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Who’s In La La Land Now ?

Who’s Afraid Of The Multiverse ?





Is it La La Land or Moonlight ? The Os Car Crash.






This follows on from Storm Doris x 2 in three weeks on 3/2 and 23/2.






And supposedly non existent terrorist incidents in Sweden and on the Bowling Green. And a variety of other things.




I am assuming it is the Multiverse and not a mad Reptilian oligarch or Program having some form of demented fun with Fake News, demonically chuckling away to himself as he presses buttons. Maybe it is. And maybe allowing for the possibility of mad Reptilian oligarchs and programs lets them exist somewhere.

And it would appear Belief comes first. It’s not so much ‘seeing is believing’ but ‘believing is seeing’.

But then someone has to see it.

The Observer Principle – Wiki :

‘In physics, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed. This is often the result of instruments that, by necessity, alter the state of what they measure in some manner.’


So how many Multiverses are there ?

Are there only two mirror Universes, as proposed by Dr Julian Barbour ? This is nuts.




Or the Many World Theory ? Or something in between ? And what happens to the impossible Universe where Dogs rule the world and Elephants can fly and Crystal Palace win the Premier League and Champions League every season ?

‘The fundamental idea of the MWI, going back to Everett 1957, is that there are myriads of worlds in the Universe in addition to the world we are aware of. In particular, every time a quantum experiment with different possible outcomes is performed, all outcomes are obtained, each in a different world, even if we are only aware of the world with the outcome we have seen.’

Or my own dream ? Or your dream or our dream. Or is ‘out there’ a projection of Me or You or Us ?

Anyway, whatever the ‘true truth’ my take on it is that we are experiencing a collapse in our normal perception of reality.

Identity. Who are you ?

Trappist 1 is the star system of the recently ‘discovered’ seven planets, which have been described as Seven Sister planets. And is an anagram of ‘It’s a Trip’ or is it ‘It’s a Trap’ ?




Is that another me ?

‘We were brothers. Now we’re sisters.’





Who’s in La La Land now ?


104 thoughts on “Who’s In La La Land Now ?

  1. On 20/12/2015 they announced the wrong Miss Universe winner before correcting their ‘mistake’.
    On 26/2/2017 they announced the wrong film to win the best film in the Oscars before they corrected their ‘mistake’.
    How very odd!
    Two glaring examples of ‘getting it very wrong’.
    How could these professionals on live TV get both these events so embarassingly wrong?
    The week gap between these two events is exactly 62 weeks.
    And 62+26 = 88.
    And 88 is a very important number to the New Ager elitists.
    They also love using mirror numbers (62+26).
    Then look at the two dates as digits and add them.
    2+1+2+2+1+5+2+6+2+2+1+7 = 33 of course.
    And 88+33 = 11×11.
    11 in the Bible stands for the antichrist being the 11th horn coming out of the 10 horns in Daniel.

    • KEN

      I don’t believe they got it wrong either. It was all completely staged to carry out some twisted occult agenda or ritual.
      We all know that Warren Beatty is Shirley MacLaines brother…. that alone should ring a baal ( ooops I mean bell ).
      Shirley MacLaine who believes she lived in Atlantis ‘ in a previous life ‘
      And Warren Beatty, who’s father was a professor of psychology, and alleged to have been a CIA asset involving MK Ultra.

      Mistake or Fake ?
      I’ll go with the latter!

      • ken I agree his acting was not at all convincing and faye dunnaway was no better. I watched the whole clip and saw the camera focus on Shirley MacLaine is the audience. For me the title of movies are in question from La La Land with Emma Stone to Moonlight with Dede Gardner. A stone and a gardner

  2. could Doris be another name for Dorothy in Alice in wonderland because it really seems like governments every where have set citizens in the middle of a really big storm.

    • OM

      I think you’re probably correct. I think you’re probably referring to Dorothy Gale in Wizard of Oz. It’s quite a storm !

      • oh yeah I guess I should have watched with more attention. Don’t know why I didn’t like to sit and watch them with my sisters when we were little.

  3. Well….

    The word on the Web is that “Seaman” was a con artist.


    Not that I didn’t tell you so but he was VERY convincing, I will say. I sunk about $4500 into….

    I redeemed uh, about $900 in gold coins and … cough cough… eh… it arrived in the mail and the three gold coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, were the size of dimes…..

    I just laughed.

