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How’s the She’ll Shock ?



You are loved.




The Twin Flames are burning bright in Reigate. When two worlds collide or maybe an infinite number.




And Spring is thinking about it.

‘I saw a host of golden daffodils’






I think it was Josef Stalin who once asked ‘How many divisions does God have ? What’s Love got to do with it ? Everything because it is all there is. That is the one law that can never be changed. But we can imagine it.

You may have detected a disturbance in the force. There is a part of the mind that resists Love and will fight and defend itself. Recently I had a discussion with a friend who gave me a VR set for my mobile phone and I mentioned that maybe the world is a form of virtual reality, and our reality is not what it seems. At this he screamed ‘Horseshit’ and proceeded to fulminate for the next half an hour. I get screamed at a lot. A bit of an exaggeration maybe, but a lot of people get pissed off when their notion of the world is called into question.

Others I know are trying to avoid ‘The Shift’, or whatever term you may have, and desperately hang on to the familiar and their comfort zones such as work and other medications. We all do it. Maybe it will go away ? But it won’t and it won’t stop. And you can cope and can deal with it. It’s just Mind Stuff. Easier said than done, I know.

Occasionally I’ve felt a bit like Cypher in the Matrix movie and have hoped Agent Smith would turn up with a juicy steak and a big cigar and a load of cash. But no such luck. Damn it.

In the last few weeks I’ve experienced the sensation of being in two states at once. I have continued with ‘normal’ life as best I can but at the same time I’ve felt I am somewhere else. I take this as a sign that realities are merging or we are experiencing a change of channel.

And on Friday, I went into my local WH Smiths and looking at the £ signs, I saw they were not real and were a projection of the belief we have to pay or repay our original sin. It is Free.

Frozen in Time.

Over the last few weeks I’ve watched a trio of alternate reality DVDs. ‘Dark City’ and ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ and rewatched ‘Moon’.

Firstly, even though I don’t fully understand it, I find it fascinating how the movies can be a form of portal which we interact with at a subconscious level.

But the different movies all seem to have the same ‘message’ which is that we are replaying a Memory or series of memories which mask a true reality.




The other slightly weird part of recent experience has been that I have been drawn to events in history. In this case the shooting at Columbine and Chernobyl.

The UK Rain.




And Dementia and Alzheimers. Frozen in Time.






I also watched ‘The OA’. In the TV series a group of five young men and women are imprisoned in a set of glass cages next to each other. A metaphor for alternate realities or dimensions or the separation between us ?




And two stories from the last few days, even though they are dark and distressing seem to speak of something else and an indication that we are letting the past go.

The buried bodies of the children. It’s Evil.






And from the highly dubious file. The death of Rosemary’s Baby, Genesis Cornejo in Houston, Texas in a satanic ritual by illegal Mexican aliens.




‘Genesis Lizbeth Cornejo disappeared on January 19 from Jersey Village, just outside of Houston, but authorities initially said she had run away from home.

Her mother Rosmeri Cornejo took to Facebook on Friday to say she was shattered that her daughter had been allegedly kidnapped and killed by two members of the MS-13 gang.

Police have not yet confirmed if the body they found shot dead in a remote area of Houston on February 16 is that of Genesis Cornejo.’








One of the reactions people may have when they realise ‘The Roman Empire Never Died’ is to think that the answer is to destroy The Roman Empire. But history shows that the same structures rebuild themselves over time and the same governments, religions and organisations with the same mindset reappear and a new Empire appears

There is a good reason for this. Our reality is based on consciousness and ‘out there’ is our belief system come to life. Even though undoubtedly there is a programming to the ‘Matrix’ such as a numerological and language and letter base, technological and interdimensional element to this, and god knows what else, for me the core dysfunction stems from the belief in guilt, the identity of ‘Me’ as a separate body from each other and separate from Love, Life and God, and birth and death, and Time which are all interlinked.



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  1. Even though most of the Alzheimer residents at my grandmother’s nursing home couldn’t even recognize the faces of their own children, I was always struck that, for whatever reason, when, “You are my Sunshine” was played, they’d all start singing in unison, reciting the entire song word-for-word.

