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The Descent

De Scent. I’m smelling blood. On the trail.



No virgins for Mr Butt.



On Monday, I had a conversation with a Polish builder who was lowering a drive way to ground level.

Theresa May is staring into the abyss. It’s a well hung parliament.



A difficulty that I think some of us have is that we can see very clearly, and also sometimes experience, that we are operating at a number of levels but at the same time we can only deal with what’s in front of us.

I believe much of what we experience are purely symbolic manifestations of our belief system. We believe we need food, so the grocery store is manifested. We think we need money, so we have banks and we think we need to do something, so we have work. And so on and so forth.

It is difficult to explain but we are layered. Especially since the New Year, myself and I think others, have experienced what may seem normal life but in truth, have been trips into the collective subconscious.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time underground and I suspect Time is why I have gone underground.

Today, I visited the third tunnel in Reigate, following on from the East and West Tunnel, Baron’s Cave. At one level it is just a cave system but again speaks of ‘something else’, even though it is difficult to know exactly what this something else is.

Everything is within us, I believe. Time, multiple dimensions, and the whole Universe is within each one of us. And what is ‘out there’ is a reflection of the inner world. It’s a matter of unlocking the door.

We look outside of our self for God, Spirit or Christ depending on your belief but they exist inside us and know and can see more than our normal human vision.

Anyway, here are some pics of Baron’s Cave.







And Hector T Rex.







It was only at the end of the tour did I get the ‘Surprise’. The Law and the Mother of Parliaments.

The reason for the name of ‘ Baron’s Cave’, is that it has been claimed that the Cave was where the Barons secretly plotted against King John before the English King was forced into signing Magna Carta on 15 / 6 / 1215.

And this is where it is said, the Barons sat whilst doing their plotting. Who’s in charge.



From Wiki :

‘Magna Carta Libertatum (Medieval Latin for “the Great Charter of the Liberties”), commonly called Magna Carta (also Magna Charta; “(the) Great Charter”), is a charter agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215.

First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury to make peace between the unpopular King and a group of rebel barons, it promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the Crown, to be implemented through a council of 25 barons. Neither side stood behind their commitments, and the charter was annulled by Pope Innocent III, leading to the First Barons’ War.

After John’s death, the regency government of his young son, Henry III, reissued the document in 1216, stripped of some of its more radical content, in an unsuccessful bid to build political support for their cause. At the end of the war in 1217, it formed part of the peace treaty agreed at Lambeth, where the document acquired the name Magna Carta, to distinguish it from the smaller Charter of the Forest which was issued at the same time. Short of funds, Henry reissued the charter again in 1225 in exchange for a grant of new taxes; his son, Edward I, repeated the exercise in 1297, this time confirming it as part of England’s statute law.’



Baron’s Cave goes under the pyramid which I showed in previous articles.



It is based in an area in Reigate known as the Inner Bailey.

The Old Bailey – London. The Central Criminal Court and the Scales of Justice.



The Inner Temple – London :

‘The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, commonly known as Inner Temple, is one of the four Inns of Court (professional associations for barristers and judges) in London. To be called to the Bar and practise as a barrister in England and Wales, an individual must belong to one of these Inns. It is located in the wider Temple area of the capital, near the Royal Courts of Justice, and within the City of London.

The Inn is a professional body that provides legal training, selection, and regulation for members. It is ruled by a governing council called “Parliament”, made up of the Masters of the Bench (or “Benchers”), and led by the Treasurer, who is elected to serve a one-year term. The Temple takes its name from the Knights Templar, who originally leased the land to the Temple’s inhabitants (Templars) until their abolition in 1312. The Inner Temple was a distinct society from at least 1388, although as with all the Inns of Court its precise date of founding is not known. After a disruptive early period (during which the Temple was almost entirely destroyed in the Peasants’ Revolt) it flourished, becoming the second largest Inn during the Elizabethan period (after Gray’s Inn).’


And in the afternoon, I descended again when I watched a movie ‘The Descent’, which is about a group of young women who go potholing underground and end up meeting a group of subterranean humanoids who are hungry for human flesh.



But has also been mentioned in dispatches before, as this advert for the film was on the side of a bombed bus with the 7/7 bombing in London.

‘Outright Terror. Bold and Brilliant.’



