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Echoes Of The Past

What Is Rael ?

The Westminster PC has been laid to rest.



And the room where the first message was sent.

Lo and Behold. The birthplace of the Internet. ‘A military hardened machine’.



The Pyramid Scheme. Keeping the game going.

From Wiki :

‘A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.

Pyramid schemes have existed for at least a century in different guises. Some multi-level marketing plans have been classified as pyramid schemes.’


And the remains of a new pyramid have been discovered in Egypt.

From :

‘A new pyramid has been discovered in Egypt – dating from 3,700 years ago.

The remains of the 13th dynasty pyramid were discovered today in Dahshur just north of the famous Bent Pyramid.’



Reigate Fort.



And in a week or so, Pope Francis is visiting Egypt.



And in more Frank family news. Following on from Anne Frank’s Secret Annex, Sean Spicer is in trouble with the Anne Frank Center when he said :

‘Even Hitler didn’t sync to using chemical weapons’.

From the Anne Frank Center – US. Fire the SS. It’s Scary Spicer.




And on Saturday, it is 4/15 – see the Boston Bombing.

Fahrenheit 451. Book burning and nuclear war.



And Frank’s Central Island is being altered on 15/4. Who knows what that means ? Maybe just that the island in the driveway will be altered πŸ™‚ .






Letting the Stars go free.


58 thoughts on “Echoes Of The Past

  1. It’s no coincidence that Spicy dropped the chemical bomb on the first day of Passover week. Which is about emancipation and ultimately death and resurrection and passing over or through the Red Sea.
    And ‘unleavened’ bread. Leaven causes the bread to ‘rise’. πŸ˜‰

    These holy days are time markers calling on US to remember something, but what exactly?
    Only the ‘deep state’ knows. πŸ™‚

      • Jen Elena this weekend is the anniversary and remembrance of the Hillsborough Disaster when 96 men women and children were crushed to death at a Liverpool football match. As usual there was a cover up by the law.

        My wife who is from Liverpool still refuses to buy the Sun newspaper because they also lied and covered up the truth.

        Remember the 96 two clubs one city

        the twin (towers) flames

        SS Sporty Spicer is also a Liverpool fan and ran for the 96

        The Spice girls have got two Mels B and C and two SS’s the other one Scary Spice the mirror image is going through a break up 1 become 2. beauty and the sex beast… apparently he liked it rough and got violent and beat her up…

        and Sean Spicer is a semen who comes from a long line of semen.

        they also like Scary Spice 99 in nearby Manchester she is a heroine

        and 2 beecome 1 by the Spice Girls was made in 1996 and filmed in Times Square in New York and featured the Twin Towers.

        Robbie Williams from Take That (bang wallop) went even further than 2 by sleeping with 4 out of the 5. Posh Spice (Queen Victoria) the ice queen turned him down….. so he never go to bend it like (King David) beckham πŸ™‚

        • TTN, two days ago a creepy vehicle pulled up beside me will all dimmed windows and the tag “Justice Protection Services”.

          Fucking creepy …

          Google that “company”

          • mirror image the reptilian scales of justice league Maat and Baal we have been weighed in the balance and been found wanting so the writing is on the WaL/Law

            we have been judged by the judges dead (Spectre) and have sky fallen and are now Lost in Space… in memory….. lest we forget…..but never fear Smith 007 (John D Harris) is here πŸ™‚

            A million shards of glass
            That haunt me from my past
            As the stars begin to gather
            And the light begins to fade
            When all hope begins to shatter
            Know that I won’t be afraid

            • TTN – Great song. πŸ™‚

              It’s complicated ! Seems to be the message right now.

              Philosophically and historically, I see a long series of ‘uprisings’ and corresponding suppression. Energetically we’ve ‘risen’ to the place we are now, which is the jumping off point into the unknown, the place where we ‘risk it all’. And we’re suddenly overwhelmed with panic, and we can’t make that ‘leap of faith’. Like the first time you jump off the diving board. πŸ™‚

              But essentially it’s all US. The ‘divided’ states of US. Fighting to decide whether to ‘rise’ into the unknown or to pull back into the familiar. So we tell ourselves we’re not worthy.
              But, I can still see my dad in the pool beckoning to me, ‘come on you can do it…jump!’.

        • TTN…….like your wife, I too am a Liverpool fan and would NEVER buy that rotten newspaper, who’s name I won’t even mention.

          Just interesting though, that Liverpool manager Klopps former team Borussia Dortmund is also known as just BVB.
          BVB = 2222 or 22 22……..which I believe numerically relates to the ridiculous ‘twin flame’ occult beliefs.

          BVB and Liverpool FC fans both sing ‘You’ll Never a Walk Alone’ as their identifying song.

          Of course….the twin flame/ twin souls/ soul ties belief, is complete man made nonsense and deception, and has no biblical basis whatsoever.
          There is no ‘mystical binding’ of souls.

          Trust in Jesus Christ, and ….’You’ll Never Walk Alone “

          • Faith good to hear from you and I agree…you will never walk alone…

            in regards to the mystical joining of souls

            I Sam 18

            As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit (joined together) to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. 2 And Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father’s house. 3 Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul

            no Biblical basis whatsoever πŸ™‚

            and listen to Adam

            in regards to BVB 22 22 it results in life after death Child (wren) 44.the DaviDic King and Victorian Queen. read 2 Sam 22

            but I am still recovering from all that Zombie Spice so I could be still hallucynating

              • Is this the Bible you don’t believe in…..that you’re now quoting from?