    This one’s for you, Grandmother…wherever you are…

      • Þakka þér fyrir, Franklin. <—apparently, Icelandic. for 'thank you' according to Google translate. I like the Nordic Green Man.

        "Youth is wasted on the young
        The Lam13s are on the run
        searching for meaning"

        Let's hope they find it.

              • Fucking A, i revisted that song after a long, long absence just the otter day! Before that, the last time I was listening to it, I was on an indy pilgrammage to Ravenna in the freezing reign, to see the early mosaics of Klimt. Well before his Kiss.

              • And also,15 minutes ago I was sitting in a parking lot thinking to myself “I need a good cowboy. I love real cowboys”.

                Sadly they are all overstayed at Brokeback Mountain.

                • Anon

                  There’s something basic about a man on a horse. Indian Hindi weddings often have the groom on a white horse.

                  And the US politician who rode down the street in Washington on a horse.

                  Even though probably like you, I have my misgivings about a lot of white men in charge with Trump there’s a lot of testosterone flying about.

                  And just because I like the song.

                • Yep…I’m afraid a lot of cowboys decided to take up fishing and go a’fairying.

                  Franklin said it best in the B&C article:

                  The Genesis creation story speaks of a time pre-Separation where Man and Woman were joined and it was called the Garden of Eden but then the vengeful God threw us out of paradise because of our sinfulness.Our world is set up to stop the rejoining of the male and female polarity and the ‘Gaying’ of society is intended to suppress the masculine energy.The male and female polarities are joining very quickly to end the Separation. The boys are back in town!

                  Don’t be troubled Anon…I think the separation is definitely ending.

                  And I think Paula Cole gets it…

  2. We are in a fairytale Wonderland let it snow


    The people of Reykjavik woke up on Sunday morning to a fairytale like winter wonderland. There was a record downfall of fluffy snow, the snow was measured at half a meter deep or 51 cm at 9 am on Sunday morning in the capital which exceeds the record of 48 cm in February in 1952 according to the Icelandic Met Office.

    Alice Cooper and the Mad Hatter

    This world gets Curioser and Curioser

    man or monster my money is on the latter


    • TTN

      It’s going a bit Scandanavian or Nordic for me. On Friday, I talked to a girl from Finland who was over here staying with her English boyfriend . And on Saturday, some lads walked by where I live and were playing the Monsters and Men song loudly on a ghettoblaster type thing.

      And Trump and Je Suis Sweden.

  3. So Trump’s tweet on 4/3/2017 about Obama wiretappng Trump Tower during the election process was at 4.02am in the morning. Did he really tweet at that time of the morning?
    Let’s have a look at the numbers.
    So on 4/3 he tweeted 43 days after Inauguration Day on 20/1
    4+3+20+17 = 44.
    Trump is the 44th different president.
    4+3 = 7
    43+34 = 77.

    From 14/6/1946, Trump born, to 4/3/2017 = 70 years and 7 months and 7×7 days!
    We have seen several key events lining up with Trump’s age being a multiple of 7’s.
    This is just another one.
    From 4/3/2017 to 22/9/2017 = 202 days or 6 months and 6+6+6 days.
    Why 22/9/2017? Ask Mr Cati. He thinks an attempt on Trump’s life will take place then.

    4.02AM is 242 mins into the day.
    242 = 121+121 or 11×11+11×11 where 11 stands for antichrist coming from the book of Daniel (the 11th horn coming out of the ten).
    The number of minutes remaining in the day is 1198.
    1198 = (33×33)+(33×3.03030303)
    Furthermore, the next minute after Trump’s tweet at 242 mins is the 243rd minute.
    243 = (3+3+3)x(3+3+3)x3.
    And 2+4+3 = 3+3+3.
    What do all these 3’s signify?
    The Satanic triplet of Antichrist, False Prophet and Satan.
    As opposed to the Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    • Brothers,

      I just want to say in my final post (I pray lol) from “Trinity” that I have been deceived.

      “Everybody’s Fool” (with the dog in the car window….)

      “They” all know it, and everyone on here knows it, but I’m just putting this out there for those of you who are “watching.”

      Yes, I do get the feeling that the World is indeed Watching.

      I have been deceived for a long time and often still am deceived.

