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Firstly ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’. Regret Nothing. If you regret or deny your past, you are denying the Now and the Present. The past is how you got here. But then everything is Now. Its a conundrum.

Or regret the past if you choose but it doesn’t change anything. Actually, it’s not that simple as we are encoded to regret.If only the past were different.



A few days ago I included this pic in an article on Fathers Day and since then it has gone Family mad.



I think coincidence has gone out of the window. A few months ago, Roob got a new job and to both our surprise it was with the same organisation as my brother Peter at a building called The Tower.

On the day of the Summer Solstice, Roob got to meet Peter. Click LoL.

From an email exchange :

‘Finally, FINALLY, I got to meet Peter today after a couple of near misses since starting work at the SBC Tower.

I think I mentioned to you several years ago that a photo of you that you posted on Merovee reminded me of my dad. Your brother, though… OMG! Talk about dead ringer!’

And seeking confirmation, I asked again about the likeness and Roob replied with :

‘Yeah, he did. Smile and mannerisms, especially listening to the others speak’


And then I had my WTF moment as Roob included a pic of her Dad with her sister, Juju in Brixton in 1972.



And the reason why I had a WTF moment is that her Dad, Bob, is virtually a doppelganger of my Dad, David. I don’t actually have a pic of my Dad to hand but you will have to take my word for it.

Both my Dad and myself and Peter look very similar so I have included pics of myself and Roob’s Dad to show the similarity. The picture of myself is from 2000 so a few years ago now but hopefully will show the similarity.



And one for the Mums.



And this is not the only doppelganger resemblance which I have seen with those connected with Merovee.

Since the beginning of the year, I have become interested in Anne Frank and the Frank Family. Part of the reason is that Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank is also a doppelganger for another member of my family.

Below is a family photo from a few years ago. The gentleman with the beard, Douglas, is my mum’s second husband. But he is also her first cousin, so my second cousin or first cousin once removed. I’m not sure.



And Otto Frank.



Internationaal Jeugdcongres in Anne Frankhuis . Dhr. Otto Frank als belangstellende
*23 juli 1968


As I said, I think coincidence has left the building. Doppelgangers have been a topic for a few years. Anyway here are the theories that occur to me.

  • Genetics
  • Different timestream / alternate reality / multiverse  scenario
  • The physical ( digital ? ) body is based on DNA templates or something similar
  • A sign of unity consciousness


But this led me further into my Family and I think may have opened a door. As a few hours later when googling for a pic of my Dad, I found a pic of my Grandmother on Google Images. This is the first time that I have ever seen her. And is connected with the Lost Inheritance I spoke about on the same day.

Probably this is just part of my journey but I believe it also points out something else. When we dig into whatever it is, when we Google something it can lead us into our subconscious or where spirit leads us. Using Google Images as an example, it is not purely a fixed set of images in its library.

And Hello Gran. She’s the lady on the left as you look at the image.



You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. Apols for that.


72 thoughts on “Family

    • Jenny

      For some reason I’ve always connected the Seven Sisters with the collapsing cliffs in Inception.

      I know the Seven Sisters are white but for me they are connected.

    • Elena

      Maybe it’s getting confused. Or the projections don’t work any more ?

      Quakebot couldn’t be reached for comment.

      ‘The Los Angeles Times has employed Quakebot since 2014 and has reported on hundreds of earthquakes, big and small, over the years. But this is the first known major screw up since it was first put online. And it certainly won’t be the last as journalism on everything from homicides to baseball scores becomes more automated.

      Quakebot could not be reached for comment by press time.’

        • Elena

          But I do wonder. TTN and me were talking that maybe it was something along those lines, last night. But maybe us talking about it and saying it’s a possibility then creates it. A sort of double mind brain frazzler.

          FWIW my view, since there were about 15 stories which were linked to James Bond titles over a period of two weeks in about 2012, that it is revealing itself or something is causing it to be seen.

          • Frank

            Something is causing it. Yes.
            I recall TTN said something once about ‘the eagles are coming’. Not sure what he meant but, thinking of a rescue mission. And family which comes from the original Latin, famulus meaning servant.

            When 400,000 men couldn’t get home…home came for them.

            • Elena

              I had a dream about tennis the other night. The players serve in tennis.

              ‘The Latin word rarely appears in the sense “parents with their children,” for which domus (see domestic (adj.)) was used. Derivatives of famulus include famula “serving woman, maid,” famulanter “in the manner of a servant,” famulitas “servitude,” familiaris “of one’s household, private,” familiaricus “of household slaves,” familiaritas “close friendship.”

              • I watched a tv show last night about the Bible story of Joseph. Who was sold into slavery by his resentful older brothers and eventually became the second most powerful man in Egypt. One day those same brothers showed up in Egypt on the brink of starvation in desperate need of his help.
                Joseph must find a way to deal with this horrendous thing that was done to him, or the family won’t survive.

                So I think this family of souls of which we are all a part is trying to find a way to reconcile with each other. And a lot of damage has been done. But as you said, God will get what he & she wants.

                ‘But now, do not therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here; for God sent me before you to preserve life.’ Gen. 45:5

            • Elena Kirk means church and we are approaching the point in the plot where the Captain is standing on the burning deck….. time to go where no man has gone before…and evacuate the building……and jump…Geronimo


              and Frank the De Boers are TWIN brothers I watched them play in Glasgow and I met their teammate Arthur NEWMAN a few times

              Frank is the new manager of the Cyrstal Palace you couldn’t make it up or maybe you could

              • TTN

                Maybe it is just a Dream and Christian Benteke exists just in my head.

