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Here Comes The Sun

You may have noticed things have gone bat shit crazy. And I like to think me and we have helped things along.



Today is the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. Or tomorrow depending which website I go to.

Here Comes The Sun.



I didn’t think it could get any crazier but 2017 has surpassed even the recent crazy years. Personally, from what I understand, I have been delving into some form of subconscious past as well as going deeply into my subconscious emotional belief system.

One of the aspects I have noticed is how my past and others, reflect universal patterns. One of these patterns is the Lost Inheritance.

Reclaiming the Lost Garden.

My family Lost Inheritance involves the Lost Gardens of Heligan. When reviewing the Family, I have now begun to see it as an archetypal tale. And the Lost Gardens are our spiritual inheritance, and not just my personal ‘dream’ family tree.

At one time, my side of the Tremayne Family were very wealthy. But for a variety of reasons only a small amount of the wealth filtered down.

My family owned the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall in the West of England. I think it would have been my great Uncle who was the last Tremayne to have been at Heligan.

From :

The Lost Gardens of Heligan:

‘200 acres of garden history, mystery and romance

Twenty-five years ago, Heligan’s historic gardens were unknown and unseen; lost under a tangle of weeds. It was only the chance discovery of a door in the ruins that led to the restoration of this once great estate. Today, The Lost Gardens have been put back where they belong: in pride of place among the finest gardens in Cornwall.’

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth. Or some such stuff.




The Jungle – Lost Gardens Of Heligan


In my Father’s house are many mansions.
Well, my grandfather managed to burn down the mansion !

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”.

My family once owned a real mansion – Carclew in Cornwall but it burned down in 1934.

From ‘Carclew – Wiki’ :

‘In 1934 Carclew was destroyed by fire and today just a few ruins are visible of what was once one of Cornwall’s great houses. It was then owned by Captain Charles H. Tremayne, a descendant of Sir Charles Lemon.In the late 1930s though, one wing was ‘made habitable by hard work’ and brought into service as a reception centre for refugees coming from Europe. This was a project of the Society of Friends’ Peace Committee and was run by James T. Baily.’





And Frame 237 from ‘Rebecca’ wants to go in.



Our true Inheritance is spiritual.



And what don’t we remember ? The Birth.

Even here my birth speaks of a collective Birth. Back to the beginning.

I was born in a house called Gateways. On the Beach joining the English channel.



I was designated Number 404 at my birth. Not sure exactly that means.



‘The HTTP 404, 404 Not Found and 404 (pronounced “four oh four”) error message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard response code, in computer network communications, to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

The web site hosting server will typically generate a “404 Not Found” web page when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link; hence the 404 error is one of the most recognizable errors encountered on the World Wide Web.’


Part of our Lost Garden inheritance is Abundance. The Kitchen Garden at Heligan.



And as is the way of things,
the day I write about my family, is the day Roob meets with my Big Brother, Peter, at The Tower.

Need Less to Need for Nothing. If we believe we need, then we will always be needy.



A Barn Dance.


64 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. Thank you Anon (and Frank smiley face)

    I know I like to flounce off with my petticoats in a bunch and my tail in the air but then I just come slinking back……..

    As you can see I’ve changed my name again – do you like it? I seem to be at a loose end at the moment, so am going to mark time here for a bit – hope nobody minds?!

    Have any of you read Virgil’s Eclogues – it details the the original reign of Saturn. He reigned on earth during the first Golden Age (the Golden Age also ref in Ovid’s Metamorphoses) – his return to reign again is facilitated by the maid – here in Somerset ‘maid’ is a dying-out deep countryside idiom for a woman.


    • Not sure I’ve read the Eclogues of Virgil but I’m familiar with theory that Saturn was our ‘purple haze’ sun once upon a time. Oh happy daze! And about the ‘maid’…part of my ID issue has been in going back to my maiden name – the Golden Age.

        • TTN


          The story goes that we made a deal with Marseilles to force Chelsea’s hand by making a bid for Batman which was never serious. And in return we got Steve Mandanda on the cheap. Not that was a lot of good as by the end he was shipping a lot of goals !

