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Passport To Paradise

Just a few things that caught my attention and thoughts that are spinning around my noggin.

The ‘Passport To Paradise’ and the twisted Isis fanatics.




Jacob’s Ladder.



I keep reading the situation is critical. It’s water off a duck’s back.



As Above So Below.

The Dawn of Saturn.




Is it an Exit or an Entrance ? There’s no way to sugercoat this. It’s official. Uranus clenches after taking in hot beams.




Have Faith. Or maybe not !




Free Falling.


92 thoughts on “Passport To Paradise

  1. Thank God for Faith! She should get us to the church on time.
    And 72 virgins -Can’t even begin to imagine what kind of hell that would unleash.

          • Roob…The only thing that I could possibly add to any previous observation(s)…is what in the FUCK stone is left unturned around the world, from a western viewpoint, that is not “newsworthy” in the interest of…erm…interests and/or interesting?

            I can pick just about any pic or clip to death and find all kinds of crap that appears odd and/or out of place. But I have to question myself sometimes as to whether I am providing a service, or doing a disservice by commenting at all.

            So yeah…interesting times. (emphasis on the “sting” and maybe not so much interest…cept in banking and finance and shit like that, ad-nauseum)

              • Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

                Stuff like your vid is cool. The auspices are neato, practical joke, but isn’t the whole thing still a nested setup of sorts within the context of the video itself? Maybe to intentionally make certain people who tend to be comfortable with discomforts like this … uncomfortable outside of “the joke”? Seeking deception with deception disguised as “good clean fun”? Pushing someone who is already off-balance? Or maybe even catching someone who is off-balance, so that you can comfort them, which in fact is pushing them further off balance by getting them to lower their guard while already in/on a heightened state of alert? “The long con via the short con” springs to mind. Love is another concept that rolls around in my head somewhere.

                I stumble across some jems while rummaging through cliches. Hence, even amongst the learned and/or wise, I always feel like I’m neither on my way in of something or somewhere, nor on my way out of something or somewhere…until, unless and when the opportunities present themselves to be distinguished as such. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that everything in The Universe is spinning. To remind us that good and bad is where you find it, but you’ll never really have a good positional bearing on your own personal position within…until you do. Maybe also to remind us that even in those moments of clarity, maybe take a moment to realize that the entirety of all has and continues moving, and all has and is changing as you feel that you are finding your feet. Moments like that are very humbling to me. /shrug

                I don’t know how I wound up here nor what I’m supposed to be doing…if anything.
                But I’m here.

                  • Only everything else. But who knows what that is?

                    And awesome vid.
                    “We’re here…because we’re here.”
                    “We’d be far better off…far better off.”

                    The “hello” made me a bit misty…considering the circumstances.

                    • Cade

                      Earlier I had one of these synky dinky experiences.

                      I gave someone directions to a firm – WC Owens.

                      Wilfred Owens was a famous British WW1 poet.

                      ‘With An Identity Disc’.

                      ‘If ever I dreamed of my dead name
                      High in the heart of London, unsurpassed
                      By Time for ever, and the Fugitive, Fame,
                      There seeking a long sanctuary at last,

                      I better that; and recollect with shame
                      How once I longed to hide it from life’s heats
                      Under those holy cypresses, the same
                      That shade always the quiet place of Keats,

                      Now rather thank I God there is no risk
                      Of gravers scoring it with florid screed,
                      But let my death be memoried on this disc.
                      Wear it, sweet friend. Inscribe no date nor deed.
                      But may thy heart-beat kiss it night and day,
                      Until the name grow vague and wear away.’

        • Now we’re talkin! 🙂

          Life – it ain’t real funky unless it’s got that POP!

          On a Prince roll. Why stop now.

