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Of Monsters And Men


The End of an Era. The Monster is dead.

The most infamous child killer in Britain, Ian Brady has died. Along with his accomplice Myra Hindley, he murdered five children and they became known as The Moors Murderers as some of the victims were murdered and buried on Saddleworth Moor in Yorkshire.



The world is a scary place we believe. We are under attack. Are you friend or foe ? Which can then change in a twinkling of an eye.

Death and Birth. Wanna Cry.

In the crypt – encryption.



The Wanna Cry Ransomware cyber attack on the National Ill Service in Britain and elsewhere is suspected to have been perpetrated by the Lazarus Group. Click And maybe coming from North Korea. If in doubt, blame Kim Jong Un.



The Precedent and The Clock Tower in the Universe of Texas. It was Carnage. The bolt from the blue.

Frozen in Time at UT Tower – Charles Whitman – Wit man.





The Time Loop.

The Joker aka The Wit Man – Aurora ( Dawn ) 2012.



The UT Tower.

UToya Island, Norway – Anders Breivik.



The Precedent and the President.




And I know I’ve been in a bit of a Time Loop myself over the last five or six years, but Now is the only time.



The Present is all there is.



All Is Forgiven.


84 thoughts on “Of Monsters And Men

  1. Frank

    This comment was initially meant for the previous article.
    But going back in time I think it will fit nicely here as well.

    The Time Tunnel – article

    Frank this is a great article, it along with the comments is a hell of a mind and eye opener. That Void excerpt got rid of a lot of cob webs that had my senses entangled tightly. The Void is the Sherlock Holmes who exposes the ego as the Great Pretender. That sentence make so much sense.

    I like what TTN said about getting back to the old fashioned way of communicating. I paused and thought telepathy, then read your post below his post which showed that you and I were thinking alike which shows that we are using telepathy already, just not in sink as of yet.

    Jennyburger, Dream, Trinity, Roobeedoo2, Elena, Thetruthnetwork, C. F. Apollyon, Ragnarok, Nemenis brought delicious and indescribable goodies to the table, what a team. Only goodie missing is Anonymous.

    Jenneyburger and C. F. Apollyon mentioned time and computers. C. F. Apollyon made a great point about time catching up to us. In my weird way of thinking about the computer ransom situation, may be the grid is wearing down and we are on our way back to No Time.

    “The Apple” is episode No. 34, production No. 38, of the second season of the American science fiction television series, Star Trek. Written by Max Ehrlich, and directed by Joseph Pevney, it was first broadcast on October 13, 1967, and repeated July 12, 1968.
    In the episode, the crew of the Enterprise visits a mysterious paradisiacal planet controlled by a computer that is served by the local inhabitants. .

    Don’t feed Vaal – Star Trek – The Apple.

    Tractor beam gone – potency returning to anti-matter parts.

    Interesting that the episode is called The Apple and the computer is referred to as Vaal. Many refer to earth as a prison planet and was once called Paradise.

    Many of us are seeing through the illusion and the computer is losing the power over us that it once held.

    • Highlander

      The Void article is excellent I think and seems very timely.

      The Star Trek vid is good. We have been listening to a false God is a good description.

      I feel much of what we have talked about such as telepathy are just round the corner. In a sense they are already here as we are communicating at a subconscious level, already it would seem.

      And you can add yourself to the list 🙂 .

    • Highlander

      I thoroughly enjoyed the Time Tunnel article too. And I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Frank pointing the number of visitors to Reigate Tunnels was ‘unprecedented.’ I see that as a very good sign. People are reaching into to their roots and possibly ancient DNA that’s been dormant for god knows how long. Something’s calling for us to see beyond the illusion…and hear they come!! 🙂

      • I once visited the absolutely beautiful Caves of Drach in Manacor, Majorca. And have also visited the Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool…….( slightly less exotic I know)
        But it certainly wasn’t to ‘reach for my roots’ or ‘possible ancient DNA’ which is a complete load of hogwash.
        We went just to see the tourist attraction, which I’m sure is the same reason why the vast majority of people visit such places.

        • Faith

          Hogwash? Faith think about it. You have DNA from your parents, your parents have DNA from their parents, those parents have DNA from their parents, etc., Traces of the DNA that now courses through your body system at one time was the DNA that flowed through all of your ancient ancestors.

