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Those Were The Days

Thanks to Roob, Jenny and Elena.


I’m beginning to sound like a stuck record but maybe me and we are a stuck record. The evidence would suggest this is the case.



‘Am I part of the cure or am I part of the disease ?’


Both, I think is the answer.

Why is there a light in the Fridge ?




The NEWS and Clocks. The Cardinal directions.

I think this pic gives us an insight to how US works. And why we see what we see in the 24hr NEWS. And our lives.






In the movie ‘Dark City’, at midnight every day, the clock is reset. And identities are altered and false memories are implanted into the new identity.



‘Murdoch explores the city, where nobody realizes that it is always night time. At midnight, he watches as everyone except himself falls asleep as the Strangers stop time and physically rearrange the city as well as changing people’s identities and memories.

Murdoch learns that he comes from a coastal town called Shell Beach, a town familiar to everyone, though nobody knows how to leave the city to travel there, and all of his attempts to do so are unsuccessful for varying reasons.’


The Precedent.

The Tower of Babel. It’s a different language.



Grenfell Tower, West Way.




And I am going to veer off into personal territory again, but I suspect its the same past for everyone at some level and if you look into your life, you may see something similar. I’m really just asking questions to the Universe.

University of Texas mass shooting – 1/8/66. The beginning of an era.



The Clock Tower in Austin, Texas.



The Tower in Los Angeles lit up with the Bat Signal in memory of Adam West.



And Bats in the Belfry. The Belfry shopping mall in Redhill earlier today.



And Reigate Clock Tower.



And The Birth Day.

The University of Texas massacre took place on my 6th Birthday.

I am 6.



‘Who is Number 1 ? You are 6.’



And the Death Day.



The War is in your Mind. And the secret tape is revealed in Austin.




And ‘Waiting for a Train’.





And as I got to this bit in the article, Elena posted this comment :

‘Before logging on here I was watching this video of the celebration of the end of apartheid.
The fire rises…grace descends…and the world is in awe.’


And a pic I had received an hour or so earlier. ‘Grace Descends’ or something like that !



It’s the race against Time. We are always Russian ( Rushing ). The East Way but it doesn’t matter which path you take, the destination is the same, I believe. The path may look different but that is an illusion as well.

‘Those were the days, my friend.’





37 thoughts on “Those Were The Days

  1. Don’t know if you have ever seen this film, Edge of Tomorrow. I watched it last night because of the ‘alien invasion’ ‘time loop’ thing.
    I don’t know why we are at war, but it seems we are, and my feeling is still…the only winning move is not to play.

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