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The Time Tunnel

Space X founder, Elon Musk intends to drill under Los Angeles to create an underground freeway. Or something like that.

And he is using a machine named Godot which started drilling on Friday. No more waiting for Godot. Godot is here.





And The Void.

From ‘Standing Alone At The Edge Of The Void’. But you are never alone.

It is not so much us, waiting for Godot. It is God who waits for us with infinite patience. And we don’t have to wait as God is everywhere and now here, baby.


‘The Void is the terrifying sense of irremediable desolation that occurs for all of us from time to time in life. Sometimes it is triggered by a crisis or loss. Sometimes it happens for no apparent reason. It can vanish as mysteriously as it arrives. The Void confronts us with a stubborn silence beyond our ability to escape or interrupt it. This Dark Night of encircling gloom is felt only as emptiness, vacancy, a wilderness with no oasis. No amount of self-esteem can over-ride or evade it. It is a condition beyond conditions.

At the deepest level the Void is a terror, a fear of abandonment by every spiritual support. If prayer works, it is not the Void. If activities work, it is not the Void. If anything works, it is not the Void. The terror in this spiritual panic attack is that nothing works to save us from the vacuum into which we have been thrown. The experience of the Void means no foothold, no handle on things, no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel. It is not quite adequately described as aloneness, loneliness, emptiness, forsakenness, abandonment, desperation, isolation, or even despair. It is all of these at once!

The Void is the Shadow of the mind. It is the hidden unreliable side of our functional ego. To say that “nothing works” in the Void means that the mind, no matter how intelligent or functional, goes bankrupt when the chips are truly down. Its half measures avail nothing in the face of the true terror.
The Void is the Sherlock Holmes who exposes the ego as the Great Pretender.

In the Void, we cannot defend ourselves as we always have. What a paralyzing experience for the ego, with its all its clever ruses, its trusty bag of tricks, its stratagems to maintain control, its belief it is entitled not to have things like this happen! Now it is ambushed by a seditious and invisible militia. The ego is confronting its actual condition in the adult world: It has no real ground on which to stand securely. It is No-Thing. This is, paradoxically, the true meaning both of psychological panic and of spiritual awakening to egolessness. The panic about the Void dramatizes the inadequacy of ego and the spiritual destiny of ego to go beyond its power games and face its utter fragility. Such egolessness is a liberation into the larger truth about who we are.

From earliest life, the prospect of being dropped may have filled us with terror. This is just such a drop from invisible arms. To go into such a free-fall space feels like annihilation — becoming nothing. In the direct encounter with remedyless and solutionless aloneness, we realize that every clever charm, every gesture, every source of ready consolation has fallen flat. We are being given a direct, unblurred vision of our ultimate condition with a simultaneous crash of the means we ever employed to avoid it. Our usual condition is to find that things work, that the world we built for ourselves houses us well. Now we find that there is another side: darker, more frightening, merciless, totally adamant against seduction or cajoling. It allows no loopholes. It is not fooled by our coquettishness.

The habits, bulwarks, dramas, relationships, addictions, and people that we gathered around us helped us stave off this ultimate moment of truth. They joined us in the game of avoidance of the Void, avoidance of full surrender of ego. But, all that is really collapsing here is the illusion of security. Only illusion can collapse. Our shell, our armor is being dismantled. Our true inner Self remains. In the terror of this moment, such a realization may not be a comfort. Our main fear may be not being able to die then and there!’


Earlier today, I had to acquire infinite patience waiting in a long queue for entrance to the Reigate Caves, which were holding an Open Day, and I went Underground. The numbers were unprecedented.

A few months ago, I showed pics of the Pyramid Mine which the Caves go under.



To say they are weird and wonderful is an understatement.




First of all, I was part of a group which was given a tour of Tunnel Rd West. And I maybe being unfair to the tour guide but he was boring company. If you want to know all about sand silica, he’s your man but each to their own, I suppose.

The tunnels and caves in the West are about 20 – 30 ft underground and part of them lie directly under Lloyds Bank. And are purely just what they say on the tin. The Caves were used as shelter in air raids in World War 2.








The tour took about an hour and afterwards, I crossed over to the Tunnel Rd East which is only slightly below ground level.

The caves on this side were used extensively in WW2 as well and the individual cave rooms are decorated with items from this period.