          If by chance you have children, in those children there are traces of your cellular DNA as well as traces of those children’s father and so on it goes.

          Faith in no time at all the children you birth will one day look back, providing they are progressive thinkers and know that they carry the DNA of an ancient ancestor, which would be you.

          So you see it is possible to have ancient DNA. We all have it which is why we are all connected by blood.

          Our DNA traces back to Source, too our Mother and Father, the one the church says is God the Father.

          Haha seems that Father and Mother made Sweet Love.

          Jesus may be the Fathers only begotten Son but he, I do not believe is God the Mothers only child. Is it not said that we are all children of God?

          The root

      • Jennyburger

        In his article Frank says “And I know I’ve been in a bit of a Time Loop myself over the last five or six years, but Now is the only time.

        I was going to ask him what he means when he says “ Now being the only time” and why is it that we have memory of things past. Then I think I found an answer that satisfies me for now. We have memory because our cells hold memory, anyone can google that if more clarification is needed on the subject.

        Presently we are only able to recall memory from our last birth which brought us into this present reality, hence our memory back to childhood. We are energy and we know that energy does not die so, if we could go back through the worm hole, before this last birth what would we find, another childhood perhaps?

        Taking mind steps further back, past that particular childhood through another worm hole into another childhood, repeated thousands and thousands of times backward, we would be back at the doorway or worm hole of Source, The Mother.

        Apparently in each individual human body there are trillion upon trillions of cells in the human body.

        Side note

        There are somewhere near 37.2 trillion and calculating the number in the human body is tricky. Reportedly part of the problem is that using different metrics gets you very different outcomes. Guessing based on volume gets you an estimate of 15 trillion cells; estimate by weight and you end up with 70 trillion.

        Cells are the Building Blocks of Life
        Cells got their name from an Englishman named Robert Hooke in the year 1665. He first saw and named “cells” while he was experimenting with a new instrument we now call a “microscope.”

        A conundrum for sure. Why did Robert Hooke name something so big as the building blocks of life and categorize them as cells? A cell, (jail) is also something that holds one prisoner.

        So I guess as we past one life to another the cells lock the doors of the past or so it seems.

        • Highlander

          It makes sense that Now is the only Time. Tomorrow never comes because when tomorrow does, its today.

          And within the Now, there would appear to be different versions. A month or so ago I had a conversation with someone who was going on holiday to Cuba and said it was the first time they had been there. But I can remember having a conversation last year when they returned from Cuba last year.

          Either they’ve forgotten or it’s a Time slip.

          Or maybe both holidays were possible.

          I don’t know how it works but here’s another article about Time.

          • Frank

            It seems as if we have entered the Twilight Zone are shall I say you have entered a bit ahead of some of us and you now ride the waves of quantum evolution.

            Seeing above, beyond, behind the holographic walls of the matrix. Some like you are further ahead on the path than others, including myself.

            I understand what it is I have been waiting for, for so long and wonder how or when I would ever reach the point where I could make the Quantum Leap. It is not a physical thing which years ago I thought it to be and wondered all those years of how I could make the leap.

            I think when a person see their fears for what they are and that fear is just an illusionary vision they themselves envisioned blocking them from seeing through the illusion.

            Roosevelt was absolutely correct when he said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

            *^%@#*&^%*~~*&^ It is all about love, it is invigorating a thrilling ride for sure not into the unknown but back to the familiar, to the future.

            Deprogramming, unplugging and learning to ride waves of higher consciousness, being aware of the non-physical world, of other worlds and dimensions, something I have truly been waiting for.

            If this is not true, then nothing will ever be at least for me that is, as it is personal for each individual. 🙂

          • Jennyburger

            In other words Source wants us to turn off the simulated halodeck program. Change the script or simply override the program that we once upon a time co- scripted for ourselves with the help of Ego.

            It is time to go within and right the wrong.

            Apologies for all the colorful quotes, but they get to the sum of things much quicker than I am able to do.

          • this is so strange
            I created a folder on the desktop
            May 13, 2017, 0:01:52
            And called DNA
            And so changed the wallpaper this day
            I do not know how to put screens here and photos

    • Trinity

      The Lilies of the Field. What’s the Matter ?

