

            Maybe you really CAN check out of Hotel California. If you really WANT to….

            Of course you can!!!

            You see, it’s the truth about 9/11.

            Nobody touches it here. Nobody cares about the “truth” on here, only on catching all the crazy-ass synchs. Almost in praise of ego insanity and Satan’s ingeniousness.

            But I can’t let it go. And its “actors” are still in our mainstream media, lying in our faces, pushing the big LIE, still deluding the “sheep.” All of them, in fact.

            And I do have to laugh, because it’s not like the TRUTH is not in plain sight. Those who remain deluded are clearly sticking their heads in the sand, because as Jack Nicholson yelled:

            “YOU can’t handle the truth.”

            9/11 well, what can I say…. Its perpetrators–Wow! PERPS and TRAITORS in the same word!

            The reptiles who orchestrated 9/11 are not “Americans” at all. They put thier “religion” before their NATION-ality.

            They committed treason.

            And “They” rule our world, our perception, our “Free Press,” they are the gatekeepers, and control our money, which as the Bible tells us is the root of all evil.

            WHO are they? I already told you all, and you all just don’t want to believe it, because it’s so obvious now it’s pathetic.

            9/11 and the continuation of all the lies that were hatched from it is the source of the cancer that has spread not only throughout “America” but the world….(which is by the way, flat….)

            This is the End.

            Maybe there’s no way out at this point, but for me it’s….

            Time to “Find New Roads” …. a la the Chevy ads…

            I guess in my Jeep Renegade, while I still have it.

            • See, that’s Satan trying to ensnare me into being the “hero”

              “Batman” no less (or really, “Catwoman.” What a temptation that is….)

              I know better than that now….

              I AM …..

              ready for “new roads”


              • I’m getting back on the HIGH Way….

                The straight and narrow through the desert on a FLAT Earth…

                And that is the ONLY way OUT!

                The TRUTH. The Way.

                And NOBODY is gonna scare me off it.

                  • Well Frank,

                    You know who I worked for for 22 years. The possibility one might become a victim of a “freak accident” is her favorite fear tactic.

                    (Insert the scene of menial assistant Anne Hathaway about to cross the street and barely avoids getting run over….)

                    “Look both ways!”

                    Oh, but WHO is the real vengeful queen here?

                    Is it really ALL about EEV?…..

                    The only one who told me she looks forward to when we “Cross paths” again.

                    Me too, me too, EEV.

                    My son was already hit by a car once…. by the guys in red.


                    “Got any vogues?” a student asked my son in his dorm room that night as he sat dazed with a bloody shirt and a splint on his broken nose…..

                    Winters Bros….

                    He gets in another car “accident”….?

                    The gloves will be off.

                    How can you say there is nothing “sinister” about this world we are living in right now…

                    Or your talk of car crashes…..

                    I just don’t know.

                    Sorry Frank if you’ve been caught up in my “misunderstandings” and “projection” and oh you know, drunken babbling….

                    It’s nothing personal, since I don’t even know you!

                    God bless, Everybody.

                    I felt love today.

                    I got a pretty journal from the movie Frozen that I keep where I can see it:

                    KEEP CALM


                    LET IT GO

                    I get that!

                    Do YOU?

                    • Trinity

                      Out there is not a good place sometimes. But you worked where you did for 22 years. As far as I know no one actually physically made you go there for those years. It was your choice.

                      I do understand where you’re coming from though. But it seems more complicated than just changing out there.

                    • “The World Is Watching” says a handmade, recently posted sign I pass every day….

                      Um, yeah!

                      Poor Stephen, did you see him trying to give me a shout out in that pic of tranny “Cinderella”?

                      Risking his life….? Or just mocking me, it’s ok…

                      Oh and did you know I moved here some 15 years ago to

                      “The Home of Positive Thinking”

                      The hometown of a 33 degree Mason:

                      Norman Vincent Peale

                      You know what that means, dont’cha?

                      I live in the town that is best known now for our President’s “spiritual” leader.

                      Who, as a Freemason, was devoted NOT to Christ, but to his brotherhood.

                      And to the leader of that brotherhood: Satan.

                      And you know what?

                      I don’t think he even knew it.

                      He thought he was doing Christ’s work…. but how easily are we all deceived.

                      Because there’s levels higher than the 33 degrees…..


                      No wonder I’m not welcome around here….

                    • So needless to say…..

                      I love my brothers in Christ. And they love me.

                      And it’s a love that extends beyond this EVE-L world…..

                      The “Masons”….

                      Wow, they rule it all, don’t they.

                      I just want my sheriff to know I love him, and that I think he needs to let me go for his own good.

                      They want US to know we are as good as dead if we unite. If you follow my call to come for me…..

                      But LOVE is all that IS real. So they can’t stop US.

                      And our LOVE, if it is REAL, will be there for US when we are UNITED in the Kingdom of Heaven.

                      BEYOND this world we are “living” in.

                    • God, I just flashed in my mind on the idea implanted there of fatal love:
                      Romeo & Juliet…..

                      Yup, just googled and it was Leonardo and Claire Danes…..


                      MK Ultra!

                      All of us, including me!

                      At least I am “seeing” it!

                      I’m getting out of this NUTHOUSE!

