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Deep State

When the President of the US and his staff refer to non existent events, then I think it is safe to assume things are not as most people imagine them to be. I won’t go over the multiverse and alternate dimensions, realities or planes again but 🙂 . Or something else ?

Je Suis Sweden .




And the Bowling Green massacre.




Doo doo doo.






In my personal life, the ‘weirdness’ continues in different ways. Yesterday, I watched Donnie Darko. For some reason the movie has passed me by before apart from a few videos and gifs. To say ‘Frank The Rabbit’ is a mind fuck doesn’t truly describe it. It’s not easy to understand – there are a few theories – what the idea behind it is, but my take on it is that it is Donnie Darko’s journey to close a Tangent Universe so everyone can return to the Primary Universe. And I believe in general that is the idea behind what we are experiencing.




I like The Deep State as a descriptive phrase and I think that’s where we maybe at present. The Multiverse is within you. And the River of Time.




The Deep State of Mind. What do you mind the most ?

What are Brain Waves? Click

‘Brain waves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. The 5 brainwaves are the Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta arranged from fastest to slowest brain waves. Brainwave speed is measured in Hertz (cycles per second). The first brain waves ever detected were the Alpha Brain Waves which was discovered by Hans Berger on year 1929.’




Deep State in the United States – Wiki :

‘Some notable figures in the United States have for decades expressed concerns about the existence of a “deep state” or state within a state, which they suspect exerts influence and control over public policy, regardless of which political party controls the country’s democratic institutions.

“Deep state” has historically been associated with countries like Turkey, where sophisticated shadow governments allegedly control or influence key aspects of state policy, but the term has gained attention in the United States as the Trump administration has struggled to control its bureaucracy in the face of leaks from the intelligence community.

According to Philip Giraldi, the nexus of power is centered on the military–industrial complex, intelligence community, and Wall Street, while Bill Moyers points to plutocrats and oligarchs. Professor Peter Dale Scott also mentions “big oil” and the media as key players, while David Talbot focuses on national security officials, especially Allen Dulles. Mike Lofgren, an ex-Washington staffer who has written a book on the issue, includes Silicon Valley, along with “key elements of government” and Wall Street, but emphasizes the non-conspiratorial nature of the “state”.

Political scientist Michael J. Glennon believes that this trend is the result of policy being made by government bureaucracies instead of by elected officials.

“Deep State” in the Trump presidency :

‘Under the Trump administration, the term “deep state” has been used in the media and among some political figures to refer to intelligence officials and executive branch bureaucrats guiding policy through leaking or other means of internal dissent, especially after intelligence leaks to The Washington Post and The New York Times precipitated the resignation of Michael Flynn, then Trump’s National Security Advisor. The term’s conspiratorial undertone has made it popular on conservative news outlets sympathetic to the Trump administration, especially Breitbart News,but it has also been referenced in more mainstream outlets like The Chicago Tribune, Fox Business, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and elsewhere.’




The Deepest State of all in the US – Texas. Or maybe Florida. It’s a close run thing.



Why Texas ? Why not Texas ? It’s about Time and time streams I think. And childhood. It’s as clear as mud.




Paris, Tx.




Prime Meridian, East Grinstead, Sussex.


Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian




Back to the Source.




Tick Tock.


68 thoughts on “Deep State

    • Elena

      I suppose the good news is that if it is a memory of some sort, it must be over.

      Not sure if I can take four years, or eight years !, of Trump. And I’m in another country.

    • Thanks, Elena 🙂 Doctors say most coma patients can hear loved ones talking to them, even in their deep state of unconsciousness.

      Do you ever get the feeling something or someone is trying to communicate to us within our Deep State? And are they, perhaps, giving us a gentle nudge toward total recall? I think tapping into the synchrosphere is a Divine line…and we’re calling it and it’s calling us home.

      • I recently heard an interview of the comedians Key and Peele who created a character named Luther to represent Obama’s “id”. They described Luther as Obama’s “anger translator” – the alter who sat on O’s shoulder and said all the things he was really thinking but could never say. When the interviewer asked them if they planned to create an id for the Don, they said they had no need to as he was ALL ID.

        They give id a bad name.

      • Jen, I hear it. 🙂

        Softly and tenderly Jesus, (the MEmory of me) is calling…

        Or Auntie Em, which is the mirror of mE.

