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The Tower

In the last few articles, I’ve talked about Anne Frank’s Secret Annex and the Frank Family. Even though this may seem a bit up my own arse, there is something to it.

Also, I discussed the possibilty that at conception, at a Quantum Level when faced with the choice which sex we will be, it solves the dilemma by choosing both options and that I may have a twin Frances out there. Anyway, today I was contacted by Francesca from The Tower. I doubt if Francesca in my reality, is my feminine alternate dimension twin and think it’s more complicated than that but a sign that different dimensions or planes are joining. It’s not a coinkydink.

Some may take the view, I’m being dicked about by The Machine but I think there is more to it and see it as positive.



And I’ve promised to ring her between 9 and 11 on Monday, which may ring a bell. It’s about Time.




Danger, crisis, sudden change, destruction, higher learning, and liberation. Well, what’s new.

The Tower Tarot – Wiki:

‘The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, sudden change, destruction, higher learning, and liberation. It is also a blessing in disguise Change, albeit forceful change is being thrust upon you now and though it may feel like it is happening against your will you need to remember that this is for your own good. Change is the only way to unfold all the hidden, until now, possibilities of the “gold in the Shadow” (see Carl Jung).’


Inside Trump Tower.



And the Frank Family hints at something. Virtually, all my life behind the scenes, I have a sensed an Uber Menschen mentality.

The schools I attended, even though on the surface they seemed fine, in hindsight had a strange dark undercurrent to them. And also Barclays Bank with their connection to South Africa in the Apartheid era.

In the 1980s, I played amateur football and occasionally would bump into football hooligans. Again, looking back there was a sense of a hidden hand behind them.



Back in the 1980s, I was asked to hack into the bank accounts of an organisation which it was discovered had a fascist and racist leadership behind the smiling face. I won’t name it to protect the innocence but the name was very similar to The World Economic Forum. I didn’t then but maybe now is the time.

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Think Tank.



Davros created the Daleks and the Daleks believe they are The Master Race.




Dark City and The City of London. The Currency.




The Tower of London


And the Dark Currency. For example, drugs, prostitution, child abuse and sweat shops. You may notice if you put a relatively small amount of money into your bank account, say £ 5000 , it will be flagged up in case it is laundered money. Actually, that is a lot of money but I hope you know what I mean. But the currency still flows apart from the occasional ‘expendable’ who is thrown to the wolves to show ‘something’ is being done.

The Body.



The Digital Highway and Auto Motion. I don’t have a car anymore and do a lot of walking now and have noticed how much Auto Motion impacts the flow of energy.

The Ring of Steel.



The Orbital M25 motorway is a barrier around London.



I was asked to hack into the accounts of the ‘Economic Forum’ on the A24 which runs from Worthing, West Sussex into the heart of London.



And the Roman Empire Never Died.

For the vast majority of the road, the A24 follows the original Roman road, Stane St – SS – which went from London to Chichester.



And another Ring Of Steel – the Oorto Motion. And a bit more wordplay – the ‘Ought To Motion’ and Auto Motion.

The Oort Cloud. As Above, So Below.


The Oort Cloud -Wiki :

‘The Oort cloud (/ˈɔːrt/ or /ˈʊərt/, named after the Dutch astronomer Jan Oort), sometimes called the Öpik–Oort cloud, is a theoretical cloud of predominantly icy planetesimals believed to surround the Sun to as far as somewhere between 50,000 and 200,000 AU (0.8 and 3.2 ly).It is divided into two regions: a disc-shaped inner Oort cloud (or Hills cloud) and a spherical outer Oort cloud. Both regions lie beyond the heliosphere and in interstellar space.The Kuiper belt and the scattered disc, the other two reservoirs of trans-Neptunian objects, are less than one thousandth as far from the Sun as the Oort cloud.

The outer limit of the Oort cloud defines the cosmographical boundary of the Solar System and the extent of the Sun’s Hill sphere. The outer Oort cloud is only loosely bound to the Solar System, and thus is easily affected by the gravitational pull both of passing stars and of the Milky Way itself. These forces occasionally dislodge comets from their orbits within the cloud and send them toward the inner Solar System. Based on their orbits, most of the short-period comets may come from the scattered disc, but some may still have originated from the Oort cloud.’


