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True Detective

Once upon a time, Life followed a vaguely predictable pattern of cause and effect, for want of a better description. No more, it seems.

But even now I get WTF moments. Last night walking home, in front of me on the other side of the road were two female runners jogging down the pavement, who caught my eye. And then the next minute they totally dematerialised. They completely vanished into thin air. For a short while, I looked up and down the road – apart from me, they were the only two on the street – in the hope they may return. But no, they had gone to who knows where. If they ever existed, which is a big question.

And when I got indoors, the first thing I see is that Another Plane had crashed – it’s a Burma. It’s Gone. Click ‘The New York Times’.


In the Beginning. ‘How the world’s most famous particle also started the Universe’.



The Garden of Eden was all A Free Ka.


From BBC News :

‘The idea that modern people evolved in a single “cradle of humanity” in East Africa some 200,000 years ago is no longer tenable, new research suggests.

Fossils of five early humans have been found in North Africa that show Homo sapiens emerged at least 100,000 years earlier than previously recognised.
It suggests that our species evolved all across the continent, the scientists involved say.

“It is not the story of it happening in a rapid way in a ‘Garden of Eden’ somewhere in Africa. Our view is that it was a more gradual development and it involved the whole continent. So if there was a Garden of Eden, it was all of Africa.”


The Oshun.



One of the weirder aspects to Merovee, is how I have been guided into a variety of different areas which have included metaphysics, spirituality, race, science, politics and conspiracy and other aspects of our reality.

Sometimes I have no idea why I am following a certain path but normally makes sense after a period of time.

True Detective.




And from my ramble in the woods last weekend.



The Devil’s Trap. True Detective – Louisiana.



And a mysterious Louisiana T Shirt has manifested itself.






The Hosanna Church Case. The story behind True Detective, it is claimed.

From Sword and Scale.com :

‘Ponchatoula, LA, known as “The strawberry capital of the world,” is a sleepy little farm town nestled between the bustling cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. With a population of just over 5,000, strawberry fields sprawl the landscape, and smack dab in the middle was the Hosanna Church.

The former Hosanna Church, led by Pastor Louis Lamonica Jr.
The former Hosanna Church, led by Pastor Louis Lamonica, Jr.
The church was a place that many spent their Sunday mornings. It was a place to meet up with friends and neighbors, as well as an outlet to express their faith. However, appearances aren’t at all what they seem.

Heading the church services was Pastor Louis Lamonica, a man beloved by the community for his phenomenal preaching abilities. The church gained a huge congregation, and at one point was the fastest growing within the Tangipahoa perish. That all changed in 1999.

Pastor Lamonica had passed on and inheriting his legacy was his son, Louis Lamonica, Jr. As many of Hosanna’s former members began migrating to other ministries, the junior Pastor Lamonica became jealous. Hungry with power, he threatened to ex-communicate anyone who so much as visited another church and fired several members of the church staff, including his own mother. It didn’t take long before a congregation of nearly 1,000 dwindled to only a handful of families. That’s when officials believe that darker forces began taking over the church.

Authorities were already beginning investigations after a frantic mother phoned officials from Ohio, claiming she fled Ponchatoula to save her child from sexual abuse. On May 16, 2005, Lamonica walked into Detective Stan Carpenter’s office and casually confessed that he had been involved in the regular molestation of two boys, had sex with a dog, and that the church was a front for the satanic sexual abuse of children with the aid of his youth minister, Trey Bernard, and four other members of the clergy.

Bernard was promptly arrested in relation to the case. He also made a full confession that left authorities baffled. He stated that he had begun molesting his daughter before she was even a year old. He claimed that both he and Lamonica had penetrated the baby and offered the child to Satan in bizarre rituals held within the church.

Pastor Louis Lamonica, Jr. claimed he and other members of the clergy were responsible for the sexual abuse of children.

These rituals allegedly occurred within the church’s youth room. He claimed that every two to three months the men would gather in the room dressed in black robes and animal masks. The room was covered in Satanic writings from top to bottom, complete with a pentacle in the center, only visible under a blacklight. There he, Lamonica, and four other men would take the children, including Bernard’s and Lamonica’s, to participate in the bizarre sexual rituals. They sacrificed cats and would drink the blood. The children were forced to stand in the pentacle and then splattered with animal blood, according to Lamonica “to be baptized by Satan”, then the men would line up shoulder to shoulder and force the kids to perform sexual acts on them like an assembly line.

FBI officials could not substantiate the sensational claims of satanic rituals, but there was no doubt about the sexual abuse of Bernard’s daughter and dozens of other children at the church. An investigation revealed no satanic writings, pentacles, or anything else occult in nature on the church premises, however, a blacklight did reveal bodily fluids on the rug within church’s youth room. Along with the carpet samples taken from the room, detectives also retrieved nearly a dozen computers believed to contain child pornography, diaries, video tapes, photographs, and boxes of documents. It is believed that the men spun this fantastic tale of demonic rituals in conjunction with their crimes as a way to absolve themselves of their guilt.