          • Oh wow!
            So it’s true…
            I saw Dahboo7 post a video over the weekend spouting rumors that Russia detonated a nuclear weapon somewhere in the Arctic and that readings of Iodine 131 were sky-high over Europe but he took the video down…so I thought ‘fake news’ was at it again. Now the video’s back up. Twilight Zone!

            • Jenny

              It’s not exactly the news I wanted to read but can’t say I’m surprised.

              And radiation is linked with poisoning as well.

              • And about the plane – Constant Phoenix plane ! This was a copy and paste to a reply to Ken in another article. IDK.

                From Donnie Carlo – The Artifact. See Truman Show spotlight, MH 370 and 911.

                The Artifact

                According to the PoTT when a Tangent Universe is created an Artifact will also spontaneously appear. The Artifact is the first sign of evidence that a TU has been created and are always made from metal. In this case the Artifact is a giant jet engine.

                • Frank

                  Wow. It’s hard to pin down the symbolism of this but it’s ‘nuclear’. And I suspect we’re getting very close to remembering the original ‘event’ which caused the trauma.

                  Recall Obama’s trip to Hiroshima to apologize to the dead and the inscription on the memorial…Rest in Peace, for the error shall not be repeated.

                  There’s a lot going on, but wind and water are one thing radiation something else, and I recall how it was here in PA back in the 70’s when Three Mile Island almost melted down.

                  • Elena

                    Yes. It looks something like that !

                    And it’s always interesting to see the next step after an article.

                    It’s UnClear.

                    ‘It’s about Time and time streams I think. And childhood. It’s as clear as mud.’

                    I think since I started Merovee, every 6 months or so the Cold War and nuclear radiation has kept repeating itself.

                    We’ve been here before with Chernobyl. And Cloud Atlas would suggest a time loop memory thing. And other themes. One of the stories involved a plot to ruin the nuclear industry by causing a meltdown so the oil industry would benefit. The story seemed a bit random. Maybe not.

                    • Frank

                      Last week I had a nightmare where my flesh was being stripped from my body. When I woke up I thought of the myth of Inanna’s descent into the underworld, where she was stripped bare and exposed. Inanna is often depicted as bird like with wings and talons.

                      Later that morning I heard a knock on my front door, when I answered there was no one there. I looked outside and there was a female hawk sitting on my fence (in the city). We stood there staring at each other for several minutes until I closed the door. And I recalled how ancient people viewed the hawk as a messenger of the gods. Later on again I though hold on, the messenger of the gods just knocked on my door, and invaded my dream.

                      After the dream I was shaken, but I had a sense in my spirit of ‘this is scary but it’s the process’.

                      The ‘core’ is being exposed and it’s nuclear.

                    • I was wondering what happened to you TTN!
                      Your latest should be an interesting read.

                  • Elena

                    Your dream is beautiful
                    Message was received via the messenger.
                    I’ve had a couple of similar experience with the birds of heaven too.
                    And agreed…it is nuclear.

  1. Back from the days of future past or whatever

    Couldn’t stay away forever you guys are such a funky bunch

    Put the knife down alANNis….(ann is ai? what the hell does that even mean? intelligence just IS, artificial is…abstract? irrelevant? idk

    This IS how we do IT, right?

    I hate communicating in this medium but admittedly it is kinda fun. Anyway, on to the news that has been begging to be shared by me tonight….

    Funny Frank you should mention the Bowling Green Massacre as this hit rather close to home for me…it is no laughing matter ’round these here parts, cowboy.

    “The parallels between the Bowling Green massacre and the terror in Sweden are extraordinary,” said one member of the Bowling Green group.

    “I feel as the terror victims of Sweden and I exist in the same small universe,” said another.

    The group expects to be welcomed by the Swedish government. “I have contacted them and they said we could get together and smoke a little something,” said the leader of the group. “An activity that I hope will bring us together in important ways. We share so much, we are in many ways the only ones who can understand each other.”