      ‘Think of the freedom in the recognition that you are not bound by all the strange and twisted laws you have set up to save you. You really think that you would starve unless you have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs. You really think a small round pellet or some fluid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle will ward off disease and death. You really think you are alone unless another body is with you.

      It is insanity that thinks these things. You call them laws, and put them under different names in a long catalogue of rituals that have no use and serve no purpose. You think you must obey the “laws” of medicine, of economics and of health. Protect the body, and you will be saved.’

      • Frank,

        I agree that it is “insanity” that “thinks” these things……

        But now I know I am not the owner of my thoughts….

        I AM an empty vessel as it were, and WHO or WHAT I allow in, controls it.

        Of myself, I AM

        No thing.

        (frown, with a tear lol)

  2. Much of what I am about to say is going to prolly either sound ironic and/or sound as if it is laced with ironies. But I’ve been reading the comments as I usually do, which is to begin to read them, then fade in my thinking about what is being said. That said, I would caution against conclusions or anything conclusive. It’s your life and your perspective on your objectives afterall, in which case…if you’ve found what you’ve been looking for…good for you. But the only thing worse than letting the Genie out of the bottle, is trying to put back in. Keep those thoughts in no particular order according to whens and whos.

    Assuming that God/gods do exist, I see “The Universe” as this “source” or “the source” that everyone is talking about. But to me, that does not imply a separation, and yet sometimes, it demands a separation. That said, regarding the thoughts on “telepathy”…I think it important to keep in mind that A) you’d prolly know if you were talking to a god/a deity, and B) you prolly wouldn’t know which one you were talking to.
    Q: How would you know?
    A: “You” are important in this equation.
    Lotta things to think about with respect to all of this “deception” and “being deceived” bullshit being tossed about, so I ask again…
    Q: How would you know?
    A: ?¿?

    I’ve tempered my own journey with the knowledge that this “violent cosmic shooting gallery” that we are told we live in, is actually quite loving, caring and gentile towards and with us as humans, and all of the life that occupies this planet. Therefore, I tend to leave concepts like deception on the back burner…so to speak. I do this by thinking about tests and testing, more than some soul crushing or soul damning plan cooked up by some angry deity who is hell-bent on making my 49 years of existence proof of some cosmic waste of time. I also achieve this by trying to being thankful for the opportunity and opportunities provided me. I mean…so fucking what if “my soul is on the line?” Why do you care? It’s my soul. (assuming I have one) And based on what I’ve seen and experienced? The Universe would not consider any entity that exists a waste of time. We are champions at telling ourselves how terrible we are at everything, and I am no exception in this regard. So why would …erm…”entities residing in else”…show up just to kick the fuck out of me, when I am doing a bang-up job of that on my own? The best answer I can give to that would be, because I may have missed a few spots, and they are here to advise me on how better to beat my own ass, as well as to watch the show. 😛

    There is a scene in the movie “The Matrix Reloaded” where “Agent Smith” had just rammed his hand into “Neo’s” chest, and “Neo” recounts that the experience “felt like dying.”

    Hmmm…that wasn’t my experience. I know what it feels like to die. So if I were to say that I had an experience that was…erm…only what I can describe as what is described in The Bible as “The True Death”…would that qualify me to be locked up in some looney bin? Imagine time slowing to a stop, yet time never stops. It just gets slower and slower, as your body is ripped apart…atom by atom…and this process will continue to get slower and slower, as you feel pain and pains that you never knew were possible. All the while, you are conscious of only one thing other than the pain…and that is, that there is no length of time, which time cannot slow to.

    Sounds impossible eh? The experience of it left me with the distinct impression that there is no speed to which time cannot achieve. Maybe if you think of it in terms of matter with gaps that have no bonds holding it together for any specified length of time, maybe that’ll help. Just enough of a wave of energy to A) keep the particles of matter themselves together, and B) just enough of a wave of energy to keep the strings intact that bind the process that is transpiring through this one particular individual.

    Sounds sinister eh? Welp, from a pure practicality aspect? I can’t see the difference between that and killing someone or taking their freedom or taking a freedom. And yet we’ll sometimes take that responsibility upon ourselves without a second thought.