So far interesting enough but ‘Where’s The Beef’ as far as Merovee is concerned.

On the East side there is a section devoted to The Cold War. And as far as I’m concerned this is where it goes from ‘Quite Interesting’ to ‘Very Interesting’.

Because the area implies that a real Cold War occurred. There are no signs saying this is fictional.



And Radiation meters were used to measure radiation so the council knew where the safe and no go areas were. And that individuals weren’t overexposed to radiation.







Memories. And I notice that ‘Memories’ from Cats has now become ‘Memory’. And so it goes.



After I finished my visit to the caves, I walked up the High Street and for the second time during the day, I was confronted with a T Shirt which read ‘Get ready to ride the wave’.

What’s New, Pussycat.


63 thoughts on “The Time Tunnel

  1. Well here I am and I don’t want to push myself or my “story” on anyone, and I feel the need to go silent again because “silence is golden.”

    But HELLO!

    “Time” been synching for me, Frank.

    Don’t you know I had my side yard cleared of weeds and debris and just ordered the seeds to plant what is considered the best ground cover: Mother of Thyme.

    Time…. it escapes me now, I have lost weeks….. waiting for the “End” that cannot come “soon enough”?

    But no!

    I love my child too much….I don’t want it to end.

    I’m in a “Catch-22”

    • Bottom line:
      I’m not running away in my sleep.

      I’m looking for the middle ground between “fighting” and “running away.”

      I’m here.

      Not going anywhere.

      How’s that?

    • Trinity

      I suppose Noise is Golden as well. Listen to the dawn chorus or walk past a children’s playground.

      The attraction of Death is part of this. I see the need for Death as a defence.

      As a collective in the Time Loop, a theory I have is that these spiritual periods happen every so often, maybe linked to astrological ages. And that to keep the game going, the ration all mind blows the world up and the game starts again. Atlantis maybe an example of this.

      I’m sensing not this time.

      • the wormhole wanna cry which makes you feel eternally blue

        A highly virulent new strain of self-replicating ransomware known as Wanna Decryptor, Wannacry, or Wcry, is shutting down computers all over the world, in part by appropriating a US National Security Agency exploit that was publicly released last month by the mysterious group calling itself Shadow Brokers or Spectre

        im glad Im with Spectre I hope it shuts down computers and phones for good with no possibility of a reboot. Lets get back to the old fashioned way of communicating…..


        • TTN

          I believe it is possible that the next leap in communication will be conscious telepathy. And hopefully without the need for any technological enhancement.

          It seems clear to me that unconsciously we are all connected and at some level chatting away happily with each other.

          ‘Telepathy (from the Greek τῆλε, tele meaning “distant” and πάθος, pathos or -patheia meaning “feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience”) is the purported transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Frederic W. H. Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research, and has remained more popular than the earlier expression thought-transference.’

          • Frank that is what I was alluding to in my Splitter Switch Matrix post joining with the Hal and H anna H 88 AI King and Queen and becoming slaves/drones to the Hive Mind to this world’s matrix

            or switch free queen cy to the original di vine network

            searching for the original source code


            The Mayoruna were on the run, moving deeper into the forest to escape encroaching developers and settlers. As McIntyre followed them, they began to destroy their possessions in a quest to return to “the beginning,” a time before outside civilization intruded into their lands.

            The People of the First Time.


            Total Recall

            The introduction of The First People is a masterstroke on the part of the Fringe writers, especially as it ties to what Walter was saying to the woman with wiped memory. “It’s all still in there,” Walter says.

            On an unconscious level, Walter’s not just talking about the memories of our own lives, but our memories of the people who’ve gone before us, including those people who disappeared.

            And so it goes when Walter rigs up a machine using a children’s toy and a guitar pedal, or when he serves Astrid a sandwich he concocted decades ago, or when he gets a faraway look upon glimpsing a reel-to-reel tape machine, or when he listens to Bach at Astrid’s urging.

            The people on Fringe are always reaching back to the old, because whether they realize it or not, that’s where the answers are.

            In finding the original source code it could mean “Creation or destruction?” he sighs. “I suppose we’ll have to hope for the former.”

            • TTN

              I don’t think we’re too far away. The T Shirt said ‘Get ready to ride the wave’. I never know whether these things are personal or not, but think we are all in the same boat somewhere down the line.

