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Twilight Sleep

Firstly, I try and let the comments flow as free as possible. I understand these are intense times but how about some civility to each other ?



Wakey, wakey.

From Landslide :

‘To use a good old Anglo Saxon phrase, we are playing silly buggers and a game of make believe where we pretend to be ‘mere mortals’ powerless against an invincible foe. When the truth is that we are eternal spirits and an eternal spirit of love and beauty.

In reality, forgiveness is not necessary but we don’t live in reality. It is a kind of happy illusion designed to undo our guilt.

Is total forgiveness of everyone and everything, and the Self possible ? Can we love everyone and ourself without limits ? Can we reunite with God ? ‘Yes we can’ because it is the will of God and our true will and nature. And what God wills, God gets eventually. All are welcome.

The Time Is Now’


Feeling it ?

Grenfell Tower, West Way, London. De Scent of Smoke.




The Fallen Children.



And forgetting the Birth Day – Twilight Sleep.

From :

‘What Is Twilight Sleep? Twilight Sleep, or Dammerschlaf, as it was called by the German doctors who were using it in their clinic, was a drug which provided pain relief and also erased the memory of birth altogether.



What Were The Effects? Not remembering the pain of labour doesn’t necessarily mean there was no pain at the time. Scopolamine caused women to lose their inhibitions, and have no conscious awareness of what was happening to them. The small amount of morphine used didn’t prevent pain, but contributed to women becoming uninhibited, and even psychotic. Many women would thrash around, bang their heads on walls, claw at themselves or staff, and scream constantly. They would either be restrained on their beds, by their wrists and ankles, or put into straight jacket.



Babies were also significantly affected by the use of Twilight Sleep. The drugs would cross the placenta and depress their central nervous system. They would be born drugged, and unable to breathe normally. The commonly used image of babies being held upside down and slapped on the bottom comes from this time – when doctors would attempt to revive comatose newborn babies.’


And freaky video time.



For a good number of years, I have understood that the end game or aim was reunion with God, whoever or whatever God actually is.

At times this has seemed a distant dream and a bit pie in the sky. But since my week from hell, I sense that this has become a very real possibility. And from experience, I know that sometimes we make these big leaps and it can be many years before the next stage. So there could still be many rivers to cross.



The upshot is that I am saying Yes to At Onement.

Anyone care to join me ?


68 thoughts on “Twilight Sleep

  1. Frank,

    Not only a “faulty fridge” but they also say it was on the “fourth floor.” Crikey!
    Clearly the media is just playing games with this situation!
    Those responsible for such heartless behaviour are Stanic criminals.
    FF FF 66 66
    6+6+6+5 letters = 23.
    6x6x6x5 = 1080 = 60 x (6+6+6)
    Faulty Fridge Fourth Floor = 21+26+6+15+7+2 + 21+9+18+23+20+22 + 21+12+6+9+7+19 + 21+15+12+12+9 = 333 (Reverse Ordinal)
    Faulty = 85
    Fridge = 49
    Fourth = 88
    Floor = 66
    (English Ordinal)
    Total = 288 and 2+8+8 = 6+6+6
    2x8x8 = (8+8)x(8+8)
    8+5+4+9+8+8+6+6 = 18+18+18 or (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)
    8x5x4x9x8x8x6x6 = 3317760.
    3317760 = 576×5760 or (24×24)x(24×24)x10

      • I’ll try another link. It’s a young man called ‘Peaky’ telling the BBC that he doesn’t believe this tragedy was an accident.

          • That is an interesting term

            regeneration (n.) Look up regeneration at
            mid-14c., from Late Latin regenerationem (nominative regeneratio) “a being born again,” noun of action from past participle stem of Latin regenerare “make over, generate again,” from re- “again” (see re-) + generare “to produce” (see generation). Originally spiritual; of animal tissue, early 15c.; of forests, 1888.

    • Roob

      Again the article seems to emphasise the West Way connection. What jumped out for me was that the Grenfells came from Cornwall. And yesterday for some reason I was thinking about the journey to Cornwall past Stone Henge along the A303.

      And I don’t know if you read Loren’s 237 Hitchcock article.

      And two days ago I thought I would see what would come up with Rebecca which is set in Cornwall with Frame 237.

