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I’m A Bad, Bad Boy

When I was young I was a bad, bad boy or so I was told repeatedly. In fact, it has continued through out my adult years as well, in various ways and I’ve been continually told I’m a bad, bad man from a variety of sources.

It doesn’t concern me that much these days but where does it come from and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s from ‘Me’ at some level. I am reflective and do question myself but there is a disconnect from what the guilt says and where the Universe wants me to go. And bizarrely to me at times, the Universe is supporting me all the way which I don’t understand sometimes. And probably surprises a few as well. Positive people and experiences continue to pop up all the time. So why if I’m a bad, bad man ?

A few articles I wrote about the Texan oil. As I think we now know, oil relates to kundalini and the chakras. For a long time now, I haven’t written about sex apart from in a general sense and the Oil wasn’t meant as a reference to the sexual energy within kundalini. To clear up any misunderstanding.

And this has happened more than a few times for it to be coincidence. AN Other has asked for chocolates. I’ve bought them chocolates and they want more chocolates. And I’ve thought they enjoyed chocolates, as they seemed to like the taste. And then they’ve turned round and said they don’t like chocolates and never did, and that it’s all my fault and that I’m a bad bad boy and am EVIL. Anyway, that’s how I’ve seen it from my perspective but I think these situations have been replaying something that happened a long, long time ago.

Because it would seem kundalini is more than just a sexual energy. What I was actually referring to was Time. If you re-read the article you may see what I mean. Click ‘The River Of Time’.



To be honest, I’ve just started examining this angle but I suspect that all Time is incorporated into the chakra system and is the origin of our past and our memories. And why we experience what we do and our relationships at any given time and with whom.

On Merovee, we’ve discussed Groundhog Day and the Time Loop many times. I think we’ve seen this in general terms where over a long period of time situations replay themselves repeatedly. Birth and death for example.

But if you go a bit deeper into this theory, then something more specific jumps out and that is that everything you have experienced and what you perceive as Now, maybe a memory. For example, at this present time you are reading this article but if Groundhog Day is correct this is actually a memory or maybe a replaying in your mind of you reading the article. And I am at my present time, remembering writing this article. And this goes for all your life. And mine.

I also mentioned the seaside towns of Eastbourne, Brighton and Chichester in England and their link to Westminster via the road system. Again, I think there is more to this than meets the eye and that the highways and byways and other energy channels such as the one I am currently using – the Internet – are a reflection or mirror of the chakra system and kundalini. And this can also be seen all over the world, the stars and basically incorporates the whole Universe, including Time, which we then experience in the Mind.

I believe the chakra system is The River of Time and that we have been and are on a journey on the river back to the source.

And in other News.

LOL and the murder with poison of Kim Jong Nam. Which would seem to tie in with something else and the Past.






Since about the beginning of December when myself and Cade had a slightly weird conversation about the dysfunctional nature, in my opinion, of the Number 7 it has continually reshowed itself. 2017 was the trigger.

And recently the Seven Sisters has jumped out at me and the Seven Suspect countries. And also we’ve been discussing the Seventh Seal. Or maybe Seventh See All or even the Seven All Sea (s).

And now Wikileaks is going to reveal the Seventh Vault ( thanks Roob ) .




So who are Wikileaks and who are We. Maybe, it’s simple as this.









Where’s My Car ?


80 thoughts on “I’m A Bad, Bad Boy

  1. You really have a knack for writing…and for assimilating a jumbled mess of thought.
    And I get that it’s sometimes necessary to recall the past in order to bring one up-to-date on the present, for example…but in all seriousness, I’d rather forge the road ahead and concentrate on the moment before me. There’s so much to look forward to.
    Just give me sand and water…and I’ll build a city of sandcastles we can live in forever. 🙂

    • Jenny

      I understand what you’re saying 🙂 And I think it’s true in a wider sense that we’re approaching the real NOW.

  2. Yesterday through email, one of my old, old profs declined to rite a ka recter reference for me which made me ask myself does that mean I’m bad? Does that mean he trusts the SIStem more than me?. He’s written lovely job recs for me before so it came as a bit of surprise. As a chi-ld, I was also told that I was bad -bad to the bone- and those tapes replayed themselves as I stayed up all night nursing the sting. A part of me wondered if the old man knew, esoterically/etherically, that I babble on Merovee…and that he and the uniVerseCity disapprove.

