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    • Elena

      I was worried it may end up as a black joke duckumentary and they were going to end up somewhere horrible. But no which was good 🙂

      And the dancing lollipop lady.

      • Frank

        I think you’ve summed it all up. What keeps us from crossing the road. The fear of ending up somewhere horrible.

        But, we are ‘uncovered’, ‘unmasked’ and something (?) is ‘leaking’ out. I don’t think there is a soul alive who is prepared to meet the ‘alien’ the ‘stranger’ who inhabits their own skin. But it’s emerging. It is the sum of all potentials. Beauty or beast? It was beauty that came face to face with the beast and understood the beast and broke the curse.

        “It is astonishing to find there is a stranger living inside of you…” Dark places.

    • Anon

      Sessions is a son of the Confederacy. Latin…con – together and foederatus – covenant or league.

      • Elena, I don’t know what he is but rite or won if I behaved like he did today I do know I couldn’t even get a JOB in retail! And sss is now the highest odor (de scent into de light) in de land!

  1. Hi Anon – I didn’t mean to imply that the SM isn’t working – as it very much is – just that it is a very long and boring process!!

  2. Trinity, lothario has chikened down to oUr LEVEL do we C?
    Cyberia is at the root of sum eliv and it is all boring in the bering strait.
    The apostrophes (@postles) astro poorjections of the jedidiah wanna cum home.
    Nemesis, squawk about bore ring

  3. Nemesia, are you the monitor and guardian of this GALA XY?

    Believe u me I am bored too and look fore ward to your ahhh post trophies and eu GOs non sense as much as every one elve….

    But squeak up friends squeak up!

    $top beating the bush?

  4. I think the Senate (sin8) earrings today don’t demean what us think they mean
    But what do u know.
    Nemesis why do you come HERE?
    You and You GO are hilley advanced so Y do ether of U bovver with US?

  5. Anon are you cracking up? Don’t dominate the rap jack if you have no thing new to say. I for one tire of your constant prattle. 87

    • Im sure you do
      You have all ways made that very clear
      As.if i care
      Who afterall are you?
      Dennis dumbas
      So why do you comey here when you and ken and faith and viktor and hugo and that clooney tune already know everything anyway
      Dum mass

  6. Grenfell Tower, London engulfed in flames 1am 14/6/2017.
    24 (8+8+8) storeys high.
    Grenfell Tower = 8+5 letters = 13 letters.
    Refurbished by Rydon (5 letters)
    Contract period = 66 weeks
    6.66km from centre of Westminster Bridge and 84 days from the 22/3/2017 event!!!
    Line between Grenfell Tower and the centre of Westminster Bridge cuts the circular HM Revenue & Customs – Tax Department exactly in half.
    How can a block of apartments go up in flames so quickly?
    My prayers go to the relatives and friends of those killed or injured in this disaster.

  7. Gren = 7+18+5+14 = 44 (English Ordinal) and 44+44 = 88
    Fell = 6+5+12+12 = 35 (English Ordinal) and 35+53 = 88
    4+4 letters = 8 letters.

  8. Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya attack, 21/9/2013
    Reopening of Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya, 18/7/2015.
    Day gap? 666 days.
    From 21/9/2013, Westgate Mall attack, to 21/9/2015, Pope goes to USA = 8+8+8 months.
    266th Pope meets Obama in the WH on 23/9/2015, the 266th day of the year.
    From 23/9/2015 to 14/6/2017 = 630 days and 630+36 = 666.
    The Grenfell Tower is 1/2 a mile north east from Westfield Shopping Centre.
    From 21/9/2013 to 14/6/2017 = 1362 days and 1362+2631 = 3993.
    3993 = 121×33 or (11×11)x(11+11+11).

  9. Hi Frank

    Just curious as to what your smiley face after Anon’s comment on the other page was all about?

    What do you think Is happening here?

    Like Anon was curious about what I do – I’m curious as to what it is that you do? I remember you stating to Hugo, I believe, that Merovee is only 25% of your work – so what is it that you do with the rest of your time – esoterically speaking? The same goes for everyone else here who are all on your wavelength – what practical steps do you take to push the process forward and make it happen? Jenny, Elena, TTN, Hugo, etc I know you can feel and sense what is happening as you write about it.

    TTN has stated several times that you guys are among the first wave of people to ‘wake up’ but Anon has a similar level of esoteric/exoteric knowledge (as do some others that don’t post frequently here) and she freely admits she has no idea what’s going on.

    Equally this whole process has a strong se*ual component to it – indeed is underpinned by it.