    The group will then stop at Maro-Lago on the way home. “We won’t be able to get in of course,” the leader of the group said. “But we will hold a candle light vigil outside, across the water, eating Subway sandwiches. We just want the president to know we are there and we exist….at least in his own mind.

    i don’t know what the last article was about but the name Snurr stuck out. also, who wouldn’t prefer glitz over rust?

    from urban dictionary:
    a feline action; snoring and purring at the same time
    My cat was always snurring when she slept
    #snoring #purring #cat #feline #sleeping
    by JSweit8573 February 21, 2010

    we it, huh? 2/21/2010 (or for you redcoats, 21/2/2010, can easily get 8:15 out of that as well. lots of mirrors and stuck clocks huh. and snurring. i hate doing the numbers thing too because its open to interpretation and perspective but what isn’t right? guess I’m just looking for validation or who the hell knows what. doesn’t matter i guess. it is what it is. as is all. and will be whatever it will be. was gonna say something else but forgot. now I’m rambling though…(and i will continue for a moment longer because, well, damn, its been a long time…and through some sick, sadistic, twisted desire i return to bid you all (hopefully) good tidings even though you freak me the fuck out. i don’t claim to know what this is or how this works or who or what you people or we i whatever am are. and i don’t know if it matters. so….hows everybody? feeling alright? are you alive? how does it feel to be alive?

    anyway, back to the news i wished to share. oh yeah, and more on snurring, almost forgot

    Are you a Kokken Tester? Siste stopppp playin’ (which yo self)

    Quite a buzz stirring up down in Fresno, AZ. And the bees knees have it in droves. Heres What You Need to Know
    “Hopefully some of those names are the same so we don’t have to interview seven people, and then the board will make the decision.” – Brooke Ashjian, Fresno Unified School District board president, on hiring a replacement for ousted superintendent Michael Hanson.

    21 pilots put on a heck of a show at the Save Marty Center. Forget about the clock tower, everything is digital these days anyway. Something about some bicycles on that page too.

    And speaking of Cowboys, Frank, you bad boy, this one is for you specifically, filed under What You Wish You Didn’t Know:

    Wanted: Dead or Alive? Its the wild wild west out there. No. No. No, I’m not posting it. Dammit….

    Last one….

    “Chris Shackelford, chef and sommelier at Trelio, says he finally gave up on trying to open a second location. So he did the next best thing: He turned the upscale restaurant on Clovis Avenue into a new one, complete with new interior, revamped menu and lower prices.”

    “Shackelford admits that when the restaurant opened 11 years ago, they didn’t spend a lot of time on the interior. They painted the walls, bought some Pottery Barn-type furnishings and put some “showy stuff” on the walls.”

    “They have always had amazing food and now they have a dining room to match it,” said Vincent Ricchiuti of Fresno.”

    “Talk about interesting flavors, Chris nails it every time,” said Bedoyan.

    So there you have it. or not. what the hell do i know? lol. seriously tho hope everything has been A OK over here, you all freaked me the fuck out as previously stated and i had to take a vacation so to speak. will probably lurk around in the shadows somewhere until I’m needed/bored again. thanks for this space or whatever the hell it is and for sharing in all this shit we call life. i know i would lose my face and be bear assed if these links don’t work it was just simple copy and paste right? lol copy and paste. its all good ppl. which reminds me there was something about a PPL Studio company in Fresno, the mouth of the Bee(ast). Be east. Be easy. West Coast is the best coast. Whatever, it doesn’t matter does it? its all the same. Is all alone all we really are, Mr. Cobain?

    BTW, I took the purple pill for my acid reflux. Never liked being given two choices, not everything is black and white (or red and blue) but there is black and white in all, so all is well as well as nothings well. words. semantics. some antics, huh? lol. cheers errrrebody.

    “Reflux is a technique involving the condensation of vapors and the return of this condensate to the system from which it originated. It is used in industrial[1] and laboratory[2] distillations. It is also used in chemistry to supply energy to reactions over a long period of time.”

  2. You guys are killing me on some of these old posts and comments. Purple, bears, Texas, the “270” vote…wasn’t aware I was voting on something. The death of Captain Dallas is it?

    The caption for this image on the website i found it reads “You had one job…and you did it awesomely. By iMe23 11 hours ago. FP Edit: You turned me to Glorious you guys are awesome. Here’s to you”

    Open late and It’s all 7’s and 11’s

    • NOT Korben Dallas

      Hi – good to hear from you. So after seeing the death of Capt Dallas, you decided not to be Capt Dallas. Very sensible.

      And about Dallas. Not sure what it’s got to do with the price of potatoes but the Eiffel Tower in Paris is very similar to an oil gusher.