    Aw well, what’s to be done when one is nadi by nature …and nurture? 😛

    “Nāḍī (Sanskrit नाडी nāḍī = tube, pipe; TamilListeni/ˈ/naadi) நாடி = nerve, blood vessel, pulse: pronounced with long vowel sounds and a retroflex ‘d’) is a term for the channels through which, in traditional Indian medicine and spiritual science, the energies of the physical body, the subtle body and the causal body are said to flow. Within this philosophical framework, the nadis are said to connect at special points of intensity called nadichakras.”

    A recent customer who works in de fence is insisting on a SIS El rug made of jute.

    • Re the de fencer.
      We met for 4 hours last night, designing her aum on a table by
      theo door alexander.
      In an exchange of small talk, she recited the military codes while correcting a colleague who said alpha beta rather than bravo.

      N, I don’t get the point of doing the same things all over again if we’ve already done it once…or of playing a “game” whose outcome is already known.

    • Anon…

      Trust me…I get what you’re saying. Who needs a judge and jury of peers when we have guilt as a built-in conviction mechanism? I’ve gotten quite good at putting myself on trial. and occasionally find I’ve been self-sentenced to death row. And why do I keep going back to the ‘scene of the crime’ to rehash everything under the misnomer that I could’ve done anything differently? Will all the dominoes fall-ow me my entire life? Probably…but only if I let it.

      A while back, I saw a caged bird that had perfected a figure-8 path in its wood shavings. This bird was clearly unable to use its wings…and even if it had been released into nature, would most likely prefer the familiarity of walking figure-8s in its cage. Loops…it’s what we’re all good at.

      Open your cage and let yourself out into the wilds of nature, girl. You deserve to fly high. And well, we could all use someone to occasionally remind us that we’re innocent. That helps! Go in peace, you sinner!!!! ❤

  3. Hi

    Interesting article. I think you’re probably right.

    I think I said before that as I’m given to understand it – the program we are living (ie our lives) was alpha or beta tested first – run through the machine in front of us all to ascertain the outcome – before we all came down here and lived it – so that is why it looks like we’ve lived it before – because in a sense we have – once the probable outcome was known then detail was overlaid by the machine.

    That is why it looks like it’s all in the mind because in a sense it is – because originally it was – but in actuality we are really living this, right now although we sort of lived it before – it is such a mind fuck and I presume that’s why we get deja vu.

    Kundalini can open the mind in many ways but is best done the original way – via transcendental sex (JFAG).


    • Nemesis

      Both the Mind and ‘Memory and the Past’ are probably inadequate to describe the elements of the Machine as you call it. But is as close as I can come.

      A good film to watch is Dark City. It’s a bit like The Matrix but is probably more accurate.

  4. I read Jong as Jung and LOL is melanin.
    Jung ley.
    N is the 7th element on the periodic table and is linked to “the deep state” which is a metaphor for states of consciousness (SIA) and intelligence agencies like the see i a and N s a. Nitrogen is also used by divers in a deep sea cocktail.

    It’s getting deep in here

  5. “State within a state is a political situation in a country when an internal organ (“deep state”), such as the armed forces and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies, police, administrative agencies and branches of governmental bureaucracy), does not respond to the civilian political leadership. Although the state within the state can be conspiratorial in nature, the Deep State can also take the form of entrenched unelected career civil servants acting in a non-conspiratorial manner, to further their own interests (e.g. job security, enhanced power and authority, pursuit of ideological goals and objectives, and the general growth of their agency) and in opposition to the policies of elected officials, by obstructing, resisting and subverting the policies and directives of elected officials. The term, like many in politics, derives from the Greek language (κράτος εν κράτει, kratos en kratei, later adopted into Latin as imperium in imperio[1] or status in statu).”
    Deep state of aum….

    • Anon

      Functionaries are needed. I went with my daughter to see her 95 yr old Grandad yesterday. And he’s beginning to look 95 😦 .

      He worked in the legal system for many years and upheld Her Majesty’s laws. A decent law abiding man with a heart of gold.

      And you won’t be surprised to hear that court officials took the view that if someone was on trial, then they were guilty even if it wasn’t what they were charged with. I think by a form of osmosis the collective neurons worm their way into the minds of individuals within organisations.

      I think he’s now wondering in bemusement and shock, WTF happened to my life.

