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Another Earth

Riders on the Storm. Again ! You may remember the first article disappeared into the ether and I rewrote it. Click ‘Riders on the Storm‘. Third time lucky.

In the article dated 3rd Feb 2017, I included a pic from The Sun dated 2nd Feb 2017, which said Storm Doris was about to hit Britain.




Anyway, the Mandela Effect for want of a better description. Storm Doris is about to hit Britain again tomorrow. Today is the 22nd Feb and tomorrow is 23rd Feb.




And NASA have announced they’ve found a star system with seven planets in Aquarius.






Maybe. Possibly.

‘There’s Another You Out There’



Genetics, doppelgangers or something more mysterious. My money is on more mysterious.

Lykke Li.



Lady Gaga.



Blue October from Texas.



And Blue October from Britain.



And the Seven Sisters – from my travels earlier this afternoon.




And the Seven Sisters in Eastbourne, England.




And sometimes it’s good to put a face to a name. Here’s a pic of Jen with her children when she and her girls were younger.




Sweet Dreams everyone 🙂 .



Additional reading :Dr. Cooper’s Lab – Fly the Coop Through The Hoop’.


69 thoughts on “Another Earth

  1. Frank great article the Seven Sisters links to the White (Cliffs of) Dove r and strange having a double doris day…she just blew in from the windy city…Clamity Jane

    I was teaching Geography today and the lesson included the seven sisters and the white cliffs of the Jur ass ic Coast and focused on the groyne s they work in tandem with sea walls…

    they have a sign warning you to stay away from the groyn es on my local beach

    • TTN

      The south coast is linked to this.

      Just playing with ideas but if the south coast is a barrier in the Mind, it explains why Trump wants to build a big wall all the way along the south of US.

      I don’t think it’s to keep everyone out but in.

      I think Storm Doris shows the wall maybe crumbling.

  2. GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more
    “(Natural News) Late last week, I received a direct threat that warned if I did not take steps to destroy Alex Jones and InfoWars, I would be targeted for destruction in a campaign of smears, censorship and defamation.

    Instead of giving in to the enemy, I refused to take the bait and went public with details of the threat, warning everyone in the new media that sinister forces were now being pursued to undermine and silence every anti-establishment (and pro-Trump) voice on the internet.

    True to form, today the entire Natural News website has been blacklisted by Google, entirely without warning. This is just one of many censorship events that have all taken place over the last few days:”

  3. “Finally, prepare for total war on humanity. I’m being told from other sources that the “final solution” is coming soon from the globalists, and it’s going to be unleashed as an all-out war against Trump, liberty, free speech, natural medicine and every individual who dares stand up and speak the truth against the lying globalists and their fake news minions. The reason they are silencing Natural News, InfoWars and other outlets is because they are preparing for a very big false flag assault and they don’t want independent media websites to be able to counter the “official” news narrative.

    I’m serious. Get ready. It’s all coming down soon.”

  4. Gee, thanks FRANK

    Ah, and if that’s really you “Jen,”

    No wonder we do NOT connect.

    You are clearly ELITE.

    What’s worse you pretended to be my friend only to sabotage me….

    A la reptile my “colleague” Leslie…. and my own “sellout” family….

    If THAT is really ROOB/CLICKY/JEN?

    I hope my audience is with me with on this….

    What a JOKE! Hahahahaha…..


    Gag me…

    You are a reptile, no doubt.

    Oh and don’t worry, I can write a New York Times Best Seller without you, Bitch.

    Oh and also guess what……

    There’s your dirty trail….

    Cuz you’re a snail and it’s easy to follow ….

    When it’s SCUM.

  5. Leave it to the ass Trono Mers. ;-P
    I wanted to say something else but Trinity’s post threw a wrench in it like a nuclear bomb and now I cant remember…

      • Gotta hand it to you on this one, Trin!
        All 50 hours of this Enigma playlist is exceptional!

        • Be carefool what you hand to her. She’s mean and intittled.
          She openly fucks the machine while pretending to rage against it. Then she accuses others for her “failure” to secure “the beast” who is her trulova.

          • Ah…so that’s the problem.
            I thought she was just talking to herself again.

            Trin…shhhh….you’re loved!
            It’s okay! ❤

            • Oh jenny, dogooder. I dont know what her issue is but if i said what she said, id be slammed and locked up. Trinity isnt begging for pity or love anymore than any of us, but she may be hoping we all take her, finally, at her word. She’s a struggling arthur afterall, no?
              But go ahead. Keep coddling. Jesus did say he was a manfisher.

              • omg, you always know how to give me a good laugh, girl! 🙂

                Trin is searching…but she keeps running into ME…MEaning US…and the editorial WE.. There’s a mirror there she’s not ready to face yet.

                And yes…Jesus was a fisher of men…so good luck on the fuck, Trin.

