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The Lost Drone

A new slant on the request for help with the missing Lost Cat – The Lost Drone. One of our drones is missing.

RIP Drone.



The Event Horizon of a Black Hole has been caught on camera. Now we wait to see the full picture.



‘Scientists around the world have spent five sleepless nights staring into the abyss, and are hoping they’ve been rewarded with something that could change physics forever – the first photo of the event horizon at the edge of a black hole.

If their efforts were successful, we might be on the verge of actually seeing the edge of an elusive black hole, allowing us to see if the fundamentals of general relativity hold fast under some pretty extreme conditions.’


Going Underground. Trump drops the Mother Of All Bombs in an attempt to disrupt the Underground and the Cave Men.



The Caveman. UGG.



Carry On Up The Jungle.



Kim Jong Un is threatening to test a nuclear weapon in a tunnel.



And the Jung Uns aka The Young Ones – Vyvyan’s Fart.



And NASA have announced there is a strong possibility that extra terrestrial Life exists under the ice on one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus.

From Wiki :

‘In Greek mythology, Enceladus (Ancient Greek: Ἐγκέλαδος Enkélados) was one of the Giants, the offspring of Gaia (Earth), and Uranus (Sky). Enceladus was the traditional opponent of Athena during the Gigantomachy, the war between the Giants and the gods, and was said to be buried under Mount Etna in Sicily.’



Dozmary Pool in North Kornwall ( Cornwall ), England where it is claimed King Arthur received Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, and was returned by Sir Bedevere.



Happy Easter, microbes under the ice on Enceladus.



A few hours before the news of the Moab and Enceladus, I popped into my local library in the Harlequin Centre and books about Antartica and the South Pole jumped out at me.

What is the mystery of the South Pole and the Marster Race ? What lies under the ice at the South Pole ?




And Southern Poland – Arbeit Macht Frei and Auschwitz. ‘Concentrate, boy’.

Just following odours.



One of my theories has been that the belief that the Earth is the only planet which has life on it, is a reflection of our internal ‘ego’ belief that ‘I am alone’ in an uncaring Universe.

And if I’m reading the runes correctly, Frank and David will now be visiting a moon of Saturn’s to crack the ice. Company will be appreciated.



The melting ice. She’ll melt your popsicle. LOL.




To Enceladus and beyond.


78 thoughts on “The Lost Drone

  1. FayTH (Faith), squawk about being an agent of de Ark ness:

    There is a paradox to blame….you want it darker?…You’re ready Your Lord…

  2. The “mother of all bombs” might be the N word. Or even bigger than the N word. Like I’m talking preHistoric. Pre-tennis, pre-sinned. Pre-synth. Pre-NAGAsaki.

    Butt, what would faith or dream or knowitalledge (kenniTHsss) know aboot any o dat?!

    • And what would tennis gno about any of da’at aeither?

      Oh, and all you nutty yolk: Happy Oaester!!!!

      • They would be me Anon as there are just us nutters left as everyone else is hiding in their bunkers

        April 15 is officially known in North Korea as “The Day of the Sun”or as its known in Ireland….. Sunday 🙂 although technically it is still Saturday but we don’t worry much about little details like that.

        Happy Wester

        • 😀 ❤ !!!!
          Happy Easter EU Nutty Ass Prof.
          You and your typos are Y I lelft schol!
          I love uou u lover u!

    • Im squawking Pre-Hysteria here!

      I’m squawking pre- Big Gnosis (socalled “big data”) and jues!


      It is very very important, my dear friends to make ones self laugh! And to laugh at the humor that otters halve to offer!

    • I’m squaw king pre-Penis!


      I love to laugh my ass off and wait for the religious and sacrilegious and the edumacated and the UN and SSwitzeland to develop their theories ‘boot it!

      They all amke me lass!!!TH!

  3. For Ur record, this is where I have to report to at 9am tomorrow mourning, some day ahead of the erection…i mean…insurge ection…i mean…eLection (chi nese squeak)…i mean resurrection! Fuck, my lisp is getting worth and worth!
    I have to report there, at the foot of the Queen Mary in exchange for absolution of my syn of resisting arrest. Mary doesn’t care, mind you, but her and her son’s minions do and they are all dodo bryds I muth navy gate!