  6. Yes jes, yeah.
    Nam nam nam.
    What’s in a name?

    My first fonecall today was from Israel.
    My first costumer was Bridget.

    The grammies are named after the grammaphone – that de Vice invented to play b(l)ack sounds. Like auuuuuuummmm….errr……????

    And The Tribe Called Red cued me into the idea of “the pill Gram” (pilgrim)

    Grammies, granpoppies and tings in between

    • My next fone call was from a lady named Do.
      Pronounced d’oh!
      The universe does have a sense of humor!
      Israel, bridge-it, do’h!
      California is being plummeted by wind and rain. A proper storm, though I’m stillwaiting on the thunder.
      The predictors say some of the states piers may be washed away.
      The oroville dam is def a goner.

  7. I want to know more about dark light consciousness, kundalini and melanin. If sex is the best way to get there, I’ll need another life because this one has been rather dry. Lol.
    The reverse of time is emit…
    I watched a little more of the grannies on yt and i must say adele’s pandering to beyonce was tiresome. It was hysterical how beyonce teared up over nothing. Maybe she knows one or the other is about to be knocked off like whitney was just before adele swept that other award show. The only perfromance besides atcq’s that i cared for was sturgill simpson’s. Because he’s hot. I wouldnt mind some tantric sex wid him.

  8. Last week Frank asked, ‘who are we behind the mask?’.

    Folks here know that I don’t see Jesus in the conventional church way, but rather as an embodiment of the memory of who we truly are. Just as Atlantis is a memory of the ideal world.

    I awoke this morning to music coming from the church around the corner. The hymn ‘softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, calling his children come home’. Remember who you are.

    And pacific storm Lucifer, the ‘light bringer’, is in Cali.

      • Frank

        Remember how Harry Potter recovered Snapes’ memories from his tears.
        We talked before about water and memory and emotions. Memories come ‘flooding’ back. And the man made dam in Cali can’t contain them anymore. Bring em all into my heart.

        Also with the appearance of storm Lucifer, planet Venus the female counterpart reaches her greatest ‘illumination’ from Feb 17 to 19.

        • Elena

          The Joker and his side kick Harley Quinn live !

          I see it as turning guilt into gilt.

          And further along down the line I see March and when Article 50 is triggered which will be around 6th March and April also as major times. 4/4 for some reason.

        • Elena

          Good point…and speaking of tears…I was also thinking about salt as a memory container.

          Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt after looking back [at Sodom and Gomorrah].

    • I enterkain the thought, too, that Jesus, that unknown, multidimensional and variuously defuned entity that unites and divides US while offering everlasting life may, in fact, be The Machine.

      Maybe Jesus is AI. The Sing Hilarity.

  9. So could the book be part of some mind control experiment? Author and Yogi Joel Kramer states that the Course could be considered a classic authoritarian example of programming thought to change beliefs. Long time teacher of the Course, Hugh Prather, notes that the Course students often become, “far more separate and egocentric”, with many ultimately, “[losing] the ability to carry on a simple conversation”. He admits that he and his wife Gayle, “had ended up less flexible, less forgiving, and less generous than we were when we first started our path!” Furthermore, the book starts off as a psychic channelling session and this is an area that the CIA was involved with in the 1970s. So not only was Thetford an MK-ULTRA employee, the book itself, and the method in which it is said to have come about, also fits a CIA area of interest.

    While occult phenomenon has long been ridiculed by the scientific establishment, the CIA seriously entertained the notion that such phenomena might be highly significant for the spy trade. The Agency speculated that if a number of people in the US were found to have high ESP capacity, their talent could be assigned to specific intelligence problems. In 1952, the CIA initiated an extensive program involving the search for, and development of, exceptionally gifted individuals who could approximate perfect success in ESP performance. The Office of Security, which ran the ARTICHOKE project, was urged to follow all leads on individuals reported to have true clairvoyant powers so as to be able to subject their claims to rigorous scientific investigation. The CIA began infiltrating séances and occult gatherings during the 1950s, which may explain why they were interested in a bizarre UFO/medium case in Maine in 1959. A memo dated April 9, 1953, refers to a domestic – and therefore illegal – operation that required the planting of a very specialized observer at a séance in order to obtain a broad surveillance of all individuals attending the meetings. During the late 1960s, the CIA experimented with mediums in an attempt to contact and possibly debrief dead CIA agents. These attempts, according to Victor Marchetti, a former high-ranking CIA official, were part of a larger effort to harness psychic powers for various intelligence-related missions (PROJECT SCANATE) that included utilizing clairvoyants to divine the intentions of the Kremlin leadership. Early in 1981, a well-known syndicated columnist Jack Anderson said, “my associate and I revealed a Pentagon secret that raised eyebrows from coast-to-coast. To the sceptics who wrote in, no, we don’t take hallucinogens. The Pentagon and the Kremlin are, indeed dabbling in the black arts, they are seriously trying to develop weapons based upon extrasensory perception…”. A Course in Miracles seems to have been a part of this psychic warfare… the question is: what was its intended purpose?