                Nice try……but you really need to stop quoting from fake bible versions of Gods Holy Word.
                And secondly, stop interpreting Gods Word to suit your own agenda.

                Twin flames/ souls or whatever other rubbish you believe in is totally unbiblical.

                • Faith why so hostile? you don’t win anyone over by constantly insulting them and bashing them over the head with your KJV only mantra. However even your King Jimmy says exactly the same thing if you read it. Its everywhere all around you if you would take your head out of the sand (man) and look at the fetal imaging


                  Gill 22, had the ultrasound done on April 4 (44) at Fetal Vision Imaging in Levi ttown, Pennsy lvan ia or maybe its Trans sylvia n ia

                  “Congratulations Carissa and Randy with your kissing twins!” the company wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for coming to Fetal Vision, we hope you enjoyed your experience with us!”

                  The facility offers parents an opportunity to see their baby in 2 D 3-D or 4-D.

                  this world is unreal in any D

        • TTN

          Please note I don’t believe in Karma as a form of divine punishment but for me Hillsborough and Heysel have always been connected in a sort of Time Loop / alternate watsit way.

    • ❀
      The Shhhhallowed State may too…?
      "shallowed be thy nam….".
      High low deep surface …who cares?

      It's all the Sam

      • May is the moonth of shell.
        As in shall.
        Shall as in Shhhh Hell.
        As in May be.
        be thigh nam….

  2. Echoes of the past – Schapelle Corby from 2005.
    Found guilty of importing 4.2kg of cannabis into Bali, Indonesia on 27/5/2005, day#147.
    To be deported back to Australia on 27/5/2017, day# 147 and 147+741 = 888.
    Uh-oh! Exactly 12 years or 6+6 years or 3+3+3+3 years!
    144 months or 4383 days or 626 weeks between both dates.
    4x3x8x3 = 144+144.
    4+3+8+3 = 6+6+6
    144 months = 3x(8+8+8+8+8+8) months.
    Or 8x(6+6+6) months or 8x(3+3+3+3+3+3) months.
    1+4+4 = 9 or 3+3+3.
    She was originally arrested on 8/10/2004, day# 282
    Day#’s 282-147 = 135+531 = 666.
    2+8+2 = 6+6
    1+4+7 = 6+6.
    From 8/10/2004 to 27/5/2005 = 33 weeks.
    So, from arrest on 8/10/2004, to deportation on 27/5/2017 = 3+3+3+3 years and 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3 weeks.
    8/10/04+33wks=27/5/05+almost 33x(6+6+6)wks=8/10/16+33wks= 27/5/17.
    The centre span of almost 33x(6+6+6)wks is actually 4152 days.
    4152 + mirror 2514 = 6666.
    (4152 days = 593.14285wks whereas 33×18 wks = 594wks)

  3. So, Corby was in Jail from 8/10/2004 to 10/2/2014, or 9 Yrs 4 Mths and 2 days.
    Or 108 Mths plus 4 Mths and 2 Days
    Or, (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6) MONTHS and (6+6+6) WEEKS.
    From 12/10/2002, Bali Bombing, to 27/5/2017, Corby deportation = 7+7 YEARS, 7 MONTHS and 7+7 DAYS inclusive counting.

  4. I tend not to, butt, Dream, I opened your OS lynk. As usual, they arthur is obsessed with the ass. I guess asses are not such a bad thing. We all have one, we all use them and we’d all be full of shit if they didn’t exist?

    Anyhoo, my take away was willow and the benben. I’ve seen the sphinx in person as well the obelisks and temples at Luxor butt, unlike the arthur, I cant recall much if any bird shit. Not anymore, certainly, than whats on the western Malls. More than less, the ssTones seemed “clean”, esp given their age. They wear well; you should go have a look; rely less on what you reed.

    “The pyramidion is also called ‘Benben stone’. Many such Benben stones, often carved with images and inscriptions, are found in museums around the world.

    The phoenix, the bennu bird, was venerated at Heliopolis, where it was said to be living on the Benben or on the holy willow. According to Barry Kemp the connection between the benben, the phoenix, and the sun may well have been based on alliteration: the rising, weben, of the sun sending its rays towards the benben, on which the benu bird lives. Utterance 600, Β§ 1652 of the Pyramid Texts speaks of Atum as you rose up, as the benben, in the Mansion of the Benu in Heliopolis.

    Here’s another lynk, though I havent clicked it open yet. Tell me what you see….

    • Anon

      This has always made me think about Willow. And the link to Egypt and the Nile.

      ‘Another tree, the willow (tcheret) was sacred to Osiris; it was the willow which sheltered his body after he was killed. Many towns in Egypt with tombs in which a part of the dismembered Osiris was believed to be buried had groves of willows associated with them.’

      • Do you know frAnkh, when I named the baby that and Paul went along, I had not even the slightest clue that IT would be born so young it’d become a fish that seeded a tree and I had never even really heard of KhemIT though I was living in the riddle of IT? All my babbling was an afterTHOT. My living and junubein’ came first. MYtheology only later.
        Even now I amazed how well i preDickid the futures


        Pre Hysterical!

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