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You may be sensing a disturbance in the force. It’s She’ll Shock.

And I don’t think it is a surprise to regulars that Fake News is now the News. And in the mirror, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook – the Cooking Apple – wants to ban fake news.

I have no idea or way of checking if the news I read about or see on my TV is real or not. Add in our personal projections in the NEWS and the possibility that the fake news maybe real in a quantum physics infinite possibility way, then who knows What Is Real.

‘Apple: Fake news is killing minds.’
Never mind, it doesn’t matter. It’s all one big fake 🙂 .




I had a dream. In the dream, I met the Program. In a town – call it Any Town – there was a murder and corruption and subsequent events showed that underneath all the shenanigans was The Program.

And in a weird Neo / Architect way I met the Program. The Program was a He. And he wanted me to stay. I said I would mull it over but actually I’ve decided to leave. I’ve seen her face and I’m a Be Leaver.

In a sense, my belief is there are two programs running, if you like. One program which wants to keep us in our guilt based reality and another which is seeking to remove our fake belief system about ourselves and reality. Which is which ? What feels right trumps all.

I have a Dream. Since the summer I have been totally focussed on going deeply into my fake guilt based belief system and hopefully remove it once and for all.

Roob made a comment recently about US building a Time Machine on Merovee and Time has been at the heart of it and even though life would appear to carry on in our time frame, I am sensing that we have gone back in Time and now have reached the source.

And the centre of the NEWS – North, East, West and South. And the Lost Boys and Girls. Both poles and West End Girls and East End Boys. Or something like that.




Who are the Lost Girls and Lost Boys ? I think they are us and are connected with the original separation and the shattering of the psyche into many pieces.

Closure and the need for Closure has been jumping out at me recently. Leaving the past behind and this is reflected in Reigate where La Femme is closing down.




And I find ‘messages’ in the strangest places. From the mens urinals at Morrisons supermarket. Stella wants to go home.




And for the cynics.




I accumulate the strangest things and now I have come into possession of a Virtual Reality headset. I suspect once my daughter sees it, it maybe the last I see of it. Or possibly it is a ‘Sub Vert Reality’ headset.




When I am out and about, everyone seems to be walking around with a look of shock and awe on their faces. Many people I know just don’t want to look, and are endeavouring to carry on as previously, and to close the ‘It’s Weird Box’ but it’s open now and I don’t think it can be shut.

I believe we are living in a Disappearing World where the past fades away and will be replaced by the present, however that manifests itself.

Evanescence :

‘After you lose a loved one, often you’re gripped with a fear of evanescence, or the rapid fading from sight or memory of that person.’




And this next part won’t mean anything to readers or is aimed at anyone here. It’s personal but I suspect is a bigger question than my own curiosity. And I just want to see what happens, if anything.

The Car Crash.



What if the Car Crash never happened ?


72 thoughts on “Evanescence

  1. What if the car crash never happened? Exactly the question I will ask the judge and jewry on Valentines Day.

    Because in my case, it didn’t.

  2. 1. I’m jealous of the VR scope.
    2. Stella definitely wants to go home!
    3. What if the car crash did happen?

    • Jenny

      Accidents will happen.

      At about 8 last night I was cooking my evening meal at the same time I was listening to the Evanescence song.

      I picked up the thing you put meat on in the oven and it slipped out of my hand. And the fat from the meat went on the floor and there was a pool of grease like a car crash. It felt a bit like a scene in Cloud Atlas where in one scene Somni dies but experiences it in another body but is alive.

  3. Caught a bit of the grammies.
    ATCQ name checked the agent orange.
    Resist, resist, resist.

    The fog and the smog of news media that logs
    False narratives of Gods that came up against the odds
    We’re not just nigga rappers with the bars
    It’s kismet that we’re cosmic with the stars

    -A Tribe Called Quest

  4. Fake medical news has been promoting terror into the hearts of the populace for years…

    Bowling Green mass (media’s) acres of of coverage…

    Could be seen as a political car crash (cart), butte is it? 😉 Slate wiping…

    */sings… Gonna wash that mantra right out of the air… /waves…*

    • Roob

      How is the job going ?

      And about Bowling Green. I know I’ve gone about it over the years but Anne and Mary Boleyn and Edenbridge and Hever Castle.

      • My G-ma lived and died in an old viktorian in Bowling Green, Kenplucky. She was an ex nun. Actually she died in a nursing aum after josphesus, her sun, placed her there for treasons of expediensea.