    I swallowed the “Seaman.”


    • ANYWAY….

      I knew “David Seaman,” this very “popular” agent revealing the “truth” about “pizzagate” was a psyop…..

      “Mary Christmas” my ass….

      A PSYOP to show that anyone reporting the Truth WILL get taken DOWN.

      Doesn’t matter…..

      It’s all coming OUT…..

      Light expands, and the darkness has NO POWER to stop it.


      I wish I could think of a great video or song right now but I can’t.

      Maybe the truth is enough.

      • You know what?

        I rather like this, posted by my bro CF.

        Huh, “Apollyon.”

        At least he admits it.

        And who I love and always will love.

        Thank you Bro, for giving me a VOICE.

      • David Seaman, I apologize.

        After all, I AM in my secret heart of hearts a journo like yourself.

        Keep fighting the good fight!

        And thank you and again….

        Forgive me for judging you wrong.

  4. “Light expands and the darkness has no power to stop it.”

    A metaphor that has overstayed its use.
    I just woke up from a healing, deep sleep in the dark where I went on many a fantastic voyage. Often I fly in the dark. Typically I meet people and go places Ive never been and who/that “dont exist.” The other night I swam naked in a pool before judges (model scouts) who, of course, nixed me but for the first time in my life I bared it all freely and lickety split. Another night a man came toward me and I hugged him to my chest. It was beautiful.

    Pretty fun stuff in the dark. A lot is revealed to me. I reveal myself to me.

    Im just offering this as a way to say the dark is bad and light is good thing can get a person stuck in a psuedo morality rut. Maybe you mean “love expands and evil has no power to stop it.” That is already a step ahead.

    • Anon

      About the dark. I see Moonlight is a dark movie.

      I’ve been going about the highways and byways which IMO are reflections of some form of Mind grid.

      I mentioned the A22 road in England. I see the Moonlight video below has a link with A24 whatever that means in relation to the video. The A24 is a road which runs from Westminster to the south coast of England to Worthing. Not sure exactly what it’s got to do with the price of sausages but it has.

    • So you’re a model and a wisdom teacher too?

      Man! But yeah, good point, Anon, thank you, and well taken, with the love it includes.

      Also your point that maybe I might want to change my screen name….

      Batman to his betrayer: “You can’t save the world!”

      No you can’t.

      Better stop trying while I’m still …. ahead?

      • Lol, not a model. That was the point. Duh..but in the dream it didnt matter.
        These, not of The Course, are all my own opinions and experiences.

        • Thx….

          If you’ve noticed, I’m very … gullible?

          I get the “duh” a lot! I NEVER get the joke….

          and then feel really stupid.

          Like a professor said I’m “brilliant”

          But “misguided”…

          Any way…. this is an addendum to my other posts tonight.

          Thanks Anon, and nothing to do with YOU, sister.

                    • I fell in “love” with Marlon Brando when I saw On the Waterfront on TV….

                      Not sure how old I was…. ten, twelve, a teen by then…. IDK….

                      But it was then I became obsessed with finding my “life” in “Hollywood”… to wanting to be a “scholar” of it.

                      So who is/was “Marlon Brando”? Just watching him smile in that last clip is insane! So BEAUTIFUL!

                      Was he The Son of God? I mean it’s really “something” to behold…. I could watch clips of every one of his films just to see his reactions, his expressions….

                      Any thoughts? Maybe “Marlon Brando” was Satan personified…. Capturing the souls of anyone who watched his movies…..

                      Could be….

                    • You will notice how much a god Marlon was to the Synagogue of Satan…..

                      I mean c’mon: Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand…..

                      There you have it:

                      The fully acknowledged “king” of Hollywood, the “Master” of “acting’ that is, the Master of DECEPTION,

                      is was and ever shall be…..

                      MARLON BRANDO.

                      Geez, I’m not even sure if Marlon is still alive or dead…..

                      Wouldn’t I remember his funeral?

                      IDK… I just don’t KNOW.

                    • From this place:

                      To be Christlike is to be willing to suffer for the sake of God. Strong temptation toughens us. When resisted, temptation acts like your personal training coach, building you up so that you will receive more glory on the Big Day

                      Ironically, the more prepared you are for a long, tough fight, the shorter it usually is. Once you uncover one of Satan’s schemes, and become determined to hold your ground no matter how strong the pressure gets or how long it lasts, the Enemy quickly senses he is wasting his time persisting with this tactic, and he usually backs off soon after.