    This experience is not something that I would have volunteered for, and yet I did just that. I just didn’t know what I was in store for when I volunteered. I get the feeling that someone is aware of that, as there is no way to be prepared for such a thing….it’s just something you do. Maybe there’s something to be said there about all of our preparing and preparedness for things that may never come. Lotta resources there that could prolly be better used, but I understand the processes and times and events that created them…so yeah…patience.

    Sorry for the rant. And not that I know anything. But I begin to get very cautious when someone finds something that is touted as the end-all be-all whatever, when we are right in the middle of spinning in the end-all be-all. Not that I’ve done that myself or anything. 😉 I understand the joy and the relief, but just keep in mind that there is more to come and further to go, and you’ll prolly be fine. Hell, you can prolly not think about any of that shit, and you’ll prolly still be fine. The grasp of The Universe is a little uncomfortable most of the time, but it is damn reassuring.

    Time…we already have all there is.
    /me shrugs

    ^Lo Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag [High Quality]^

    BTW, that song “Little Talks” has been very important to me over the last coupla years.

    • Hi C. F. Apollyon,

      For the “Record,” I respond to you in the “hopes” that you are my Brother.

      If I AM deceived….. oh well.

      Just wanted to “comment” on your post:

      “to recreate”….

      takes a hyphen: to “re-create”


      “Gotta launder, my karma”…..

      No comma

      Other than that, “I got nothin”

      • Sup “Trinity.” “If”…my “overage” of “quotation marks” bothers you…know that “it” bothers me as well. However…”things” sometimes “get lost in text”…therefore, I try to accentuate as best I can”.”

        S”o”metime”s”…I may go a little “…” erm “…” overboard with the manner in which “I” format text. B”u”t I seek clarity by seeking to be clear.

        Add some humor…and now we’re talkin. ” 😛 ”

        OH! And I gots no sisters up your way, so…no…I’m prolly not your brother.

          • I just noticed upon the 7th or so viewing, her Jeep is a RENEGADE.

            What that MEANS, I have no idea.

            I AM at the CROSS ROADS.

            Been told I’m CROSSFIT

            The problem for me is that, yes, MUCH has been revealed in these “END TIMES.”

            That the “globe” is a lie, and the longer I ponder it, observe the “firmament,” the more I know what a HUGE lie a ball Earth is…. IT’s SO obvious, it’s scary that no one else can “see” it.

            Um, ah yes, the ELITE have pretty much been revealed. We KNOW who they are….

            They serve US all PIZZA, mm, yum……

            We scream and cry of the injustice, the possibility of untold suffering of innocents, the WORST CASE scenario for any human being born into this PLANE.

            Born into a HELL as a helpless child who is tortured, raped, murdered, and EATEN.

            I guess us TRUTHERS all feel on the brink of despair because even though this has been revealed, it just doesn’t seem to matter.

            Jacqueline was a Jewess and obviously mind-controlled assassin of her husband, the President of the United States….

            “Who killed the Kennedys??? When after all, it was you and me…”

            Oh RIGHT. Just like Mel’s THE PASSION.

            That we are ALL GUILTY for the crucifixion of our savior.

            It’s always OUR fault, AM I RIGHT?

            Let’s see, JFK’s true assassin, the Flat Earth, oh and ah yes, now the TRANNIES who RULE the world, but no…..

            We see women have been eliminated from the power structure completely, and trannies have won our men.

            Oh well, YOU GO GIRLS!!!

            Well enough of my rant.

            It’s just this song came into my mind, and all we Truthers are out here watching the “elite” get away with it all: murder, mayhem, robbery, enslavement of the “goyim”……

            It’s all been revealed.

            But I will not totally lose my faith.

            I will just keep on keepin on.

            “Until the day I dream about, everybody screamin’ out:

            JESUS WALKS.”

            Here’s Whitney singing again, and it’s beautiful.

            They say she was a tranny too. And it’s kinda obvs in this clip….

            It’s UNBELIEVABLE really.

            Well, he always seemed to put his heart into it!

            What more can you do….?

            • First published version

              Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
              He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
              He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword:
              His truth is marching on.

              Glory, Glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              His truth is marching on.

              I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps,
              They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps;
              I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps:
              His day is marching on.