            • Jenny, to be fair, you seem to have self diagnosisd Trinity as having alters that “need love”.

              So is that what’s tong with her? In her own words, if youve been listening, it seems she rejects that diagnosis.

              • How do you know she’s “not ready to face the mirror?”
                What if she’s doing so better than any of us and telling us exactly what she sees and who she is? Why do you need to imagine she’s different?

                • We’ve privately emailed several times…and all I can say is…she bears a lot of guilt and responsibility from a lifetime of fucking the beast. She’s the girl marked with a Dragon Tattoo and she’s after blood. The mirror is a hard reflection when you see the beast starring back. The ‘globalist’ in me wants to ask…what happens when we all start morphing into each other and there’s no one left to blame?

                    • Jen and Frank,

                      No idea what your posts mean….. Thanks for the guidance to a sister … not.

                      Creepy, just a little? uh yeah…..

                      And thanks again I guess for proving me right.

                      That I need to get outta here.

                      (as snickering and laughing hyenas fade in the background …. )

                      It’s been real.

                    • Jen,

                      I get it …..

                      Thanks sister…..

                      But I need to move on…..

                      I’m just not cool enough for you folks.

                      There you have it.

                    • Oh, and uh “Jenny Burger”….

                      Not sure what that means and I don’t want to know…

                    • And you know what?

                      There’s nothing here. No “man.” No “woman.”

                      No ROMANCE.

                      No NOTHING.

                      You get it, assholes?

                      Get out of MY LIFE.


                      How’s that?

                    • Trinity

                      I think you are over complicating things.

                      All I think we’ve ever done is seen you as a fellow traveller on the same journey.

                    • Trin,

                      Trust seems to be a big issue for you. Wish I could help with that but you may have to go with your intuition. Regarding the OA. Frank and I weren’t passing snickering remarks about you. What’s interesting though…the OA, like you, is ready to ‘check out’ but she realizes she can’t do it without help. You may need us, sestra! Now, suddenly, what are you gonna do with your trust issue?

            • You know I just had the thought that this is the “End” because whatever depths of depravity are revealed….

              WE are forgiven…..

              That may be hard to accept or even for me to accept because my unforgive-ness of 9/11 and this pedogate is a reflection of my own unforgive-ness of my own unforgivable sin, being an alkie mother…..

              It’s all a hall of mirrors of our own guilt, projected at different angles to trick us into thinking it’s not us…..

              IT’s ALL US!


              Even to the end of this rabbithole.

              That we ARE at the END here to look at it:

              That WE are so depraved, so lost, that we fuck our babies to death, and we dismember them and we eat them…..

              I mean, c’mon!!! How’s that for science fiction + slasher horror + worst nightmare you couldn’t even imagine.

              Because you know what?

              Even if it is proven “REAL” and we hang the “perpetrators”…..

              It’s all just a metaphor for the Son of God’s guilt for ever thinking he could live separate and successful, BE a god, from our Father in Heaven.

              Our happiness is only found at the center of God’s Will.

              Hahaha, I saw that on the sign of a local pastor I admire for his signs, and then later that day, kinda lost what with no job or direction, I looked over a list of the things I wrote “To Do” for Spring 2017.

              And I know I had a will made up and my sister told me I should have one to protect my son in case of the worst and I told her I had one…..

              “Find your Will.”

    • Anon

      One of the thoughts I’ve had over the last few years is that one day I would wake up and look at the sky and I would see a mass of planets. Maybe in a weird or symbolic way, yesterday was the day. X2 Storm Doris ! What can you say.

      And the other point that occurred to me was Exit/Brexit Ova Over with the Exo planets.

      And 7 Sisters and 7 Planets, 7 Seals etc but my brain can’t cope with that at present. Ova Load.

  6. Another 7 planets out there like us eh? Ha!
    Had to be 7 of course – 7 days in a week and God created the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th and the new week starts on the 8th.
    Here on earth we are the 8th then.
    40 light years away eh? In the Bible the number 40 stands for testing and trial.

    • “Humans for the most part don’t have a clue….

      Don’t want one or need one neither….”

      Ain’t that the TRUTH.

  7. a weather bomb eh Frank?

    Vera Lynn ….’forces sweetheart’ releases a new album on 17th March .
    ( beware the ‘ eides of March ‘ …..15-17th )

    ‘We’ll Meet Again”……..Dr Strangelove
    ‘Bluebirds over the White cliffs of Dover’

    Dr.Strangelove said to be based on Dr Sidney Gottlieb…..Head of C.I.A’ s Project Bluebird…mind control.

    • Faith

      It’s been extremely windy down here. I’m surprised Doris has the energy the second time.

      But interesting you mention mind control experimentation. It’s something that’s been doing the rounds on some of the websites I’ve read recently.

      • FRANK

        Yes… is really easy to discern which sites are using mind control and mind games……as opposed to Truth !