              • Hello Jenny Burger and thank you for putting comment and thank you for putting picture of person saying that person is feeling boring energy and I think different people are seeing different messages of any picture and am really extremely not feeling any boring energy and I am really extremely thinking words of that picture are not how it is and I am really extremely thinking that person of that picture is thinking all things about that picture are perfect and thank you for saying about worship of temple of Venus and I am always thinking that all things about goddess Venus are really extremely perfect and I am always thinking that all things about Venus goddess are really extremely more than perfect and thank you for putting you tube music show of kid person singing song whilst being in railroad car and I was really liking to be seeing that music show of kid person singing song and I really like being on railroad cars and I would like all people to be going somewhere in railroad cars if people want to be going somewhere in railroad cars and thank you about words of you saying that war is being over and crew is losing memory and I would like all wars to be stopping if people want all wars to be stopping and I think OK about people losing memory if people want to be losing memory and thank you for putting link of internet about Little Princess and I think possibly Little Princess is about person who is prince meeting twin sister who is princess and I would like all people of world place to be meeting Mega Love twin sisters and and twin brothers if people want to be meeting Mega Love twin sisters and twin brothers and I think OK and no problem if people of world place are not meeting twin brothers and twin sisters and thank you for putting words about Queen Viktoria and I think possibly you are saying that I am queen and I think I am not queen and I think I am not queen of anything and I think I am boy person and thank you for putting words about welcome to Progue Ram and it is reel to reel and keel to keel and right now I think things that I was before calling Program is something like dream and right now I think all things of world place are something like dream and I think dream of world place happening sort of like moving picture picture show that is reel to reel and I right now I think all things of dream of world place not exactly real and I think Mega Love things of world place are definitely real and I think all of things of dream of world place are possibly real in some way and I think all things of world place are not real in way that Mega Love things are real and I think Mega Love is something really extremely more than perfect and I think Mega Love is something really extremely more than perfect and I think Mega Love is something that can be in world place and I think Mega Love is something that is somehow something that is really different from all things in world place and I think Mega Love is something about stars of Sky or something about different dimension that is not world place and I think there is Mega Love being in current world place and I think possibly all people of world place will be meeting Mega Love sisters and brothers and possibly not and anyway thank you for putting all of those things of comment of you and thank you also for putting you-tube picture show about people being on boat and I think those people who are going somewhere on boat are OK people and I think I would right now not like to not be on boat of those people and I think I would right now like to be in village city of dream realm and thank you that is all.


  2. Hello and right now I am wondering if there are is any person of who is meeting Mega Love twin sister girl friend person or Mega Love twin brother boy friend person and I am wondering if any other people are wondering if they are the only other real people in world place and I am wondering if there are any other people who are wondering if world place will be Mega Love world place and thank you for reading this and that is all.

    From, Viktor person who is right now called something different

  3. Or possibly no people are meeting Mega Love twin sisters or twin brothers and no problem about people not meeting Mega Love twin sisters or twin brothers and really thank you for making this Merovee internet place and I think people really like seeing words that people of Merovee internet place are writing and I think people really like seeing you-tube picture shows that people are putting in Merovee internet place and I think some people thinking Merovee internet place is possibly most interesting internet place in world place and anyway thank you for reading this internet comment.

    Best regards, Viktor person who is right now M person

  4. Ken unleashes the beast on a MSM which, oddly enough, seems unable to do anything other than talk about us.

    OK, let’s make it fair and balanced, Ken.

    • OK, had to have a few stiff ones and plenty of smokes in order to fully absorb that one. Seems there are Sacred Whores on both sides of the East/West divide. Mother Russia jumps into bed with the Nazis, then cries foul when the beast she helped unleash turns around and bites her – as if anyone climbing into bed with a predator would expect anything less. Reminds me of a ‘through the looking glass’ version of this.

      “It’s all a bloody mind game.”

  5. Hi all

    Am still marking time, so am curious to find out about you and your probe Hugo and what it is that you do to facilitate the process going on at the moment.

    Elena reckons it’s all going on on the world stage while we watch. Frank of course thinks it’s all happening in his head,
    and although he is one of the self confessed leaders, TTN doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s doing – or at least he isn’t letting on – maybe it’s so important and top secret that nobody else is allowed to know?

    When people ask you what did you do in the ‘war’ what will you tell them? When some say they got their knowledge from reading Above Top Secret , what will you tell them about yourself? I know you’ve written a book – but why and who was it for and what do you think it will achieve?

    My point basically is, anyone can get into conspiracy theories and attain, fairly quickly, a high level of hitherto hidden knowledge and think they are ‘awake’ and thereby all of a sudden helping to chivvy the world into going backwards to a utopian golden age or forwards to a utopian golden age or are helping to prevent the NWO – but is this really the case?

    By suddenly knowing how the world is really – and has always been – run; does this mean we are special? Does it ever occur that this information – kept a closely guarded secret for thousands of years – has been revealed to us all on purpose and thereby for a purpose?

    Also Hugo – I’ve already asked the rest who they think is communicating with them – is there anything communicating with you? If so what/who is it?


    • Ax

      Good afternoon. Smiley face 🙂 . I will be publishing a new article soon. Don’t want you to think I’m doing it deliberately because of your comment. But I’ve been working on it for a while.

      I don’t know if you will want to transfer the comment to the new article ?

    • I think we’re communicating with one another and the ‘content’ we see ‘out there’ amounts to dialogue between the ‘lucid dreamers’. Some of this dialogue is helpful and some of it is basically just invective. When you know those involved it becomes easy to discern who’s saying what to whom and why.

      Dialogue is a script writing term, and I think we’re writing scripts that express our own individual preferences about the form that the dream ought to take. These scripts don’t just play out on the ‘world stage’ as world events and geo-political conflict. They play out in local news, books, films, and in our interactions with characters we meet in the dream world.

