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Brothers In Arms

Thanks to everyone.



Firstly, the Eastbourne and the Seven Sisters are crumbling at Seaford Head. Its Dover and the Dire Straits. Or some such stuff. It’s about Time. Actually Seaford Head and Dover are not in the same area but poetic licence. Click ‘The End of the Pier Show‘.



The Seven Sisters from the Seaford Head End.



As Above So Below. The White Cliffs of Mars.




‘Inception’ – the Dream collapses.



From the Sisters to the Brothers.

In my non job job a few days ago, we sold an old engagement ring to a lady. It had belonged to a lady who had died and she passed it onto us as a Thank You. And when selling the ring, I asked the lady what her name was and she replied Eva. It’s For Ever. Eva was Polish and East Born.

I know sometimes I may disappear up my own arse sometimes with these personal stories. And I realise in many cases I am preaching to the converted, as it were but I hope that others who maybe are beginning to question the nature of their reality may find the insights useful in their own lives. If you ask, is this about me, it probably is.

Believe It Or Not.

Otto Warmbier. RIP.



When Otto Warmbier first showed himself, Elena noticed the connection with Warmbier and Warm Beer and so started a chain of personal links with Warm Beer.

Last Sunday, on Father’s Day, my daughter bought me a basket of goodies which included the bottle of India Pale Ale. See below.



I didn’t drink the beer on Sunday but the next night at about 8pm or so, I indulged myself.
And very good it was too. So good, I was sad to see it go. It had ended up in a better place – my stomach.

Ten minutes later I checked the BBC website and it reported that Otto Warmbier had died. Anyway, my warm beer eventually ended up where all beer does eventually. And so the circle continues.

But for all this to happen, there must be connecting force. From a comment :

‘But it shows the complexity.

Firstly Elena has to see the link with Warm Beer. Rebecca has to buy the IPA to give to me on Fathers Day. I then have to drink it on Monday and then 10 mins after I finish it, I see the Warm Beer has died. And then 2000 people mourn its death.’


But is this connecting force friendly or hostile? My opinion is that it is friendly. Who am I ? Who are We ?



But the Universe is clever and the Warm Beer took me deeper into the emotional mire.

As part of the comment I also included a video of a song by Traffic – ‘John Barleycorn Must Die’. Actually, this maybe connects with two others but personally it took me into the Brothers.



My brothers are nine and seven years older myself. They shared a bedroom in our house and I had my own separate room. I was a child in the 1960s and 1970s and some of the memories from that time come from the music that they played in their bedroom.

One of the memorable songs was ‘John Barleycorn Must Die’ and posting the video brought back the memories.

The Brothers.



Looking back and in the present, they have been and still are wonderful and supportive brothers. I am very lucky.

One of the records that we all liked was a soul compilation record titled ‘That’s Soul‘ which included singers like Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Sam and Dave.




It is Forever and that is so good. I Love You.



And as I said if you think it is about you, it probably is
🙂 .


53 thoughts on “Brothers In Arms

  1. Nice way to go back (side) seat driving

    and its the end of the line Terminus for the walking dead

    but guess who is on the menu

    and the zombie lone star tick from kickxass the alpha gal who wants to put you off red meat

    The lone star tick, aka the “reverse zombie” tick, makes you shy away from meat rather than crave it. One bite from the tick, in fact, and you can develop a life-threatening allergy to a sugar molecule found within red meat.

    Once you’ve been bitten, your immune system can become triggered by the presence of galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose (alpha gal) and go into overdrive. So the next time you eat meat from a mammal that produces this sugar (e.g. pork and beef), you may find yourself breaking out in massive hives or going into anaphylactic shock (if you’ve been bitten that is).

    no more purple/red saus ages the tick that makes a chick sick from dick 🙂

  2. Thanks Frank you have brought back a few mammories from my youth

    and the walking dead features Lincoln with a cowboy hat

    and Osiris Old Cyrus Sireus old Father Abraham (Lincoln) had many sons because he liked using his horn he was a bum steer

  3. In highschool my sister and I had an enormous crush on Mark Knopfler and after school would treat ourselves to a huge bowl of popcorn with raisins in it while watching Mark in a loop on MTV. He was my next love after Julio. Or maybe simultaneously, I cant remember.

