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The Shift Hits The Fan

I believe the shift has hit the fan.



And slightly weird park bench sign which caught my attention. ‘Nice One Cyril’.




It has been a most interesting week.



Celebrating Victor Hugo.



Digging up the past.

De Cade. Click ‘LoL – A Ten Shun’.

Glenn Miller’s plane disappeared over the English Channel en route to Paris in 1944.



A Different Time Zone.



The Lost Inheritance : Paris, Texas.




And the Grandmother.



May you live in interesting times.


101 thoughts on “The Shift Hits The Fan

  1. Today I was woken up by the sound of a plane ripping through the sky. I live between a few flight paths so plane engines are not unusual; however this one rang obviously too low, seemingly en route into my house!

    As it turns out, a ceSSna crashed on the 4o5 freeway. 405=9. 45=trump. This article about the event was written by a Jason Torchinsky (Jah sun, torch in sky) at 220. 22=SS

    Listen to the sounds on the ra deo:

    The exit of entry was mac Arthur voulebard, just shy of John’s Wayne.

      • And an infinite number of doctors to attend to the wounded.
        He wants to make sure everyone’s feeling fine. πŸ™‚

        • I still do House Calls πŸ™‚ where did I put my up sethascoope

          and hows this for some weirdy weirdness released today its US as I have been saying 22 the number of death its unreal…its loopityloop…through the hoop

          “for me its a game to find order in the chaos”

          • Except, TTN, it is poSSible innit it, that someone sumwhere may operate outside of the base ten SiStem within whicita you were boren. Notso?

            To use your cistern abbey, for example, what does 22 “mean” in binary?

            And if we sumhoo man age to assend to otter demonions, will we still just count up and down and everyting in between to 10? Like…when we lose these bodies we seem to loathe and all their digits and toes and finniginers, dont we then grow out of our current “maTH”?

            • Our socalled.current ma’aTH is based on a SStem of 10 caint it? Like 10 fingers, 10 toes and tingalings in between.

              So….if we aspire to asscend into bodileSS dimensions and calculate that the paTH toward SalvaAviation is shorn from math based on our current bodies, ain’t we 444ever sheep?

              Counting sheep. 4sleep.

              To be Elbow wid you all, i am very hapi asleep.

              You can ALL stay “a wake”


              • Anon did you watch the movie trailer above 222 that was released yesterday it was about plane crashes/shipwrecks and sliding was connected to YOU/US and about your/our eventful day yesterday…..

                and yesterday I said goodbye to one life and hello to another….. a regeneration

                .and I was given two presents from two different people with the same message

                and last night after many years of waiting I watched the ‘true’ story of the Lost City of Z where King Arthur goes on a journey/adventure up the A maze (game) on and tries to find his Camelot.

                • TTN, apples for my babble.
                  I was trying to point out number systems that dont use the base of ten. “My people” used them and I wonder what that does to perception and reality. The base 10 number system may also have to do with English which also creates a particular reality. What if there are digits and sounds missing?

                  Anyhow, that plane crash yesterday just gets weirder. The passengers seem to have survived after being rescued by an off duty firefighter named John who was driving home after his shift at Avalon firestation. The plane hit only one car that was driven by a man named Blackstone.

                  Weird or what.


      • Frank building the Bridge to Camelot

        It is to be created out of two canti levers that reach across the windswept void from either side but do not quite meet in the middle.

        In recent months English Heritage has been criticised for turning Tintagel into a β€œfairytale theme park” focusing more on its legendary associations with King Arthur than its real, fascinating history.

        There was an outcry last year after the head of Merlin was carved into a rockface and a statue of a regal figure that most visitors take to be Arthur was helicoptered on to a prominent spot on the island

        The bridge will help visitors grasp that the mainland and β€œisland” (or promontory as EH is now terming it) were once connected.

        • The bridge is made of surfing boards (bored bards) riding the waves.
          I know. I saw it.
          It’s in the pacific.

  2. “Clyde Cessna, a farmer in Rago, Kansas, built his own aircraft and flew it in June 1911, the first person to do so between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Cessna started his wood-and-fabric aircraft ventures in Enid, Oklahoma, testing many of his early planes on the salt flats. When bankers in Enid refused to lend him more money to build his planes, he moved to Wichita. Cessna Aircraft was formed when Clyde Cessna and Victor Roos became partners in the Cessna-Roos Aircraft Company in 1927.