        • Faith

          In a way, I wish I could share the way you view the world.

          But it doesn’t explain why there are two Storm Doris’ in three weeks and the wording in the headlines are exactly the same. And the rest of it.

          And ‘It’s Evil’ doesn’t do it for me.

          • Maybe that it would do me good
            If I believed there were a god
            Cut in the starry firmament
            But as it is that’s just a lie
            And I’m here eating up the boredom
            On an island of cement
            Give me your ecstasy I’ll feel it
            Open window and I’ll steal it
            Baby like it’s heaven sent

            This ain’t no love that’s guiding me

            Some days i’m bursting at the seams
            With all my half remembered dreams
            And then it shoots me down again
            I feel the dampness as it creeps
            I hear you coughing in your sleep
            Beneath a broken window pane
            Tomorrow girl i’ll buy you chips
            A lollipop to stain your lips
            And it’ll all be right as rain

            This ain’t no love that’s guiding me
            This ain’t no love that’s guiding me

            No it ain’t no love guiding me
            No it ain’t no love guiding me
            No it ain’t no love guiding me

            This ain’t no love that’s guiding me
            This ain’t no love that’s guiding me

            On winter trees the fruit of rain
            Is hanging trembling in the branches
            Like a thousand diamond buds
            And waiting there in every pause
            That old familiar fear that claws you
            Tells you nothing ain’t no good
            Then pulling back you see it all
            Down here so laughable and small
            Hardly a quiver in the dirt

            This ain’t no love that’s guiding me

          • FRANK

            Two storms called Doris…….so what?
            Which idiot names storms anyway?
            It used to be called just gales and rain.

            Don’t you think there’s more important things in life.
            And storms aren’t evil……but some people certainly are, whether it does it for you or not!

                • Frank spot on as you were saying they are in a divided deep state

                  are the astronomers reading your articles again I didn’t realise they actually named them sisters

                  The newly discovered planets have been nicknamed “Earth’s seven sisters” and have masses similar to that of Earth’s, in addition to having ROCKY compositions like our planet, scientists said. Three of the seven planets are considered to be in the habit able zone, which is the area around a star where a rocky planet is most likely to have liquid water, researchers added.

                  Three out of seven a 37 wear a habit…shakespeare sister act….W hoop i Gold berg

                  and well done the eagles they changed their losing habit and we are 11 points clear

                  • TTN

                    I hadn’t seen they were actually referred to as sister planets but they have been in some of the articles.

                    The other point that occurred was that there are 7 planets in The Planets by Holst.

                    And out of the relegation zone 🙂 For now. And will Chelsea be able to manage squeaky bum time ?

  8. A million to one outsiders
    Can’t see

    Your bright eyes are what
    The time is
    Twenty five past eternity

    Hear you listening
    To the silence
    Coming closer
    Now further away

    What we gonna do
    When the money runs out
    I wish that there was something left to say
    Where we going to find the eyes to see
    The bright of day

    I’m sick of all the same romances
    Lost chances
    Cold stones

    Propping mountains up
    On matchsticks
    Dragging baskets
    Full of bones

    And honey please don’t stop
    Your talking
    ‘Cause there’s a feeling
    Won’t leave me alone

    What we gonna do
    When the money runs out
    I wish that there was something I could say
    How we going to find the eyes to see
    The bright of day?

    What we gonna do
    When the money runs out
    I wish that there was something left to say
    How we going to find the eyes to see
    The bright of day?

    The bright of day
    The bright of day

    • “What we gonna do
      When the money runs out?”

      We’ve got the Franklin mint for that. His bunny money is gonna multiply like rabbits do! I’m certain he’ll share the wealth. 🙂

      • I love you, Jenny.
        Great answer.
        My first experience with rabbits multiplying was in Youganda. They tramultiplied under a house. Some sacry and grotestesque and sweet all at the same Time shit!

        • No, $1$ million appeared in an old dream. It was due US, not me. But everyone here is/was too PI Us and RiteUS to take pArt. So it all went now here.

          • Anon two years ago I had a dream of a giant finger touching my forehead and telling me it’s you… have won the lottery 🙂

            and Friday night is the return of the Lucky Irishman and his gold bracelet its a leap of faith

  9. Nemesis we are as fleshy and rational as youm what if the source is the SINGhilarity? What if we are here because it’s already happened? What if the machine chose flesh (tangibillity) and the flesh chose abstraction? What now, Nemesis?

  10. As much as some of you have scared the COMPLETE SHIT (hmm, could take that two ways) out of me, you are all beautiful and I wouldn’t change a thing. Words are irrelevant atm, so have a song and a sneak preview. Lots of love guys.

      • Why? Because it’s not “time” yet. You know that, silly lol. Everything on cue, evening in synch. Lol. Oh my god, I hope you all appreciate this as much as I do. And I don’t even know what that is, lol.

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