    If I dont report back here in a reasonable amount of time, Fr-Ankh please send in the clowns! They may be the only ones capable of distracting the BULL (shit) from ME.


    “Jason Lehman isn’t a mathematician, but he believes he has come up with the magical formula for improved relations between the community and police.

    E + R = O

    The Long Beach cop didn’t exactly invent the equation. Success coaches have touted a variation on it for years.

    But Lehman believes he is the first in the country to apply the concept to relations between cops and the public, which these days are at a low point because of several recent highly publicized officer-involved shootings around the country.

    The letters stand for Events, Reactions and Outcome.”

      • Well I went to the Tower that contains the Presecution and Attorney and it was all locked up. There was there except a transgender walking through, screaming at the top of his/her lungs about “niggers” and money…and 3 guys squirreled away in a tiny control room with no windows. They had the door open to breathe, so I asked them about the class’s whereabouts…and the oldest directed me to the Tower’s Public Notice board. I went to read it but someone had dropped another kind of bomb (ie shit) directly in front. Even now, hours later, the stench is burning holes in my nose’s memory. I went back to tell the fellahs and they were giggling and said, yeah, theyd seen it. Bastards.
        Tbh, I had no real care one way or another about the pollocks but now I can’t stand them. This whole episode has generated anger. Not, “loving kindness” tennis.

        Anyhoo, before all this as I parked my car in the Court’s lot, a group of ladies was taking Trump out of their trunk. He was a pinata, they told me, that they’d made years ago “when he started his mexican stuff” and theyve been altering and trunking him around to various insurgenseas since. They were headed to one this morning and after some thought, decided to keep him in the trunk. We all laughed as they it shut.

        I think I’m going to the beach. My nostrils need airing.

    • Do not cross the line .

      The red or blue one.

      And won’t mean a lot to you but today is the day Dr Who gets a new black female companion.

    • There’s quite the story going on in that picture. Stories…even. When I start to think about the individuals themselves, and their individuals stories? In my mind anyway, “exponential numbers of stories to tell” just went motherfucking BONKERS as far as trying to rationalize that number in a numeric fashion.

      Perhaps its no wonder that we sometimes feel this crushing guilt, and yet have no idea as to this guilt’s source or origin. We take “the easy path.” No wonder it’s so easy to get lost, feel trapped, hope and hopelessness wrasslin in some cosmic smackdown…all inside of our head and/or heart.

      I personally was struck by the notion of “Holy SHIT!!! How many “Police Lines” do the need?!?!?” But then I saw myself as that “yellow line” in the middle (being the coward that I am), and I wondered…”I wonder if I can walk that yellow tightrope made out of plastic there dividing those two sets? I wonder what those two sets would think about me doing so?”

      Yep…lots to think about in that picture. Especially for those of us here in the US. Lotta different police uniforms in there, lotta different colors, lotta badges and patches. Same goes for “the other side” of that yellow line. Lotta badges and patches. Lotta logos on a lot of people. Maybe even a thought there of “self-seeking” with respect to “how do I identify myself to others, via what I wear, that reflects what I personally identify with?” The “NIKE” shirt is prolly gonna jump out the most. But to me, that cop car in the background kinda makes that NIKE thought lose some of it’s “flair” or “oomph”…even with the red/white “backing it up”…so to speak.

      I guess we can get to that suave motherfucker staring at us now. I’m “positive” that he might have some thoughts. I wonder if those thoughts include an unseen party in this picture? Represented by a blue line, and a red bar with white text? Some days, it prolly just does not fucking pay to be a computer graphics artist, when you have some groups that are “taking symbolism with mountains of salt” and trying to figure out the symbolism that is nested in the moment and moments. Because now that I am thinking about this picture, and the division and divisions that are represented, there is an embedded nature that makes my head want to fold, especially when I think about anyone who may be reading this particular block of whatever that I am writing, and keeps glancing up to see what I am seeing in that picture, due to what most would call “cryptic hints”?….maybe? “Suggestion?”…even?