          And someone somewhere is having a laugh. Meet Ellen Tremayne.

          And off topic a kind of Cain and Abel scenario has come up . Interested to see where it leads.

          • Lol I just had a vision of you in a dress which will disturb my sleep tonight

            According to ship records, he was a 26-year-old Roman Catholic from Kilkenny who could read and write, and was listed as a housemaid…those repressed Cat aholics

            When she arrived in Queen VICTORIA , Mr De Lacy E vans was still known as Ellen Nelle Tremayne and caused quite a stir on the trip over.

            According to the State Library of Victoria’s The La Trobe Journal, he wore a man’s shirt and trousers underneath his dress and had formed sexual attachments to some of the other female passengers on the Ocean MONARCH, including his soon-to-be first wife, Mary Delahunty – a 34-year-old governess who was also from Ireland.

            He travelled with a TRUNK labelled with the name ‘Edward De Lacy Evans’ on it who, according to De Lacy Evans’ third wife, was his uncle.

            so Nelle the elephant was packing a trunk and saying goodbye to the circ us.

            and you didn’t vote to t remayne but to leave 🙂

            and I was officially replaced by Cain today in work …..he is from Exit her

            batshuiyt crazy all of it

            • It is totally bat shit. Sorry – didn’t get that one. Roobs meeting with my brother has frazzled my brain. And brought up a few interesting questions.

              And apols for the story so close to dream time. Sweet Dreams 🙂 .

              And have you left ?

              • Lol what do you think fin on the 30th I turned down their off her

                and I have been told the same phrase over and over since by different people

                I am a free a gent…

                and I have been transgendered too

                Alice Cooper…. the Mad Hatter

  2. I got to spend some time with my mother today. I’ll spare your blog’s comments section, and let Roob mold my thoughts/writing into something more palatable later this week… but lot’s of family ground was covered. Kinda resonates with your article. ❤

    ^Morrissey – Late Night,Maudlin Street^

    • Cade

      Good to hear from you. I don’t know if Roob has mentioned the fall out of her meeting with my brother yesterday.

      Think Sir Francis Drake.

      • Her latest post mentions a meeting within a meeting. Prolly was a greeting or two in there as well, but she was mum on the details so I’m just assuming that she prolly said “Howdy” to your brother at some point. There was something about some book., but the first book was terrible so I can only imagine that the next iteration is even worse. (My oldest son currently has my copy of the first book…”weird” is all I’ve gotten out of him so far as to what he thinks of it…lol) But I’ll hopefully eventually get a review out of him one of these days, and will pass it along provided I’m able to do so.

        There’s a great flick called City of God maybe you should check out sometime if you’ve never seen it. It’s a great flick about outcasts, oddballs, chance, odds, plans and planning. Oh yeah…people.
        City of God (2002 Film) –

        I dunno. I guess maybe how we tend to view “chance” and “fate” as it relates to the mechanics of life depends largely on who we tend to omit, rather than those that we include, and vice-versa. The book “The Mark” has an encounter where a Tattoo artist is dating someone who speaks no English at all, then later suddenly develops the ability to speak English rather well. “The Long Con” and “The Short Con” concepts come to mind. But the problem as I see it is…”what is it that you are doing to be in a position to be conned?”

        I only mention this as a thought as it relates to the concept of synchronicity, and our thoughts and potential prejudices towards that concept.
        EX: In CFrank’s SmokyDrinky the other day, someone mentioned something about circumnavigation as it relates to sailing. My ears immediately perked up, because of someone who may be a distant relative of mine…Drake…but I said nothing about it. Although the conversation did wander to The Concorde and SR-71, and I went and dug in my closet so as to show some pictures that I took of the SR-71 back in 1991…but alas…I could not find my photo album.