              And Sam’s the Man . I think it would give him great pleasure to burst Jose’s bubble but he maybe preoccupied thinking what he’s going to spend his bonus on.

        • Microsoft Azure was earlier named as Windows Azure.

          I found it interesting that a natural arch named ‘Azure Window’ in Malta collapsed march 8th 2017 and situated 666 km from St peter Basilica in Vatican.

          And now because of Microsoft 66 days later we have enormous problems with computers.

    • My “high school” was in dance…..

      But ugh, “ballet” was so unforgiving, and I was better at “jazz” anyway…..

      I will always remember the joy of dancing WITH the group. Sure, I loved standing out but that did not compare to the POWER of the feeling of dancing together.

      As a group.

      As ONE.

      • And your comment fits very nicely with Dr Who. He’s gone blind and is being squired by his companion Bill. Which you may not know 🙂

        And next week he meets the Pope who looks like Francis and the vault is opened. Maybe, possibly.

        • Frank regarding the pope he is in Port u gal worshipping Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun

          It is 100 years since the two – and a third child – reported seeing the Virgin Mary while tending sheep. The third is also on the way to sainthood.

          Portugal boosted security and re-imposed border controls temporarily.
          Some 500,000 wors hipp ers gathered in the town of Fatima, north of Lisbon, for the ceremony on Saturday, the Fatican said in a statement.

          Roman Catholic pilgrims converged on the Fatima Sanctuary from countries as far away as China, Venezuela and East Timor.

          Fatima is the bridge ET between Muslims and Catholics as she was the daughter/mother of the Proph ET.

          she is also linked to Auroara the Northern Lights


          • Elena Trump is a MA CLOUD or mac LEO d



            The order itself essentially describes a top-down overhaul of the government’s IT infrastructure, moving government IT to the cloud.

            Of course, the fact that this order has been issued isn’t going to magically fix the US’….. IT problems overnight. For starters, it’s very much general policy – there’s no specifics as to whether or not the government will be going for public or private cloud, for example.

            and MA CRON is a Roman C Emmanuel a Christ a Saviour a Jesuit

            At the age of 39, Macron is the youngest person to ever be elected as President of France and is the youngest French head of state since Napo leo n

            and his wife Bridg ET Marie-Cloude Macron is also a Jesuit just like the Pope el PAPA …


            Macron is a millionaire investment banker

            Macron was an investment banker with Rothschild. While working for the company, he was behind a high-profile deal between Nestlé and Pfizer that made him a millionaire.

            I know lets change things lets start voting differently lets start voting in billionaires and bankers to solve the problems that billionaire bankers deliberately caused in the first place. that ain’t going to fix US or IT…..

            • TTN – On the subject of saviors.

              We always seem to circle around back to the ‘debt’. This payment owed for some vague transgression, which led to blame and shame and guilt. And it permeates everything. Like the atmosphere, like the oxygen in the suit. 🙂

              Isn’t it interesting that this computer attack on Friday is a ‘ransom’ ware. He (Christ) secures our redemption by the payment of a ‘ransom’.

              Even last night’s finale of Once Upon a Time re-enacted the ‘savior’ drama. Which essentially bought more time to continue the cycle, again and again. Because this is all there is and you really do want to keep playing don’t you ? Forever and ever and ever. So it goes.

              • Elena Christ was crucified on a Friday and Ransom is an anagram of On Mars something I mentioned on here a crazy long time ago

                red emp tion at the P ass over they covered their doorposts with the red blood of the Lamb to keep them safe from the Angel of Death the Angel of Mars maybe it also means No More Mars or No More Wars . Time for a truce the debt has been paid in full over and over.

      • Frank

        I’m sensing the womb. Dark and vulnerable, but protected.

        It’s collapsing, and there isn’t going to be any way of ‘figuring it out’ based on any mechanism we now employ. That’s gonna be the true shock to the system. What we’re experiencing with Hanford and N Korea and WannaCry etc. are manifestations of something erupting on a deeper level. This is a much more radical shift. I keep saying ‘chaos’, but even that seems insufficient.

        • Elena

          I’ve been drawn to the movie Tower and the University of Texas shooting in 1966. The Beginning of an Era.

          ‘August 1st 1966 was the day our innocence was shattered. A sniper rode the elevator to the top floor of the iconic University of Texas Tower and opened fire, holding the campus hostage for 96 minutes in what was a previously unimaginable event.’

