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I’m going a bit mad with articles at present but things are moving quickly.

The Whole of Us. Holland.

This article is an exploration of my past and maybe yours, as I think we are deep into the collective mind, whatever exactly that is. IDK.

I went to school in Lancing College in Sussex, England. One Saturday, after I had watched the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’ for the first time, there was a plane crash on the coast road which runs along the south coast opposite Lancing College.


Shoreham air crash


When I was 16 and 17, and before the days of ID cards we would sneak out to the pub sometimes. One of the pubs that would welcome irritating underage public school boys and girls was a pub called ‘The Amsterdam’ in Shoreham.



To get to The Amsterdam, we had to cross water over the Shoreham Toll bridge over the River Adur.



Fast forward about ten years, I joined a Sunday football team which every Easter had a tour to Amsterdam in Holland or The Netherlands. If you could call it a football tour.

I went three years in a row. The first tour involved a ferry trip over water via The North Sea to Amsterdam. The next two years we flew.

For the first two years, we stayed in a slightly dodgy Amsterdam hotel. My room number was Room 101 which I shared with two others and we called ourselves the Room 101ers. For me, Room 101 is in Amsterdam.

Something too dreadful to be faced.




Or maybe it’s Room lol.



Anyway, the memories are hazy due to the ingestion of too much alcohol. But one bar in the Red Light District has stuck in my mind. The San Francisco bar.



The last year I toured Amsterdam, the football team got upgraded and we went to The Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. At the time, it seemed weird that a boozy football team should end up at The Hilton and still does. But don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, which is a phrase that doesn’t make much sense either.

The Hilton was and is famous for John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s bed in at the hotel.

From Wiki :

‘As the Vietnam War raged in 1969, Yoko Ono and her husband John Lennon held two week-long Bed-Ins for Peace, one at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam and one at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, each of which were intended to be non-violent protests against wars, and experimental tests of new ways to promote peace. The idea is derived from a “sit-in”, in which a group of protesters remains seated in front of an establishment until they are evicted, arrested, or their demands are met.’





John Lennon was shot dead outside the Dakota in New York. It is also famous as the location for ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.



‘This is no dream. This is really happening’ .



From The Independent ( thanks Roob ) :

‘Scientists have stumbled on five new subatomic particles, helping to illuminate some of the most fundamental parts of the universe. The particles had been “hiding in plain sight”, according to one of the researchers that found them.

Researchers working on the Large Hadron Collider, Europe’s giant atom-smasher, ran into the special particles while working on the LHCb experiment, also known as “the beauty experiment”, which is exploring what happened just after the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe.’




Get ready for Sex Collider. You have been warned.



Free Love. And memories.



From Tatyana Everything. :

‘In pagan times, sex has played an important role for the Slavs. It was directly linked to notions about the world of the Slavs. Fire, water, sun, wind, trees – all the elements and objects, according to the ancient people had a soul, and sex, and, consequently, they were not alien to all human and all living things. Sex was quite common, that is, without chastity, but on the other side – without excesses and liberties.

The Slavs also had a lot of rituals and holidays, when men and women bathed together naked. One of them was dedicated to the goddess of fertility, and patroness of marriage Lada. Later that day became known among the people as the day of Ivan Kupala. On this day, reigned full sexual expanse.’


People in Motion.



Chief Wiggum doesn’t like Free Love.



Welcome To The Eagles Nest.

There has been a big glitch in Dark City. A new pub has manifested itself. Below is the pic of ‘The Eagles Nest’ pub in Redhill, which I took yesterday. And looking at the pub, a shrewd guess tells me the pub supports Crystal Palace.

But there is one other important factor apart from supporting Crystal Palace. The pub wasn’t ‘The Eagles Nest’ only a few days ago but another pub which I don’t remember the name. No workers or painters. It has literally manifested itself. I looked at ‘The Eagles Nest’, it looked at me and I went WTF.



FromThe Millennium ( thanks Faith ) :

‘The Machine – All other atom smashers in the world are either above ground or have continuous ground level access points around the circle or tunnels. CERN is conveniently “hidden” 575 feet underground in tunnels that did not upset the landscape while being built or in operation. Where were the environmentalists and concerned citizens while CERN built this underground behemoth? Where are the pictures of the vast amounts of dirt that had to be excavated? Frankly, when we lived in Boston during the “big dig” it was impossible not to see traffic congestion, cost overruns, corruption, and lots of trucks, construction workers, and dirt. We simply can’t find anything on the internet regarding the construction of tunnels at CERN which is by far a bigger project than anything of its kind—ever’.


Life On Mars. It’s the past and it’s the freakiest show.






55 thoughts on “Holland

        • Thank you. That seems to fit.

          Time crystals are great because they’re completely different to anything else that we have on the planet. They’re the first specimen we’ve seen that are of a ‘non-equilibrium’ state of matter and could hold the key to quantum computing. “It shows that the richness of the phases of matter is even broader [than we thought]. One of the holy grails in physics is understanding what types of matter can exist in nature. [N]on-equilibrium phases represent a new avenue different from all the things we’ve studied in the past, ” stated physicist Norman Yao from the University of California.

