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The End Of The Pier Show

The End of the Pierrot Show.



Sub-version. As above, so below.

The Seven Sisters, Eastbourne, England.




The Pleiades aka ‘The Seven Sisters’.




Brighton Pier, East Sussex.


Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier


Sirius. The Eastern Star.




Selsey Bill.




Chichester Cathedral.








Chernobyl, Ukraine.




Lost Girls.





Westminster. The Mother of Parliaments.




Now is the Time.


37 thoughts on “The End Of The Pier Show

  1. Last night i had a most incredible dream where i broke through layer after layer of domes, one embedded in the other, each containing its own uniquely SILLY world, each like an amusement ark when i stopped to look at them. I usually found the hole out hidden in a roof or sometimes displayed so obviously no one thought to look. The last world i entered before waking had no discernable barrier and strange things floated above and dipped below a porous plane. It was so detailed its impossible to truly share. These are things that sit within.

    • Interesting dream, Anon. Coincidentally, Franklin’s latest has me thinking of the dream I had over New Year’s.

      And Ross PierRot

              • I know. You get used to it after a bit.

                And very weird and vivid dream last night. Which involved a meeting and conversation with The Program . And you and Cade and Anna and betrayal. And a Chinese restaurant with the address 40414.

      • There are quite a few stars next to the sun called Ross such and such. The rationale for the naming os interesting.

    • Anon

      Yes. I think we are looking at interdimensional, multiverse and alternate realities.

      One of the things I’ve noticed is that since last summer, more and more I’ve come across artists, songs and movies which I am surprised I didn’t know. And the Lost Girls are part of it. And maybe the Seven Sisters but who are the Seven Sisters ?

      And I came across this old Isley Bros song -IB- and I remember in the US, drivers have to keep to the right and in the UK, to the left.

      And there’s another Polish girl who has shown up and is a white doppelganger of Jessica Ennis Hill, who you may remember from the 2012 Olympics. And she always says ‘in my country’ as well. Polish women like to talk about their country !

      And deafness or limited hearing and hearing aids has shown up as a theme, and she was wearing ear muffs because It’s Cold. Ears Wide Shut or something like that.

      And she bought a children’s hat for a friend of hers who I think is due to give birth to a son in a few months. And she told me, he will be called Victor ! Which gave me a laugh for some reason.

      • Im not sure how one decides to name a baby Victor. Very unbaby like.
        Ive had more discussions about hearing aids in the last week than i care to count.
        Last night I asked a woman for her name and she wrote “….. Seal” and said she lives in “the Estates” as if I should know how important that was.
        Seal from the E-States.
        Well ok then.

        • and naturally she was very closed.
          She kept asking me to write down info so she wouldnt forget (“write that down…and write that down…”) but balked when I asked her to return the favor. I just barely got her name out of her and one of her many fake E-males.

          • Anon

            And I included Selsy Bill in the article.

            Viktor is a fake name I understand. Which leads me into my dream.

            There was a death and murder and corruption in a town. Any Town I suppose. And it transpired that underneath it, was The Program wot was at the heart of the shenanigans.

            And I met the Program. The Program was a He. With hindsight it feels about like Neo meeting the Architect.. And he wanted me to stay. I said I would ‘Mull It Over’ but I don’t think so. The Mullet is over. No more bad hair days. It’s all In No Sense.

            This town ain’t big enough for the both of us. A blast from the past.

            The Mullet is Ova. Please God !

            • Frank, today my customers were named in the vein of Selsy Bill and Ecclesiastes. One was a retired mechanical engineer (deprogram) and the other in ho meland secureherty.

              Seal yesterday gave me a fake email about “imports”.

              Im back in the old interior design business. Its a drag and commission is pure evil but from another vantage point it’s like getting front row seats in the inner world of Us.

  2. Re roSS:
    per row versus wade
    in d’river

    Ant art ik ka
    pole ice deep
    Art mental

    Just an experriotment

    • People streaming out of “trouble areas?” NO WAY!!!

      What are they running from? What are they running to?

      Perhaps you should let all the good ones escape, build a big trench around the area in question once they’ve all bailed…cause then only the bad ones will be left. Then nuke the entire site from orbit.

      It’s the only way to be sure.

      Deport all the good ones back to wherever…PROBLEM = SOLVED!

      If they ever start getting rowdy again? Nuke it again from orbit.

      It’s the only way to be surererest of all.

      Better be sure. OH! And you might wanna shoot first. They may have anticipated this move.

      It’s the only way to be the surerest of all.


  3. Jim Bowie……..was a member of the grand lodge of Texas……(freemasonry……luciferians)

    The Lord laughs.

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