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I’m Going To Put A Spell On You


Lana del Reygate, as I call her, asked that witches should put a hex on Donald Trump at 00 :00 midnight last night. ‘I’m going to put a spell on you’. What are we talking about ?






And again, the midnight hex would be connected to us, or at least me. I don’t like to speak for others.




By a technological magic connection, I can now watch Netflix. Last night, I watched the first episode of ‘The OA’ titled Homecoming. From watching the first episode ‘The OA’ would appear to be Merovee on steroids.

The OA is centred on a young woman called Prairie who went missing and reappeared a number of years later. I won’t spoil it for anyone and just talk about what I think is relevant.




First, she was blind but now can see. It’s a miracle.

In relation to Lana del Rey, in the episode, Prairie asked for five others to meet at Midnight for a form of ritual. And then ‘out there’ a few hours later a Midnight ritual outside Trump’s penthouse.

And again, The OA would appear to be connected to The East Bourne. At the ritual, Prairie reveals that she was born in Russia to an oligarch and that her birth name was Nina Azarov.




The creator and star of The OA, Brit Marling, has appeared on Merovee many times. She was the main actress in the movie ‘Another Earth’.




The East.




Born : August 7th 1982.

Eastbourne 1982.




My opinion, for what it is worth, is that different dimensions, alternate realities and time streams are revealing themselves. And at the heart of it, I believe, is the answer to the question ‘Who are We’ and how it works. If anyone truly understands all this, please feel free to share.

In relation to this, in the movie Donnie Darko it refers to The Artifact. The Artifact is an object which either spontaneously manifests or manifests itself due to a shift in reality. The reviews I’ve read say the manifestations are metal objects which fall from the sky. I would also add terrorist incidents as well.

The Truman Show – Sirius spotlight.








Hiroshima and Nagasaki – 6th August and 9th August 1945.




And ‘The Seven Planets’.




Howling at the Moon.



The Love Witch.



You gotta go some time !


75 thoughts on “I’m Going To Put A Spell On You

    • Crying… over my “men”

      I told my sister I’m a man killer….

      I want them to “do” something and they can’t do it!

      I’m a destroyer of men.

      Well, hey, now at least I can see it.

      And let it go?

      Um, yeah….

      Love to all and I’m sorry.

      I love you.


  1. Oh and all I’ll say is, enough with the rings….

    Just watch, they’re always there…..

    The ‘wedding bands” to make you sure you know

    WHO is in charge.

    And it ain’t YOU.

  2. And just to seal the nail I guess in this coffin…..

    I hate my “sister”

    She’s evil.


    There you have it….

    But seriously I HATE my sister ….

    The one who ALWAYS made me wrong

    You should check her out on the net: she looks joow-ish…

    She’s got the hook nose… smiling bright….

    “Aren’t I great?”


    Well if you thought the hatred of women went deep, I would just say the MUTUAL HATRED of JOOWS runs deep …..


    Empowered women?

    Versus the Joos who have all the money and the power and the jobs?

    Who is gonna win?


    I just don’t know.

    I will just say, I never knew I hated Joos so much until I worked next to one for a decade.

    A “woman” in a wig with the nails, her claws disguised, and her clomping male feet dragging after her every where “she” went.

    I HATE you sister Lezzzzzzsz….

    You know that by now, as you SAID, sitting at the knees of John Gotti Jr!!!

    You SAID that to my face.

    Good. You GROVEL to the MOB.

    Which is just where YOU belong.

    • >>>>went deep
      >>>>runs deep
      How deep is deep?

      ^Hybrid – Can You Hear Me – Official Video^

      Just askin.

      Cause like…if it’s like “ocean deep?”…
      it seems to me that…
      “That particular emotion, in that particular part of the ocean…is gonna drown.”
      Drown…way down…deep…even.
      Lessn’ of course, it comes up for air.
      In which case, it’s gonna survive.

      So…think about this…
      Q: Why do we need “a particular emotion.?”
      A: ?ΒΏ?

      Because we do. If we didn’t need it, we wouldn’t have it. It’s how we learn. To say that one emotion or another is “base” or “a base emotion” or “a basic emotion” or even that “one emotion is more important than another?” Yeah…you are forgetting something very important…time.

      “I am positive, that my negativity, is equally important.”
      ∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞
      /me shrugs

      Time may also not be “the most important thing that there is”…but it’s all we have.
      SUDDENLY…we have all kinds of shit don’t we?
      When we have time…we have it all.
      Or at least, all that we have within that particular “bit” of time.
      As long as we have time, we have everything and anything to use as best as we can. Sometimes…that means we may not be using things as best we can. But that’s for YOU to decide…even when that decision is based on the decision(s) of others. That does not diminish them, any more than it does you.

      Time…we already have all there is.
      Time…that is.

      Time within time = time over times over times over time…ad infinitum/ad nauseum.

      That’s just my opinion tho.
      What the fuck do I know.

      ^Hybrid – Break My Soul – Video^

      Thanks for your time. πŸ˜‰

      Be sure and tip your waitstaff.