      • Frank,
        AFTER seeing? I think not my friend.
        I had another long breathy inane post before the one you replied to that is lost in limbo, doesn’t matter if u moderate it or not, but it was before I started going through some of the older posts. Let’s just say I was sinking like a brick in water it was very magical. Things were jumping off the screen at me, such a sense of connection. I can’t say for sure that we are all mirrors of each other or how this works, all I can speak to is my subjective experience of SOME type of connection. I don’t know what to do with that information so I’m just gonna hop a ride with you guys for a minute and get off at my next stop if that’s cool with you? Is it not (at the times we can perceive it to be) a beautiful ride though? Anyway, hope all has been well with everybody here, this comment section scared the shit out of me so I had to bounce (think pogo stick)….again lol. It’s all good though, just frightening to look in the mirror when you still don’t know what you’re looking at, the narcissism thing, somebody was talking about it on one of these blogs can’t remember if it was yours or not.

        • NKD

          Apols. Very rarely any moderation. You obviously didn’t see the spurt 🙂 . Your comments disappeared into the spam trap and I only checked this morning.

          But in general. Yes – we’re in a different state to previous.

      • Breitling baguette bezel
        Benz pedal to the metal, hotter than a tea kettle

        What up, blood?

        • Just keepin good time with the homies and riddin life in da slo lane.
          If you’re going South, hop on in. 😉

  3. Hey Ken – don’t forget with your love of occult gematria you would still get chucked in the lake of fire if christian fundamentalists ruled the world.

    Obey, worship; don’t you get bored with it all – truth, beauty, freedom, love is where it’s really at.

  4. all Trump haters should read this book. Since you won’t at least read the reviews. The deep state is as real your breakfast.

    I only post this because Glennon is blown off as an obscure political scientist as opposed to a Professor of International law at a top school following a six year lesson in disillusionment as an Obama appointed counsel to the US senate foreign relations committee. Denial ain’t just an effin river in Egypt

    • Billy

      I’m sure the Deep State exists. My question is how to dismantle it for good as over history, Deep State keeps repeating itself from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union and USA.

      • I think deep state is a metaphor for the shadow. Maybe it’s a question of who controls it. The people or the “internal organs”.

        I added another design class. An assignment is to develop plush characters. I’m making: the don’s imPeachment which talks to itself in an endless stream of (sub)consciousness and is a fruit with legs and lips like a bird. And: a couple of very, very bad ombrés who are going to ACT OUT the roles of the sun and moon and their shadows.

        Doh! Should be fun.

        • And of course, because Oæster is upon us, I’ve gotta do a bunny. Ive been wanting to for a long time. It’s going to have the appearance of a dogon mask and it may or may not always tell the truth.

          And they’ll all wear cowboy boots.

      • I think immigrants and “the devil” are also placeholders for The Shadow.



  5. Frank, why is “making love” a metaphor for “fucking” and vice versa? Why does the thought that the two are holy unrelated exist as well?


    I just got offered yet another credit card (“pre APProved”) for spending “beyond my means” and not being able to pay for gas or a rolling wardrobe to go to work to make cash in cash much less all the other tings I’d love to do. It thus strikes me that God is a Pyramid Scheme. I mean, look around you. Read Merovee. Everyone pining for and/or suckling at “The Source” that’s never found. Found as in “never quite arrived at”.

  6. Maybe the angry, controlling father God will change when our way of doing bisness and making love to each other (or screwing each other over) changes. The God Ken and Faith and even Trinity describes is an asshole.

  7. I agree Anon – the source that’s never found – it’s always tantalisingly out of reach – just round the next corner, work out the next problem and all will be revealed but then the cube turns again and it never happens does it?

    I’m also with Geneofisis who says she’s weary of it all – so am I – I’ve had enough of this – I just want it to end and be over with – a death that never comes.

    Maybe this is it – I and maybe we are all so fed up this is the final straw – the final act of St War. The st war that broke the camel’s back or the saint war that brought le mac back.

    Maybe mac needs his knife to destroy the gate of the gods and let us all be free.

    I’ve always felt the entity in charge down here (also the god of the bible IMHO) was an immature, sadistic teenage boy who wants to be obeyed and worshiped, is unable to laugh at himself, is surrounded by his pack of like-minded teenage friends (who are secretly terrified of him), is desperate for a girlfriend but has no idea how to get one in the normal way so buys them or uses and treats women like sex objects and then punishes them for it – Jezebel and all that.

    He is obsessed with power and prestige and expects everyone else to be too. He loves to work, work, work as a substitute for what is really important in life – love, family, play, rest.