    Anyhow, Mark came up for me a few nights ago while looking up my birth certificate and the city in which I was born. I was born there because of the university that was my father’s latest stop on the academic trail. I was googling photos of the uni and saw that MK had attended it too, around the same time and for the same subject and, who knows, maybe even took a class with my Dad or told him to hurry up in the cafeteria line or some other random act of synchronicity.

    I have a theory that the British medical field is creepy and that even that creep ____ could have been in my vicinity without me knowing it. No I wasnt one of his victims but it is weird to me that I happened to be born where I happened to be born. Like why of all places and possibilities did I chose to arrive there? I cant put my finger on it and unlike many I dont think Im doing anything extraordinary but my pob often seems a conscious choice. But why?

    Incidentally, Mark’s middle name is Freuder. I love it.

    And boy can that man play!

    • Anon

      I’ve wondered about your birth as well. Hadn’t made that connection though but my own investigations have shown that there’s some murky stuff going on with the medical establishment in Britain.

      • The dream is collapsing in on itself and they are talking about the 10th planet

        A Mars-sized planet appears to be lurking at the edge of the solar system, scientists have announced.

        The “planetary mass object” seems to be disrupting the orbits of other, smaller rocky bodies within the Knopfler Belt—a disc-shaped region of icy bodies beyond Neptune that encircles the whole solar system and extends around 2.3 billion miles.

        thats not good news for the Doctor as the Tenth planet is where he meets the Cybermen and dies for the first time…. but like John Hurt he dies many times over

        • The song at the end of the Age of Adeline – Start Again.

          And a few years ago anyone who said there was another planet or planets were nutters. And then it all changed.

          Most of what us nutters have been talking about will soon be seen as fact.

      • Frank I just discovered this it ties into both of my previous comments in true Merovingian style

        At the top of Winchester High Street & a stones throw from King Arthurs Round Table sits the newly redeveloped Westgate Pub with Rooms.

        It sits in the HEART of the city and a short stroll from the fortified medieval gateway after which it was named.

        The ‘real’ Westgate served as a debtors’ prison for 150 years – you can even still read some of the prisoner’Number Six graffiti – but guests at ‘our’ Westgate are ass ured of a warm welcome and all the comforts of home.

    • its the end of the line die re straits

      butt its not the end its just the beginning

      Behold, I tell you a mystery: a Victoria’s secret We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed— in a moment, in the t wink ling of an eye, at the last t rumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in Victoria.”

      “O Death, where is your sting?
      O Hades, where is your victory?”

      In the 2015 movie Victoria was the getaway driver the runaway b ride

      It was one of eight films shortlisted by Germany to be their submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards. However, it lost out to Labyrinth of Lies,

      • Frank

        Of course they will – it’s the controlling and manipulating force at present – Their Last Card.


        Werner Von Braun gave Carol Rosin a work colleague a mission in 1977. To tell the world about the Nazi controlled secret government in the U.S.A. A large part of the NSA, CIA and NASA were infiltrated after project Paperclip brought over 170 Nazi scientists to the USA after the end of world war 2 in 1945. These scientists established a secret order and brought hundreds of Ex Nazi’s into the US government. They are one of the most powerful groups in the world,. Werner Von Braun the Father of Rocket Science and the NASA space program was so horrified at their plan of worldwide genocide he told Carol Rosin. Everything she has predicted since 1977 has come true.

        The next thing to happen will be a false propaganda about “aliens” so that more legislation against the people can be rushed through as an emergency measure and create space based weapons. This was predicted by Werner Von Braun In 1977 because he had seen the plan laid out in detail.

        12:00 Mins.

        Werner Von Braun said the “alien card” would be the last boogeyman, and NWO researchers Serge Monast, Rik Clay, Bill Cooper and others were all murdered for letting this info out. Read Monast’s report on Project Bluebeam. This will happen, and the sheeple will buy it, many “awake” people will too. This is all part of the ELENIN psy-op, and holographs will be used to simulate flying saucers and possibly even a comet, etc.