      • Those are beautiful gifs. The planets of the exoskeleton. Really beautiful. I also like “lessn” used that way. It reminds me of the lyrics of “As I Lay Dying”.

        As I lay dying, the woman with the dog’s eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades.

        Yesterday google paid homage to Idawally, keeper of a lighthouse, rescurer of those syncing at sea in their titantic teacups. Whoever has a name like Idawally has got to be all sorts of cool.
        I dawali, also known as
        deepavali is “one of the major festivals of Hinduism…that…signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.”

        I still dont find it useful to link dark with evil and light with good but I try to overlook that.

        Its getting deep. An alien and titanic actor died from surge-ry after a visit to Sweden. Not really, but its in the news.

  3. OMG, says Lezzzz..

    She’s dead….


    And you, my dear, my loving fellow comrade……

    YOU, my dear……

    Well IDK…….

    Maybe nobody will care enough to kill you.


    Yeah! That’s it, BIOTCH!

    You are SO pathetic, and UGLY, and wrinkled that even IRV would never bother with you, no one would want to be associated with it!




    TELL “JOHN” will you?




  4. Oh no!

    Will the “authorities” look into this “death threat”????


    I really wish they would….

    I’d rather live in a prison than in this insane shit world we are living in now.


    “Take me at my word!”

    I don’t care.

  5. Hey Lezzz,

    This is an open forum.

    Come at me, like a REAL woman.

    Come at me, bitch……..

    Awww, you too scared?

    Oh well….

    Keep GROVELING to who is it? Oh yeah, “Quest Love.”

    And whoever else you’ve sold yourself to out there on …

    Lonck Eye-lant.

    I hate you and, thanks to you, the “Joos,” with a passion.

    You “opened” my eyes to you race’s utter……


    what is it?….


    And that you are ALL


    You lie. That’s all you do.

        • I’m not a “racist.” And I’m not “anti-Semitic” like “Mary See” (LEZZZZ-lie).

          I’m not a “Nazi,” calling for the “extermination” of Joos.

          I’m just calling for an accounting of the misdeeds, the treachery, the THEIVERY, the mass murder (!), and the LIES of those Joos who ARE criminals, and unfortunately, untouchable because anybody who id’s them as “joos” is instantly “guilty” of hate speech.

          LOL. We live in the age, the “End Times,” in which the Truth is labeled as hate speech. How dare I say that “gay” sex, that sodomy, is wrong! How dare I!

          I know there are “good joos,” the majority.

          But this is my “minority” report.

          Because it’s the Zionists, the Elite cabal, the “deep state,” the “shadow government,” the minority of Jews, who hold all the money, appoint all the judges, and are the gatekeepers of this slave matrix we are “living” in.

          How’s that?

  6. Like I said, you live your name….

    And if it’s “Lipshitz,” well I mean ….


    Hey, what can I say.


    Ralph Lipshitz changed his name to “Lauren”?

    More like Ralph Liar!!!!

    Come at me, bitch……

    Come ON!

    Lezzzlie Lips for shit……


    You’re UGLY.

    Live with it.

  7. There ya go Frank and here’s another mind bender for ya!
    The first Test in India has just been won unexpectedly on 25/2/2017 by the Aussies cruising to a 333 run win in just 3 days (of 5 days allowed). How come?
    On TV they are all saying that it was 4502 days since the last Test win by Australia in India. Why would they go to such lengths to find that out?
    4502 days? Now there’s a number to play with!
    4502+4x5x2 = 4542+2454 = 6996.
    Saturn spins at 9.69 km/sec. 969+9x6x9 = 1455+5541 = 6996.
    4502 = 2251+2251
    2251+1522 = 3773. 3773 is a very special number.
    3773 = 7x7x77.
    3773 = 2701+1072
    2701 = 37×73
    2701 is the ONLY number when added to its mirror contains its own factors!
    2701 is the Hebrew gematria for the first verse in the Bible.

    But getting back to the cricket in India at Vidarbha, the average 2nd innings score there is 333 runs. Uh oh!
    The previous last Test won in India was at Nagpur on 29th Oct 2004 when they won by 342 runs.
    342 = (18×18)+18. Yup (6+6+6)x(6+6+6) + 6+6+6. You can change that all into threes if you like.
    342-333 = 3+3+3.
    3+4+2 = 3+3+3
    3+3+3 = 3+3+3.
    3x4x2 = 8+8+8
    3x3x3 = 9+9+9.

    29/10/2004 was day # 303 with 63 remaining or 3x(7+7+7).
    25/2/2017 is day # 56 with 309 remaining or 3×103.

    The 4502 days is 12 years 3 months and 27 days and you already know where this is going!
    3+3+3+3 years
    3 months
    3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3 days between the two Australian wins in India.

  8. Ken, Kubrick’s room 237 in the Overlook Hotel.
    237 + 732 = 969. 969km/s the orbiting speed of Saturn. Classic satanic/saturnic inversion. Saturn/Satan is the ‘God’ of this illusory holographic matrix, controlled by the Saturn Death Cult, secretly running the whole show from behind the scenes.