                      Satan is furious at having lost you. He knows he has no hold over you, but if he fools you into thinking he can still boss you around, you’ll make his day. He’ll try every dirty trick he can dream up to bluff you out of all that is rightfully yours, and to cast doubt on the extent of Christ’s stupendous victory. To stand up to someone as persistent and conniving as Satan, you have to thoroughly know the rights Christ won for you, as spelt out in God’s Word.

                      Think of it this way. Through a life and death struggle, Jesus disarmed Satan and handed you a loaded weapon. Don’t expect Jesus to pull the trigger. That’s easy. He’ll let you have the fun of scaring off Satan. But if that diabolical cheat can fool you into thinking the weapon Jesus gave you is unloaded, he knows you won’t bother to use it. He then has nothing to fear, and he’ll walk all over you.

                      Because you have given Jesus control of your life, you have the upper hand whenever you meet evil. Resisting is simply realizing that your enemy is beaten, and acting accordingly. It is refusing to let a defeated enemy steal back your precious liberty and dignity that cost Christ everything. The almighty Son of God let the devil nail him, so that you could walk free. Live in that freedom. And no matter what happens, keep seeing yourself as God sees you – powerful, holy, victorious. It is this faith that makes you a conqueror (Scripture).

                    • And I was scandalized when I read rumors of Marlon’s homosexuality…. with his early on roommate…. IDK ….

                      Marlon I’m pretty sure was the first famous “bisexual.”

                      AND he was the first motion picture star to, wow, I get it now:

                      Usher in the Age of Porn.

                      Last Tango in Paris….

                      My “hero”!!!!


                      He was an asshole! I watched a segment with Rod Steiger about the famous scene in the cab: I coulda been a contender…..

                      Do you know Brando didn’t bother to show up for his “brother’s” scenes, meaning Steiger had to do his replies to a nobody stage person who filled in in Brando’s absence……

                      And the woman who he raped on film in Last Tango…. she died and still couldn’t believe what he had done to her.

                      Talk about “trust.” And “betrayal.”

                      Marlon was a shithead.

                      OK OK so maybe THAT”S the reason he ended the way he did….

                      I “get it” now.


                  • And finally, to the man who set me on this path that is was and ever shall be a “Dead End,” when you watch him, he’s beguiling, and it’s clear…..

                    He has a serpent’s sweet tongue….. and then he goes all quiet about the Native Americans…..

                    The man was clearly insane.

                    A psychopath.

                    Which is why the Synagogue of Satan, Hollywood, revered him so much.

                    He was a lost cause…..

                    But pretended otherwise.

  5. Those Hollywood endorsed “black cast” movies arent worth polluting the mind with, imo. They really gave it to the ML Kast in the ass. Some award.

        • I love the La La Moon Trump meme. Brilliant.

          And in what universe does this happen…

          With her high heels on no less…

          • Jennyburger it’s a disgusting pose in the Oval. She may think they came to see hers and that all men get off on blondes so she spread

          • On her knees on the kasting couch with a million black men in the inner chambers of the white house.

            Reminds me of moniKa lewdwinksy and her presidential knee pads with billy, “the first first black president.”

            • Yeah Kelly-girl looks truly at home and comfy on the OhOh couch.

              We all gotta be good at something…

        • That guy who held up the envelope stuck me as the only one in on the “joke.”

          From the NYer article,

          “Until recently, our simulation, the Matrix within which we were unknowingly imprisoned, seemed in reasonably sound hands. Terrible things did happen as the cold-blooded, unemotional machines that ran it experimented with the effects of traumatic events—wars, plagues, “Gilligan’s Island”—on hyper-emotionalized programs such as us. And yet the basic logic of the enfolding program seemed sound. Things pinned down did not suddenly drift toward the ceiling; cats did not go to Westminster; Donald Trump did not get elected President; the movie that won Best Picture was the movie that won Best Picture. Now everything has gone haywire, and anything can happen…. Let’s hope for a sudden mysterious surge of energy, and then normalcy again.”

          A bit melodramatic. There is nothing illogical about Trump taking over the reigns of a twisted, adolescent global operating system (economic, psychological, religious, racial fascism). Hilary’s coronation would have been a similarly logical choice. Americans clearly haven’t had many shocks and surprises in their lives. None of what that author mentioned (superbowl, oscars, presidential race) is “real” in the first place…which means that hiccups within these events are not the barometer of whether or not I myself am reel.