      It’s pretty shattering but also freeing at the same time…..

      Like “My Little Christmas Tree”

      I “got” it today, taking the lights off mine today finally, that that’s not “God” talking to me!

      Or rather it IS “God” talking to me because “God” is Satan!

      Little Christmas tree
      No one to buy you, give yourself to me
      You’re worth your weight
      In precious gold, you see
      My little Christmas tree

      Promise you will be
      Nobody else’s little Christmas tree
      I’ll make you sparkle
      Just you wait and see
      My little Christmas tree

      I’ll put some tinsel in your hair
      And you’ll find that there’s a strange new change
      That you have never seen
      I’ll bring my boy a toy
      He’ll jump for joy
      To see his bright new queen

      With me, you will go far
      I’ll show Saint Nick the tree you really are
      And there’ll be peace on Earth
      When Daddy lights your star
      My little Christmas tree

      You’re big enough for three (?)
      My little Christmas tree

      I took the name of Trinity after falling for, well I guess The Matrix, that “I AM” capable on my own of ever escaping this earthly prison we are in. Also for falling for St. Louis de Montfort’s Marian Deception, that She is our Maker’s Spouse and His Heaven, a Divine Daughter, and, oh yeah, the Divine Mother as well…. OMG, it’s insane. Trying to convince us to pray to “Her.” Instead of to our Father, which is the first Commandment.

      I FELL for it, worshipping the Mother of God, the “Virgin Mary,” for so long….. Ken tipped me off me she was a demon and he was right. He also gave me “37” but to be honest not so sure about that anymore….. But thank you Ken.

      And of course I’m not the “reincarnation” of Mary Magdelen….

      I’m starting to doubt the idea of “reincarnation.” That it’s ALL OK, you’ll get another chance! If you fail this lifetime, well, you’ve got countless others to get it right.

      I’m starting to think WE get one life to “make” it.

      It’s like we all got sucked into Satan’s game!

      It’s a big video game, or a game at the carnival….. trying to make it to the “next level” UP.


      What if there is no “next level up”?

      Temptation says, C’mon c’mon, you can win it!

      Las Vegas! Gamble your priceless soul and …. if you win….. which you CAN …
      YOU will become richer and more famous and more powerful than you ever imagined, because YOU will become a god!

      That’s what this is ALL about…..

      And as we ALL know already… the House ALWAYS wins!

      The GAME is RIGGED!

      So get out while you can.


      Admit that you made a mistake to our Father in Heaven, and He will forgive you.

      And me!

      I am repenting!

      I am sorry if I have led anyone astray with my “Teaching” of the Course in Miracles.

      God, what a joke!

      I’m gonna throw the Blue Book out.

      And you know what?

      I’m not taking the name of our Creator in vain when I say GOD! in exasperation.

      I’m mad at God!

      An you know who “God” is?


      Our Creator’s real name is Yah-weh and His Son’s name is Ye-shua.

      Thank you Father, for giving the discernment to see Satan’s scheme in my life and for giving me a chance, to, yes (hey Stephen!)…. start over!


      Thank YOU my Creator, my Father!

      That I have EVEN been given the chance to….

      Start over!

      That’s my Father’s blessing on me,

      NOT Satan’s CURSE.

      I’ve been trying to think of a song or video to post, but to be honest, Satan rules this world. He is the Prince! I don’t trust the songs I hear anymore, or if I do, I’m starting to see that it’s just another way that “old Serpent” is wiling his way in…..

      Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ, who is One with Our Creator.

      That means don’t look at all those “synchs,” my friends.

      It’s true. “Seeing” and believing in “synchs” means you are SINK-ing.

      Following the rabbithole all the way down to the devil’s den.

      I’ve decided the only Word I can trust is the gospel, what Jesus taught, and even THAT has been corrupted.

      So I can only call on His help in my Mind, to lead me out of this labyrinth, lead me home.

      Oh, this song. I think this must be one I can trust….. Nope nope nope, watched “In Christ Alone” vids and they all seem to elevate self or Satan…..

      Then this title here jumped out at me:

      Instead of “I AM” (forgive me all for my delusion….)

      it’s ….

      Who Am I?