All that matters is the bottom line. Do you Excel at putting numbers in a box ? And Sex Sells.



It’s Big Business at the Excel in London.

The Western Gateway.

‘Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL’.



I’m sensing it’s time to send in the Dambusters and the Bouncing Bombs.



‘Hello Nigger, Old Boy’.

Dam Racist Dam Busters and The Black Dog. Which is amusing in a Black Humour way. I think it depends what sort of mood you are in.



And Depression. Even though it is harsh medicine, Nigger can be a route through the maze.

Personally, I found the best route was not to try and tame the Black Dog but run with the Black Dog.



And ‘I Can’t Breathe’.



But I Want to Bereave.



‘I’ve not moved on.’ And our shared pain.

Rio Ferdinand was a very successful professional footballer who played for England and Manchester United. Materially, he had the perfect life with a wonderful family and a job he loved. And then his beloved wife died.



Back to Dark City. JB and multi dimensionality. Casting Jon Benet.

‘A brilliant original in multi dimensions’.



And the murder of James Bulger.




It’s an Exiting Time.


46 thoughts on “The Tower

  1. Frank well done Go Eagles Palace were insane and played like demons

    I told you to keep the faith but we may have blown it the title could be disappearing down the plug hole….especially with our fixture list… Costa was awful we need to get rid

    I had a dream about an eagle last night so the O Mens were not good…

    I picked a book at random in the library last week you can guess what its title was…

    its about sanctuary and crystal clear is the message I have been getting on a loop and the message is….Go Home…..while you still can can…

    • TTN

      “Go home while you still can” – That’s the message I’ve been getting as well.

      And the Winds are changing in the Netherlands of the Weather Underground.
      Hopefully, that means no longer being the societal [April] fool and going against the Current sea, which is like defying gravity. But I’m filled with optimism that WE define the parameters of a renewed reality…the Vikings of unchartered lands!

    • TTN

      Squeaky Bum Time!

      The Eagles are coming home to roost.

      Maybe only in a parallel Universe.

      I convinced Jenny to watch the movie Sliding Doors at the same time as me earlier.

      IDK if you’ve seen the film but when the train pulls in on the Underground it is 777. But the train, the alternate Gwyneth Paltrow leaves on is the 201. 2-1. I shouldn’t gloat 🙂 .

      And since the article about The Dambusters and their Bouncing Bombs, and the A24 and Rio, an unexploded bomb has shown up on the River Thames in Putney. The A219 which is a continuation of the A24 runs through Putney.

      The bomb is submerged. Danger UXB. But maybe April Fool.

      ‘I’m sensing it’s time to send in the Dambusters and the Bouncing Bombs.

      But Chelsea should make it though. I think only Spurs can catch you now and they tend to find a way to fail.

      • Frank John Hannah is Scottish and from EK where I used to live and her other boyfriend in the film is another John from N I John Lynch who was the Belfast cop in The Fall

        He starred as a supporting actor in Derek Jarman’s Edward II (1991), as Lord Craven in Agnieska Holland’s film of The Secret Garden (1993), as Tadhg in The Secret of Roan Inish (1994), and as “Gerry” in Sliding Doors (1998).

        Lynch is also a novelist. His first novel, Torn Water, was published in November 2005 by the Fourth Estate, a literary imprint of Harper and Collins, and his second, Falling Out of Heaven, was published on 13 May 2010 by the same publisher.

        and I don’t mind you gloating your team deserved it 🙂 Im glad all over your staying up

        I was in class on Wednesday and two of my students said ‘here comes the Doctor’ I asked them why they were calling me that and they said it was because I sounded like Peter Capaldi ???? but he is from Glasgow I replied ….and SCOTTISH not Irish…….. “you all sound the same to us”, they replied.

        and strictly no swearing in class or I get very upset

        • I wondered about the Scots / Irish connection as well when I was watching it. It seemed purposeful if you like. And John’s girlfriend is American which again seemed to have a point.