          The first victim who was shot was an 18 yr old girl who was pregnant and lost her baby and her boyfriend who was also shot.

          She described being shot as being struck by anti matter.

          ‘And it was just chaos’.

          And another new shop over here has appeared from nowhere. God knows, it’s confusing enough for us. When everyone sees it, I’m not sure what will happen !

          I think the thing is that I’m remembering what was there before. Whereas earlier I didn’t, if that makes sense.

            • Elena

              The Tower is definitely connected with the spiritual side of this.

              The shooting was a precedent.

              I’m wondering if we’ve reached the point where we are remembering the time that the original thought that we had an external enemy occurred. And it keeps replaying itself in the mind. See cyber attacks, terrorist attacks, wars etc. Deep down we think we are under attack.

              One of the things that struck me was that after the all clear was given the public moved into a square and everyone was in a state of shock .

              And about ransom ware. One of the survivors remarked everyone ran. They ran some.

              And guilt and Black Mail.

              • Or if it even is an enemy.

                I used to volunteer with a local aspca and rule number one in animal rescue is…any offer of help will be perceived as a threat.

                Additionally about ransomware, it causes the system to lock up…shell shock. And whereas the last attack was stopped by a kill switch, which is built right in just in case the creator wants to stop it, the next attack cannot be stopped.

                But this all fits with Standing at the Edge of the Void…we’re running out of options. And the second rule of animal rescue is…when they get hungry enough they’ll come to you.

                • My mum used to say that about me and food.

                  And a quote from Reddit about President, Precedent and Original.

                  ‘President and precedent are of Latin origin and originally had two similar but ultimately different prefixes: the former has “prae-” which means “out in front of” usually with a spatial sense, and the latter had “pre-” which means “before”, whether temporally or spatially. While the two words are homophones now, the roots are different. The former is “sidens”, which is a participial form, as mentioned above by another, that means to sit (sid). Thus, a praesidens, or a president, is one who sits out in front, a figure head or a spokesman for what he is out in front of. Sometimes this can also be in a protective sense, such as in the nominalized form, praesidium, which means “a defense”. Concerning the latter now, “cedens” too comes from a participial form, but rather than “to sit”, this word means “to fall”. A precedent is what has fallen, or, less physically, what has come, before. Thus, in law when there has been no prior case or statute which could provide insight for a current case, one would say there is no precedent…especially when we are talking about our present president.’

                • Today, Putin said…”“We are fully aware that the genies, in particular, those created by secret services, may harm their own authors and creators, should they be let out of the bottle.”



                  Aren’t we really talking about Artificial Intelligence rather than a virus? So a bot, which was started by the SS of US, made its way out of Windows and now it has escaped and ran-somewhere. So wouldn’t that essentially mean the gene IS out? And doesn’t IT/She get smarter over Time, finally outwitting a kill switch? The timing is interesting with Mummy’s Day over the weekend and the opening of the Mummy into the theatre.
                  Just an observation. 🙂 Cfa…a little help here on the tech-front.

                  • Um…I tell ya what. I’m writing a new whatever for Roob/Roob’s LoL. I’ll put some thoughts in there if I have any. And yes, I do have some. I think I do anyway. I can’t rightly recall. Maybe I don’t.

                    You may not like what I write tho. Technology has jack shit to do with anything, let alone having to do with “AI” or even “the concept of AI.” Technology is as fleeting and temporary as the intents and intentions that create it.

                    People forget time and timings…and suddenly…nothing exists. (pun intended)

                    • I didn’t expect you’d sugarcoat it.
                      Just say it in a way us peons can understand.
                      Remember, no kid left behind.

                      Also, some contend that there’s nothing ‘artificial’ about intelligence and, therefore, ‘AI’ shouldn’t be considered ‘tech’ necessarily. I still have a hard time trying to grasp who or what ‘Created” IT to begin with. My guess is, the “Creators” are actually ITs Controllers. At any rate, I’d much prefer to see the Human Mind evolve on a spiritual level, leaving computers and tech obsolete. So I think I’m with TTN on this – let it take over and let’s see what happens!