          And the Bridge.

          • Frank

            In 3D time is linear. My understanding is that in 5D, time not only flows forward and backward but expands outward like a hand fan.

            • The Time Hack. Always wondered about Jim Croce’s initials.

              And as if to prove a point.I’ve just been to do my shopping and I passed an estate agency.

              There is a house being auctioned in Westcott, Surrey on 12/12/1878. Looks a good price.

              • Frank

                JC is a Philly native, whose last name means ‘cross’ in Italian.

                And you can’t say Jim Croce without saying Jim Crow. Segregation…separation…the space between US.

                “Life isn’t black and white it’s a million gray areas. Don’t you find?” – Ridley Scott 🙂

                • Jim Croce’s ‘Operator’ was also featured in The OA.

                  His plane crashed in Natchitoches, La while flying to Sherman, Tx for a concert.

      • Frank on tv today during the attack a sign in the background said ‘Find your Escape Route’….or find London/Olympus has Fallen

        Go Eagles we play each other next…..and some crazy stuff going on with me at the min as well…

        Faith said the pub used to be called the Tower….. the centre of the Multiverse

        it features Cooper (The Man in Black) and Idris is it a sequel or a prequel or both

        • TTN

          I think everything we have been talking about has opened a big ‘something’.

          And I mentioned ‘Don’t be scared’ and the very quick meme is ‘We are not afraid’. I’m a bit frayed round the edges at the moment !

          But it wants to be seen. The Eagles Nest is just so obvious and aimed at me. This is happening.

          And I’m now wondering about the Holy Grail. And what will happen on the day we reach 40pts if we do. One or three points against you would be handy !

          And the Day of Ivan. From the article I quoted :

          ‘The Slavs also had a lot of rituals and holidays, when men and women bathed together naked. One of them was dedicated to the goddess of fertility, and patroness of marriage Lada. Later that day became known among the people as the day of Ivan Kupala. On this day, reigned full sexual expanse.’

          Last week I was told to go direct to get past the barrier. On Tuesday I went to West Mount House in Linkfield Lane. I now have access to the computer system at West Mount House.

          • Frank your determined to get this certain gorilla into trouble…… Kumbacka

            what on earth full sexual expanse means I have no idea but its got Ivan terribly excited reign it on…

            this was always going to be Merovees final destination

            • TTN

              Good song. I haven’t heard that in yonks .

              And had another Time distortion earlier. Sad for me in a way but also beautiful.

        • The Bond movie Spectre ( Rel 26/10/2015 UK) has scenes on Westminster Bridge much like the TV pics of this ‘event’.

          From 26/10/2015 to 22/3/2017 = 8+8 months and 8+8+8 days.
          From 14/7/2016, Nice attack with a truck, to 22/3/2017 = 8 months and 8 days.

          • Ken

            Thanks. But I don’t think it as simple as a group of baddies sitting on a Hollywood set making movies about future events.

        • Kendo an 88 time loop and echoes of the past and its exactly six months until 23/9 when the Rev 12 sign takes place… put all the numbers together and see the pattern….the bigger picture we are in a rerun a repeat cycle

          we need to find the escape router /root….or the yellow brick road

          • From Charlie Hebdo shootings 7/1/2015 to 22/3/2017 = 805 days and 805+8×5 = 845 = 169×5 = 13x13x5.
            8+5 = 13.

            From the Paris shootings on 13/11/2015 to 22/3/2017 = 495 days = 5x9x11 days
            4+9+5 = 6+6+6.
            4x9x5 = 60+60+60.
            495+594 = 33×33.

      • Faith

        I’ve lived and worked in Redhill for probably about 30 years. Until yesterday, I have never known it as The Eagle’s Nest. I can assure you I would have known !

        The world is not what it seems. Apols and all that.

      • lolz…whatshername just got back from a New Mexico skiing trip where no one skied except my daughter who only skied once…and there was some place up there she mentioned that was called The Eagle’s Nest.

        Must be some…connection(s). A Google search for “The Eagle’s Nest” would prolly melt The Internet.

        I was gonna bring up Berchtesgaden when she mentioned that name, but she would have had no interest. Plus, the good people of Austria are prolly sick and tired of that name and/or the reference. Like the Spanish being sick and tired of The Spanish Flu. lolz. We need an inquiry. What should we call it? 😉

        Can names be fatal? Or do people need to get involved for that kind of unkind shit to come about?

        Great song below.

        ^Jay Lumen – Babel (Original Mix)^

        Oh…and Frank? I gave up on the idea of me writing a humorous version of my resume.
        Me not being able to find work/gainful employment has just lost all of its funny. :/
        Temporarily anyway.
        I’ll continue to think on it.

        ^The Smiths – That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore ( video)^

      • Faith

        Speaking just for myself. If Frank has made a mistake with regard to the pub, and I’m not saying he has, perhaps you could find it in yourself to forgive him and move on. Instead of this constant need to ‘beat up on’ and prove your point.

        Grace is after all the foundation upon which your faith rests. In fact it is I believe the ‘proof’ of faith. Make this about you and your growth, not Frank.