              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              His day is marching on.

              I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel:
              “As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal”;
              Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel,
              Since God is marching on.

              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Since God is marching on.

              He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
              He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment-seat;
              Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! Be jubilant, my feet!
              Our God is marching on.

              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Our God is marching on.

              In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
              With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me.
              As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free*,[14]
              While God is marching on.

              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              Glory, glory, hallelujah!
              While God is marching on.

              • The other thing I’ve been thinking about is, the idea of

                You shoulda put a ring on it.

                OR at least come out in public and expressed your fealty to me.

                But you didn’t.

                Therefore you cannot expect ME to live by your rules.

                It only drives me to want to thwart you.

                And hate you more and more…..

                By the day.

                • Because by not being a man, you cannot protect me from, ah, oh I know!

                  What I just realized recently, your “inlaw” obvs not sure the connection, JOHN.

                  He oversaw the repavement of the road in front of my house.

                  Only NOW do I realize what they did:

                  Left huge potholes on the far edge, and don’t you know, every landscaping truck with a trailer hits it PERFECTLY.

                  THAT’S torture, and the REASON I have SOLD OUT “my town.”

                  Pawling, NY.

                  A bunch of losers, is all I can say.

                  NOT MEN.


                  • Don’t worry, I’m figuring out an exit from this hellhole.

                    God, I worked in a hellhole and ended up moving to one!


                    Well, I’m out of the first.

                    Working on the second…..

                    Can’t wait.

                    • Sounds like a plan…kinda sorta anyway. 😛
                      Welp…good luck with whatever you do, however you do it.

                      I'm still looking for a bridge that I can occupy the underside of myself. I'm sure I'll stumble onto something.

                      ^deadmau5 – Errors in my head^

                    • C.F.

                      Well you are my brother, and thank you for “hearing” me….

                      I’m learning that having “a plan” works to the Devil’s delight.

                      Satan knows our every thought, just as Jesus does…..therefore Satan always jumps in to thwart our “plan”! Every time…. God how he loves that…. You know, our “expectation.” Only by “trusting,” can we follow the Way, the quiet Voice.

                      Because it’s only when we fully “let go” and are led by the Holy Spirit, that we “let go and let God,” that Satan then has no idea what the “plan” is.

                      THAT’s where our freedom lies.

                      I”ve only felt it a coupla times…..
                      and I guess it’s time to just go for it….. and

                      Take His hand….

                    • Trinity

                      I’m getting it very strongly to just let Go and let God .

                      For me, the Christ mind and God mind and spirit are within me and us and can see a lot more than our human brain which is mainly interested in the survival of the body.

                      But I see this is as a call from ‘God’ to rejoin. It’s just a matter of letting go of whatever resistance remains.

                    • Deadmau5 – Errors In My Head Lyrics

                      September 1, 2013

                      Dead in the past, bring it in
                      Letting you to begin
                      Hold to the time that you know
                      You have to move on, then let go

                      Dead to the memory you keep
                      Remember then you fall asleep
                      Hold to the love that you know
                      You have to give up, to let go

                      Remember turning on the night
                      And moving through the morning light
                      Remember how it was with you
                      Remember high upon me through

                      I remember

                    • God I could’ve sworn the last lyric was something about “I remember how you brought me through…..”

                      Well whatever.

                      I remember how you brought me through, if I did the same for you, I’m glad.



                      Going FORWARD…..

                      There’s basically NO TIME anyways….

                      So love your loved ones, including your SPOUSES….

                      KNOW that the end IS near…….


                      a lot….!

                      That you will be counted among the children of God.

                      Other than that, what can I say.

                      I don’t want you to DO anything.

                      I want you to let me GO.

                      I’ll still be around and doing my thing.

                      But I forgive you and

                      I pray

                      You forgive


                    • Anyway to All,

                      I am a NEWBIE!

                      That means I preach Jesus stuff but I’m still just a student.

                      I pray you all find your WAY home to God.

                      I’m praying I find it as well.

                      I’m posting this as a protective capstone to my posts here.

                      I need protection, so I am asking for it.

                      God bless you all and you, especially, Frank.

                      I love you and appreciate this platform you have so generously provided for my, ahem, posts!