      ‘Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again’.

      And ends with Manderley being burned to the ground.

  2. Zero Sum Game

    Thanks for those who took the time to reply, although Elena I’m not sure why you think I’m confused – I’m not – just bored.

    JB – thanks for the link – so I really do exist and not just in anyone’s sub conscious – the Daily Mail said it – so it must be true.

    I’m afraid, despite contrary opinion that this really is all about blood family and family trees – such as you might find in the Garden of Eden. The APL (with a bit taken out) doesn’t fall far from the tree and PAL isn’t just a dog food and some men like LAP dances. The 3 initials of the main protagonists plus the initials of their surname FDL each add up to 6.

    Of course, there are thousands of people involved in this process both knowingly and unknowingly and it’s just lovely that everyone has been so helpful, However, there are three main protagonists – the Father, the Son and the Daughter – who all each add up, therefore, to 666.

    I will leave you all again in your nice comfy bubble of sub conscious utopian bliss bouncing around the firmament but just to say – you can watch the world stage all you like but don’t forget the extraordinary are extra-ordinary.


  3. From 7/7/2005, London Underground attacks, to 18/6/2017 is 11 years, 11 months and 11 days.
    18/6/2017 is day# 169 = 13×13.
    There are 196 days remaining in the year = 14×14 days.
    Underground/Above Ground.
    Will Grenfell Tower fall on 18/6/2017?

    • Sadiq Khan has been Mayor for 6+6 months and 6×6 days as at 14/6/2017.
      In his live media broadcast yesterday some of the public were actively heckling him! Great to see and hear!

    • Sadiq Khan Mulsim Mayor = 19+1+4+9+17 + 11+8+1+14 + 13+21+12+19+9+13 + 13+1+25+15+18 = 243 (English Ordinal)
      243 = (9×9)+(9×9)+(9×9)
      2+4+3 = 9
      Convert that lot to 3’s ok!
      2x4x3 = 8+8+8
      Sadiq Khan = 5+4 letters = 9 letters
      Muslim Mayor = 6+5 letters = 11 letters
      9 and 11 letters ie 9/11.

    • Elena

      That was part of the reason for the article. I read the coma story and then Twilight Sleep came up for me.

      And again severe neurological injury. In a conversation I said to someone earlier if anyone complains tell them I’m mentally challenged.

      Mental Health has been one of these repeat stories for a month or so now.

      And checked the etymology of botulism. In Latin, it meant sausage and in German, it means ‘sausage poisoning’ !

      • My mother took Twilight Sleep and doesn’t remember my birth. When the nurses told her she had a baby girl she accused them of lying. And neurological damage would explain a lot. I Otto blame Deep State for my imperfections. 🙂

          • The shadow does want to know, Elena. The loss of memory is something that’s bothered me for a long time. The truth is suppressed, until it explodes like a faulty fridge.

            And while reading some of the commentaries of Twilight births, this poor woman had a terrifying flashback.

            “Several years ago, while I was taking an additional certification course as a childbirth educator, I had a sudden flashback and remembered parts of my labor. The memory brought me to tears. I was in a labor room with 8 other women in labor. I was in a stainless steel crib with the sides up – high metal bars. I was thrashing around and screaming uncontrollably. Even as I was screaming, I was thinking that I should not be screaming because I would upset the other laboring women. But I had no control over my actions. I can remember screaming my Doctor’s name and yelling, I want Dr. K…. The nurse can over and told me that the doctor was not there, that he had gone home. But I continued to scream because I could see his glasses on the window sill. That is still the only memory I have of that birth. But that memory was totally suppressed for over 40 years.”

            • It’s partly the mother and child reunion happening on a spiritual level, the memory undoing the lie of the land. 🙂

              • And so we come back around to the mother-daughter reunion. I’m thinking of you and your mother, whom you lost at the tender age of 8. I can’t imagine. Memory can be powerful. ❤

                • We have all lost her in a sense. I guess I was meant to understand just how devastating that loss has been for US. ❤

                  And just because this always cracks me up.

