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To Kill A Mockingbird

A month or so ago, I was having a chat with a friend who is interested in many of the subjects I am. Like many of us, he has been hung out to dry spiritually and we were discussing what we can’t see, but sense is happening. And I think my comment was that we can only deal with what is in front of us.

Time is a many splendoured thing, I believe.

“Cracks. Cracks in time. Time running out. No, couldn’t be. Couldn’t be. But how is a duck pond a duck pond if there aren’t any ducks? And she didn’t recognize the Daleks. Okay, time can shift. Time can change. Time can be rewritten. Ah. Oh! Time can be unwritten.”

I believe we have gone through ‘something’. I feel ‘lighter’ and believe something has changed and I am somewhere new. This article is me playing with ideas but I think it’s on the right lines. But I don’t know for sure and can only deal with what’s in front of me. There are a lot of what if’s in the article.

Let’s say ‘Consciousness’ which wants the Universe to go down a certain path had planted itself in different Time Streams or points in Time where it could effect and maybe alter points in time.

As I am ‘Naked’ I will use myself as an example. When I worked at Barclays Bank, Redhill branch from 1990-91, I think, I was promoted to a post with a fancy dan title – Principal of Financial Services. In this role, one of my duties was to deal with the London Money Market and specifically LIBOR – London Interbank Offered Rate. The highways and byways of consciousness. I don’t know but within six months of me taking up the post, the Bank’s Inspectors as they were termed, came into the branch and went for me like a pack of hyenas chewing on a carcass. Maybe the damage already had been done.



And what if Dark Matter had found itself on trial? Maybe it would find itself a hunky black attorney as its representative. IDK for sure. The best example, I can think of.



The War Memory.



My memory and I’m assuming your memory, at the time of writing tells you that the Cuban Missile Crisis passed off without the world dissolving into a nuclear war.

From Wiki d/d today’s date :

‘The Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the Caribbean Crisis (Russian: Карибский кризис, tr. Karibskij krizis), or the Missile Scare, was a 13-day (October 16–28, 1962) confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and Turkey with consequent Soviet ballistic missile deployment in Cuba. The confrontation, elements of which were televised, is often considered the closest the Cold War came to escalating into a full-scale nuclear war.’



But that is what memory says and maybe we have a choice of memories. And ‘what if’ Consciousness had wangled itself a post, where it gave the orders whether or not NATO’s jets with atomic bombs were sent to bomb Russia in 1962. Maybe it wouldn’t give the order.

Lionel Mandrake – Dr Strangelove.




And on a tangent – The Grandfather Paradox.



The Work History.



Over the last few months I have been encouraged to send my Curriculum Vitae to a variety of different organisations.

Anyway, for whatever reason, it wants to go on Merovee and I’m too exhausted to argue 🙂 .

The Resume or The Resa May.


Frank Tremayne
Reigate, Surrey

Profile :

I am an articulate administrator with strong Retail, IT and customer skills developed in Retail and Banking. I also have experience in Wholesale. I am able to manage people as well as situations and tasks and I have a high level of customer focus. I enjoy working with people and feel I have excellent skills in supporting, mentoring and training. I bring strength to an organisation by providing both efficient administration and an ability to work with a broad range of people and problems.

Key Skills

• Customer service
• Strong administration skills.
• Experienced supervisory and management skills.
• Excellent customer relationship and communication skills.
• Marketing and sales skills.
• Financial and banking acumen.
• Excellent oral and communication skills.
• Good computer knowledge including MS Office systems and web design.
• Full driving licence.


2012 / 2016 : Current Employment – Retail Assistant

St. Catherine’s Hospice Shop, Redhill, Surrey.

• Customer service
• Cashier.
• Cash handling, processing cards.
• Sales and marketing.
• Collection of donations.
• Stocking of the shop.
• General duties as required.
• Opening shop and setting up for the way.

2012 :
Data Input

Social Firms UK- Redhill, Surrey.
Volunteering for organisational hub which promotes not for profit organisations, such as NOMS. Duties included :
• Entering organisational details into a CRM database
• Maintaining up to date information and checking accuracy.

2004 – 2012
I worked on various personal ambitions, including travelling, writing two books and running my own website .

1994 – 2004 Craftstones Europe Ltd, Redhill, Surrey.

Assistant Manager

• Overall sales control dealing with import and export of semi-precious stones. High level customer contact both in person and by phone. Responsible for meeting sales targets.
• Organisation and completion of delivery of orders.
• Staff training.
• Preparation for Trade Shows and manning of stands at the shows.

1991 – 93 : Barclays Bank, Gatwick Airport Branch, Customer Services Manager
• Duties include supervision of 5 staff
• Meeting sales targets
• Maintenance of premises.
• Responsibility for overdrafts and loans for customer base of 1000.

1990 – 91 : Barclays Bank, Redhill Branch – Principal of Financial Services Dept
Responsibility included :
• Supervision and training of 4 staff.
• Ensuring correct legal documentation of mortgages and loans and overdrafts.
• Preparation of accounts for management and Stock Exchange dealings.

1979 – 1990 : Barclays Bank – various branches.

• Cashier.
• Data Inputting.
• Foreign Till cashier and administration.
• Preparation of legal documentation.

Education : Lancing College, West Sussex.

A Levels : English, History and Ancient History.
O Levels : x 7, including English and Maths.



It’s Over. But it’s not. It’s just begun.


29 thoughts on “To Kill A Mockingbird

  1. The Brexit divorce is almost final…but now they want to make an ‘example’ out of you.
    Is this job ever done?

    “I’s the formen…I says when it’s quittin time on Tara!”

