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Gone Fission

‘I could be wrong. I could be right.
I could be black. I could be white.’


Humanity is in a strange place at present. What’s new I suppose. A couple of months ago I got the message ‘Don’t be scared’ which I now understand because it has been scary. And a few weeks ago ‘Don’t fall for what you are about to see’ which I believe is connected with the present nuclear war scenario

But underneath it all, there always seems to be a joke, however bleak everything seems. And don’t blame me. I think someone, somewhere is taking the piss.


The Frankenmissile has been unveiled. And it has a long range inter continental ballistic capability. ‘Yeah Baby’.



Crossing the Yellow Line. The line in the sand is yellow.



In Britain, ‘Spending a Penny’ is a phrase for having a piss. And today, I read the President of Vice of US, Mike Pence, has gone to South Korea. They’re ‘Sending a Penny’.



And being totally racist, there is a divide between North and South Korea along the Han River which flows into The Yellow Sea.



Yellow River.



We Are Water.



There is No Parking on Double Yellow Lines in Britain.



That’s Seoul. Baring the Soul.



The Bering Strait Theory.

‘The Bering Strait theory would have us believe that all of North America was uninhabited by human beings of any kind until the supposed ‘ice age’. The theory contends that all the ancestors of American Indians originated in Siberia.’



Pangea :

‘Pangaea or Pangea (pronunciation: /pænˈdʒiːə/) was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras.It assembled from earlier continental units approximately 335 million years ago, and it began to break apart about 175 million years ago. In contrast to the present Earth and its distribution of continental mass, much of Pangaea was in the southern hemisphere and surrounded by a superocean, Panthalassa.’


And Jewsy Lucy. Plenty to upset everyone in this article.

The Black Whole. Maybe all colours are the New Black.



So what is under the Pole Ice ?
In the search for alien life, NASA have detected possible signs under the South Pole of Enceladus.

What is the mysterious Thing ?



Is it A Line ?



And finally a phrase to mull over, which you won’t hear mentioned at polite dinner parties, not that I’ve ever been to one, or anywhere else apart from on Merovee probably.



The Erotic Multiverse.


23 thoughts on “Gone Fission

  1. Lessee here…I think there are some games coming up in Korea soon. Maybe they are just getting started early or something?

    Levity aside, I would assume that there is PLENTY of practicality within North Korea. “Global Community” be damned…North Korea is as much a part (no pun intended) of the world as any other country. But I guess in that context, maybe it’ll allow a chance for some dialog.

    A penny for your thoughts.

    ^Crookers- My Penny^

    I can understand why people want to look into the future. Know certain outcomes, or at least certain potential outcomes. But when you are operating in the present, irrespective of you connection(s) to the future, at some point it seems to me that it becomes necessary to put the future behind us and let the present be. We can prolly better communicate with the past at this point, and ask for guidance from our ancestors. That is, A)assuming that they are willing and able, and B)we will listen.

    I personally have struggled a great deal with my “getting back into perusing the news” with respect to what possible benefit that it could have by me doing so. However, we tend to be a little rough with our treatment of history sometimes, because we omit the players themselves in favor of the plays. Meaning, we are so focused on “what would you do” or “what did you do” we omit ourselves completely. Almost as if it somehow absolves us of any responsibility. Tough lines to walk for sure. But I see kindof a “phasing” rhythm to the nature of history both past AND future that sometimes “seems to appear from nowhere.” That ring of the tomes of “history repeating itself.”

    Welp…if you wanna get creative with that thought, stop dredging up history and dragging it along for another ride though the mud in the future via the present from the past. Maybe this is what is meant by the “Jacob’s Ladder” analogy, in that there are many templates for certain things that can be used in seemingly unrelated tasks which seems to further compound the problem. But maybe such a “wild-assed suggestion” will give you pause as to your purpose and purposes. It may even reveal the intentions of others, which may also help you further with your analysis of your own.

    I just know that The Olympics of The Winter Variety are being hosted in South Korea early next year. I love The Winter Olympics. But I’m from the Southern US…so…go figure. But my heart melts every time I think of watching that Mexican Cross-Country skier in 1988 finishing like an hour after the previous last place skier crossed the finish line. Inspiring.
    Roberto Alvárez –
    The above? Not so inspiring. (The fact that there is no article)
    (Reading the above article made me both laugh, and cry)
    No videos to be found of him crossing the finish line, but I saw it myself on TV.

    Go world go.

    • Cade

      About Korea and the Core.

      Is the Core a nuclear reactor ? Gone Fission.

      From Nature –

      ‘Are there nuclear reactors at Earth’s core?

      Fission reactors may have been burning for billions of years.

      Could this be home to buried nuclear infernos?

      Nuclear reactors could be burning deep beneath the ground, two scientists have claimed. They say that uranium could become sufficiently concentrated at the base of Earth’s mantle to ignite self-sustained nuclear fission, as in a human-made reactor.

      This is not the first time that natural ‘georeactors’ deep inside Earth have been proposed, and the idea has previously been greeted with scepticism by geoscientists. But physicist Rob de Meijer of the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, and geochemist Wim van Westrenen of the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, believe that their new proposal is more plausible.’