          • Anon


            I was thinking about the MWI. I have two older brothers and my mother hoped I would be a girl. But I wasn’t but in a Multiverse I may be.

            The family is white but in an alternative Universe it maybe black and in an alternate alternate Universe it could be Chinese.

            If so why do we experience the reality we are in ? Or maybe we have to, in an infinite possibility way.

            Actually my initial thought when Trump was elected this is some form of alternate reality matrix thing. Or maybe not.

            • Id Entity. I like that.

              The don has promised to build a wall and strengthen de Fence by pouring mooney into it. 54 billyon to be exact. At that price, it better include a new death star for each of the new earths. Not! Don

              When you read the don, you realize he talks an awful lot like Cade, not in subject matter but style. It is this, but it could be that. It isnt that, but what do I know? Etc. But thats a digression.

              I dont see why we have to divest ourselves from the reality of this reality whenever we dont like certain events and results. The don, imo, belongs firmly in this universe. He’s the fruit -the fuzzy peach- of this earth.

              Sorry to belabour the point.

        • In fact, I’d say “normalcy”, predictability and things running smoothly like clockwork would indicate a computer simulation more so than “weird” “surprising” things happening. Unless that was his point?

  6. Frank I don’t know about that but it does prove that by hollyweirdness standards that the black community needed to be taught a quick lesson in a depraved way that being gay is now cool. In my opinion I think Hidden numbers should have won best picture sending a positive mentor inspiring and uplifting message to the community. I don’t knw much about any of this but I think we are the ones who place ourselves in the made up computer simulation. We are told more and more that it exist kind of like we are told from birth that the invisival God exist and we think it is true. I penis piss on all of it.

    • Lol, OM!

      Both of those films have issues. I skimmed a great review of hidden apples which said that the black female ma’atmatcians were protrayed in service to a nazi-like structure (nasa). Something to think about. Another way to think about it.

      God forbid anyone produces a movie with a kast of mostly dark bodies where male-female and mother-child relationships are strong, uplifting and healthy. Who’d suck on the nipple of that?

  7. Trinity, you mentioned the character Ripley on the previous page. With talk of the “latest dead guy” and “fake noos”, it rings like R.I.P. ley and reminds me of

    Audit Orium

    • Wait… what!!!

      So Anon, tell me, tell me please:

      Is ACIM mind control for those who “do” the Course?

      I WANT to know, tho I don’t think i’ matters for me, because I’ve ….IDK… seen it for what it is…..

      Be a friend, girlfriend.

      Give me something I don’t already know……

      Should I throw the Blue Book in the trash?

      • Do whatever you want to do, lady.
        Dont task me for guidance that you already gno.
        I mean, what are you and who do you think I am?
        An idiot?
        An EM Bedded (wedded) “juur nalist”?
        I mean puhleaseeeee….

  8. The minders wont let the diagram of “the deep web” go through. Not its contents, of The Course, but its organogrammies.

    D.a.d at the penta
    gone to jail.

    database access descriptor

    Hexa gone!

  9. Lalaland (US) overshadowed the moon (venUS).

    Today I met a couple who formerly worked for the SIA and I said, oh, you’re the shadow! And they said, something like, We are the shadow’s shadow.

    Then i met a dog named MIA.

    True news

  10. The Source The Course
    The Curse The Sucre

    View of the baSin, dar (oil) lien, seismic dodads and all that jazz (j ass). Go sling the mudcentury corner stone so fa away from Me (Em), sofa I just can’t seat.

    (Lol! I’m having pun sending moorUs to the machine (lil’ chi))

    • I’m going to start singing that to my customers

      …get your sofa away from me, your sofa far away from me, i’m so dun away with it, so done away with it, check it out…

  11. This is the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens, her name is Carryn, pronounced car in.
    Her husband was ‘sacrificed’ in the fight against Isis. Notice how she repeatedly assumes the position of ‘the praying Madonna’.
    And at the end of the episode the Trump of the male sky god invokes the scripture relating to Christ, that no man has greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.
    So it goes. 🙂

    • I will have to watch it after squeaking first, but I herd that in that same squeech, The Peach said something like he will invest more and more in huemans who “fight in UNI Form”. Aww lawd.