    • I would also, as one of my final salvos, like to point out that a YouTube “Citizen Investigator” pretty much located the Free Energy weapon that pointed the beam at the Towers to bring them down, and it’s located miles away out on Long Island……you know, “Brookhaven.” (Break Heaven….)

      But the point being, if we lived on a ball, there’s no way a beam aimed at Ground Zero from Brookhaven, Long Island could have hit its target.

      We live on a flat plane, as described in the Bible.

      We are surrounded by an ice shelf that contains the oceans, called “Antarctica,” but why is this continent not shown on the U.N. emblem? Which clearly depicts the 33 precincts of our prison planet?

      And this is even touchier, my Friends: they don’t want you anywhere near the “North Pole,” you know why?

      Because then you would see the Lake of Fire, where Satan is to be cast, along with his “angels.”

      And YOU don’t want to be “judged” among them.

      Mazel Tov, my Brothers!!!

      “Let us be happy because God is good to all his children throughout the world.”

      Gee, this guy sounds like that Orthodox Jewish mobster: “If you don’t marry a Jew, your mother will break your legs!”


        • And finally, are we as a society gonna let them eat this beautiful woman?

          Are we just gonna stand by as she is devoured…. through no fault of her own that I can see…

          Is she being PUNISHED for this video below?

          For BEING a beautiful woman who is just trying to just survive?

          For being a woman….AH, THAT IS THIS WORLD’S GREATEST SIN.

          Satan’s world, mind you…..

          The MAN, well, he’s coming, why do think this is all coming to a head, huh?

  4. I’m not surprised the comma has returned. It’s the lower state of apostrophe. ,’

    In native news, the Knysna fire in lower africa has ravaged the landscape, displacing and affecting thousands: mostly “slum dwellers”.

    The Siouxs and the NoDAPL movement have had a minor achievement among the suits as a judge has ruled the DoN overlooked “environ mental” issues (etheric clip ons) with regard to the flow (of oil). NoDAPL is “DoNALd” unscrambled and the vowel movement says ‘#notanotherflint’, referring to my last native story to report today regarding Flint, MI (there goes my chi again 🤔) which is also black in the news and courts.
    “Flint: a piece of flint used with steel to produce an igniting spark, e.g., in a flintlock gun, or (in modern use) a piece of an alloy used similarly, especially in a cigarette lighter.”
    Ok compadres! That’s my one piece of babble prattle trite per article. See you on the next page. Ova and out!

    • It’s funny how ‘Anony-mouse’ can be easily ID’d just by the way she spins the lingo.
      I like it! 🙂 You’ve taught me much.

      Black Math

      Listen Master can I ask you a question
      Is it the fingers, or the brain
      that you’re teaching this lesson?
      I can’t tell ya how proud I am ,
      Writing down things I don’t understand,
      Maybe I’ll put my love on ice
      And teach myself, maybe that’ll be nice

    • Anon

      There are no limits to prattle 🙂 Now that would be the pot calling the kettle black !

      And nasty fire. But the world would seem to have a temperature. I’ve had all sorts of different things turn up recently in regard to South Africa. Is Zuma Trump in disguise ?

    • According to Wiki Knysna is part of the S African coastline called the Garden Route.

      Before logging on here I was watching this video of the celebration of the end of apartheid.
      The fire rises…grace descends…and the world is in awe.

    • The epitome of a Mean Girl: just to “cool” for school! Haha, kinda like other “supercool” cats out there, like Anna, who never got a HIGHER education.

      Good luck as the ship founders.

      Hope you survive the Titanic.

  5. After a mysterious and terrible accident, a young, talented architect comes to life in a very strange world, only partially similar to reality. The world that exists on the basis of the memory of the reality of people in a deep coma. Human memory is fragmentary, chaotic and impermanent. This is also COMA space – a bizarre collection of memories in which rivers, glaciers and cities can fit in one room, where any laws of physics can be violated. The hero is to find out, according to what laws this space exists, to fight for life, to meet love, to find a way out to the real world and to realize it in a new way, understanding what is СOMA actually.

    • Ken

      I think that period is going to be crazy. As well as the Black Hole Sun as he calls it, there is 8/8 which has got stronger each year. And then the eclipse and following that Cassini’s destruction and dive into Saturn.

      Having said that, I can’t look past tomorrow at present.

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