      May Our Father, our Creator, bless you brothers and me!

      • >>>>I have been deceived for a long time and often still am deceived.
        Nothing wrong with “being deceived” as far as I can tell. Sounds like you’re trusting if you are being deceived. I guess it’s then up to you how to respond to those deceiving you.

        ^Opus III – It’s A Fine Day^

        I’ve been deceived quite a bit in my life…but as far as I can tell, there is no way to really stop that. If someone says they are being honest with you, but they are lying, how in the FUCK are you supposed to know that second part, until and when and if you do?

        Setting up a plan to intentionally deceive someone? Yeah…it’s really not that difficult to do…because it relies on trust, honesty and hope.
        HotSlutBabe123: Hi. Wanna talk?
        Cade: Sure.
        HotSlutBabe123: What are you wearing.
        Cade: I don’t wear clothes.
        HotSlutBabe123: Oooh. Sounds hot.
        Cade: It’s all the hair.
        HotSlutBabe123: ?
        Cade: I’m extremely hairy. I don’t require clothes. Hair is hot.
        HotSlutBabe123: Oooh a real man. You don’t have hair on your back do you?
        Cade: I have no hair on my chest, but my back is a fucking jungle. I could paint some nipples on my back and walk backwards if you like.
        HotSlutBabe123: Oooh…you like a woman to take control do you? Tell you what to do? Are you into BSDM?
        Cade: Yes. I love BullShitting while listening to Depeche Mode.
        HotSlutBabe123: ?
        Cade: …
        HotSlutBabe123: Are you gonna talk to me or not?
        Cade: I am talking to you.
        HotSlutBabe123: Why are you being so standoffish?
        Cade: I told you I don’t wear clothes. Conversation doesn’t get much more open than that.
        HotSlutBabe123: You really aren’t wearing clothes?
        Cade: As far as you know…no.
        HotSlutBabe123: Why are you talking to someone online while naked?
        Cade: Are you naked?
        HotSlutBabe123: Completely.
        Cade: Aren’t we all.
        HotSlutBabe123: ?
        Cade: pics?
        HotSlutBabe123: DUDE! LOL! I’m a dude. AHAHAHAHAHAH!
        Cade: Why would a dude talk to a dude, and pretend to be a girl?
        HotSlutBabe123 Quit
        Wow…you sure fooled me. /me rolls eyes

        I dunno what trust is, but I trust that someone does.

        Trusting someone to not murder me in my sleep? That ain’t trust. That’s one too many pulls on the hash-pipe, one beer too many, or just some other lingering bad experience(s) perhaps. Sorry…I ain’t gonna blunder through life wondering who is gonna kill me, and who isn’t, or who is gonna deceive me and who isn’t.

        The world is weird. Lotta things going on that are scary as fuck. But why should now be so different from times past? There always seems to be a great deal of unsurety in times past…so why would today’s times be expected to be any different? I guess trying to be observant of anything and everything that I can that is NOT the evil shit that everyone seems so obsessed with? Yeah…I take it, and try to be thankful for being able to see these beautiful things. But I gots no answers. I mean…no one else has any answers…why should I be expected to have any.

        ^Meiko – Leave The Lights On (Krot Remix)^

        • GO ahead.

          Murder me in my sleep.

          Then I will have the VICTORY.

          Oh and I take that back “Apollyon”

          I do not “love you.”


          Because I will NOT be leaving the lights on

          I don’t need to

          I LOVE the dark

          Because I trust in God.

          The Father.

          I already GOT you bastards cold….

          So go ahead….

          I die…

          You are screwed.

          Notre Dame


          • I’ll play YOUR “song” one more time….

            And observe….

            The woman has black eyes…. just like Stephen.

            She’s a demon, just like him.

            I get it now.

            You CAN”T break my soul, no matter how many times you try, even if Satan triesn to trick me into saying “Break my soul.”

            I AM my Father’s daughter.

            He is watching over me even when I AM deceived.

            How’s that.