                      This is not goodbye. Just a Blessing for now as we head into the End Times.

                    • Anyway

                      Feeling loss

                      I feel so sorry for the ones who IDK thought we could be together…

                      I have a neighbor, who is the babysitter of the No. 1, who told me she would never allow a ten year old “Jake” to be alone in her home after he and her own son had tied up her daughter….

                      Well…. she told me so much in an accusing way: “This is the sheriff’s son!!!”


                      I always wondered if she was “on my side.” And now I know that she was not….. no, not at all… ever…. She has pointed at my flaw of being a “drinker” from day ONE, therefore not worthy….. a LOSER.

                      She’s, ahem, a bitch. She turned away from me day one when I tried to “make friends” at our sons’ baseball game….

                      She ignored me and I just said, well FU bitch….. and started talking to her charge: the “kid”…. the son of the “One”…..

                      Any way! I know NOW she is a snake…… NOT my friend.

                      She better hope I don’t mow her down the next time I see her walking her dog down Main St.

                      I like this clip because it’s

                      “God, just save me from myself!”

                      Save me and stop me from doing wrong.

                      It’s very maternal, this Batman fight scene.

                      God is punishing his children, is all.

                      He protects this man from his own wrong-doing.

                      I love that.

                      I’m not good. And I don’t PRETEND to be, either.


                    • I think it’s really sad that you have judged me in your own mind and now proven me unworthy, since you said your own husband was a “drinker.”

                      You hate your own husband and your own life.

                      And all I will say is, FU.

                      And um, get help.

                    • Oh and Stephen…..

                      Stop dumping on Drumpf.

                      He’s the Trump card, my man….

                      The more you dump on Trump, the more you kill yourself. For what? Fake See BS ratings…. and a few more million…. and your ticket into the insane asylum.

                      It’s kinda clear you’ve made your choice for the dark side versus those of us who love you…. I never wanted you to do what you did to me….. I tried (ha, typo: I tired…..)…..

                      And I’m sorry.


                    • I heard they were and of course ARE thinking of FIRING you, for not being “good enough.” For not being funny.

                      Well you’re NOT funny. It’s not fun watching someone you love become a sellout.

                      I AM a destroyer of men, that’s what I DO.

                      Go ahead and hate me for speaking the TRUTH, you SOLD OUT and tried to make it look like rebelling against the Synagogue of Satan.

                      I saw Jon’s look at me, and your superfake “Stick around!”


                      If there’s still the “Stephen” of the “Colbert Nation” in there, well maybe he will hear this.

                      Bottom line my friend is your are dead already, without RESPECT for your audience.

                      WE put you in that Late Night slot.

                      Before it’s too late, learn to respect your fans, your true “audience,” people like ME.

                      You’re gonna die anyway.

                      Might as well do it for the right cause, am I right?

    • Cade

      Great song.

      So what is left after you’ve been distilled, crushed, pummelled, beaten senseless ? I think and hope we’re going to find out 🙂 .

      • 1) ALL the music I listen to is awesome. 😉 Cept for the stuff that isn’t. 😛
        2) What’s left over? Hmmmm. My initial thought goes to the image above, which I was going to post in the bullshit above last night, but forgot to add it.

        I talked with a certain someone last night about some thoughts that I have had regarding motion. (Time travel, if you prefer) It’s the first time that I’ve done so in any detail. The best that I can describe these experiences is, “the difference between this and that.” As it is, as it can be, as it was, as it will be.
        EX: Imagine the entirety of Earth/Terra unwound, particle by particle, and relocated elsewhere in The Universe. All of this transpires instantaneously, except for one. One is left behind, and is given just enough ground to walk on, step by step. There is an atmosphere that appears exactly the same as usual, except…no Earth/Terra. Just a bubble of air/gasses and some chucklhead named me, who is walking around on small footprints of ground that are being created for me one step at a time. The sun is there, exactly as before, except now that it’s always daylight.

        So…you might be asking…
        Q: Why are YOU there/still there?
        A: I got to see the entire process unfold from this end.

