Isis / Metaphysics / Spiritual / Synchronicity


Crashing through the Wall. Thanks TTN.

The Wheatsheaf – Borough, or Burgh, Market.



The Fields of Barley. Remember ?



Maybe, the body is Innocence. The body only does what it is instructed to do.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, and not to do with the name, the story of Anne Frank has had a profound effect on me. And I think this could be transferred to all races and both genders.



It’s As Sinner / A Sinner. But maybe we are mistaken.



‘The LORD is a jealous and avenging God; the LORD takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The LORD takes vengeance on his foes and vents his wrath against his enemies.’


A Big Butt. A Grande-Butera.






Butt is Guilty – Khuram Butt.

Butt must be. The flickering pixels in the media say so. But is there an enemy ‘out there’ or do we want it so ?



‘Give me control of the currency and I care not who makes its laws.’




And what started out as a trip into ‘Booty’ territory got diverted thanks to Roob and Jen.

And What’s in a Name ? And a pic. Reality Leigh Winner ( Thanks Roob and Jen ) . It looks like we’re in freaky territory with this one.

I Spy with my little eye.


‘The Texas native was an Air Force linguist who studied Farsi and other languages. According to the Department of Justice, she was a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation and had been assigned to a government agency facility in Georgia since Feb. 13. She had top secret clearance.’

The Southern States of US. And I suspect murky areas.

London Bridge – Arizona.



And The Lawnmower Man.




Down the French Bayou. In the Woods.




The Black Hole . Its grave and deadly serious.



De Meaning of Life. ‘Life’s a bit of shit when you look at it’.



The Don Key – it’s asinine.



The Trump It.



Don Key-Xote.

The Wind Mills of our Mind.



Possibly, The Impossible Dream is possible. It’s a possibility.



Is it just me ? No. It’s all ass. Ascend. Butt it’s bootiful. Etc, etc.



Can we forgive all ? Yes, we can. RIP Guilt.


58 thoughts on “Butt

  1. Frank I could not access my SIM in work so I went to IT to ask why and I was told it was because (for some strange reason) there were two of me on the system a clone a doppelganger and so one was deleted and one was left…

    my new number is now 42…

    and I watched Donnie Darko yesterday

  2. Shambhala is ruled over by Maitreya, the future buddha. The Kalacakra tantra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed, and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish “Dark Forces” and usher in a worldwide Golden Age.

    And (let me get this right) he’ll drive through the Hall/Wall in an old beat up van, donkey, ass, mule, or some such ride.

    Btw…spoiler alert if you haven’t seen LOST…

    the Losties were dead all along…so enjoy a pint/6-pack and live a little.

  3. She was a shiva linguist in the airy force with a contract with e plur ibus unum, the 13 letter motto that appears on the Great SIL and alludes to the 13 colon ies from which the US out grew. E plurivan anus may be a deritative. khuRAM butt.
    St even khurry will bring the St Franciso golden state wer-riors a Winner and kerr will do a loop de loop!

  4. kerr durant
    rif rant in peace
    dura saga khan
    maize maze
    corn el
    khurry st even
    pluribus deliver us
    all are welcome
    salva nation
    ella georgia looney

  5. I heard a ra deo enter view this morning where an expert in security said “secrets must remain secrets” in reference to the prosecution of the reality winner who leaked.

    • The dawn (Don) appoints Christopher wRay, -former bridgegate eagle couSIL for Christopher Christie- as head of the FIB.

      That’s a whole lotta chris crossing there.

        • And lots of Christs in this one – Christopher Wray, JC James Comey, and Chris Christie.

          But maybe that was your point πŸ™‚ .

          • Regarding JC, remember when Nemesis (or one of her maninfestations πŸ™‚ ) said she or “they” are pro Jesus and anti Christ? That was fascinating.

            Speaking of crosses, the new beware the Mummy movie with Tom Cruz stars an actress named Sofia (EM) Boutella. She was born somewhere near babble on.


            It’s about Sophia & EL

  6. Nothing to add here, really other than the fact that most of the morning I was thinking of Christopher Cross.

    We have been wandering around and have cross ed lots of roads, butt this Christ reminds us that we can still make a getaway.

    Sailing – Christopher Cross

  7. May be my tonight and your tomoorow the men will have the verve to return the balls to eve land and gods BANishment and travel bans (ie guarding) will finally end and it will all be hairy fairy from then.

  8. Christ gopher was an audio slave who hung himself su i side (I/US) style in the sound that guards eden….ie in the wheat burrow.

    Resent ley ive been saving and resaving a gophers life in the guarden ever since har ley died and it disc overed chi was the safest splace in the gal x y.

    Hey…what are liberians for?

  9. It dons on ME while current ley wattching that both teams in this latest BAN beball final are working and have practised together for the bynifit of our hipnosis and their owners power.


  10. Jesus christ gimino christy…have i anno Yed every 1 off?…

    Squeak up guys, squeak up.

    Or fore eve hold Ur peace

  11. Just went to vote and as the teller crossed my name off her list, she called to her colleague to give me a voting slip, giving my name the number assigned to me on her list…

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