And yet another mysterious object has materialised which looks like it came from a strange place.






The Switch Channel.


102 thoughts on “The Descent

  1. Hi Everybody,

    Here’s an excerpt from “The Way Home or face The Fire” that is extremely relevant to my situation with the DUI, which Satan has used to label me “A DUI PYLE,” and ha, at 55, “old”:
    (I apologize for the length, but hey, it’s REALLY time to grow your attention span.)

    12:92 The police and courts have also had a very bad, and negative influence on society; by making it illegal, and difficult, to exercise your GOD-given human rights, to defend yourself, and to use your FREE will; by stopping people from fighting crime and injustice, THEMSELVES, as God wants people to do. The person on the spot has the best chance of fighting evil, as and when it happens.

    12:93 For a police-force to function properly, it has to have the cooperation of the public, that it is SUPPOSED to SERVE. Their job is to protect, HELP and SERVE the people of their community.

    12:94 Satan, using his tool – money – has caused the police to alienate the public, by having laws/legislation made up, to punish people for doing nothing wrong, and then fining them. The police, then, spend the majority of their time, running around, in expensive police cars, bought with the public’s money; annoying and IRRITATING the law-abiding public, that they are SUPPOSED to SERVE; for the financial gain of the police force, and the promotion of the officers involved. They also do this, because, ANNOYING law-abiding (God’s Laws) citizens, and stealing their money under false-pretences, is much easier, has a greater financial gain, and is much less dangerous, than catching REAL criminals.

    12:95 This then builds a big gap, between The Law-abiding public, and the police (policy-enforcers), who cannot operate without the public’s help, and it creates an, ever-worsening, “us and them” situation, which eventually leads to a police-state, and a police attitude, that says, that anyone, who is not actually a policeman, is automatically a criminal, or a potential criminal, instead of being their EMPLOYERS.

    12:96 The devil can REALLY play with egos, and arrogance. The police SHOULD be friendly, helpful and HUMBLE. That is supposed to be why they wanted to be public-SERVANTS, in the first-place.

    12:97 Unfortunately, most of the best policemen eventually resign from the police-force (human government-POLICy-Enforcers), because they do not agree with police attitudes, and methods, having joined the force to HELP people, NOT persecute them. The even sadder result of this, is, that, by leaving; instead of fighting to change their colleagues’ attitudes; they are helping to make the situation worse.

    12:98 No criminal is really afraid of human police, who cannot be everywhere at once, or on the spot, and who do not have the help of the public, because they have alienated them. If criminals were afraid of the police, they would not be criminals.

    12:99 Guns were originally invented for hunting food, and for protection, against wild-animals, and also for self-defence against evil aggression, because a small, or old person, could not defend himself/herself against a stronger aggressor. Guns are an equalizer.

    12:100 NO-ONE has the right, to take away the rights that God gave to YOU; one of which is your right to self-defence, against evil, and aggression (real and NOT imaginary); unless they can replace it with something better.

    12:101 The police, because of their own cowardice, have made it illegal to own a gun, and to defend yourself, and have given you nothing in return, because they can not possibly be with you, all of the time, and they are so busy chasing honest people, for money, that they do not have the time to protect the public from, and to catch, REAL criminals.

    12:102 Prevention is always better than cure, and a young thug would think twice, about attacking an old lady, or gentleman, if that old person possibly had a gun, and could shoot them, LAWFULLY, in accordance with GOD’S Laws (Exodus 22:2).

    12:103 Given a perfect situation, in a society, if you were to disarm anyone, you would disarm the criminals; wouldn’t you? So what does man do, with his stupid illogic? He decides to disarm The Law-abiding public, who are no danger to anyone, and leave violent and vicious criminals with weapons, and then, to make the situation even worse, he does away with the only other deterrent to criminals – “the DEATH-Penalty”.

    12:104 The harmless, Law-abiding public, are then left, totally defenceless, against armed, vicious criminals, whilst the police are busy STEALING money from motorists, under unlawful human laws/legislation.

    Do you think THAT makes SENSE? – Totally insane!!!

    12:105 YOU voted for these lunatics, and their insane, unlawful laws/legislation (human government-policies: enforced by police), so you are now suffering all this violence and crime – Divine Justice (Isaiah 3:12-15).