      That is not my intent, but I can certainly see someone making such a distinction.

      If you look at the blue line that surrounds the picture/screen, and notice the read bar with the white text, then compare those with the red/blue of the clothing, then the “black on black crime” kind of thinking…the black text on that yellow line maybe kinda…”defines my particular modality within the confines of cowardice” that is my own life. At least, that’s how I see it. Because I can also see myself wandering though the crowd on either side of that line, but I would not fit in with either.

      Sound like an egomanic? Me and my “me, me, me” types of thinking? Welp, maybe that’s why I choose not to choose most of the time. Because at some point? These groups that you associate with are going to hand you a gun and tell you to report to the frontlines for battle. Even if that “gun” is a sign that espouses less tangible bullets.

      “Safety in numbers” or “power in numbers” kinda loses all of it’s appeal for me. But I guess that’s maybe because I look at that boring-assed Book of Numbers in The Bible as perhaps a long-assed list of names that would have been lost to the histories forever, were they not listed there by someone who took the time to list them. This particular book in The Bible almost has tomes of a book written by God himself/herself/whatever. Not that I know, because I don’t, but that’s quite an accounting there when you consider A) the possibilty of “a god” existing at all, and B) what is paramount to God/a god with respect to creation/life.

      Just my thinking, but “people” are prolly gonna be on that list of priorities somewhere. Seems to me that can be a gateway of sorts to look at the entirety of life and lifeforms…a little differently. Maybe even, how life is expressed and how life chooses to express itself. Maybe that’ll help us a little with this “duality” crap.

      Yeah…the “holographic nature of nature” concept can get a little confusing when this concept is always related by “the elders” as static images. But to be fair, it’s only recently that other options have become available to us to express “the fluidity behind the template”…so to speak. If was gonna use the word “mold” there instead of “template”…but that added another dimension that may have cause confusion so I changed it/went with something else. Yep, life is a little fluid. Just gotta “stir up the waters sometimes” I guess. Sometimes, not so much. But…whatever. Lost my train of thought…I gots no answers.

      ^Bob Marley – Stir it up^

      Sorry for the rant Frank. 😦

      • Another eerie thing about that photo, Cade, is the man on the left. His chest looks like the control panel for a machine…and the buttons don’t just seem silkscreened on. Did you spot that too?

        • Upon looking again, and noticing that he appears to be standing in front of a projection TV/projector or whatever…yeah…it looks as if he’s got some shit silkscreened onto his jacket. This made me notice a red line at the bottom left of the picture, just below the bottom of the blue band that encapsulates the TV picture. Mad me notice the shadows, and the vertical blinds. I hadn’t noticed that crap that appears to be on his jacket until you mentioned it.

          I guess re-looking at the picture now, one of the things that still stands out to me most, is the hand-mic of the officer’s radio to the far left. It’s partially draped over the police tape that is spanning his chest, and is pretty much right over his heart. Not that any of that really means anything, just an interesting detail that caught my particular eye. /me shrugs

          Those “supers” that are superimposed on the dude’s jacket are very interesting tho. Would be interested to see the pic without the dude/the dudes shadows in front of it. Just sayin.

    • Oh…and why are you shaking in your puking boots?
      Puking boots got the shakes?
      Or are the puking boots full of puke?

  4. Two different stories of mistakes and Pen(n) and frightened people…

    ‘Despite leading in the polls for Round One, The Express reports that a monumental computer blunder could cost Marine Le Pen the French general election as 500,000 citizens living outside of France have the chance to vote twice.’


    ‘Crowds fled New York’s Penn Station Friday night after an Amtrak police officer deploying a Taser was mistaken for gunshots, causing a stampede that left 16 injured.’


    • JB,
      I love the SS skits. The funniest ones left, imo.
      That one brought up this for me:
      “concentration sinners”.
      It makes me thing of the swaying, “Where attention goes, energy flows.”

      concentration c-Amps.

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