                      Au revoir!

                    • And I see it all so clearly now:

                      My fascination with Gravity.

                      I knew it shows the End of the Space Age.

                      All the satellites smash each other to bits.

                      And the beginning of a New Age….

                      The tadpole… a new “WOMB MAN” emerging from the depths.

                      But it’s THEIR New Age womb-man…

                      A NEW species, not human at all:


                      Aliens? No…..


                      “They” are being revealed now so it won’t be long that they will make their move.

                      They will try to wipe us “apes” out. Real women…. and men.

                      So pray.

                      They’re “ready”

                      In this scene: “Ryan Stone is reborn.”

                      Is it a man? Or a woman?

                      Or both.

                      Just like their god, a man and woman in one: the Baphomet.

                      In other words, the Synagogue of Satan.

                      The SS

                      They’re…. HERE.

                    • Over and over she is asked

                      “Please confirm identity.”

                      I guess this womb man, “it” has none

                      So s/he does not respond

                      Headline today:

                      The Battle Has Come to a Head

                      So what doe that mean?


                      I think that it’s time to hit the Appalachian Trail for an hour or so….

                      God bless all.

                      If you are lost, well, so are we all…..

                      And you know what?

                      Maybe that’s a good thing!

                    • The only place we can find happiness is where we are united with God’s Will.

                      I KNOW that.

                      And when I am not following my own/God’s Will I hate myself….

                      It is torture beyond belief.

                      And am wondering if my sister Sigourney is trans…..

                      I’m pretty sure she is/was…..

                      So I have been deceived….

                      Into worshipping a FALSE IDOL.

                      And we have been warned against this in Jesus’ teaching from day one.

                      Jesus knew we would be deceived

                      The problem I am having now is that I have failed.

                      I have failed him.

                      But for now let me post this and just give myself a break.

                    • I could be wrong but I don’t think Christian Bale is a transgender……

                      Let’s see?

                      If Frank let’s me keep going with this…

                    • So anyway I can see the “end of the line” here….

                      How do I sum up “Batman”?

                      IDK but I keep coming back to this.

                      What does it mean?

                      IDK just more of my FANTASY…..


                    • Just wondering…

                      Many of the cops chasing Batman look Joo wish…… Goddamn autocorrect will not let us type what we want to type!!!

                      Yeah “Jews”, complaining: “What’s with this guy?”

                      Who ever heard of a Jew cop before Mel Gibson’s “arrest”???

                      It’s the Jews vs. Batman, or the Christ….

                      Also, what was Christopher Nolan saying by having “jew” cops chasing Batman?

                      Um, I haven’t watched a Hollywood movie in ages. I think it’s TIME an atom bomb be dropped on Hollywood. So WE can start OVER.

                      Oh, but atom bombs don’t exist is real life!

                      Well I guess we can just turn off the “satellite” TV and stop ever going to movies.

                      How’s that?

                      Maybe it’s time to check out the “real world” out there.

                    • The Jew cop sees the Batmobile and says, “i’m on it.”

                      And what are we shown but the big round butt hole of the Batmobile.

                      Ha Ha Ha…..

                      Our reality is “Sodom”

                      And our rulers are “Joos”



                      Women haters…..


  13. As a close here I would say, that Satan is so all over us, watching EVERY move… every thought even…..

    Didn’t really know that until recently and up until now thought…

    WHY would I feel GUILT for dancing in the PRIVACY of my own home?

    Uh, cuz I know I am being watched? (can’t prove it tho and won’t bother tryin) I know I am being watched by someone who “wants” me….

    So I try to perform perhaps? Out of fear bottom line…. But also hope…. Here you go, here I AM….

    Yeah, I AM awesome….

    So…. save me.


    If you WANT me so much to watch me, why don’t you come save me?

    Then comes my hatred and rebellion toward that realization….

    And second to that, once I knew I was being watched and NOT saved, it just made me want to dance more…. out of fuck YOU!….

    Then I got the insight my “watcher” is a VAMPIRE.


    A loser, if you will…

    One who needs to watch and suck the life out of a “loved” one.

    But has no love to give.

    It’s SICK.

    And I won’t be “forgiving” it anymore….

  14. This is the only thing I can think of to listen to right now… let alone “dance” to.
    It’s an old favorite.

    And it always “gets” me….

  15. Soledad (ha! Sun god worship = Luciferian) O’Brien

    lives in my “home” town…..

    Of course!

    Satan lives everywhere, IS everywhere

    IS the Prince of this world.

    God, bring it down!

    This evil realm is coming to an END.

    • I recently learned that you cannot be rid of parasites completely.

      You have to learn to live with them.

      That’s a hard lesson for someone like me.

      But I’m learnin’

  16. ANYWAY

    Frank, thanks for letting me post?

    Nobody has any comments on them….

    Or are you just letting me hang my self….

    Well I’ve decided like that Swedish man who wants to know what went on on 9/11…

    What the HELL happened

    And that I don’t not want to live in a world where this can “happen”

    No, no, no…..

    Justice WILL be served

    “JOHN” pedo Esta!

    You will SUFFER the same consequences as your crimes.

    Against innocent babes……

    And I only live now to be honest to see justice SERVED.

    It won’t be long…….

    But I WILL wait.

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