        Thinking that you know what you are going to find is sometimes a little short sighted. If you are searching for “A” and find “A”…does it then become the quantity? Quality? If you are digging for diamonds, but find opals, do you forgo the opals, toss them out with the rest of the slack/waste and keep digging for diamonds? What if these opals are located in a place, where geologically speaking…they should not exist? Almost like finding a thriving coral reef system at the mouth of the world’s largest river/river system, where science and scientists say that it is impossible for such a system to exist because of the amount of silt deposited in this area from the river.
        Q: How many scientists live in the Amazon River Delta 24/7/365, and dive this area daily?
        A: …

        Something is wrong all right. But all the proof in existence won’t change anything. Especially if all that proof is dumped on someone all at the same time. I mean, who the FUCK could possibly make sense of “the obvious” when it’s obviously obscured by the obvious. It’s scary as fuck to have someone try and change you. Especially if you have yourself amassed piles of your own evidence to make your own case, that now appears to be null and void due to some new wrinkle. But…that’s the pitfall of towers and columns.

        Oddly enough…I walked to the store to buy some beer yesterday afternoon, and there was a ceramic column in the trash on the curb that someone had thrown out. It was about 3 feet tall, and one of those lawn decoration types of columns that someone might put in a garden, or maybe even use to support a flat piece of wood for a table. I could write a book on my thoughts about that chance encounter due to where I currently am in life.

        ^ALIEN – Nostromo destruct sequence HUD^

  3. Hi All,


    This is another valuable piece to the puzzle of 9/11.

    And I will just say, searching for truth in these YouTube vids, that the elite surely had a right to be jubilant on 9/11 for the fact of pulling it off….. it really is quite amazing…. and terrifying at the same time.

      • I was just out on my back deck. Looking up at the “stars”

        They don’t move.

        Not that I can see……

        At all.

        So just more to ponder….. this world and the lies we have been fed.

        And Anon…..

        Just shut your face.

        Come at me full on, or shut the f—- up.

        • I also do love to dance. And have loved the wedding receptions I have attended where we held hands and danced.

          It’s such an important thing for us to do, hold hands, and dance together.

          We don’t do it enough, is all I’ll say…..

            • To close this off, the really “terrifying” realization is that 9/11 WAS and still IS an inside job.

              Do you understand what that means?

              Everyone in the “in” crowd, all the elites and NY socialites, KNOW.

              And, whether or not they were “in on it” on the day or not, our entire country’s governmental infrastructure now KNOWS……

              Everyone in FDNY and their wives and families are “in.”

              All the sheriiffs, state police, and governor’s staff KNOW.

              They’re the royalty in this town and state, therefore all the lower level, blue-collar men and wives take their orders from them and KNOW.

              There’s actually, I’ve come to realize, not a lot of us, who are not “in on it.”

              Very few of us who are um, left out of the so-called party.

              Well, if you “know” about the conspiracy of 9/11 and do nothing about it, you are a party to TREASON.

              And as such, you should all be hanged.

              • And it IS fun to watch, but while I love JLaw, just look at those male hips and legs as she heads out to battle….. and just look at that jaw on President Coin!

                Trannies, I’m sorry but that’s what they look like.

                People, Satan wants us to forget what REAL WOMEN look like…..

                Or rather, to make what REAL WOMEN look like, with their wide hips, thunder thighs, bellies, make them look unheroic, and ugly.


                Just see it.

                The Mockingjay that heads into that arena……

                I hate to say it, but…. it’s a young man.

                Just to mess with our minds.

                Satan’s Hollywood agenda.

                  • Frank,

                    Satan’s agenda being revealed to US before it’s too late…..

                    So we can see his work in our world and in our lives, realize we have been led down the wrong path, and repent.

                    Because God Our Father LOVES us.

                    And he wants us to come home….. NOW

                    He misses us and doesn’t want to have to destroy us because we are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

                    This single shot below is just so sickening, I just clicked on it, and to look at these “women.” The display of their naked bodies is of Satan, to get “good” to lust after them. Why do love displaying their bodies? Because they fakers and LIARS and NOT women! They’re sodomite homosexuals. THAT”S what they are!

                    They are evil demons, and this shot of these “Victoria’s Secret (i.e. Satan’s Trannnydom) ANGELS…… is pure evil.