    I don’t really follow the media but from what I understand – you could say that he is now personified by Donald Trump – this teenage boy in an old man’s body.

    With the book of revelation there is duality to the whole thing – there are duplicate gods, lords, lambs, jesus, etc – the real version and the machine’s version – the BoR is in my opinion written from the machine’s point of view and if you read it as such it takes on a whole different meaning.

    Rev 18.8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

    As the teenage boy hates people having normal adult lusty sex – especially women – then the whore needs to be punished or so it seems, however, this could be translated as – this ends in one day when the god finally gets to fuck his wife, the goddess and gives her an orgasm so strong that it releases kundalini powerful enough to blow the gate of the gods for good.

    The BoR – like life – is all about sex and death – it should also be read in a spiral or circular fashion and not linear as things slot into different places.

    BTW Anon also in my opinion don’t think there is a difference between fucking and making love or maybe it depends what kind of mood you’re in with your partner?

    • Nemesis

      My opinion is that we have never left the source. In a sense, it is impossible as it all there is.

      And it is removing the barriers in our ‘Mind’ to this realisation. Whatever is the Mind 🙂 But is more complicated than it sounds.

      Boys will be Boys. And second your answer to Anon about mood.

      • Hi Frank – but the source needs to be allowed to reveal itself – this is getting boring now!!


        • Nemesis

          I empathise 🙂

          It’s difficult to show sometimes what I would like to show on here as it involves individuals. Anyway, my take on it is that another barrier has gone.

          I try and look at it from the perspective of the Universe. Even though there was stuff going on before, I think the 1960s were a watershed decade but to the Universe, 50 or so years is a blink of an eye even though we experience it differently.

          And about the Christ. Again I see ‘it’ as a male / female combo.

          • Thanks Frank – interesting about the barrier – like you and others on here – I get information in my head – difficult to explain what it’s like – not a voice or anything like that just a knowing or similar and I go and do something or think something in return and I have no idea what the effect is.

            Presumably you get the same impulse and write an article – anyway it’s only thanks to people like you that I have any idea of what’s going on since I’m rarely allowed to know.


              • Acupuncturists say they have 29 ways of interpreting the pulse (weak, wiry, wet, strong, etc), whereas “western medicine” has just two: go(o)d and baaaad.

                • The Legume Family

                  ‘Pulses are part of the legume family, but the term “pulse” refers only to the dried seed. Dried peas, edible beans, lentils and chickpeas are the most common varieties of pulses. Pulses are very high in protein and fibre, and are low in fat.’

                  • Don’t Look Now.

                    So where are we exactly 🙂 I mentioned a week or so ago Storm Doris. When I included the Doors ‘Riders on the Storm’ video and the article disappeared.

                    Storm Doris is here again tomorrow.


                    Blue October from Texas.

                    Blue October from Essex, UK.

                    • A vorTEX marked by Duell.

                      (I roll….)

                      nemeSIS, Suli is brilliant. I visit her about once or twice every year just because I rarely clique mousewhere anymore and MV is my aumbase. She used to post here directly and then it was easy but, like Hugo, she’s staying even more indoors now.

  8. So the god and goddess were married before she went into the dome and they would never have said ‘till death us do part’ – never as true love cannot be stopped not even by death – just delayed a little – as it says in the Princess Bride.

    If you read the book of revelation there is a curious anomaly. It mentions the bride and her husband or ‘the marriage of the lamb has come and his wife hath made herself ready’ (kjv). Looks to me like they’re already married.

    Legal conventional marriage is more or less recognised the world over by government, state, church and the majority of people which means in the eyes of the law – ie the machine – their sex would be entirely ‘legal’ and not only legal but entirely necessary – if a husband and wife are together again and both are willing then they cannot be denied conjugal rights – the machine would be contravening its own laws, rules and regulations – an impossibility.

    This is the one thing the machine has sought to prevent all this time but Lucifer is here under the dome now. His wife is known as G short for Jesus.

    (This is why it is impossible to unravel all the strands as they are all correct in their own way – if you read Suli Writes she is of the opinion that Jesus is female and she is correct but in another life under the dome Jesus was male and Lucifer was female).

    The re-consummation of their marriage is an event that cannot now be stopped and is coming soon.


  9. Has anyone else noticed Chris WALL Ace is back in de NEWS, taking on the don for his “attacks” on the ME dia?


    Not Korben Dallas: when in fear, be brave

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