    12:106 It is now illegal to defend yourself, your family, or the weak, and, the way it is going, it will soon be illegal to be a man.

    12:107 The police say that, “We cannot have the public taking The (its) Law into its own hands.” The Law belongs to the PUBLIC, not to the police and should never have been taken out of the public’s hands.

    12:108 The police’s job is only to ensure that the public; in executing ITS Laws; do not exceed, or break those Laws themselves, and to help the public, both to investigate crimes, and maintain Law and order.

    12:109 Unfortunately, they no longer act as public servants, but as human government-licensed thieves, and a law unto themselves. Instead of the public telling the police what to do, the police now “dictate” to the public. The police (policy-enforcers, NOT Law-enforcers) have become a big stick, that the rich use, to beat the poor.

    12:110 You all have a voice and a vote, and can change the laws, to be for your benefit, NOT the benefit of the criminals. Man’s unlawful and unjust laws/legislation punish the innocent, whereas God’s Laws punish the guilty. Legal-precedents MUST be abolished, and EVERY case heard on its own merits, with other cases used ONLY as a guide (if necessary), NOT as a pre-set rule, so that JUSTICE will be done, instead of injustice in the name of precedents (Amos 5:7, 10, 24 & 6:12 &
    Habakkuk 1:4).

    12:111 Some courts are even talking of abolishing the swearing before God, on the Bible, to tell the truth. No criminal is afraid of courts, and self-appointed arrogant men: they just laugh at them. Fear of God’s punishment can be the only REALISTIC deterrent (Amos 6: 12-13). Human laws/legislation; as well as being no deterrent, and encouraging people to become criminals; also encourage the public to become TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, by fooling people into thinking that they can do anything they like, believing that they have got-away-with-it, so long as no human
    policeman catches them. God’s Laws; Statutes and JUDGEMENTS; in complete contrast; punish only the guilty, and make people aware, that they are responsible, not only for their deeds, but also their words and THOUGHTS, and, thereby, make people become more and more responsible.

    12:112 When is all this insanity going to stop? WHEN are you going to stop being so stupid, and arrogant, as to think that you know better than God, and start to live by His rules, and not your own (Satan’s really) self-destructive ones?

    12:113 You HAVE to FIGHT evil and Satan; each and every one of you; that is the ONLY way home, and to make the world a better place to live.

    12:114 Come on old people, set an example to the youth. Teach them better manners; morals and respect; read Ecclesiasticus and Proverbs. Get the laws changed back to God’s Laws. Don’t be afraid of human-death. If your body dies in God’s service, you will either go home or get a brand-new, YOUNG, healthy body. What have you got to lose? – only your soul, if you do not. You all say, “I wish I could be young again.” You can be. Let-go. Find some faith, and let-go. Why suffer old-age?

    12:115 Don’t let Satan fool you, into thinking, that; because you are old; you don’t need to bother, because you only have a short time left; and so, resign-yourself, to putting-up with everything, the way it is; until your body dies; thinking that it will then no-longer be your problem. That is a very selfish attitude (what about your grandchildren?), and will never get you off this evil, violent prison-planet, lunatic-asylum.

    12:116 You are only cheating yourselves, because you have to come back into the world again, which has now become even worse, because you did not do anything about making it better. That is how the world has become worse and worse and worse.

    You can NOT cheat God, you are only cheating yourselves.

        • And to you, Katy

          I really am here for you. Um, they say when two or more are gathered, there I am…..

          Well, I’ve never found another “Jedi,”, a Jesus Disciple, to join with me.

          I’m still looking…..

          I love you so much as a Sister in Christ, and I thank you so much!

          You are so beautiful. If you want to try to reach out to me, well, that would be great! It would help me…. and you too I would imagine….

          I live next to Murrow Park in Pawling, NY. My son has called it a bird sanctuary, and yeah, it’s really peaceful and pretty. I’m isolated, and not sure what I am supposed to be doing in the “world.”

          But if you, or Stephen, or anyone else out there, wants to visit me, and pray, be with me in Christ, in prayer for our world and its end, well……

          I’m here.

            • Funny dat,, because I had the nagging feeling after I posted that I had misquoted Scripture, or rather, the Man himself.