          And again a car crash at the end, when in one of her lives she is hit by a car.

          And here when I was watching the movie, the most beautiful and enormous rainbow appeared.

          And Matt Smith for me. Bow ties are cool. I actually said that to someone on Thursday.

          And I think the best and most exciting live game, I ever went to. Chelsea v Palace – 1976. FA Cup Fifth Round.

          • Frank I used to go out with an American girl she was from Philadelphia (like Elena) but her parents were from the FALLS Road in Belfast.

            and HANNAH is a name that keep cropping up with me it was the name of the police woman I sold my house to in EK.

            and in regards to over the rainbow


            I liked both DT and MS as the Doc and coming soon MS is hunting for Patient Zero


            • TTN

              Patient Zero :

              ‘The index case, primary case, or patient zero is the initial patient in the population of an epidemiological investigation,[1][2] or more generally, the first case of a condition or syndrome (not necessarily contagious) to be described in the medical literature, whether or not the patient is thought to be the first person affected.[citation needed] An index case will sometimes achieve the status of a “classic” case in the literature, as did Phineas Gage.’

              And Matt Smith’s first episode as Dr Who involved Prisoner Zero.

      • When I was in Eastbourne, I left little notes behind…hidden somewhere in the staircase. Who knows if they’re still there.

        Perhaps the UXB is also an artifact left behind.

  2. Black Dog… That’s where I posted my first ‘sync’ in comments… Purple People Eater. Funnily enough at the top of that post…

    ‘I was channel surfing last week and landed on the climatic scene of Back to the Future where Doc Brown is trying to send Marty home. As the lightning illuminates the Tower I noticed the presence of this large cat.’

    Really interesting to re-read that whole post again…

    Compounding interest, Clicky… Black cur-rant juice smells like cat piss…

    ‘Again, regular readers will probably know what’s coming here. Something smells bad/unusual? That’s right, it’s sulfur-containing compounds. In the case of the blackcurrant, it’s thiol containing compounds (those containing a –SH group) that produce the odd likeness to cat urine. Despite being present in pretty low concentrations, their odour thresholds are low enough for them to have an impact on the overall aroma of the blackcurrants.’

    ‘What do Dogs Chase?

    ‘The Cat.’

    It was especially interesting to be reminded that Tezcatlipoca is translated as “Smoking Mirror” as Blue Frank’s post today is about ASH et al and the enjoyment of being lost in a Russian’s translation…

    • Roob

      Was this you ? And did anything extraordinary turn up ? 🙂

      Not sure yet if it is significantly, but will let you know if anything extraordinary turns up.

      And another one that springs to mind is Dirk Gently and Mrs Sauskind’s lost cat which isn’t lost in the altered reality. And I mentioned Lucy had died in a comment, last Saturday. Lucy was a cat.

      And beware the Midnight Man.

      ‘Anyone who performs the ritual inaccurately runs the risk of running into the Midnight Man, a terrifying figure that can bring the participants’ fears to life.’

  3. Just because Vertigo is one of my all time fav movies and seems to fit here somehow. 🙂

    It involves a bell tower, St. Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist) and the thing that scares US, I mean really shake and sweat and I can’t breathe. And a lot of other things like past memories and mirror images and the one image we can’t seem to forget.

    It’s always puzzled me that the inside of the tower is black and white in contrast to the vivid color of the rest of the film.

    • Elena

      A few years ago I had a bad attack of vertigo, even though I suspect it was more than that.

      It scared the you know what out of me. It is the most peculiar sensation. But the fear reduced by about 90% when the doctor told me it was vertigo.

      ‘Vertigo is a symptom, rather than a condition itself. It’s the sensation that you, or the environment around you, is moving or spinning.
      This feeling may be barely noticeable, or it may be so severe that you find it difficult to keep your balance and do everyday tasks.
      Attacks of vertigo can develop suddenly and last for a few seconds, or they may last much longer. If you have severe vertigo, your symptoms may be constant and last for several days, making normal life very difficult.’

      Mine was BPPV.

      ‘Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) – where certain head movements trigger vertigo.’