        • The last bit sounds like a dream I just awoke from. Lots going up there in the ether.
          My take on the alien thing is that its is code for melanin (me in all) just like climate change is code for raising kundalini, so it’s interesting the notsees (ro bots) name their program ELENIN. That says it all, donut?

          I also see “aliens” all over the place in the babble. Ezekiel and his flying saucer, entities swooping in and out etc. Thumpers have been primed for exoteric “fake alien invasions” for awhile now.

          The most interesting description of “aliens” Ive heard so far relates to the layers and layers of chakras we were all born with. Can you imagine the legions in US?

        • Highlander

          As Anon alludes to I think there is more to aliens than Grey’s and the rest of it.

          But at some point, something’s going to give with it I feel.

          Rik Clay’s death was a shock as he was in the same neck of the woods as us. A British ‘super soldier’ called Max Spiers died last year. We never find out exactly what is going on . Just the feeling there is a bigger picture.

          • Thanks Frank

            Apparently, I keep pushing that video in an attempt to share that particular message in hopes that those who see it will share it with others. nasa and other agencies that work on this alien agenda, might be setting the stage for performing false flags ops to frighten people.

            If we are under a dome, glass ceiling, this prison planet, this fortified plant which is reported to be on lockdown so nothing can get in or out. Nasa and their scientist are the ones who tell us now and again that earth is quarantined, nothing can get in or out of earth atmosphere.

            How the fuck are they now going to convince the ones who can already see through and think beyond their bull shit that an alien force has penetrated earth’s force field. Unless they have used c.e.r.n. to punctuate a hole in the invisible shield surrounding earth. But I seriously doubt that.

            When or if these false flags do occur it would be great if as many people as possible have the sense to see what is happening is all being done from within the dome, as in an inside job.

            When that “bigger picture” the divine stands of dna that TTN mentioned in his post does present itself, some people may be huddled in corners to frighten from the false flag ops to know The Good Thing when they are actually faced with it.

            • Highlander

              I’ve only ever had one alien/ UFO experience. Probably going back to about 2000.

              I woke up about 2am and felt strong anxiety and the next thing I hear is this huge rumbling noise directly above the house. It sounded exactly like something out of Close Encounters or Independence Day. The noise was enormous but I looked out of the window and nothing stirred. I was the only one experiencing it. Whatever it was probably took 15 minutes to pass but I never saw anything and just heard it.

              I know the anxiety and the UFO were connected and anxiety is connected with consciousness. Was it a manifestation of the anxiety or a real UFO ? I don’t know.

              But I’ve heard too many stories from people I trust to doubt there is something to it.

              • Frank

                That still does not mean what you heard or saw was not of this world or man made. The technology that we the average citizen is exposed too by no means comes close to the technology that those who are presently in control of humanity, have.

                Rik knew an probably so did Max. Serge Monast and Bill Cooper certainly did. So yes, what you heard or saw was real and meant to make you wonder your sanity.

                • Rik…the only name that rings a bell with me of the names on that list…and it is because there was a guy named Rik that I stumbled across in my travels who was pretty hung up on numbers…specifically…1111 or 11:11. I don’t recall the last name, but supposedly this guy committed suicide. Some say he was “suicided”…whatever that means. (yes, I have some ideas as to that meaning)

                  So…let’s say that there is some group that is “in control of humanity.”
                  Q: How do you know this?
                  A: ???

                  I only ask, because as far as I know, there is much more than “management” in this line of thinking. “Ownership”…is what instantly springs to mind, and the whens and ifs of when “management ownership” and when “ownership is not currently managing” in an active way that we can and do perceive on more human based perceptions of time on a “day to day operations” type of perspective.
                  Q: Who is managing your life?
                  A: ?¿?
                  Because my gut instinct, is to immediately think that “if you aren’t, then management is”…as well as…”if you aren’t, and management isn’t, then ownership just might be.”

                  You can prolly read into that second scenario because of the wording. But I did not intent to be vague nor misleading. I simply typed what I was thinking, then re-read as I started to think about what I just wrote.
                  EX: The Beast and/or The antichrist.