    Depending on how it was created, Kundalini is a positively or negatively charged se*ual energy. This energy is the most powerful force there is – where do you think it is coming from – from where and how is it being released?

    ..… or maybe it’s just some kind –hearted Faerie playing with her majick wand in the night ?

    Why am I here Anon? That’s a very good question.

    BTW: Grenfell is Green fell. The original family name of the original family was Fer de Lance (Pit Viper) – it was decided to change it to Green – much like the Windsors changed from Saxe Coburg Gotha as a PR stunt to gain better press – but now it’s back – this is the machine’s – not very nice – way of telling you the Fer de Lance Family is coming back.

    • Hi Nemesis

      The reason why I left the smiley face is because your conversation with Anon made me smile. My thinking was there are very few websites if any, where there would be conversations where it is normal for someone to comment about ‘boring sex magick’ and no one raises an eyebrow 🙂 .

      Trust me, I am only too aware of the sexual nature of what is happening but it’s caused ‘problems’ before for me so keeping personal stuff off the front page, as it were.

      Even though I’ve known it is the answer and I had known for a long time before, last summer I got the signal to go into guilt, fear, Time etc and my subconscious in a big way which is part of what my job comments was about. And why I concentrate on that at present.

      I have no plan or structure but leave it up to spirit every day, to take me where it wants to go. Which leads to some weird and wonderful places.

      My online life and physical life are connected in some way. The people I have significant relationships with in my physical life are also involved with this even if they don’t know it. And the physical and non physical or other planes. But has also raised questions about Identity. Jenny termed it a Smish Smash which I liked.

      With regards to Merovee and other connections, I think we have taken a journey into the subconscious mind to help the ‘Shift’ or whatever term you want to use. A microcosm of the microcosm. The Family is a microcosm of the macrocosm again. There are no special families if you like. What you see in your family will be repeated with everyone I believe, if people can be bothered to look. And we are joined in ways we can’t see. And we are connected with out there. Just from a quick glance at the Westway fire, I can see some personal mirrors in my own life from yesterday.And probably others as well, I’m sure.

      Hope this makes sense.

      But it is actually not easy as the Universe has had a habit since about 1991, of sending me out into deep space without a lifeline or chopping me up into little pieces every so often.

    • Nemesis – I hope this doesn’t add to your confusion, but it probably will. 🙂

      My belief is that this is about our true nature which became obscured even lost to us after the trauma of ‘the fall’. Now we are waking up to that true nature again, which is in a word, powerful, to the point of mind blowing. All of these ‘terror’ events going on around us are manifestations of that power and energy/kundalini going off, which we can’t seem to control any longer. It’s all a part of the process of reclaiming our power.

      It’s also part of that process that things which we have made sacred and surrendered our power to, must fall. Mostly, the concept of ‘the white male sky god’, the symbol of power, currently embodied by Donald Trump. Who has a penchant for building ‘towers’ and displaying his name prominently on top. And also has a penchant for creating ‘firestorms’, especially when he does not get the loyalty he demands from his servants. And loves to get even with his detractors, ‘vengeance is mine’, you get the picture.

      So watch Trump and what he represents. This power struggle is already congealing around him. We are the divided states of America, part of US wants to reclaim our power, part of US wants Our Father to keep saving us from it. This is what happens at Childhood’s End, we must find a way to grow up. I can’t explain why, it just inevitably happens.

  10. Tennis, Ken, everyone:
    I relapsed last night. Fell off the wagon. Please forgive me and pray for me.
    I will appreciate your kindness and compassion.
    Sorry about my prattle. It is not usually under the influence of anything but sub/consciousness. It means nothing. Dont read it if it offends.
    I’ll work on shutting up.

    • You didn’t fall off. You’re still where you are, still are who you are.
      Even recovery needs a vacation.

      ^CHVRCHES – Recover^

      • Cade, thank you too dear. Boy the shame is real. I dont even Ken and Dennis’ disgust to feel it. Nek ed sinned.
        I dont know why I do this to myself.
        I don’t know why I come here either.
        We just chase events year after year after year.

        Thanks for your graciousness, Cade.

  11. Nemesis, I take no practical steps to do anything perhaps because I am lazy or afraid or both. Everyone talks about kundalini and I post photos I find here and there mostly because the language fits but I truly have no idea how to achieve and sustain much of anything.

    In your estimate, who runs or owns the machine? Is the machine the same entity as what conspiracy theorists call “the elite”? What do you think is their goal?

    What is your goal, Nem?

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