        Two things that I have thought about for the majority of my life…time, and friction. These two things leave me with one result…magnetism. And so, we are right back to “temporary states of matter” and three base particles…electrons, protons, and neutrons. Neutrons being a double-inverse of electrons and protons, that is A) sustained by the interactions of these two particles, but is B) originally created by a threading action of Neutrinos and Tachyons. There is no limit in size in which any of these particles can attain. Think in terms of raindrops, hailstones, or anything with a “core particle” that creates something else entirely via other matter and matters, and we can now create an entire solar system with just a single electron and proton operating on specific trajectories in an area where there is either A) enough existing matter to facilitate this creation, or B) there will be as time progresses.

        It’s really not that difficult to fathom. We ourselves take small bits of existing matter and make all kinds of crap out of it. We grab things from “the ether” via our experience and experiences in “the firmament” and just run with it. I sometimes refer to these two concepts as “the seen” and “the unseen.” Primarily because there is MUCH more to see. The gaps and holes in The Periodic Table help me in this regard. But I think we sometime forget about the observers and their proximity to their own contextual/situational environment as it relates to The Universe. Just my opinion, but I think The Universe leaves us clues in this regard. Such as, something here, that ain’t there…or something there, that ain’t here. Prolly a reason and reasons for that. Context will help us there, because we are going to find traces and/or trace amounts of shit here and there that is “abundant” elsewhere. When we start to gather, and isolate, and quantify, and qualify, and all kinds of other shit, all under the auspices of “this is something NEW!!!”??? Um, no. It’s just new to you. Meaning…yeah…it’s new, but not really.
        Q: Now what?
        A: You want the good news or the bad news first?

        The Universe doesn’t seem to answer that way. As a matter of fact, The Universe doesn’t seem to ask at all. No good new, no bad news…just kinda…tells. Keeps things out of order and out of context, and generally slings things all over the place, but we have the ability to arrange these thoughts into a coherent ordering as time progresses. At which point, The Universe steps in again and smashes the fuck out of everything that you’ve ordered so that you can do it all over again. Seeing “the tic-toc of the clock” on more of a Universal scale allows me to understand the reasoning in this “non-ordered ordering” because things are constantly changing. Some fast, some slow, all at the same time. It appears to be chaos, but is really only periodically chaotic.
        Chaos appears as chaos to order.
        Order appears as chaos to chaos.
        You bend that one many different ways, but it’s a precept for “the unstoppable force” and “the unmoveable object.” Many are caught up in the scenario of “what happens when these two meet.” But I haggle with the thought of “what happens when these two coexist in the same space as the same force?” The best that I can come up with is “the friction that creates motion that creates time and times.” All matter is created here. Yeah…zero.

        I think that “Gravite” does exist. (My theoretical matter that generates gravity) But Gravite is either going to be massive or tiny when and where it exists, and is constantly transitional and/or transitioning. Therefore, “massive and/or tiny” are relative. It relies on other matter and other matters to exist where it does, and does more than shape and direct matter, as it also does the same for energy. Kinda like Lodestone with some additional dynamics.

        I could go on, but I’m not gonna.
        Just keep in mind that The Universe already has figured all this shit figured out, and we’re in like Flynn. 😛

        ^Yello – Oh Yeah (Remix 2016)^

  3. ‘The king of the Netherlands has revealed he has been living a secret double life as a co-pilot for a commercial airline.

    ‘For 21 years, King Willem-Alexander has taken to the skies twice a month to ferry passengers around on short-haul services for the Dutch airline KLM.

    ‘Although travellers may have recognised the monarch’s voice as he updated them on weather conditions and their time of arrival, the royal’s presence was never revealed.’

  4. Obama was sworn in as President of the USA on 20/1/2009
    Obama visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Bethlehem, Israel on 22/3/2013.
    From 20/1/2009 to 22/3/2013 = 1522 days days.
    Trump visits Israel on 22/5/2017 and 23/5/2017.
    From 22/3/2013 to 22/5/2017 = 1522 days.
    The number of days between these two pairs of events is 1521 days or 39×39 days or (13+13+13) x (13+13+13) days.
    1522+2251 = 3773.
    3773 = 2701+1072.
    2701 is the Hebrew gematria for the first verse of the Bible, God’s word.
    2701 = 37×73, the ONLY number which, when mirrored and added contains its own factors.
    And you still don’t believe that the Bible was written by God?
    You must have seriously hard hearts!

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