    • “far more separate and egocentric”, with many ultimately, “[losing] the ability to carry on a simple conversation”. He admits that he and his wife Gayle, “had ended up less flexible, less forgiving, and less generous than we were when we first started our path!”

      That describes Trinity’s posts to a T.

      But I believe most of us are beyond the CIM if most of us ever went there to begin with. Youve arrived late.

      • Plus, christian fascism and all sorts of fascism, for that matter, can render their users similarly helpless as “the course”

        Hell, so can school and the NEWS

    • Jeff

      I’m no apologist or defender of ACIM

      I’ve gone into the psychic aspect of this more than a few times about the CIA and the Kremlin. But then you could say the Bible or Koran are brainwashing books. Or the BBC, CNN,, New York Times etc.

      ‘God’ is always a game changer and can effect people in different ways. Sometimes people become more open and sometimes more rigid.

      Why I like ACIM is that it is the only spiritual book I’ve come across that goes into the psychology of the mind and the nature of reality in depth and detail. And from my experience seems to be on the right track. Much of psychology and break throughs in science seems to agree with it. And also personal gnosis.

      I also have many different sources but really goes with what feels right to me.

      Spiritual paths are a Mind Field. You makes your choice and all that.

    • FRANK

      ” for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God ”

      Number 7 represents Gods Divine Perfection/ Completeness/Wholeness.
      Number 6 represents mankind…….created on the sixth day.

      6 always comes short of 7……just as mankind comes short of Gods glory.

      Man is not God
      Just as 6 is not 7

      • Mankind must be an endless source of disappointment to god – he must wonder why on earth he bothered to create something so sub-standard – surely he could have done better?

        Maybe he will next time?

          • To make man with free will is, therefore, surely not to judge him so harshly – or get so upset when he constantly goes wrong – or encourage others to do so –

            I’m sure you’re right though Ken it would be a lot easier without free will.

            • Man has been given free will and free choice and a Maker’s Manual to read, pay heed to and obey. Therefore man has no excuse not to know the difference between right and wrong and can exercise his free will and chose to do the right thing. Most people, if they are honest with themselves, already know the difference between right and wrong and spend a lot of time teaching their children this very thing. Some though are not able to bring themselves to acieving this outcome and others in high places go in the opposite direction altogether. The forces of evil are always exploiting ways to undermine humanity and prevent God being worshipped.

  10. Tut tut Washington Post!
    “Watch the full exchange below, but the main point here is this: The Post has been merciless in its effort to push the unsubstantiated and unproven narrative that Russia used fake news to help Trump, all the while padding its bottom line with money from the Russian government.”

  11. Plane crash on the Swan River in Perth on Australia Day, Jan 26th (13+13) and now a deadly plane crash in Melbourne on the 21st Feb 13+13 days later and day# 52 (13+13+13+13) with 313 days to the end of the year!
    In Perth the plane crash was in full view of King’s Park. In Melbourne they were going to King Island on a Beechcraft Super King Airplane.
    King King King!
    And lotsa 13’s!

    • Ken

      From Donnie Carlo – The Artifact. See Truman Show spotlight, MH 370 and 911.

      The Artifact

      According to the PoTT when a Tangent Universe is created an Artifact will also spontaneously appear. The Artifact is the first sign of evidence that a TU has been created and are always made from metal. In this case the Artifact is a giant jet engine.

      • Lost me there Frank!

        The plane crash in Perth on Australia Day 26/1/2017 was exactly 14 years after the 88 light memorial beacons on 26/1/2003 for the supposed 88 Australians who died at the Bali Bombing on 12/10/2002, 1 year, 1 month and 1 day after 911.
        From 26/1/2003 to 21/2/2017 = 5140 days.
        5140+415 = 5555.

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