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The Man Date

She’ll Shock.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May has called a snap General Election for June 8th over Brexit.

Following on from the The Resa Rection on Easter Sunday, there is now The Resa Election. These are the jokes, folks !

The Jeneral Erection.



She wants a political Man Date and an Election in June. So why has Theresa May in April called for an election in June ?

Because Theresa May, Can Can. Don’t blame me. And why does Theresa May look like an extra from The Living Dead ( thanks Roob ) ?



The May A.



Every tangible aspect of reality is likely to be an illusion.



And why can’t God create an unliftable stone ? ( Thanks to Jenny). This is a wonderful video from a young man called Max Loughan, which goes over many of the topics discussed here such as Infinity, the Zero Theorem, Alternate Realities and the Mandala Effect aka the Mandela Effect, CERN and particle accelerators and other high powered concepts.

One of the ideas that jumped out at me was that God is bigger than God which is a paradox if God is ‘All There Is’. Which fits with a section from ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch where God is trying to explain God. And ‘God’ says that God is part of something that is immeasurably larger than God.



And in relation to the Mandela Effect and altered realities. Over the weekend, I rewatched ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. In my previous viewings, I remember Frank’s body being sent into deep space by HAL but in the version I watched on Saturday, Frank’s body is retrieved by Dave.

The House Of Mirrors.







And if I’m reading the signs correctly we will be spending a bit more time in Room 101.

Last week I mentioned that the Central Island was being altered.



A Free Ka.

The alterations have been finished. I think. In Britain, there is a good old fashioned Anglo Saxon phrase for when you are scared – shitting bricks.



And Green Land.



It’s Bricks It.


52 thoughts on “The Man Date

  1. I am EM bare-assed I even know about it or half an o Pi Onion….but Caitlyn just announced she has given up her balls.
    Becasue she was s/he “got tired of the damn things swinging around.”
    In truth, I think Ken Dull is her favorite child and s/he has willed them off to her. I mean him.

      • Ugh. I’m so glad I’m not in that viSinity anymore. The rabid indoctrination of the babble thumpers has destroyed people’s minds. It’s like who can reach religious climax in their sunday best the fastest to show everyone who’s the most holy and favored by “God”. Such affectation. I couldnt stand it!

        Imo, the “pastor” is an idiot for even having a congregation. What do congregations do? They group fucking think. Rabid beasts….

        • And all tye missionaries flying in and out of there to check on their little “Projects” while, Stateside, they salivate over the “Revival” they planted supposedly kicking off in da hood (aka afreeka). Friggen ewww.
          Just ewwww

      • And I know you know this because you told me but it’s been an interesting day.

        Cern have said they may have detected a new physics.

        Physics :

        ‘1580s, “natural science,” from physic in sense of “natural science.” Also see -ics. Based on Latin physica (neuter plural), from Greek ta physika, literally “the natural things,” name of Aristotle’s treatise on nature. Specific sense of “science treating of properties of matter and energy” is from 1715.’

        • Hmmm. Some interesting thoughts regarding these “deviations from the standard model.”
          Discrepancy A: The LHC/LHCb or whatever itself.
          Discrepancy B: Omitting LHC/LHCb or whatever.

          Just have been giving a lot of thought with respect to relatitve position of these accelerators themselves, how these machines align particles, as well as the sensors/detectors themselves, relative to “nature.” Nevermind their locations underground.

          Also some thoughts about these collisions and/or near misses, with respect to conditions inside and outside of these vacuums. Just wondering about the conditions outside, and how they are responding to these “high-energy reactions.” Has kind of a nesting sorta quality with respect to “natural-unnatural/unexpected-how to return to natural state.” Almost like a vacuum within a vacuum, where certain particles have no idea where to go/how to behave.

          Maybe there are some additional dynamics with respect to the concept of micro-black holes, and how they are created and “destroyed.” So maybe this “statistical anomaly” is actually a frictive type of deprecation encountered within, and because of, this machine itself and how it does what it does. Lotta electronics around this thing that are prolly considered “statistically anomalous” as to it’s role and roles. Nevermind the “organic/inorganic” angles.

          If we think about spooky action, maybe how a discrepancy can manifest in two different places at the same time, but only be detectable in one place. Mainly because, that’s the only place you are looking. /me shrugs.

          Nice catch Frank. 🙂

          • Cade

            I’ve had more thoughts about the ‘one place looking’. Just trying to make sense of it in my head and how it would work.

            We seemed to have interacted with technology from the invention of the wheel so it’s possible high tech will affect ‘reality’.Maybe probable.

            And maybe something or nothing.

            • Just been thinking quite a bit about “micro-fractures” within the framework of “high energy environment(s)” and/or “high stress environment(s).” Thinking about it now, maybe the nature of these experiments themselves, and where they are taking place will help with the nested nature of where things will occur.
              EX: Testing in the micro, with the micro, has effects on the micro. However, the “micro testing” is still within the framework of the macro, so…yeah…a simultanousness where there can and will be effects in both.

              Thinking about these “micro black holes” that seem to have been confirmed, why would there NOT be such a reaction taking place at two places at the same time? Maybe if we think in terms of science’s thoughts about “anti-matter”, it’s existence, where it is, why it is, why it isn’t, and then blend all of that together with all of the different testing and research that is going on in multiple places across multiple fields of study, maybe that’ll help. To me…it’s almost as if The Universe is tapping on some doorways and windows for us, and saying…”YO! What choo knuckleheads looking for down there?” 😉

              If we think in terms that are constructive and destructive at the same time, I can maybe picture God/the gods/The Universe, looking at science and all the testing, then looking at the…erm…”issues that are a little less pleasing to look at”…then looking back at all the testing, then back at the “bad stuff”…to where there’s almost a “watching a tennis match type of gaze” where there are going to be connections to “advance here = advance there, where advance there = death.”

              There’s always a surplus. We just sometimes have difficulty seeing the surplus on the “negative side” when that is tempered with two positive sides.
              Postive 1 = Advance
              Positive 2 = Advance’s application(s)
              Negative 1 = Recipient(s)
              Build a better mousetrap? EUREKA!
              Use the better mousetrap? HOORAY! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
              Not so good for the mouse.

              • And found a new interesting place for the next article. The ILL.

                And about the Mousetrap. Sometimes when I used to play football, I would get injured and someone would joke ‘Are you a man or mouse’ ? The right answer was ‘Squeak’ 🙂 .

      • Frank yesterday was an interesting day when I faced the red lion and finally made it to Sanctuary and I finally realised where home is.see my reply to you at the Lab

        and last night my wife had a deja vu moment when she went back in time and found herself standing in the exact same spot that she stood 20 yrs before and today is her birthday which she shares with Hitler a fact that I keep constantly reminding her of 🙂

  2. Frankh, please fish my celebration out of the aether. It had one too many bursts of joy! Too much for the aethernet regulators to handle.

  3. Treasure!

    ‘Piano tuner Martin Backhouse, 61, found the “gob-smacking” stash, after initially thinking the packets were bags of “moth repellent”.

    ‘He said: “As soon as I started lifting out the keys, I thought, uh-uh, what’s this underneath the keyboard?”‘

    pianoforte (n.)
    1767, from Italian, from piano e forte “soft and loud,” in full, gravicembalo col piano e forte “harpsichord with soft and loud” (c. 1710), said to have been so named by inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) of Padua because the ability via dampers to vary the tone is one of the main changes from the harpsichord. Italian piano (adj.) ultimately is from Latin planus “flat, smooth, even,” later “soft” (see plane (n.1)).

    They saw us!

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