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All Are Welcome



‘O To Be in England, Now Summer is Here’.

It’s been a beautiful morning in sunny Reigate, and I found myself going on a small ramble through Reigate Priory Park in England’s green and pleasant land. It’s Timeless.

Actually, the correct line reads April but poetic licence .








And I was mulling over the connections with pathways ‘out there’ and neural pathways, and why we see what we see and experience what we experience. Not that I came to any conclusion.








And also pondering Time. What’s round the corner.



Anyway, ramble over. In Britain, it is General Election time and each party has its manifesto but promises are made to be broken.

And The Manifest. But is it real and that’s a Big But.

Later today, in Manchester, A. Grande-Butera is holding a ‘One Love’ tribute concert to the victims of the Manchester bombing including Gregorian Callendar.




RIP space time continuum. The tear in space and time.



La Grande Illusion.

The situation is grave and critical.

The Crytic: ‘a person who judges, evaluates, or criticizes.’



It will end in tears.



London Bridge is falling down.

‘This is for Allah.’




This is for All.



All Ah Welcome. No one left behind.


69 thoughts on “All Are Welcome

  1. Maybe these events are oppts for “victim consciousness”.

    One story said a diner saved dozens of people with her body weight (she leaned it against a door – how’s that for the “bodies matter” movement?). Another story reported the perpetrators wore “hoax suicide” vests, ie faking suicidal intentions in order to murder.


    How many cyberians (siberians) does it take to ruin london (donold)?

  2. will, am I slammed for the wrong hand gesture and sitty position at AIRy’s grand concert

    Yogis can be brutal.

  3. The Manchester events happened in MAY [(YAM) (in the ‘chest chakra’ of man (‘wer’))] at an airy singalong (outdoor concert) by a youTH attacker from Libya (Libra chakra).

    But dont take my weird for it.

    • Today is the 2nd day of the NBA finals: werriors vs cleveland (c ‘leave land’). Hey, it aint all about football innit?

      Trump uses donold (london) to rev up his hopes for a travel BAN and lebron (the million dollar brawn (man)) has a trigger word scrawled (crab/cancer at the end of jewn) on his house that would infuriate Tennis. Meanwhile the london chakras are said to have fooled neighsayers (neighbores) into thinking they were regula nice guys by engaging in ACT IVI ties such as …table tennis.

  4. Man, the speed to which that man chester tribute concert was put together raises 3rd Eye Brows. And that creepy saying “Olivia would want you to hear the hits” and police dancing in a ring with idolescent girls: ewwwww. Just ew.

    • Roob links to my post on the Blue Bird over the White Cliffs of Dover and those Europeans don’t like it up em……and conveniently today is D DAY when we reversed 1066 and invaded Normandy

      The Spirit of Jack Cade lives on in Kent

    • The French are good at surrendering…they have had plenty of practice …hands up… ๐Ÿ™‚

      People were barricaded inside the Notre Dame for about half an hour after the hammer attack and shooting before eventually being let out.

      They were ushered into the centre of the building away from windows and told to sit on the pews.

      As officers prepared to clear the Notre Dame, they told people to put their hands up…..

      no sanctuary to be found here then

      my tongue is firmly in cheek many of my friends are gay Parisians

      • Lotta business gets transacted in church. A popular place for spies to hook up/meet. Not that this thought will lead directly to number stations and encryption or anything…but why wouldn’t it?

        The business after business is kinda on my mind at this point tho. But then again, I’ve been pondering advertising quite a bit lately.

        Not that I’ve been watching a particular documentary on Atomic Weapons as of late or anything. But there was a point in the film where the topic of The Manhattan Project going from the most secret project that almost no one knew about, to front page headlines in a matter of days. An explosive reveal.

        There was a personal connection to The New Yorker magazine today via Twitter, with respect to possibly a perceived lack of recognition shown to today’s date and it’s significance…June 6th 1944 – June 6th 2017.

        Interestingly enough, there is a mention in this Atomic Weapons documentary of a The New Yorker article that came out in 1946, a year after Hiroshima, and the entire magazine was dedicated to this.

        Meh…watch the documentary yourself if ya want.

        ^Nuclear weapons… new Documentary BBC 2016^

        Sometimes…we just flat don’t know what the fuck to do.
        Why this is unacceptable…is beyond me.
        I get the feeling that it’s beyond our critics as well.

        ^Fluke – Slap It (Untitled V3)^

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