            • Just sayin’ I never asked ANYONE to worship me:

              from https://thetalkingpot.wordpress.com/?s=The+cross

              The Trinity

              “All Pagan religions from the time of Babylon have adopted in one form or another — a trinity doctrine or a triad or trinity of gods. In Babylon it was Nimrod, Semiramas and Tammuz. In Egypt it was Osiris, Isis and Horus. In Plato’s philosophy it was the Unknown Father, Nous/Logos and the World Soul. The Greek triad was composed of Zeus, Athena and Apollo. Romans had their trinity of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. The Hindus had their trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.”
              — The Essential Teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong


              There is only one God — Yahweh. The Holy Spirit is the Breath of Yahweh, and Yahshua is His Son. We are to worship Yahweh as ONE not as a TRINITY.

              “So that they may know from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting that there is none besides Me. I Am Yahweh, and there is no other!” Isaiah 45:6

              There is nothing recorded in Volume Two (New Testament) of the Holy Scriptures that ever quotes Yahshua as saying He was either an equal part of a trinity with Yahweh or that He pre-existed with Yahweh. On the contrary, everything Yahshua spoke showed He was in complete submission to His Heavenly Father Yahweh and to His Laws, as we all should be.

              • Trinity. threes are better than ones. For God’s sake, let us define our own higher power. To shine forth is key! 87

                    • Jen and Dennis,

                      Um OK whatever….. You speak in riddles. The language of snakes.

                      I no talk your language!

                      I speak Truth.


                      Get it?

                      And here is where I am coming from: (oh boy, hoping not for long lol…_)

                    • Trin…

                      I know you’re ready to leave/exit the building/find the escape hatch/check-out/transcend/ascend/run for the boarder/idk…you wanna go somewhere other than here…but I’m not sure you really know where you’re going. Or do you? And who, if anyone, do you intend to take with you? And what if, god/Jesus forbid, you find more of the same ol’ shit at your next stop? I think you come to MV because, at some rooted level, this is where you know you’re ‘safe’ among friends…and despite what you say to the contrary, you’re trusting we’ll help you make ‘the great escape’. You do speak our language and you know we leave no man left behind. And THAT, my friend, is why you’re still here.

                    • To MR. BIG

                      I just have to say, that this is rape.

                      And for you to think you could invade my privacy, know EVERYTHING,

                      Hear every burp and fart….

                      How could I love anyone like you?

                      You blew it like I said the minute you crossed the border

                      And raped my privacy

                      Gave me no honor…

                      Gave whatever I had UP to the world

                      YOU RAPED ME

                      Oh, you didn’t know about my weakness with the alcohol….

                      You are a fucker, that is for sure.

                      Fuck off.

                      You know where this is going?

                      A lawsuit.

                      And you know who I need to sue for you NEVER standing with me?

                      For NEVER IDK… wtf……

                      NEVER STANDING UP FOR ME.

                      YOU ARE A LOSER.


                      PUSH comes to SHOVE…..

                      IDK man….

                      IT’s coming close.

                      Your in-laws like the xxxxx don’t back off…..

                      I might sue.

                      And WHO do I sue…..


                      You fucker!

                      The Sheriff.

                      Of the COUNTY.


                      Goddamn loser afraid to stand up to your own in-laws …..

                      FUCK YOU!

                      I will sue you and this whole county.

                      Fuck off.

                      I want to get better and you’d better well stay away from me.

                    • That means you better be sure your losers stop stalking me, like the Mexican with the dog collar in the park today…..

                      You better make sure this shit stops…..

                      Because if it doesn’t STOP

                      I’m coming after YOU…

                      “Lover Boy”….

                      How’s that”!

                      You never had the guts to even TALK to me and this is here we are.



                      Time for you to become a man?

                      Huh, May be……

                      You be sure, Mr. Sheriff

                      You are an asshole.

                      I finally “got it.”

                  • I’m sorry man I really am.

                    It’s bad.

                    But I will not go down…..

                    I will be not be the victim of YOUR tragedy.

                    I’ve always believed forgiveness was an option.

                    But not for your kind, obvs…..

                    Forgiveness for them just brings the knives out.

                    Well bring them on goddammit.

                    I’m sick of this shit. I’m not gonna live with them, disgusting lowlives, ANY longer.

                    Like “John.” Oh yeah, John is everywhere I go….


                    Because you are NOT my “kind.”