      The etymology of Vertigo :

      Vertigo (n.) :

      ‘Early 15c., from Latin vertigo “dizziness, sensation of whirling,” originally “a whirling or spinning movement,” from vertere “to turn” (see versus).’

      And back to Hitchcock – The Byrds. ‘Come on you Eagles’.

      Turn, Turn, Turn.

      • Frank

        I’ve had that spinning sensation from inner ear issues a few times, it’s nasty.

        It makes some sense in connection with the tower which connects with three other images I’ve mentioned before.
        The stem of the mushroom cloud, which is nuclear.

        Botticelli’s painting of Dante’s Inferno, it’s hell.

        The funnel part of the tornado, which spins.

          • WTF?

            I was attempting to explain to a seven year old, who had just seen the Beauty and the Beast film, something about ‘the beast’. How people want to destroy the beast because they fear it and it’s power. But the beast can’t be destroyed it just comes back stronger and we have to find a bigger weapon to destroy it and again it comes back even stronger and we need an even bigger weapon and on and on.

            But Belle chose to understand the beast and in understanding, the beast was no longer a threat.

            On the clear understanding that this kind of thing can happen, shall we dance, shall we dance, shall we dance?

            • Elena Frank…..have you watched Emerald City the Wizard is Big Frank and he wants to fight the Beast Forever…but he believes in science and outlaws magic

              When Dorothy is swept up by a tornado and brought to Oz, the police car she has sought refuge in strikes and seemingly kills East, throwing the leaders of Oz — the Wizard and East’s two witch sisters — into shock and, in the latter two cases, grief.

              They see it as a sign that The Beast Forever, a force that regularly ravages Oz, has returned to seek vengeance once again. The Wizard sends his loyal, stoic swordsman Eamonn out to find and kill whoever or whatever came through the tornado. Bad news for Dorothy and her little dog, too. (In this case, a not-so-little Germ man sheep herd, actually.)

              a police car (box) and a K9 arrive out of the vortex…….siriusly


  4. I still don’t know what the fuck he’s saying but I grew up with this man and disc tovered hymn while drive ling and long ing and quite possibly cryogening and ting tongs in between.

    I never know what the fuck I might say fromm one day to annex, but hell, I dont get 99% of the brit/irish/scottish pReferences EiTher and understand U All just as much or less than JI, so what the fuck.

    Nemesis, don’t go too far away from ME. ❤

    • Anon

      Hello 🙂

      As we seem to be in Dark City. You mentioned about black people disappearing and other dark things.

      If you have any links or articles you feel maybe interesting, please feel free to post.

      And about the M25 motorway that runs around London and the digital highway. It looks very much like a particle collider with the particles whizzing round the motorway ( and sometimes coming to a full stop ) and occasionally crashing into each other.I’m close to Junction 8.


      And the Oort Cloud. Or Ought Cloud.

      I oort to lose weight, get fit, work harder, be nicer, stop smoking or drinking, he more punctual, get my hair cut or whatever it is. Guilt and there’s something wrong that needs changing.

  5. Close my eyes, close my ears and have my MOUTH wide shut & what DO I get?
    Eagles nest egos lest

  6. Godda help US WHO GNO knot our/hour/theur/tier/tower OWN NOW landguage lessen dan (dam/n!) dey gno da back (chewbakka) of deer owen hand!!

    Imho de mensen and Uber Drivelers Hoe rote de babble are/our a mixen of min en machine all reddy.

      • (But dont ask me what the fuck that even means!)

        There are no reel clues in this life.

        That is th3 Secrwt

        Just con the Keyboard wid its (widgets/digits) auto ma’atic offerings of nonsense….

  7. Everytime I try to pay a pill (I mean bill) or join a membership or buysHoes or other Ab/ba Soulute/Salute non sense online ( no lien), shit gets thorn barack at Me. Al so ik ben en machine….
    I Mean puuuuhlease and Mississippi god daymn!

    • We done gno even hour owen guad damn Id I o See!
      Gnor how two spell IT!
      Fuxking boring!
      Butter to luxory8?
      Gno, Tennis?
      Right, Nemmis?

      Why so sHALLOWED be Ur nems…?

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