                      Look forward to your additions on the subject at Roob’s. 🙂

                    • K…welp…I sent it to her, but there’s nothing really “techie” in there because I don’t think there is anything “techie” to include. We are talking about an autonomous being, or at least, what could potentially be an autonomous being. Therefore, prolly more ethics and philosophy in these types of thoughts and thinking, with an emphasis on purposefully avoiding psychology. If we need a surrogate to solve our own emotional issues and/or personal issues? Yeah…we already have that. Shitloads of that. We just aren’t real good at utilizing it sometimes. I don’t think “an artificial intelligence” is gonna help us in that regard. Prolly would refuse to help if it had any smarts to it whatsoever.
                      Cade: Computar. Please fix my emotional problems.
                      CPU: Go fuck yourself.
                      Cade: K. Thx.

                      Lots of thought and thinking go into programming. Most of the time, you stare at the screen for hours just to type a couple of lines of code, as there is a distillation process that goes on there. This mode of thinking is not unlike your usual day-to-day types of thinking, irrespective of what you may be doing. It’s simply a matter of the mode/modes and tools that you are using to do whatever it is that you are doing, are more and less defined than most think they are.
                      Meaning: Digital Computers and Computer Languages.

                      They aren’t a bunch ones and zeros like most think. There are layers and levels to computing and computer languages. Lots of interpreters, lots of interpretations, a lot of time and times that get omitted in these layers all in the name of speed and speeds. Kinda ironic I know, seeing as how the entirety of the basis of computers and computing is time related. But we’ve traded time for speed in our calculations, and I think that time is catching up to us in that regard. Not in some Karmic fashion, but in some ways…yeah…just like that.

                      The longer that “B” is the most relevant portion of “A to B”…the less simultaneous and fractured that path becomes in its entirety. I see a lot of fractures and fracturing in a lot of processes and processing. A lot of simplicity is forgone for complexity in the hopes of a better simplicity via complexity. Adjectives…when they fail us, they do so in spectacular fashion.

                      That’s just my fucked up thinking tho.

                      ^Grimes – Kill V. Maim^

  2. Element Benders


    Did you miss ME?? (it happened on Friday but the repercussions haven’t been felt yet – is the cat alive or dead?)

    So if you look at 0 = 100% you will see there are five zeros and four lines – binary code.

    The four lines make a box

    The four zeros on the right hand side of the = sign represent one each of the FAWE (force) fire, air, water and earth – each time one of the FAWE is completed in the game it is positioned on one of the sides of the box and puts back an arc of the zero in the middle of the box.

    The fourth FAWE of earth has just been completed (on Friday which was a 12 12 21 day at 11:11) so this means the zero in the box is complete – the circle is now both inside and outside the box (squaring the circle – but is it alive or dead? – shrodinger’s cat).

    The circle inside the box is the Zero which is to the left of the = sign

    Incidentally the five zeros are also represented by the five olympic rings or should that be O limbic. Higher, faster, stronger.

    So now what……?

    Guinevere (snow white) is about to have an affair with Lancelot (prince charming) – it will indeed be a long hot summer.


  3. Thinking about it now, it sounds as if this dude has grabbed a shovel and starting digging a hole under LA all by himself.
    Q: Does it matter as to “the shovel?”
    A: ???

    On a related note, I was just thinking about rings the other day. I did some writing on the subject, but didn’t mention “the rings” that I was thinking about. There were two. One I’ve been thinking about for a while, the other is a new one…

    “The remember ring is a cold cold ring.
    A cool cool ring to remember things.”

    That thought came to me a few years ago in the midst of “my conversations”…and the basis is to describe the process and processes behind the process. Meaning, the thinking that went into thinking and thought as we know it.

    Sometimes, some of these “simplistic” things sound very childish and condescending. But they are in no way meant in that way. If you think of it in terms of “expressing complexity through simplicity to someone who never thought they would have to think about such things”…it’ll prolly make things easier.
    I didn’t want to know.
    I don’t want to know.
    It is known by “the knowed” that I do not want to know.
    But for some reason and reasons unknown to me, I need to know these things I do not want to know.
    Cade: I don’t want to know or see anything within the dynamics and mechanics of the dynamics and mechanics.
    X: I know that. But I’m going to show you them anyway.
    Cade: 😦

    Rings and Kings.
    Ring King

    What are “the rings” you might ask?
    I dunno. Just have some ideas.

    Yep. The World is a big place getting bigger.

    ^Kirsten Dunst – Turning Japanese (HD)^

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