      My own version of the script expressed a desire for a world in which the ‘lucid dreamers’ are, so to speak, equal partners. That doesn’t seem to be working out too well, because for some people…

      There’s a game playing element to the dream. As I see it, some of the lucid dreamers want the conflict and mayhem to stop, whereas others have invested so much time and energy playing the game (and get their kicks out of seeing the results) that they just don’t want to stop playing it.

      In the middle are those who’re awake on one level but still think in terms of ‘synchronicity’, i.e. they don’t seem to understand what other lucid dreamers are saying through these ‘synchs’.

      As for my own blog, it’s a probe: it mashes apparently unconnected scenarios together then pokes around in an attempt to shed light on what’s happening and why.

      • I’m not sure which of your categories you put me in but imo we are all playgerists…which is what unites us.

        • Yeah, I think borrowing themes and mashing them together in order to see things in a different light is something we all do, but I had something else in mind when I used that particular term.

          I’m a keen observer of posts and comments, because if what happens ‘out there’ is all about us then I think it’s useful to know what motivates the lead characters. If you watch for long enough then patterns begin to emerge: some want to understand, some already do. Some know that strings can be pulled and are pulling them, and others appear not to know this.

      • Hugo,
        Is the world enough for you? Or do you want more?
        And what is “more”? It’s always working out the energy stuff and polarity. If everyone we “see” is a mirror reflection, and everyone has something to say about their existence (one person that we see is working too hard for too little pay, and then another is living it up on a trust fund and has no complaints, yet at the same time, that person on trust fund would probably not experience a spiritual awakening if their physical self is having the best time and perhaps there would be no evolution…, etc.).
        The splintering of realities is happening. And that means, the evolution is taking place. And, perhaps, that means that the frequency is changing because the vibration is higher and the “what is that?” coming through on the ray-dio is having to adjust.
        a station (ary) cube

        to the virtuous real happening.

        all IS mind

        Do you ever have many different things in your head and you would like to express them at the same time but your physical self prohibits that from happening? Well, then “time” happens…and ‘I’d like to tell you about the good ol days…, etc’, while you have to listen to a bunch of blah blah blah.

        … or NOT!
        A story being told because of fucking nostalgia and “love” etc.,…

        Listen. To gnosis, or “know sis”, is to embrace everything and see that all the “bad” or “eve-il” stuff is a part of everything, and while this dream realm seems to require a proclamation of what “IS” and what “IS” NOT,…I feel that very thing is a clue about the nature of everything.

        We “like” this, and we don’t “like” that.
        I AM.
        I AM NOT.

        MIA AIM (my AIM?) (MIAMI?)

        You are and you are “not”.

        You are sacred and you are dirty. Or not. Which do you like? Or, which is speaking to you? Which are you embracing? Both? Neither? Don’t deny either.
        Most importanty, don’t deny THE “IS” “IS” THE “IS” knot.
        1212 5151
        reflection. cHIRAL abiff
        2121 1515
        33 66
        66 33
        99 66
        ok bye

        • GOI, I try not to speak in absolutes when it comes to what appears to be happening ‘out there’. For what it’s worth, I suspect that if you think an evolution is happening (as opposed to may be happening) then you can expect to see this sentiment reflected back at you through the usual sources. Ditto for vibrational changes and the splintering of realities and so on. So for me at least, the question is whether these things are really happening or whether we’re simply creating feedback loops that confirm what we want to believe?

          I’m just asking questions MJ. Banging rocks together, watching the sparks fly, and seeing what happens. What I’m not prepared to do, however, is surrender myself wholly to intuition, feelings, and belief. My own experience tells me that this often leads to the development of a fixed point of view that is immune to any opinion other than its own.

          I don’t know what’s happening ‘out there’. Things might be happening, things might not be happening. You might be 100% correct MJ – but you might not be.

    • ÆON,
      What “process” is going on at the moment?
      I don’t think we are “special” in the sense that a lot of people outside of Merovee seem to have their finger on the pulse even more than we do.

      • Anon

        This is what I feel. It is far bigger than just US if you like. But I think we are , whoever we are exactly, a soul group.

        It would be the second soul group I have been involved with. My first was with the crystal job where all sorts of different people connected . I occasionally do a Google on some of them and many of them are well known in their own niches.

        But we seem to have got involved in the weirder end of things. That’s our job if you like.

        And what is the microcosm of the macrocosm and vice versa exactly ?

  6. Hello and thank you anonymous person for saying hello to me and I really was liking to be seeing you-tube shows of you and that was funny you-tube show about gerbil saying hello to old friend and hello to all friend people of Merovee internet blog and I think some of the you-tube picture shows that people are putting in Merovee internet blog are about people getting together to be only seeing other people and I think that is nice energy thing about people getting together to see other people and anyway thank you really a lot about this internet blog. – M person

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