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Doctor My Eyes

Lots and lots and lots of pics in this one.



Why don’t we like to look in the mirror ? Why do we plaster our faces with make up and poison ourselves and the world with crap ? What do we see in the mirror ? And what are we trying to forget ?


The Poisoned Mind. And poisoning the minds of others. Et Tu Brute.

‘Do you know how I got my scars ?’


Heath Ledger – The Joker


Even though I think there are ‘spiritual’ reasons and we have a way to go beyond this, I think this has something to do with it.

The Desertron in Texas, CERN and a long, long Time ago.

The Super Collider that never was.




A possibility ? Maybe there is only one planet.



The Poisoned Land.

In the movie ‘Identity’, the Motel is built on Tribal Lands.



And The Shining.



Blowing in the Wind.






The Hills Have Eyes


If you want, come on a trip around Reigate with me.

Look Within. It’s all in there.

Today, I visited a part of Reigate that I had never visited before. Which is a bit odd as I’ve lived in the area for the majority of my life. But ‘When The Time Is Right’ and The Desertron has been opened.



Discover Historic Reigate.




Spring has sprung.



The Underworld.

Reigate is full of tunnels and a cave system.




And there are the remains of an old castle.



The Pyramid Mine.






Total Recall – The Pyramid Mine.



The Cellar Door.



From ‘Donnie Darko’ :

“This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, ‘cellar door’ is the most beautiful.”




The Caves are only open a few times per year and the doors to the Underworld were locked.



But thanks to modern technology, there is more than one way of skinning a cat.

If you are feeling brave, take a tour of the Underworld. Groundskeeper Willie told me it was where executions and torture took place.

This is one very interesting place.



Tunnel Road East.



Tunnel Rd West.









Lost or L’Ost = The East.

Reigate caves built in 1088…88 and 108/801.








And ‘Total Recall’.



The Baron’s Cave.




After the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, each summer, children from the effected area in the Ukraine would come to Reigate for health reasons.



Every Mother’s Son.





All are welcome.


49 thoughts on “Doctor My Eyes

  1. Bombogenesis Weather Frankenstein is barrelling through with Stella.
    Lots and lots of energy!!
    Hang in there Elena! ❤

    • Jen and Frank 🙂

      Yesterday I was standing in the checkout at the store when I realized Frank’s song was playing, No Regrets. And I thought ‘there’s my wake up call’.

      Overnight I don’t know if I was awake or asleep, I had the sensation that I was a particle inside a CERN type accelerator. In fact we all were, tiny particles of light zooming around and picking up speed.

      My impression of Inter Stella/Stellar has been one of going thru Stella. So now at least on some symbolic level we’ve done that. And it was BomboGenesis…my mom was Belgian of Flemish heritage which is Dutch and she loved her tulips.

      • Elena

        It’s difficult to explain the unexplainable so I’ll explain how I see it.

        The Reigate Caves are the Desertron and the Pyramid Mine in Total Recall. Jenny and me visited at the same time by the YT video into the supercollider
        But it’s not only me and Jenny who take the trip but others as well 🙂 .

        And I don’t quite understand it yet but I think you are bang on the mark with ‘Sanctuary’.


                Dr Soloman, who works at Rice University in Houston, believes that the Martian climate will cause a darkening in our skin through carotenoid pigments – found in bright yellow and orange foods like squash and carrots – which will be grown on the planet.

                And our bones may thicken to cope with reduced levels of gravity.

                While these changes would take millions of years to occur on Earth, Dr Soloman argues that they could happen within 6,000 years on Mars.

                Mars is hit by six times the annual amounts of radiation on Earth, and this may help to trigger the accelerated changes.

                and found in Cairo a few days ago Ram eses

                Cairo’s official name is al-Qāhirah, which means literally: “Place or Camp of Mars“, in reference to the fact that the planet was rising at the time of the city’s foundation as well as, “the Vanquisher“; “the Conqueror“; “the Victorious” or, “the Strong” (al-Qahira) in reference to the much awaited Caliph Al-Mu’

              • FRANK

                This pseudo-science nonsense, and particularly the metaphysical, mystical and esoteric stuff which you’re peddling is a satanic deception. You yourself are being deceived by a false light which puts you in peril.

                Any ‘secret lodge or society’ who gives any credence whatsoever or even entertains the ideas and writings of a sexually deviant, pederast child molester like C W Leadbeater is of the devil.


          • Elena you get it girl

            I told Frank as much awhile ago…

            Fly Eagles Fly…….. hunt for the Wilder (ness) people…

            Sanctuary = Seven Sisters…Through the Open Door

            • The Secret Garden.

              You are reading my mind or I’m reading yours. But what’s new 🙂

              And please. Let the Eagles fly up the table. God knows why it still bothers me but it does !

              • Frank with St Hatricks Day fast approaching this Irish related story has more Lost Girls/Beach symbology


                a mirror murder

                In 2008 the body of British schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling was found bruised and semi-naked in shallow water in Anjuna, 70 miles from the spot where Danielle was killed.

                Danielle, who friends say loved travelling, had a tattoo on her wrist which read: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery”.

                which are the lyrics of this particular song

                mirror image

                hiss tory miss story

                • TTN

                  That’s a weird story about the girl in Goa.

                  And you blew my WiFi. I was linking to your Mars story and my Wi Fi disappeared for a few hours. Somehow it’s come back by me pushing a button which shouldn’t have worked but did.

                  My motto is always turn it off and on again !