                    • Hey “John”

                      I think it’s pretty clear the “connections” between you + me……


                      So what are you gonna do about it?

                      Because I’m not happy with what you think about me…..

                      I think um, well, …..

                      Isn’t this all a little personal?

                      Jesus said we, when we have problems, we should come to some sort of agreement together, resolve it.

                      I want to resolve this.

                      How’s that.

                      Please, for the good of all involved.

                      Let’s meet a la the Godfather.

                      And discuss this.

                      Is that too much to ask?

                      Before you kill me?


                    • To John,

                      my Brother,

                      I’m excited for US!

                      Please, lol this is so funny how opposite it is….

                      Call me

                      I know you can get my number so I won’t put it out there..

                      Wow, brother!

                      This is a chance at salvation for both of us.

                      I want to meet with you.

                      From my heart.


                      Call me.

                    • John,

                      I can’t honestly believe I am calling out to you….

                      But I am.

                      The one who has turned my own brother and sisters against me.


                      Here I am.

                      I’m drinking some wine right now….

                      Kinda dulls the pain.



                      Is that who you are?


                      Well I never asked for anything from you other than to get by…..

                      Let me and mine get by.

                      Is that too much to ask?

                      And if not, why?


                      I’m done here.

                      Like I told my Bro Stephen, who I love.

                      If you need me

                      You know where to find me.

                    • I am not trying to seduce John Gotti Jr

                      I am asking for a “communion”

                      A healing, as it were….. real communication….

                      I am not a “woman” anymore

                      I am a priestess, in my mind….

                      But I can fight and will fight, just like Ripley

                      So, if you refuse my offer….

                      Let’s have at it.

                      I’ve done what I can…..

                    • Stephen,

                      I love you and I thank you for all you did for me, I mean it.

                      I can’t save the world, or the people in it.

                      Or you….

                      I get it now, and I don’t blame you.

                      I really don’t.

                      You’re off the hook, Brother!

                      Somehow, some way I will ALWAYS love you!

                    • I’ll play this because it “comes to mind.”

                      You, “Stephen” or uh the “Sheriff” or uh um the “Editor”…..

                      None of you are to whom this song seems to be addressed to.

                      Maybe you LOSERS should listen.

                      “I will always love you”

                      That’s Jesus talking to YOU.

                    • I’m lost but hoping I AM found


                      I don’t even remember what this thing I copied is, but here you are…

                      I’m praying I wake up tomorrow with a new day, a new way….

                      Sorry all, and fuck you all who needs to be said it.

                      I AM


                      Yeah, that’s it.

                      Bottom line is,

                      You don’t fuck with me.

                    • Ha, I love this guy.



                      It comes from the love of the Truth.

                      Anyway, thanks Frank

                      I’m done now.

                      Thank you man, I mean it….

                      I'm "done"

                      Don't know where I'll end up but I'm "done"


  4. Those kids in OA should start tapping on the glass. Or maybe they know how to communicate teleptahicley. Ice tap. Spinal tap. Wire tap. Y-Ur tapping.

  5. Those in glass houses should not throw S-tones.
    In the Cohen song, the image of “love” being the thing that “twists” him is nice. Love: that twisty whispery dangerous serpent!

  6. Holocene hollowsceen holloween hollowedseein’

    Innocence innoCent innocene in no scene nazi not see stagier apprentic3

    APP prentUS
    Preying/praying mantri’x

    • fffff AI TH:
      Fffffff Ace:

      Hallow hollowed shallowed she’ll be thy name

      Sh He’s shell low…

        • So all those black rappers singing those words are rascist?
          Girl, bye!
          You say Faith speaks in absolutes but that’s all you post in between lurking and playing hall monitor. You need to be more open. And name calling, really tennis….is that part of your compasssion program?
          GIRL, BYE!

        • Tennis, pipe it down a notch and don’t give yourself a heart attack over a word. Peep out of your tiny box.