                    Satan wants us to see these demons as “angels.” He’s showing all his handiwork now in complete ARROGANCE. Ha, look at what I have done to destroy God’s holy creation. It’s now all perverted and sick. “UN-holy.” Satan is laughing but he is insane.

                    It’s so sick and so clear now.

                    Time is short.

                    That’s all I can say.

                    (Ha! Just spotted “Dog” in the Web address of the below. Hey, not to get self-righteous, but I think God wants you to see WHO the REAL dogs are 🙂

  4. Hi Frank

    It’s interesting you brought up your lineage – so as you can see – whatever you may think – you are indeed a part of the main tree family – tremayne – tree main – but you are not the head of the family – since you brought up bats as well – the head could be called batman who is now fully alive again in ‘heaven’ – son is the joker and daughter is harley quinn if you like – ie it takes psychopaths to beat a psychopath – which is what the machine is – the ultimate psychopath – and ultimately Frank you’re too nice (and I mean that as a compliment).

    Poor old batman let himself be encased in ice on the proviso that his good for nothing, lazy and uncontrollable son and daughter would be able to do what was necessary to get him out again – the head of the family is a bit of a control freak you see and playing chess with a machine is notoriously fraught with danger.

    Heligan – is of course hell again – or Heliopolis – hence the extreme heat we’re having at the moment – over fathers day and the solstice – although the father is no longer encased in ice

    We’ve all be taught to fear hell but perhaps it’s heaven we should really be wary of?

    There’s still a lot of nautical stuff going on so I think we’re still at the battle of Trafalgar at the moment. Nelson, Napoleon and Wellington (all shown with the hidden hand of history in various portraits of them) are integral to this as if you read the Book of Rev you will see that the character they call satan gets another bite of the cherry – gog and magog and all that …….

    I expect a lot of people here are offshoots of the main family line too – including suli of course. People like Ken and Faith – although they would probably faint with the horror of it – and of course in a wider sense everyone alive on earth and elsewhere.

    But as for us – as the Pink song says – ‘we came here to run it’ – ie we put ourselves down here on purpose to beat the machine once and for all. We may be divergent braches, however, Mark 3:25 – ‘….. if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand’ (kjv)

      • Frank Hugo and I were just talking about King David Koresh and the Branch Davidians

        Koresh who died at 33 is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Tyler, Texas in the “Last Supper” plot/section. Several of David Koresh’s albums were released, including VOICE OF FIRE in 1994.

        Koresh is the Persian name of Cyrus the Great (کوروش, Kurosh), a Persian king who is named a Messiah for freeing Jews during the Babylonian Captivity. His first name, David, symbolized a lineage directly to the biblical King David, from whom the new messiah would descend…but Korash was shot down in flames

        and the old legends say that HAS A TAN the Angel of Mars is the one incased in ice in the ninth level/dimension/planet of hell….. frOZen in time….waiting for a heatwave

        • TTN

          I think the heatwave is here – God it’s hot.

          And a lot goes down in Texas. It seems to be another example of Burning Down the House. And very Christ like.

          Last night I was playing around in my mind that in a Dark City / Groundhog Day way, each day is the same and it repeats itself and even though the various events appear different, they are the same. The Precedents. For example each day a house must burn down somewhere in the world or someone drowns in a river. Not sure if it works though 🙂 .

          • Frank I was thinking the same driving to work this morning as I see the same people doing the exact same thing but in a slightly different place/way and the headline in the newsagents read

            Heated Row over School BLAZE RS

            and the Batman Baal and Cain

  5. Frank, you got me curious so I dug out my berth certificate. Its format is just like yours though the registrar used a typewriter to fill in the blanks. My number is 327. The registrar was a G.G. _____.

    • Anon

      I’ve been playing around with the idea of Berth and Birth as well.

      And again, this speaks of something else. My original birth certificate went missing and mine is a copy.

      And Room 237.Also I see GG as 77 which has been doing the rounds this year.

      Also, all the ado about Obama’s birth certificate.

  6. “Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch.”
    “Oh, I agree.”

    The flip side to that coin: when you scratch an itch too much it becomes all red and inflamed.

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