                And got a good one about you coming up in the next article 🙂 .

      • I don’t know what to say about this movie below, after posting a funny Captain Kirk’s takeover of the Enterprise……

        I honestly don’t know what this is all about, other than fighting our Way Home.

        Sounds so trite, but it’s really NOT.

        We Have to Find Our Way Home…..


        I pray this movie from my Friend Christopher Nolan, somehow

        leads the Way.

        I’ll be there, can’t wait to see it.

        • Until then, hey, I just love this shit from a very talented filmmaker, Michael Mann.

          You know, Miami Vice…..

          Maybe his heroes don’t lead US to the Way…….


          But maybe they do?

        • Trin ❤

          No need to fight our way home…home has come for us and found us.

          I once was lost but 'now am found'.

          Opera singers are not everyone's cup of tea, but the story of what happened that night is about home.
          Twas grace that brought me safe this far and grace will lead me 'home'.

  1. We have to figure out HOW to go home…….

    Homosexuality ain’t it. No Pride in the Gay…..

    Get it?


    Get out a there!

    Follow Jesus and the Way….

    As He leads us HOME….

    Because, guess what?

    He is The Man.

  2. Oh boy, well Frank….

    Hahaha, I won’t subject you and Merovee to all the scenes I want to play.

    So! Hmmm, let me think on what would be the number one to play, and Frank, I do thank you.

    You are a patient and loving brother.

    OK, um, this one is crucial…..

    I remember watching it, and when he puts his arms up in a IDK, ah, strength in God, motion…’s basically

    Fuck You!.

    Come at me, you Bastard!

    Kill me now….. let’s just get it over.

    I just really got a feel of uh, oh wow….. wow …. wow … wow!

    You do it, Neo!

    You DO it…..

        • The END.

          Haha! Frank is a good guy, no doubt……

          Letting me post my “story”…….

          Is that what this is?……

          Hmm, I could choose some Christian music, or I don’t know……

          Is it just me that I think Katy Perry is someone to listen to?

          That, OMG, that she could be…. IMPORTANT?


          I believe in HER. She in her soul is a JEDI.

          And whatever happens in this world, she has done great work for the One.

          As a Jedi. A JEsus DIsciple.

          A JEDI. She holds on to Jesus, that much is clear…..

          I pray for her in thanksgiving, and I Know she will OVERCOME.

          I know she is already the VICTOR.

          She’s got the eye of the tiger!

          That’s a fact.

            • Katy is a GENIUS is all …..

              She makes the most disgusting, terrifying “fake news” story funny.

              How do you make fun of these SICK SECRET SOCIETIES that eat people?

              And uh, who pay us?

              Uh, yeah…….

              That would be genius in my book.

              • She rings the bell…..with JESUS emblazoned on her wrist.

                Come and get it….. suckers.

                She knows. And I KNOW, I don’t need to pray about it…..

                The Holy Spirit is watching over her, as she plays her part….

                as an angel in HELL.

                Satan is not the only one who can MOCK.

                YOU ARE MOCKED, all you evil “Spirit Cookers,” you Elite scum buckets, you ROTHCHILDS…….

                You are ridiculous scum. And I can only PRAY that our LAW ENFORCEMENT steps UP the next time they see your scum torturing and eating children.

                I pray that they STEP UP and do their job with trust in God’s protection……

                God WILL protect you when you step out to DO THE RIGHT THING.

                It’s the FORCE.

                You HAVE to trust in it to do what you have been charged, and what you have pledged, to DO.

                ALL IS WELL BROTHERS!

                TRUST IN GOD and then…..

                JUST DO IT.

  3. Frank, have I ever told you about the plot of my novel? Oddly enough, the ‘cult’ in Cultish is called The Family. Most cults are reflections of the societies they appear in, i.e. they’re amplified systems of control within systems of control. In my novel, The Family was all about dismantling systems of control – to the point that even the leader of the cult wasn’t particularly comfortable with the idea of being ‘The Boss’ and leading ‘The Revolution’.

    If you’ve read my blog recently then you’ll know that I think everything ‘out there’ is a reflection of a small number of people. As you say, an awful lot of Franks and Johns appear in this movie-cum-game franchise. Hence one of your roles is ‘Pope Francis’. Your ‘pulpit’ is Merovee and your ‘congregation’ is the Meroveeps. In Program land, you’re portrayed as head of one of the world’s largest ‘cults’.

    It’s interesting. Compare ‘The Family’ as it appears in my novel with ‘The Family’ as envisioned by Anne Hamilton-Byrne in the YouTube I posted yesterday. You know my name, so here’s an article by ‘Chris Johnston’. If I’m the author then who does Hamilton-Byrne represent? Why was she born ‘Eveyln Edwards’? Why does she credit ‘Dr Johnson’ as co-founder of her version of ‘The Family’?

    Ever listened to any of those ‘Satanic’ recordings with secret messages that appear when played Edwards?

    “Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game
    I stuck around St. Petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    Killed the czar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain”

  4. News of Media’s Gray Champions a la The Fourth Turning… The US…

    ‘Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane have lawyer’d up amid an FBI investigation into a loan obtained to expand Burlington College while she was its president.

    ‘As we noted just over a year ago, Burlington College, a small Vermont private school once led by the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, said Monday it will close later this month, citing “the crushing weight” of debt incurred during the presidency of Jane Sanders who was in charge of the college until 2011.’

    And the UK…

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