  2. The Imprisonment of Fear (so called evil)
    Rev 4 (kjv) describes the workings of the machine – almost the same description as in Ezekiel. However, there is a figure sat on a throne in amongst the wizard of oz flames, lightning bolts and noise and surrounded by twenty four more ‘elders’.

    (Incidentally the lamb with seven horns and seven eyes is mentioned in Rev 5 – could this be the very same beast as mentioned in Rev 17?)

    So who is this figure on the throne?

    IMHO this is the personification of Extreme Fear. An ogre/giant of epic proportions – terrifying to behold stomping around with the Book of Revelation in his hand, lashing out in self defence, etc.

    There is masses of literature concerning scary things in the attic that once you realise what they are – Jane Eyre, etc – turn out to be a person with mental health issues. Equally scary ‘monsters’ that once you know their story – Frankenstein’s Monster, the Elephant Man – we end up feeling sorry for them.

    Everything is created in degrees, so there is an aspect of fear who is intelligent enough and devious enough to work out that he can rule the world and work out how to do it. The psychopath.

    Did Psychopath promise Extreme Fear that he will be king of the world ma/King Kong, etc but is really just a puppet sat on a throne imprisoned in the prism and unable to escape. Also imprisoned with Extreme Fear are the aspects down from him also terrorized by fear and therefore easy to control if you know how.

    Extreme Fear has the same limitations as Extreme Love – as EL are paralysed by love – unable to move in case they damage or kill even the tiniest amoeba, unable to think in case they think a bad thought, etc so EF is paralysed by fear he is unable to do or think anything for himself, everything terrifies him – a vulnerable adult who should be looked after and not abused.

    Does EF and his fellow prisoners need to be freed? Does ‘evil’ need to live?

    Deliver us from evil….. is this the evil we are telling god to deal with on our behalf. We don’t care what he does with it so long as we in our little worlds aren’t bothered by it and don’t have to think abut it.

    I would go as far as to say this psychopath we have deferred to is the god of all religions including new age and is also the god that the so called illuminati – sex and death cult members – worship and sacrifice to – he is many faceted/faced and controls everything – for the moment.


    Frank – on the same theme of deferring to something supposedly higher/better than us to do the hard work of thinking for us – the whole ‘it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks’ (Faith tells us the same thing all the time too) irritated me but the more I think about it the more I think you’re correct Frank.

    Perhaps it really doesn’t matter what anyone else on earth but Sleeping Beauty thinks and I would go so far as to say nobody else has to wake up either – like the fairy story (or Bagpuss) once she wakes up (courtesy of Prince Charming’s ten inch prick) everyone else wakes up too as a result.

    • Roob

      It’s all kicking off.

      The death of the Banker. It’s all mine.

      When I worked at the Banker I would sometimes be called ‘You banker’ 🙂 I was Frank who worked at the Bank and was a banker !

      The mass debate, even though it may give some relief, is not really satisfying. Two is more fun.

        • Jenny

          I think again it leads to creepy crawlies and The Underground . And Amsterdam, Holland and the Netherlands.

          Room 101 is the room we fear most. Nemesis talked about Extreme Fear and I had my ‘Don’t be scared’ message.

          In my younger days I belonged to a Sunday football team. For three years, every Easter I went on ‘tour’ to Amsterdam, if you could call it that. A huge pub crawl from beginning to end. The ‘darker’ side of Amsterdam is dominated by the Red Light district and drugs. In effect ‘dark currency’.

          The first two years we went to a relatively cheap hotel and me and two others shared a room – Room 101 and we called ourselves the Room 101ers. For me Room 101 is in Amsterdam.

          The other year we stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam where Lennon and Yoko One had their bed in .

          Lennon was shot outside the Dakota building in New York where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed.’This is really happening’.

          And this jumped out at me earlier. Anyway, I believe it’s something to do with the East Born girls and Slav(e)s. I think we are looking a long way back.

          Pre History.

  3. ‘Scientists just stumbled on five new subatomic particles, helping to illuminate some of the most fundamental parts of the universe.

    ‘The particles had been “hiding in plain sight”, according to one of the researchers that found them.

    ‘Researchers working on the Large Hadron Collider, Europe’s giant atom-smasher, ran into the special particles while working on the LHCb experiment, also known as “beauty”. That experiment is exploring what happened just after the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe.’

    • Roob

      Who are the explorers ? Seems remarkably similar to recent articles and experiences.

      ‘That experiment is exploring what happened just after the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe.’

    • Faith

      Thanks.The article asks an interesting question.

      ‘The Machine – All other atom smashers in the world are either above ground or have continuous ground level access points around the circle or tunnels. CERN is conveniently “hidden” 575 feet underground in tunnels that did not upset the landscape while being built or in operation. Where were the environmentalists and concerned citizens while CERN built this underground behemoth? Where are the pictures of the vast amounts of dirt that had to be excavated? Frankly, when we lived in Boston during the “big dig” it was impossible not to see traffic congestion, cost overruns, corruption, and lots of trucks, construction workers, and dirt. We simply can’t find anything on the internet regarding the construction of tunnels at CERN which is by far a bigger project than anything of its kind—ever’.

  4. You’ve inspired me to polish up the ol’ resume.

    However, since my resume is sitting on a computer that has been dead for almost 3 years, I guess I’ll have to get…creative. Heh heh heh.

    • Cade

      I did mine on my phone ! Once you get accustomed to it you can do virtually the same as on your PC or laptop.

      And what is really going on ?

  5. “2004 – 2012
    I worked on various personal ambitions, including travelling, writing two books and running my own website.”

    Now this is a great entry!
    Can I borrow the idea, Frank?

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