    • Not sure why it doesn’t exist, try again. It’s a promo for the Philadelphia Flower Show which currently running.

    • Not sure why it doesn’t exist. It’s a promo for the Philadelphia Flower Show which is currently running.

  2. We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
    We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under
    Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better
    We belong, we belong, we belong together
    Maybe it’s a sign of weakness when I don’t know what to say
    Maybe I just wouldn’t know what to do with my strength anyway
    Have we become a habit? Do we distort the facts?
    Now there’s no looking forward
    Now there’s no turning back

  3. Yesterday was 14/3/2017
    Today is 15/3/2017, or, The Ides of March.
    Yesterday, 14/3/2017, the Dow Jones closed at 20,837.37.
    Here we have the number 37 repeated at the end of the figure.
    37 is a very very special number.
    If the Dow Jones were to drop 66.4065% tomorrow (very close to 66.6%) it would go down to 7,000 points.
    This would mean a drop of 13,837.37. Yes, with 83737 at the end like the starting figure.
    8+3+7+3+7 =7+7+7+7.
    Notice also that with the 66.4065% figure the digits add to 9+9+9.

    There have been 2 crashes since the year 2000 which resulted in two distinct lows for the Dow Jones – 1in 2002 and one in 2009.
    They were on 1/9/2002 and 1/2/2009.
    From 1/9/2002 to 1/2/2009 = exactly 77 months.
    From 1/9/2002 to 15/3/2017, Ides of March, = 5309 days.
    From 23/9/2015, Pope in WH with Obama, to 15/3/2017, Ides of March, = 539 days or exactly 77 weeks.
    What? The digits 5, 3 and 9 appearing twice and in the same order?
    5x3x9 = 135 and 135+531 = 666.
    From 1/9/2002, Dow low 1st low, to 1/5/2017, May Day, = exactly 88+88 months.
    From 1/2/2009, Dow Jones 2nd low, to 1/5/2017, May Day, = exactly 33+33+33 months.
    Just lookin’ at the interesting numbers.
    Will the Dow Jones Crash today, 15/3/2017?
    Probably not.

  4. i don’t really fancy Mars – God of War & all that …. another Terra/Torah forming shit hole….

    The two moons of Mars are Phobos and Deimos. Both moons were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall and are named after the characters Phobos (panic/fear) and Deimos (terror/dread) who, in Greek mythology, accompanied their father Ares, god of war, into battle.

    sounds great. (NOT) There’s enough Lunar Sea with just one moon on this here Plane T

    Cellar door = Solar Door ?

    Mars has two moons …

    the atomic element with 2 electrons is Helium / hell iam

    Helium is named for the Greek god of the Sun, Helios.

    SOL = Sun
    SOL = Martian time keeping
    SOL = secure operations language

    The Psalms of Asaph are the twelve psalms numbered as 50 and 73–83 in the Masoretic Text, and as 49 and 72–82 in the Septuagint. They are located in the Book of Psalms in the Hebrew Bible (what is also called the Old Testament). Scholars have determined that a psalm’s attribution to Asaph can mean a variety of things.

    anyway, can’t stop – just a flying visit.

  5. Back in the Courtroom on the Ides of March.
    Let’s see what Ladies Justices do…
    This time I’ve added a black man to the mix: my lawyer.
    Should be interesting.

    • Anon

      Good luck !

      I wondered if it would be today.

      Black Power. A Free Ka / Car and Black Lives Do Matter.

      By Your Side. Mother Africa.

      • Thankh you Frankh!
        All is well that ends well.
        It ended well.
        I have some housekeeping to do (sweeping service in the prosecutor’s office), and then all will be forgiven.

          • Thanks J and F. Part of my housekeeping duties include anger management classes. I can never help but giggle when I hear that requirement from the Law. I even grinned in Court today when the Judge repeated my “sentence”. (Isnt it interesting how legal judgement is linked to a string of words? A sentence. A sin tense. A tisk kit, a tsket….) I’ve been in this judge’s room 4 times now. Last time she growled. This time she too couldnt help but grin. Afterall, my lawyer is sexy.


            • Anon

              It helps I’m sure. Maybe you should have got him to ask her on a date and you would have got off with nothing.

              Make it an anger management class with a difference.

            • Word, sestra! You should be teaching the class since you’re well-versed in the curse-ive Go-spiel. Tell them how to con-verse and dis-cuss without cross-words. Use the right frays and blow their fucking mind! And don’t forget to tell them you’re there because you’re a blood-letter and you L’Ost the alpha-bet.

              Much love and respect! ❤

              • Aww shucks thanks JB im still laughing at the headline in the above link

                POLICE are hunting for a naked man with prominent cheeks who was spotted by a woman near an underpass in the New Forest.

                im not sure which type of cheeks they are referring to 🙂

              • Oh brother (Trinity), you’re going to get ME in treble, Jen.
                I have one 7 hour class to attend called “Why They Stopped ME”, 40 hours of commune IT serve US, and 26 hours of aeNGR manAgement to do to be free. I had to plead no contest which apparently is the same as guilty to the Machine, but that will all be erased like it never happened after I clean like cinder Ella. I have to report to their tower. No doubt it has a cinder vox. I’ll keep you posted. (No I wont. Were down off the cross.)
                TTN and F: holla! Cain I get a whoop whoop?

                • “Why they stopped me”…lol Clearly, you’re a threat to the psy-stem and need of some brainwashing stat!

                  And Whoop-Whoop! 🙂

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