              It should be:

              “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

              Somehow the “gathering” here on Merovee in my name doesn’t quite capture the feeling of what I was trying to….. uh, convey.

                • Hahaha!

                  You did notice, Catwoman beats Mal……

                  And gets the guy!

                  It’s all a little too funny, very entertaining too….

                  I hope you have enjoyed the show….

                  I love you guys, my Merovee shipmates.

                  I don’t feel a lot of love from you all but I am trying to put that away, and “love my enemies,” …..

                  Trust that you REALLY do not know what you are doing.

                  And that you love me.

                  OK, not the right thing to say……

                  Just bring it on, motherfuckers…..

            • OK, “Jedidiah,” friend of God.

              Thank you?

              Whatever, I mean, WTF

              I DO have TRUST in GOD.

              Apart from what I have posted here, I DO love God and trust God will work it out.


              God, I love singin this song!!!!

              Isn’t it WEIRD that the clip I just found is different from the one I posted a ways before?

              Alternate realities….. dodododododoooodoodododoooooooo….


    • Very apt. Healthy communities can take care of themselves. Imo the police do stalk the innocent in their hulky vehicles, looking for trouble. Theyve become like criminals. Not surprising given their history of formation, ie to catch runaway slaves. Booooo!

          • Then die.

            Your choice……

            Uh and well, your judgment, as to whether you used the “apostrophe” or not….

            It’s coming.

            If you decided NOT to repent, well, again….

            YOUR CHOICE.

            • Anonymous,

              “If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”

              And I gather, if you post strange and undecipherable posts to a seeker of God like myself, seeking to confuse, mislead, and slander me……

              just read Revelation, because YOU are going in to,

              yup yup yup….

              the Lake of FIRE.

              Repent, with what little time you have, is all I can SAY.

                • The lack of the “mark” shows …hmmm…. that you are not “all knowing”? So how could you possibly judge another?

                  You cannot “love”

                  You only want to judge and make others wrong……

                  IT’s OK though.

                  You are my “enemy” and Jesus Christ has taught me how to pray about our “enemies”:

                  Our Father
                  who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name….

                  THY Kingdom come

                  THY Will be done

                  Now As it is in Heaven

                  Give us this day our daily bread

                  And forgive us our trespasses

                  As we forgive those who trespass against us

                  And subject us not to the final judgement

                  But DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL ONE.

                    • Maybe I am…..

                      But is it of the spirit of love to make fun of me?

                      Jesus Christ loved his brothers, including women.

                      You, on the other hand, seem to have a little more than contempt for a woman like me.

                    • Anon,

                      Or should I say, Satan:

                      So sayeth YOU: The Special Prosecutor of God’s children in the Court of Life.

                      Satan wants us to believe that by trying to follow the WAY, and calling him out, and calling our sinful brothers out, is really “holding them” in “contempt.”

                      Not loving our enemies, but having “contempt” for them.

                      No, Anon, I’m not Faith.

                      Ha! I remember one day back in Queens, walking back from the corner market with two heavy bags in each hand, with my young son, who was out of the stroller, but um, I should have realized too young to accompany me without a leash…..

                      We came up to the corner of my street and I saw a car coming, and somehow my son decided that he would run across the street ahead of me, and I swung my grocery bags to knock him down.

                      He screamed bloody murder at my “attack” on him.

                      But I saved his life.

                      Because I love him.

                      Give it a rest, Satan.

                      Oh excuse me for using your real name.


                      We see you now, and we know your NAME.

                    • Trinity, put down the boo’ze and al’Qhul – from one “brother” to another. It’s doing permanent damage to your hedge.

                    • Apparently I have been “promoted” to Captain of this Ship.

                      Captain Kirk.

                      The Captain of the Church, ha, of a ship of fools, but ……


                      I’m going to do my best.

                      Only because I “love you” all, no hahaha, no not that…..

                      It’s because I love….


                      And He says…..

                      “Whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

                      Well, I want to be with Jesus.

                      So, my Brothers, where does that leave you?

                      I’d say, hmmm,…..uh….

                      Well, if I AM your only WAY out….

                      Don’t kill me.

                    • Katy, thank you again….

                      And I’m here for you….in the MIND.

                      I’m praying for YOU. And ME.

                      Hey sister!