      • After reading your response, I began to think a bit about the concept of “The China Syndrome” as it was first postulated, and how I have though about that concept withing the framework of plate tectonics, continental drift, subduction,etc., and how these things relate to other forces/energies over time with respect to The Earth/Terra, it’s rotation, where we are, where we were, where we’ll be, ad-nauseum. Our “live models” are going to be Fukushima and Chernobyl, but there are many other “live models” to consider within that scope as well. Nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, nuclear testing, accelerators, biological weapons, microbiology, virology, ad-infinitum.

        However, as I started to read the article itself, I started to think about the process of extracting Uranium 238 from Uranium 235 in centrifuges, and how that relates to spin and spin and orbits and rotations within “the ether of the quanta.”

        Perhaps the/a force that “urges” Uranium in its “natural state” at different times. Sometimes “urges” it to slow down, sometime “urges” it to speed up. If we think only in terms of electon/proton loss/gain, or mass loss/gain, we might miss something. 😉

        EX: If you have “a family of 5″…and one(1) is “lost”…can that one(1) be replaced? Will it return? What if it returns, and it has already been replaced?

        So thinking about “dizzy particles” or errata or erratic or free-radicals…yeah, there’s more to the story than “the label.” Especially if that label is based on a specific set of events designed to specifically identify this whatever that has already been labeled/identify it…now…we just gotta confirm it.

        Take a step back, look at you players and motives within the scope of active/inactive participants and observers…and all of a sudden…the dynamic of the dynamics get fucking WACK real fucking quick. Maybe this is the/a origin of “integrity” in ways that some groups might define as impossible as it relates to “this” and/or “that.” So…”the difference” between organic and inorganic, and whether or not one can exist without the other, irrespective of the differences within the context of a framework of time. Leave out what got you there, and you’re prolly gonna hit some walls here and there.

        So, the possibility of “nuclear reactors” at the core of Earth/Terra, and the possibility that these “natural processes” were nothing of the kind. Meaning: manmade leftovers of previous mistakes/disasters, long since dismissed as “impossible” within our current time and times. Ancient glass found here and there, that might also be found “here and there” on some more recent timelines. Maybe even, ways of making distinctions between “God’s and The Gods’ Times of Wrath”…and “Man’s Times of Wrath.” The short being, the difference between an “extinction-level event” caused by man, and those caused by The Universe/God/The gods.

        Sure. Why not? Our ancestors weren’t stupid. They may not have always been smart, but that doesn’t make them stupid.

        ^Homer Simpson Plays Meshuggah^

        Nice to meet you. Didn’t catch your name.


        I dunno. It just seems that “the more that we dismiss “A”, in favor of “B” for the sake of “X”…”X”…is gonna always be either “A” or “B”.

        I dunno. I gots no answers.
        Catch ya on the flipside of that alphabet rotation. 😉
        Maybe we can give it another go, and help ya find whatever it is you are looking for.
        Or not.

        Maybe all this is more about “cold fusion” than fission? Maybe about how fusion and fission are the same thing at different times? And maybe about how fusion + fission at the same time = another animal entirely? Lastly, the notion that “fusion” produces cold, and not heat? Same with fission, but fission achieves this in a different manner on a different timeline under different conditions? Maybe even how the notion of “a star sustaining itself indefinitely, and possibly even infinitely and/or eternally?” Lotta “fuel” in The Universe. Lotta gains and losses always transpiring here and there.
        /me shrugs

        • Cade

          I think you’ll enjoy this video. Or maybe not. Universes created by nuclear reaction, alternate Universes, CERN and particle accelerators, Zero Theorem and infinity.

          And a bit of wordplay from me, the Kim Young Universe.

  2. Today I woke up early and made jewsis with my new Omega jewser. It’s my 2nd day trying it. My piss is the color of what I juice. Ver interesting.

    I then went to the beach with Mary. A young polish family appeared and plopped down beside us, two parents, two kids and two gigantic movie cameras. The little girl flitted and whined in and out of polish and english. The parents chased their kids around in circles, cameras thrust in their direction. The whole interaction seemed fake and filtered. Through the lenses.
    Within minutes the little girl had had enough of acting and began to screech, “I want to go home. I want to go home. I want to go home.”

    I was laying on my back soaking up the sun and I was like, You dont sway…”

  3. It was Franklin who once said “In this world nothing can be certain, except death and Taxes”. Of course, if you’re Old Money, you neither die nor pay to go to Taxes.

    President Trump’s too cool for the EState of Taxes…but still, Americans want to know his bottom line, be it red, blue, or yellow.

    • It’s interesting to me how some of junguns who grew up under the threat of a psychotic “God” and his Altar Ego as well as the equally sick threat of being fried like anu clear chi ken…just aren’t going to take it anymore. No more bullying. “Do it or don’t do it, but shut up anymore!” Some junguns don’t take kindly to losers holding threats in their pockets like weapuns of mass destruction.

      • Amen Sestra! I’m no babble scholar, but this verse says it all, imo.

        Ecc 5:8 If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

        Love that fucking verse!!! The Christian god is a mere flee…a low Man God on the totem pole in comparison to larger, more powerful Gods/Goddesses.

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