      I havent clicked “play” yet, Elena, but the still shot of the YT widow wedeo (video/we gods/six gods/sex gods) you posted shows three women, one shorter than the next, with their hands and ARMS forming WWW. I guess Christ’s El Bows are growing.

      Women Who War. Ovay!
      World White Web

      • Anon

        And just like the sky god’s son, “Ryan’s legacy is etched in eternity”.
        Sin…sacrifice…redemption…the debt (death) card, played very well last night IMO.

    • Shit, it’s only at the 33 second ma Ark and it’s clear as muddaylight that that is CGI. The clapping (scal Ping) and visuals and turds (words) areis (aries) painfully obvious.



    • Watch the idiot on your right touch his heart when the don says “operator” and consider his nome relative to the navy (native/blue) seal. All those doofuses and dodads performed separately, on cue, to a “green screen” that IT patched (pay checked) to get her, imuo….

  12. Frank, I confess. Ive ACTed in the vein of many a race and gender in my lifetime. Sometimes I have the stereo tip cali balls of an insecure white man, sometimes the frustration of a white “left behinder”, sometimes the indifference of a stoning new ager, sometimes the love and rage of any artist, sometimes the diva behavior of any king/queen and/or defeated city son. I am all over the BoRed.

    But my id entity, my core, seems to remain the same?

    • Anon

      Tell me about it. Actually I wonder about star signs sometimes. I’m a Leo and a a fixed sign and my parameters are relatively fixed within my personality. Don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it.

    • Sign in
      Track art
      The Lumineers
      Buy for $0.99
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      Subscribe to Google Play Music and listen to this song and millions of other songs. First month free.
      I was Cleopatra, I was young and an actress
      When you knelt by my mattress, and asked for my hand
      But I was sad you asked it, as I laid in a black dress
      With my father in a casket, I had no plans, yeah

      And I left the footprints, the mud stained on the carpet
      And it hardened like my heart did when you left town
      But I must admit it, that I would marry you in an instant
      Damn your wife, I’d be your mistress just to have you around

      But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life
      And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I’ll be on time

      While the church discouraged, any lust that burned within me
      Yes my flesh, it was my currency, but I held true
      So I drive a taxi, and the traffic distracts me
      From the strangers in my backseat, they remind me of you

      But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life
      And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I’ll be on time

      And the only gifts from my Lord were a birth and a divorce
      But I’ve read this script and the costume fits, so I’ll play my part

      I was Cleopatra, I was taller than the rafters
      But that’s all in the past now, gone with the wind
      Now a nurse in white shoes leads me back to my guestroom
      It’s a bed and a bathroom
      And a place for the end

      I won’t be late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life
      And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I’ll be on time

      Ive felt a little bit of everything in my life. Which is not to say “unspecific”

    • SeeLeoPta Ra
      Name your Ptah
      Whose Ur D.A.Ddy?

      Yugo: due you got it now, profess erdum?
      Im ean ots yuge, yuge!
      Enoch two rite abok aboot!

      I role.

      heEL, the custom fits so fuck IT….

  13. Satellite
    Sat Elite
    Seat a lit
    Sin Ten El
    Fayth Doneaway
    Bonella and Clyde
    Warr inpiece, mayport good man,
    Of The Couse, Yugo:
    Yugo, we p(r)ogrammy (t)each other.
    Dont stAMP de.obvious…..

    Cum out to play

    • Counting hidden fig ures in de shah do’hs of sim peel tons, are you ant c’est door andor a lil chi of the con door and mayu gno what DIs eve n means? Halve you eve in grasped the hole ptah urn by ITS yuge horn ies…?

      • Lang age makes ba souloot ley gno cents at sum poignt, so skip de add and sub (con) tract/k whence you stone henge

        Massage to de Program:

        Spreken je nederegions?

  14. Id on
    Yous arted
    Hey, did you here the storey aboot Muhammad Ali’s family being stopped at the BoRder back into US after a spell in montEgo bey and how they were sephardic from each otter in wheel chair riots?

  15. One meaning of the word Trappist is a group of silent monks ( relating to or denoting a branch of the Cistercian order of monks founded in 1664 and noted for an austere rule that includes remaining silent for much of the time – definition from web) which I thought was funny as the new 7 planets’ star is known as an ” ultra-cool dwarf star”. Snow White and the seven dwarfs backwards – Snow white dwarf and 7 planets!

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