                      It’s ALL GOOD.

                    • Do you want to just let Satan dictate to you?

                      Or do you want to find the TRUTH?

                      And who really gives a F about the TRUTH, but you know what?

                      The TRUTH is the WAY out of this prison.


                      DO YOU GET IT????

                      HELLO HELLO PEOPLE OUT THERE…….

                      DO YOU GET IT?


                      And as Jesus says, if you “get the message,” and don’t ACT on it?

                      You’re dead!


                      Just sayin!!!!


                      THAT”S the Truth….

                      And it’s scary……

                      I agree.

                    • And before I run out of space, I want to dance!

                      First thing I think of is Coldplay’s apes….. So I will, if Frank lets me.

                      But this first:

                    • And Brothers, well, I can play the Man

                      I can play Captain Kirk

                      And whatever……

                      But no matter how much they slander me……

                      I’m still just a woman. ..Who has A HEART….

                • Trin trinity trin trinity trin trin achoo!
                  This is a massage a mess age fer Eu!
                  One daze u say my mark is a BEast, next day you sway my black of it means i must die?

                  What an ass hole you are!

                  Take your head out of your ass?

                  I am a pirate on any ship you de mand! You dumbass…

                  • If I AM an ass hole, how the heck am I going to take my head out of it?

                    Huh, “dumbass”?

                    BOW WOW, demon!

                    You obviously have NO SENSE of HUMOR.

                    (You’re probably an extreme “dog” in the bauety department… woof woof)

                    You know why?

                    You operate from the energy of HATE.

                    And Satan is YOUR Father.

                    Our Father

                    Who art in HELL

                    Hallowed be thy name!

                    YOUR kingdom, come, YOUR will be done!

                    On Earth, NOT as it is in HEAVEN.

                    Give us this day our daily BREAD (as in money: ka-ching!)

                    And lead us not into SALVATION

                    BUT DELIVER US FROM THE CREATOR!

                  • And for the record “Anon”…..

                    I never said your mark is a “Beast” nor whatever about how you must die….

                    Plus speak English when you come out and behead someone, because how else can I figure out what you are upset about?

                    I actually have no idea what you are saying, because….

                    ahem, others post in “your name.”

                    So I really “don’t know you.”

                    And for Frank to apparently defend you and your attack on me, who call me names like an “ass hole,” and a dumbass, called me an “ass” three times…

                    Well I guess that is OK with the captain of this ship.

                    That’s WHY I decided to mutiny.

                    I joked that I was taking command of the ship…..

                    I really meant I am finally taking command of my own.

    • I’ve seen some of his stuff I think. If I’ve got the right one, his theory is that once the planets were a lot closer than they are now and could be seen in the sky as large objects.

      Which caused effects on the earth and that many of our myths and archetypes come from this period.

        • Putting this here rather than replying up top. Knole House is a ‘calendar house’:

          ‘A calendar house is a house that symbolically contains architectural elements in quantities that represent the respective numbers of days in a year, weeks in a year, months in a year and days in a week.’

          It was the location for the video of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

          ‘It was the setting for the filming in January 1967 of the Beatles’ videos that accompanied the release of “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”. The stone archway through which the four Beatles rode on horses can still be seen on the southeastern side of the Bird House, which itself is on the southeastern side of Knole House. The same visit to Knole Park inspired another Beatles song, “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!,” which John Lennon wrote after buying an 1843 poster in a nearby antiques shop that advertised Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal.’

          I just finished watching the first episode of this:

          The hippie was ‘born’ on January 14th 1967 at a party in the park, ‘The Human Be-In’.

          • Roob

            My mum would occasionally drag me to draught big old houses and Knole House was one of them. Actually very impressive.

            And with the vid and name my mind turns to the Grassy Knoll.

            And 1967 was a good year 🙂 .

    • Hi Elena! 🙂

      We’re deep into this Thing. Not sure where it’s taking us but I’m glad you’re here.
      And our condition – it’s critical.

      • Hi Jen – Yes, it’s critical. ❤

        I've talked here before about the death of my mom when I was 8 years old in June of 63 and how each year at this time I relive the experience, mentally, physically, emotionally. This year in addition, two weeks ago I got word of the death of a woman who had been like a mother to me.