                  Is it possible that manifestation of these “things to come to pass” are brought about by the will of those who “just have to see it to believe it?” I think it’s possible, but there are many things that you must consider when thinking in these lines.
                  1. Not everyone believes what you believe.

                  That says it all for me, and I personally need travel no further. That does not mean that I won’t travel further at some point…but the more that we omit others…erm…sorry…but that breaks my heart to even think about. Still traveling that “I’m right, you’re wrong” types of paths. Not that that isn’t OK for you…but what about everyone else?

                  Saying that government technology is years ahead of what civilians has access to is like bitching about not having an ICBM in your front yard, then turning around and bitching when they DO come install an ICBM in your front yard. I dunno…maybe they put it in your neighbor’s yard and they now get a healthy financial kickback from one of the government tits. It is your government afterall. Right?

                  So…back to this list of names…what is so important about this list and the names on them. I don’t know, but my gut instinct is to think that they are all probably dead.
                  I ain’t looking them up.
                  So let’s roll with the assumptions.
                  If they are in fact, all dead…
                  Q: Did you give a shit about them when they were alive?
                  A: ?¿?
                  Q: If so, in what way(s)?
                  A: ¿?¿
                  Q: How many people are NOT on that list?
                  A: ?¿?¿?
                  Q: How many people can you think of that should be on that list? (assuming that it is indeed a list of dead people)
                  A: ¿¿¿
                  Q: When?
                  A: …
                  Q: Says who?
                  A: …

                  Food for thought.

                  ^The Prodigy – Funky Shit (All Out Remix)^

                  • “Ownership”…is what instantly springs to mind, and the whens and ifs of when “management is not equal to ownership” and when “ownership is not currently managing” in an active way that we can and do perceive on more human based perceptions of time on a “day to day operations” type of perspective.

                    That’s what that should have said. I used symbols for “not equal to” and it got parsed out. Sorry. 😦

                    • I watched a set of videos several years ago where Rik was talking about this stuff. And yeah, the was a lot of talk about large events and the symbolism and all that stuff. But I still have trouble with “what about everyone else” and “what about everything else” crap that gets skipped. I kinda went off over at CFrank Davis’ place yesterday along these lines, and the only thing that I personally can come up with, is when we as individuals or groups start looking for things that actually do not exist. Things that just flat out…plain ol’…ain’t there.

                      There’s a lot to think about within the confines of the concept of searching for something that isn’t there. One of the scariest to me personally being…finding it.

                      I see a pathway for some loving intervention from “the big” in these cases. Almost like a superhero swooping in, grabbing you by the shoulder, and saying…”woah woah woah woah there sparky….yer a bit off course…lemme get that fer ya.” Prolly extra confusing to those who are grabbed/rescued in these cases, because their own sense of danger monitor probably has the needle buried at “zero”…meaning: no danger indicated. Clear skies, clear sailing, nothing to be seen that is out of the ordinary, why the hell is this superhero fuck popping in to tell me I’m off course?!?!?!?

                      Q: Now what?
                      A: …
                      I dunno either.

                      Interesting note about those videos that I watched. They were in a YouTube playlist, I had never heard of this Rik dude before but the topics of discussion were interesting so I watched them, and the videos were arranged in such a way that it was unclear that he(Rik) was dead until you got towards the end of the video list. So yeah, chronologically arranged videos that might be interpreted by some as building to a crescendo or climax. (I think that most of them were Red Ice Radio, and maybe that Alan guy from SyncBook was in there somehow.)

                      Lots to think about there. But for me personally…if the only thing that matters to others about someone’s life is that they are dead…welp…that pisses me the fuck off. I enjoyed those videos very much. He had a lot of interesting thoughts, and obviously put a shitload of time and work into his thinking. It angers me to see someone’s quest potentially turned into a weapon, over speculation about the perceptions as to how that quest ended.

                      Seems to me that “the quest” continues. I think about him often.

                      Sorry for the rant…will now take this to blog's that exist elsewhere for this purpose. 😉

                    • It got a bit murky at the time. His parents indicated he had ‘problems’ whatever they were. But all sorts of rumours went about.

                      Who knows.

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