          N-G-R (net-ger) Ancient Egyptian for God
          Net-tyr (Net-ger) Khemitic/ancient Egyptian = God, Sacred, Nature
          Net-tyr (Net-ger)
          Negus (Nee-goos) Ethiopian term for “Emperor.”
          Negashi (Nee-gah-shee) Ethiopian term for “Emperor or King.”
          Niger: Roman/Latin term for Black or Negro
          Negre: French for Negro or Black
          Negro: Spanish for Black
          “Nigger” racist, corrupted term used to insult, degrade, enfuriate.
          Nigga: (pronounced “nig-gah), used as a term of endearment by some youth; rejected by others

          as sounding too close to the racist term “Nigger.”
          Netzer (as in Nazerine) Hebrew for “root, original)
          Naga (South Indian and African term) (Black Negro tribes of India and Africa – Sudan to
          Nigeria) = original

          Nagaloka – The Black Negro, Negro-Australoid, Indo-Negroid/Sudroid
          lands and people in Asia (India to Indonesia)
          (see more from the book, “Nagaloka,’ by M. Gopinath (Dalit Sahitya Akademy, Bangalore, India)

          also see “A History of Racism and Terrorism, and Overcoming,” at http://www.xlibris.com
          Ndaba (Manding-Congo/South Africa) = A counsil of wise people, kings, chiefs, ect.
          Ngola (Manding-C.. “King/Lord”
          Nkosi = God (Zulu, South Africa)
          Ngosi = blessing (Ibo, Nigeria)
          Nyamekye = God’s Gift (Akan, Ghana)

          Nile (Egypt, Sacred River)
          Niger (West Africa; Sacred River)
          Niger (country in West Africa)
          Nigeria (country in West Africa)
          Nugarmatta: Term used by Africans of Ghana Empire to call themselves (see writings of Ibn
          Buttata — National Geographic Magazine

          So this is the true story and origins of the “N” word.


          • Anonymous thank you for the post. I have heard people from many races say that sticks and stones may break my bones but words never bother me. Because no one can hurt anyone one with words or a word unless you let them. Heck I have been called a honky a redneck a cracker a nigger lover and worse. I wish people would understand that words do not harm you physically and only mentaly if you let them. prople should stop bickering over a label placed on them by an ignorant person.

            • OM, for me it was revolutionary to hear elders in “the black” community explain that word in a completely different way. They traced the metaphysical reasons why the word may have become corrupted (like so many sounds and symbols) and how suddenly when “blacks” began to use it in their songs as a term of end Ear meant “whites” may have been the first to protest, knowing somehow it’s oRiGiNal power. It was all well and good for others to use it with neggative intent against blacks but for blacks to essentially call each other NTRs, NGRs (Gods)…god forbid!

              Ive tried to talk to tennis a few times about why I’m no longer afraid of that word that has been used against me and my family, but he is close minded right up there with Faith as the moral police.

              I think sound affects form and that’s why we must be careful with the words we use. But I’m open now to the possibility that NGR is not what we were taught it was.

              Thanks, OM. All these names are actually kind of funny when you’re no longer bothered by them.

              Tennis, I wanted to write “now that I know your TRGR, I’m going to keep pushing your buttons. You should not have given me your nuclear codes.”

              • Btw, whether or not that alternative etymology is true, boy is it liberating to have anu possibility!

  7. ffffffffff AI TH, by the lOOks of tings, dozen even seam to gno her owen fayce and bodies…
    She’s an unreal snoozzzzzzefest

  8. To any of yous hear even gno your owen land gauge and its trysts and turns and ma’atmatics? That you impOse on all de otters who she’ll play us at oUR game and twist in turin?

    RU reely peppered?

  9. All you po’ anglish peephole dont even gno Ur owen anglish or tick ology. Yous be sadbad pholk halfen an “outtabodyXperisode”

    • I’ve known worse 🙂

      And today’s weird news.

      Peaches Golding has been named as the first black Lord Lieutenant in Britain.


      But further investigation reveals she’s on board with Moon Consulting. It’s Moon News and Peaches.

      ‘Specialist recruitment and people consulting business Moon Consulting has made a new senior appointment, indicating it has entered a new phase of its growth strategy in the UK.

      Peaches Golding OBE is one of the South West region’s leading ethical business experts. She joins Moon Consulting as a Principal Consultant from Business in the Community, where she was regional director and director of special projects for The Prince of Wales’ START initiative.’

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