        I don't know the exact quote but Nietzsche said something about, if you gaze into the abyss the abyss will gaze into you, and the trial is to not let it turn you into a monster. We're gazing into the abyss, and the abyss is scanning US. Only time will tell.

        And about Adam West. His real first name is William. His friends and family always called him 'Bill'.

        • Elena

          Condolences about the death of your second mum. And anniversaries can be very difficult. But a double whammy.

          We’re looking into dark places. And at some point you feel whatever exactly Alien refers to will show itself.

  2. The wepunization of language
    The weaponization of information
    The kleptonization of kulture
    The abyss MAL reflects US black
    In our descent into mass de light
    In this tear of the jewbilee that starts at de base of anu temple
    Of sol o mon (sun and moon) and unravels up to the hed ge.
    A void the abyss.
    I AM NOT so bad.
    Ab y ss
    AB Y SS
    A core bny ss: the Roc of Ageis
    my father
    my MOther

  3. Money is an illusion but we still per use it
    Time is an illusion but we still set our alarms and rent it out to “bosses” to make money
    3D is an illusion but we still piss and shit and eat
    Perhaps time money and 3D are just the most popular tools in the box but not the only ones
    Like language: a very popular tool too. Maybe the homecoming kween.

    • Death is an illusion but we still attend funerals.
      This is a matrix and life is not real but we still get born and birth others.

  4. So Frank……

    Um, I kinda get you now…..

    Part of me wants to cut the tie.

    And never go back.

    But I will keep coming back to the Hotel California….

    I GUESS.


    HERE I AM.

    You are just going to have to live with me.


  5. Hi again Anon and everyone

    I’m so sick and tired of still doing this – in fact I’m so freaking bored I could die, except I can’t of course (and neither can anyone else here) – ha ha.

    I haven’t really been reading much anywhere as it’s been an extremely busy couple of months – but I have popped back once or twice to Merovee and am pondering your (Anon’s) comment about being pro Jesus and anti christ and am wondering if I still think the same or not?

    Christ has something to do with crystal, diamond, etc (as well as may other things) and the crystal maze TV show is making a come-back here. I keep thinking the glass ceiling has been broken but I think maybe it hasn’t – there are probably more than one – I rather boringly find there always are!

    Just been over to Suli to see she is now getting rid of all her maps(!) and also an interesting observation that the second coming of JC is a sexual phrase.

    Maybe the glass ceiling and the second coming are linked – is there is still a pane of glass somewhere stopping ti-me from getting together again – just need to find it I suppose.

    I wonder if Jesus and Christ are two different people – or Christ is a family/surname – maybe God is God Christ – maybe I’m pro-christ as well after all now?

    By the way TTN did you manage to get hold of a copy of the Joy of Sex? If not there are plenty of on-line resources available to teach you how to pleasure a woman.

    The other thing I saw was Frank giving up all paid employment – you’ll be getting rid of your maps next. Maybe you, TTN and Suli can all live in a cardboard box together once you’ve finally got rid of all your material possessions. They you’ll have to rely on the largesse of kind-heated people to give you food, clothing, etc – oh yes, all obtained from the machine of course!

    Maps are quite interesting don’t you think – mappa mundi. There’s a line from the take that song ‘the flood’ – ‘we mapped the moon and stars then forgive them’. (map / fashion / shape)

    Mappa mundi is not a navigational thing but rather a set of principles – a lot of things happen on a munday don’t you find – just like a Friday – maybe these are mother fucker days – the machine may have the other days of the week twt – tw(a)t days – who know – I don’t? (I expect TTN does).

    I seem to have been Nemesis for longer than I’ve been anything else and I’m getting rather bored of that too – perhaps TTN can come up with another name – he’s good at that…..


    • Youre bored of doing what, Nemesis?
      When bored, change it up.
      Or consult Hugo.
      One of the vicSIMs who accused me of hit and run though I was stationary has the initials MAP. He’s a pothead repeat fraudster and I hope to rid my life of him too.
      His name is linked to Caesar (seize her) and it’s about to give him the boot.

    • Another question, Nemesis.
      You seem to have a goal, besides remaining in de light (banishing boredom).
      What is it?

      Ok, off to update my resume and then to the gym to work on my 3D body but first some tea and chocolate

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