        Conway and the Kali spillway:

        The song I posted from A Tribe Called Red pointed out how American Indian may = AI.

      • There’s no place like aum. There’s gno pace like aum. Fresno time like now.

        Last nite at the grammies, Beyonce, it is ritten, appeared pregnant on the stAge as a sunray. She’s apparentley tWinning.

        Her SiSter who appears far less than her but is exceedingly more interesting, also appaired as SOL-Ange.

        JZ sat next to his incubator, looking the usual snooze fest. Thanks God he didnt open his mouse.



        I better watch YT now to make sure what I’m reporting aint fake NEWS….

      • I’ve seen Jesus play with flames in a lake of fire that I was standing in
        Met the devil in Seattle and spent 9 months inside the lions den
        Met Buddha yet another time and he showed me a glowing light within
        But I swear that God is there every time I glare in the eyes of my best friend
        Says my son it’s all been done and someday yer gonna wake up old and gray
        So go and try to have some fun showing warmth to everyone
        You meet and greet and cheat along the way

        There’s a gateway in our mind that leads somewhere out there beyond this plane
        Where reptile aliens made of light cut you open and pull out all your pain
        Tell me how you make illegal something that we all make in our brain
        Some say you might go crazy but then again it might make you go sane

        Every time I take a look inside inside that old and fabled book
        I’m blinded and reminded of the pain caused by some old man in the sky
        Marijuana, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT they all changed the way I see
        But love’s the only thing that ever saved my life

        So don’t waste your mind on nursery rhymes
        Or fairy tales of blood and wine
        It’s turtles all the way down the line
        So to each their own til’ we go home
        To other realms our souls must roam
        To and through the myth that we all call space and time

  5. Nemesis, send the maCHIne (main chi) a fig leaf inda name of leo and for chkakakaRICEt’s saké.

    It is exposing itself!

  6. Revelation 9 (KJV)
    So this is the bottomless pit. Traditionally there was no escape – the sine waves attached to this life are are designed to spiral down – it is extremely difficult to make them spiral up. If you can do so you may end up in heaven – which is a luxurious sort of limbo – but still no escape.

    Rev 9.1 ‘And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit’. (KJV)

    We all seem to be coming here to wait for something to happen.

    Some are waiting for Jesus to come along and whisk them off to paradise whilst hurling the rest of us into the lake of fire.

    Some are waiting for an ascension to occur.

    Others are waiting for a return to a dreamed-of lost utopia of love and peace and harmony.

    We are all on similar wavelengths, thinking similar thoughts, coming to the same conclusions but nothing is happening is it – we are all still here, all just marking time, going through the motions at work and at home – neither here nor there – not able to really live this life and waiting endlessly for a ‘better’ life to come along.

    In point of fact – are we all seeking a form of death from this life that we are leading?
    Rev 9 might again provide a clue as to where we are at the moment-

    Rev 6 ‘And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them’ (KJV)

    Everyone takes everything so literally and assumes Rev 9 is foretelling some kind of global conflict or pandemic – but you can kill with your words and your actions just as easily. Every time you are minded to say something detrimental or hurtful to another person you damage a part of their soul, every time you hurt someone with your actions you lessen them as a person.

    ‘…..and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone’ (KJV).- could this not be words. The media, politics and the internet, etc have always been a battleground.
    It even says –

    19’ For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt’ (kjv)

    Is this – the interaction of people with each other – not just in the public eye – that will be the true battleground over the next few months – potentially causing all kinds of chaos?

    The angel of the bottomless pit and the star given the key to the bottomless are not the same entity. They are both now finally here in the dome – about to face-off properly in a further chess match. The pieces have been re-set on the board and play is about to commence.

    They are both extremely powerful but only one has the edge – it’s going to be an interesting few months.

    We are all in this together (it’s cool that you’ve finally re-sined Frank since you’re the leader of a pretty big gang of people – it took a while) – we are now all green connected by invisible branches to many other people – as many as there are blades of grass on the earth. Keep the faith – it will all be fine in the end. Make love not war – no negativity.

    • Yeah evil is here. But it just got here, and needs some time to figure some shit out.

      Nothing but good here till evil arrived. And now that it’s here, its gotta figure out what to do in order to straighten out all of these do-gooders. Earth/Terra seems to be CRAWLING with these doing good do-gooder motherfuckers doing good well.

      They are fucking everyfuckingwhere!…
      …these…doing good, do-gooders doing good well.

      Cept for the better ones.