    • You seem to know everything about the secret secret, and who is secretly doing whatever…right out in the open.

      And you are openly posting about the secret secrets…in public.

      What a mind-fuck.

      Imma gonna go haz nap.


      • Frank 77 and Giants are featuring and after the Princess Fisher dies the Fisher King is dead

        Britain’s tallest man who stood at 7ft 7in has died aged 36.

        Basketball player-turned-actor Neil Fingleton suffered a lethal heart failure on Saturday.

        He most famously played the giant Mag The Mighty in the HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

        The star then turned his hand to acting, also playing the villain The Fisher King in BBC’s Doctor Who in 2015.

        we are going back to before the flood when giants walked the earth he actually looked like the alien in Pre date or

              • Frank and TTN,

                I’m just realizing the enticement of this site. I can post any clips I want! It’s kinda amazing (“self-empowering”!)

                But like I’ve said before feels like I’m hanging myself….

                A honey trap? Uh…..

                And really TTN, you protest a bit much?

                How did Frank isolate the Aliens clip he did of what’s his name, you know, the latest dead guy.

                That’s a pretty hard to come by clip, eh Frank?

                How’d you do that?

                Being just the broke humble bloke that you are…..

                • Trinity

                  What you see is what you get, pretty much. I have no other motive apart from getting to where we are meant to go. I’m just trying to help things along.

                  Unless I feel someone or something is taking Merovee down a path I don’t want to follow, I’m not going to stop you. It is your choice.

                  You say you want freedom of speech and then when you get it, you get scared ! What you going to do.

                  About the Aliens video. I just did a quick Google and I found the video. It wasn’t difficult. Like you I have my own interest in Sigourney Weaver and not for the reason you may imagine.

                  • Frank,

                    Thanks for that.

                    Now I’m wondering about your Sigourney “interest” that, what, may mirror mine….

                    I believe in “her” because she clearly gave her heart to portray Ripley as a true hero and she did it.

                    Just like Mel gave his heart to play the real-life hero in We Were Soldiers.

                    And THAT”S what “lives” on.


                    It’s immortal.

                    Naysayers and horrible types talk about how actors are “professional liars.”

                    And for the most part I would say that is true, and what led my original “hero” after seeing him in On the Waterfront, go down the rabbithole of celebrity and whoredom to Hollywood. When he was offered the part in The Godfather, he said I will not glorify the mafia…. but then he did.

                    The guy in the movie that excited so many as a force for social change in “On the Waterfront” ended up being a sell out.

                    That’s why Marlon ended the way he did.

                    So sad when you saw the potential for utter greatness with his working with the filmmakers of On the Waterfront who made that movie for REAL hope and change….

                    And love…..

                    Not dollars.

      • You do note i hope that he wears the skull and bones.

        Anyway…. my guess is you do not want to ever

        wear anything with the 322 skull and bones…..

        But of course!!!

        IT’s EVERYWHERE!



    Aged 969, the orbiting speed of Saturn/Satan/Santa, in this digitally hijacked holographic waveform Saturnic matrix. Just spread the love it’s the only way out. Materialistic desires will only devour your soul, back into the machine recycling matrix. Don’t go into the light.

    • It’s practising witchcraft that’s FATAL to your soul. And yet so many people seem to have a FATAL attraction to it.

      ” For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft “

    • Anonymous, years ago I heard that too -“dont go into the light”- and we tried to riff about it here a little bit ….but the mind virus that correlates “the light” with “the all good/the good God” is like a pit bull. Clamps down and won’t consider alternative/s.

  10. So the lamB (lam 13) is born – east bourne – 1.3.2017. The god and goddess can finally physically be together again and embark on the next phase of sex majick. No more ‘phone’ sex.

    Despite having invented sex majick, the machine has ensured, however, that they come together again as novices – so it will take a bit of time for them to reach the level of sexual gnosis they had before – but when they do …….

    On a side note, you’ve probably seen the Open Scroll Blog, but it has some good info about the goddess and horus (aka Lucifer) if you can get past the misogynistic tone.

    Another good read from people who know their stuff is one on esoteric christianity –


  11. From Wiki

    The Fourth Way is an approach to self-development described by George Gurdjieff which he developed over years of travel in the East (c. 1890 – 1912).

    It combines and harmonizes what he saw as three established traditional “ways” or “schools”: those of the mind, emotions, and body, or of yogis, monks, and fakirs respectively. Students often refer to the Fourth Way as “The Work”, “Work on oneself,” or “The System”. The exact origins of some of Gurdjieff’s teachings are unknown, but people have offered various sources

    The Fourth Way addresses the question of humanity’s place in the Universe and the possibilities of inner development. It emphasizes that people ordinarily live in a state referred to as a semi-hypnotic “waking sleep,” while higher levels of consciousness, virtue, unity of will are possible. This inner development in oneself is the beginning of a possible further process of change, whose aim is to transform man into “what he ought to be.”

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