        And I apologize to Frank if I have spoken out of turn.

        • No problem Elena but I can assure everyone that in my experience until yesterday, The Eagles Nest was another pub. And it has never been called The Tower either.

          Faith can believe what she wants. No problem with me.

          No need for forgiveness over this. This is how it seems to work ! It’s the second time in a week that the past has changed.

          • Frankly, I had the same thing happen to me last week. There’s a nearby stretch of highway that was recently renovated a couple years ago…but last week it seems we went backwards in time…because the new highway is no longer there. Either they screwed up on making it the first time, or something is wrong with my remembrance…or both.

            • Jenny

              I had something similar with a road a few months before I started Merovee, when a road that I had driven on many times disappeared. That day was the inspiration for Merovee.

              Actually it’s the only time I’ve had missing time that I’ve noticed, after I passed where the road should have been, the next thing I could remember is coming to another road about five minutes away. And it wasn’t the normal blank, you can sometimes have with driving.

          • Faith

            The religion I was born and raised in, at least as far as my dad was concerned, smugly refers to itself as The Truth.

            When I was 33 (there’s that evil number again), I was disfellowshipped from that religion because I publicly declared that it was not The Truth. I was expelled out of fear that I might try to convince others that it was not The Truth and some might actually begin to see through the illusion of The Truth. I haven’t forgotten The Truth, I have seen through it’s deceptive nature.

            Only three things remain, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.

  1. Frank,

    What is happening in London near the Houses of Parliament?
    Why are they keeping silent about the guy’s identity who drove the Hyundai into the railings? Rego was EX66 RWO.
    66? Really?

    • Ken

      This is going to sound weird to you and it is. And connected with your neck of the woods.

      The English Asian is A Gent (leman).

      Can Asians say the N Word ?

    • Roob

      Thank you. Cloud Atlas is now open for everyone which is the idea.

      ‘Since its first publication in 1896, the International Cloud Atlas has become an important reference tool for people working in meteorological services, aviation and shipping.
      The first edition contained 28 coloured photographs and set out detailed standards for classifying clouds. The last full edition was published in 1975 with a revision in 1987, which quickly became a collector’s item.
      Now, embracing the digital era, the new atlas will initially be available as a web portal, and accessible to the public for the first time.’

      Friend’s eye most strong.

  2. Raising the djed – April Fool’s Day

    If you look at the bible with its tares and wheat, book of revelation, Georgia guide stones or exoteric postings such as the hidden hand, etc you will see a so called ‘reaping’ is supposed to occur. This is what happens when prison overcrowding becomes a problem and a new dome world needs to be constructed. The proposal for an orbiting Asgardia and films such as Elysium tell us what’s happening.

    Presumably when this has happened in the past the previous dome world was stripped and left to bob around as a planet – whether really above us or projected – perhaps another explanation for the ‘multiverse’.

    Additionally, you can tell we’re at the bottom of the heap as everything else is above us.

    To wake up is not to wake up in this world – in our zombie bodies, ie to get into conspiracy theories – but rather to wake up in an original body – to have a soul leave this body while still alive and go into their original body and wake it up.

    When people were sent down to this prison planet they were – as above so below – stripped of their possessions. One of the main possessions being their original body. Of course a lot of people have been born in captivity but those originally born free have that body stored somewhere.

    There are three original bodies somewhere waiting. The bible’s Mary Magdalene, The Whore of Babylon and a male. If the machine wins then this male is Jesus programmed to have the doctored personality of the bible Jesus and he will reign over a new earth with fear disguised as love (as we have now) with his original wife – Mary.

    If the machine loses then he is Lucifer again, able to have his original personality back and his original second wife – known as G. Together they balance the extremes and everyone is freed and forgiven.

    This all depends on which ‘goddess’ wins the game.

    Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same. For god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son …… and Lucifer getting chucked out of heaven by god are basically the same event with different spin.

    If Mary M and Jesus wake up then the reaping and new world order occurs. This will look like a good thing for a while for some people – the new agers, religious people, etc will all be rejoicing – as they are all looking at the same thing but just from different angles. However, religious people of all denominations seem to love their rules and regulations and woe betide anyone that doesn’t follow them to the letter – it’s off to Denver ‘airport’ with you. If the Whore and Lucifer wake up then everyone is freed forever – truth, beauty, freedom and love.

    The Mona Lisa (moon leaser) represents the machine’s Mary Magdalene. Her right hand is on top of her left wrist. The left hand subtly shows the symbol of the Whore and Lucifer.

    The right hand over the left hand path (and her self satisfied smirk) is symbolic of her supposed ’ triumph’ over them.

    She is there to lease the moon (or more accurately ensure the continuation the existing lease) to the machine – where everything relating to us such as life records, bodies, footage, possessions, etc are stored.

    It’s not over until the faithful and true lady (the Whore of Babylon) sins again with her truelove – l.ucifer – ie prince charming wakes up sleeping beauty by giving her an electric kiss on her open, wet mouth – anima magnetism – dog eat dog.

  3. A spinster: a woman who hasnt been Mary-ed (ie, Mary Mad-dog-liened). Now that’s an interesting spin!

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