      AND… …of course… …the best ones.

      They are doing the goodest good that could ever be done well, and much more better than the goodest of good do-gooding done well goes.

      They must be the gooderest good done well there is.
      The best.
      The bestest.
      The most besterest better best of all.

      ^Filter – Hey Man, Nice Shot (Official Video) HD^

      Think of the children.
      Let’s fight.
      Good need to be fought for.
      Fought over.
      Let’s fight over fighting for it.
      It should bring a great deal of hope and happiness to all the children who are watching these shenanigans.
      We are trying to teach them afterall.
      Aren’t we?

      This should go well.

      Yeah…I think I’m gonna sit this one out.

      ^björk – army of me^

    • Nemesis

      What do you mean nothing is happening ?

      Normally it’s about now everyone starts shouting at me about something or other I’ve meant to have done wrong. I’m prepared.

  7. I’m in the courtroom now. The prosecutor just rolled in with a suitcase of fILES. She’s a rather hefty lady. Short and hefty. The better, no doubt, to do her job. Ive had previous encounters with her where she snarled at showed her teeth and told be to “seek counsel”. Whats so fascinating about the egal process is you didnt even have to be at the ground zero (“the scene of the crime”) and a first hand participant in order to continue prosecution.

    • Ok, i got an egal extension! For a moonth.
      The saga continues.
      Thanks everyone for the well wishes.
      Now back to the music!

    • You dont even have to be a witness to accuse someone. You just read a one-sided report and make up your mind on its basis. What a sad life.

    • Again, the only kakazoids in the raum were the judge, lawyers, court reporter and bailiff. All the accused were dark bodies.
      There was one light body who was charged along with the rest of us but the bailiff suggested he sit outside where the seats were cushioned and more comfortable. Imagine that!

  8. Happy Valentines, Everyone!
    My maternal Gfather, Frank, was born on this day. Happy birthday, Frank!

      • Adolfinn is fine, thanks for asking.

        My GDad died of a heart attack. He was a builder. Built homes in the midwest and wooed a nun out of her cloister. My Mom reminisces about how he hired “vagabonds” riding the trains to and fro and throughout the country. Vagabonds is what they used to call the homeless.
        After Frank died, Grammy moved her kids to Bowling Green and severed all ties with his family. She may never have forgiven him for dying. I can’t imagine losing a parent at 7. It seems so random but becomes a prominent feature in one’s landscape forever. Often my Mom talks about him in the present tense.

          • Frank, I am absolutely not “having a joke with you”. It’s a tru story. My ma’aternal gma lived in an old viktorian in Bowling Green Kentucky. Check all my old communications here and on emale and see if i havent mentioned that before. My uncle, her sun, Josephsus, teaches stories at the town’s uniVersities. His first sun, Adam, became an architect. Like me. We are all not so close because my Mom married an afree kan and that was too much for some of the germ mans to hand El. Even for the “Church.” But blood is blood and grace is grace. I’m a little bit of all of them and I love me.

          • I have no idea what con way was babbling aboot. I havent followed it outside of the name check she did. But perhaps her gaffing error was her speaking (spoking) through the voice of the machine as well as the voice of spirit.

            Frank built a familey aum in Indiana (inda news) where my neffew now goes to school at the alma mater of my parents. My neffew was tesponsible for the Ark.

            • “Responsible”
              Autotext and I duke it out.

              I’m not suprised the don’s vip is from indanews….

        • I read that. Interesting stuff.

          I noticed someone mentioned Hydrogen Peroxide. With Hydrogen Peroxide and Bleach, it is my understanding that you can pretty much destroy the entirety of the microscopic world. Hydrogen Peroxide will destroy the DNA of pretty much any organic matter, and Bleach will take care of those pesky “non-living/less alive” lifeforms that Hydrogen Peroxide can’t take care of. (Virus(es)) I’m guessing the gas/gaseous properties may have something to do with that. Gotta…get in there and gas that little critter/those little critters inside that tiny candy-coated keypad outer shell.

          Of course, 3% HP isn’t going to turn your skin to jelly* like higher concentrations of the stuff will. But I guess it does the trick at the molecular level(s) in small doses. In higher concentrations, you might wanna stop worrying about whatever it is you are trying to eradicate, and consider other options. But…that’s just my amateur opinion.

          * ME-163 Komet –

    • The ol switch a rude.
      Which is “the first couple”?
      Which walks the red capet?
      Ask daily smell and its assOceated press.

      Whose down with opp?

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