Nine people are now in prison in connection with the case. Lamonica is personally serving four consecutive life sentences.

Much like the story in HBO’s The True Detective, the Hosanna Church case weaves a story depicting the fight between good and evil. Men that were supposed to be leading their flock to salvation, instead allowed their own demons to overcome them, and committed crimes more heinous than any demon could ever muster.’


The Ancient Ones. ‘Giant Evil Gods’.



On a larger metaphysical note, God does not require or ask for sacrifice.

May The Force Be With You.


33 thoughts on “True Detective

  1. I’m already afraid to come here
    So much synchronization or something else
    I have long wanted to see the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    I looked
    I come here
    And you have an article
    Turn, Turn, Turn
    Today I read about Cthulhu and you about Cthulhu
    And this despite the fact that we have a difference of 11 hours ….

    • Ragnarok 🙂

      Frank’s been on a roll lately. I’d like to think we’re All falling into sync, albeit slower than I have the patience for sometimes. Still, I love it when cool stuff happens in the Mind Lines. Makes life interesting, don’t you agree.

    • And by the way, great name, Ragnarok!
      The fate of the Ancients rests with US. Perhaps we need to dig deep and find our Viking explorer spirit within. So much out there we have yet to discover.

    • Ragnarok

      It can be a shock when you first come across it. Some people react in fear and think it’s the work of the devil or their minds are being read. I see it as a sign or proof that the physical separation is an illusion.

      And Now is the Time.

      And as with Frank Barlow sometimes all you can say is WTF. But even that connects with the article – Louisiana Voodoo.


  2. and further
    Finally, I looked today Donnie Darko
    there was Frank
    after the movie in the news feed I came across the film
    The Stolen Curse / Fait Accompli (1998)

    Director: Andrzej Secula
    Starring: Balthasar Getty, Rosanna Arquette, Michael Madsen

    The second-rate thief steals big money. To his misfortune, he does not even suspect that this money belongs to the voodoo priestess who cast a spell on them. Money soon finds itself in the hands of Frank Barlow, the criminal boss and an ardent adherent of the Voodoo religion.

  3. (Found Among the Papers of the Late
    Francis Wayland Thurston, of Boston)
    “Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival . . . a survival of a hugely remote period when . . . consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes and forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity . . . forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and called them gods, monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds. . . .”
    —Algernon Blackwood.


  4. Hi

    Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

    As most people here will know our laws are based on maritime laws. So do we need to ‘marry time’ somehow? Does the beginning need to meet the end and marry up / do we need to go back to the future, etc?

    We all work for the machine, however, there are some who work in a more knowing way such as R*** Harris and Jimmy S******. There are many people who do the same and worse than them, however, there is more than one reason these two in particular were highlighted to the general public – A catchphrase of JS’s was ‘now then, now then’ – a time phrase.

    RH sang a song called ‘tie me kangaroo down sport’. This was a very catchy tune at the time that people were encouraged to sing along with – thereby all of us asking (unknowingly) for something to happen.

    Tie me kangaroo down sport – tie me / ti me – is something trying to tie down time – ie keep it linear?

    Kangaroo is an an anagram of organa – ok or ko– why is princess leia now known as general organa? Organa (pl) means an instrument of thought or knowledge. Could this be the ‘knowledge’ of good and ‘evil’ or more correctly love and fear? is someone trying to suppress this knowledge? Everything has duality so it could be organa is ok or organa is ko – knocked out – depending…..

    Sport –S-port = left – left hand path – known as sinister in Latin (sin(e) sister) – also port refers to portal or port hole such as you would find on a ship
    Someone/something has perhaps been trying to keep time linear and stop knowledge of good and evil surfacing. I think they may have failed?

    From where I sit I can see the past, the present and, in a limited way, the future. Once again we are hit over the head with the notion to live only in the moment, however, you are the sum of all of your parts – what hasn’t killed you in your life (ie killed your spirit) has made you stronger. Everyone should be proud that they are a survivor – they have survived the machine thus far.

    Ti the other way round is ‘it’ – the Germanic origin neuter of ‘he’
    Me – the me of Inanna

    When he and she get together in the hieros gamos – ie re- consummate their marriage – or marry time (it and me) then will the Ouroboros be one/joined again? Unfortunately the hieros gamos still hasn’t happened yet and I can tell you it is freaking frustrating. 1 July is an interesting date though 1.7.17? Also July – jew lie – the dew lie down together again?

    Incidentally 8 relates to ‘I love you’ – being eight letters. Crazy 88 means I’m crazy in love with you.

    NB: with regard to the election – everyone’s a winner baby – just like the Waterloo lyrics – ‘I feel like I win when I lose‘

  5. Nemesis I was hoping youd poppin.
    I had s-port on my mind too.
    I only heard of cornbyn of laybor a few days ago and when i riffed about him but it seems he and his family have something to do with Yew.

    • Hey Anon – I was remembering when you asked ‘are you the machine’ – you are incredibly perceptive

      N x

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