    Cessna’s nephews, Dwane Wallace and his brother Dwight, bought the company from Cessna in 1934. They reopened it and began the process of building it into what would become a global success.In 1960 Cessna affiliated itself with Reims Aviation of Reims, France.In March 2014 Cessna became a brand of Textron Aviation.”

    • “Founded by the Gauls, Reims became a major city during the period of the Roman Empire. It played a prominent ceremonial role in French monarchical history as the traditional site of the crowning of the kings of France. The Cathedral of Reims (damaged by the Germans during the First World War but restored since) housed the Holy Ampulla (Sainte Ampoule) containing the Saint ChrΓͺme (chrism), allegedly brought by a white dove (the Holy Spirit) at the baptism of Clovis in 496. It was used for the anointing, the most important part of the coronation of French kings.”

      • St_Remy_Bishop_of_Rheims_begging_of_Clovis_the_restitution_of_the_Sacred_Vase_taken_by_the_Franks_in_the_Pillage_of_Soissons.png

  3. As predicted, my prediction of the names of JZ’s twins was wrong. They chose Rumi and Sir Carter. Rumi Remi Reims same difference. πŸ‘Ύ Like the playgerists they are, theyve even rushed to the USPTO and LOC to trademark those names. Like…please….rumi too?

    J has also dropped his new album, 444, in whichita, among other things, his Ma comes out as a lesbian.

  4. Wednesday I was walking home, just as I got to my building the strength suddenly drained out of my body. I started stumbling sweating gasping for breath and my vision started closing in. A collapse was occurring. The last thing I recall was ‘just drop they’ll catch you’.
    Long story short, I ended up in the hospital and they decided to keep me overnight. The hospital I was in has two sections, a main section and an addition which is referred to as the Tower. ‘You’ll be in room 706 in the tower’.
    So I’m laying in bed and on the wall in front of me is a poster, across the top it says, Welcome to Level 7 of The Tower. The seventh chakra is Sahasrara the crown, pure consciousness, the bell part of the tower.

    As I’m laying there I’m listening to this whirring noise coming from the intravenous and it suddenly sounded like, ‘a bomb at the center of the earth’. Over and over in what sounded like the voice of the Borg or the Cybermen.

    The next day was all neurological tests, looking for electrical impulses, frequencies. Lights flashing, clicking sounds in my ears. With particular interest in the 8th nerve which has to do with hearing. Then they decided to keep me another day.
    As I was laying there watching tv, suddenly fire alarms went off, two seconds later all the doors automatically closed and locked. Trapped in the tower/gas chamber with fire alarms going off. It was just a drill.

    Today an echo cardiogram, I got to see my own heart. As I was leaving, the woman who did the test hugged me and said ‘you have a beautiful soul and your heart is pure’.

    Long story short… I/we/us have reached pure consciousness. A-bomb has been detected by the system and a warning is sounding. And the panicked system is scanning for electrical impulses and energies, to find a cause and a cure for what’s happening. And trying to lock us in the burning tower, with no escape. And the heart is being weighed, examined.

    It’s happening, Now! This is not a drill. πŸ™‚

    • What the hell? I wish I could give you a big hug right now! Thankfully, we already knew you had a beautiful soul and pure heart – that much is abundantly evident! Still, we need to know you’re okay! Lemme page the good Doctor Cooper and let’s give that heart a clean bill of health! πŸ™‚ He’s looking for his stethoscope presently.

      Much love and speedy healing, sweet Elena! ❀

      • Don’t worry Elena

        glad you are ok and JB is right you are pure of heart….. big hairy planet of the apes gorilla hugs πŸ™‚

        and its a death/rebirth kind of thing happening … yesterday for me was not as traumatic as your experience but an emotional rollercoaster… and probably one of the most weird, wonderful and equally sad days I have ever had…I need to write it all down and put it in a post..

    • ❀
      I love you Elena.
      Flashback to my hospital visit a few years ago where I got to undress in front of a handsome doctor in all my naked fury (and furry), where Sadie from tongue-a stood guard and Dr. Viktor sat behind a computer screen ignoring my commands then reappeared later as a sexy intern willing to play chess. They tested me for drugs, not nero damage, and ultimately deemed me cray cray but not before I tried to escape and after I forbade some medical ro bots from dropping bombs onto hEarth. As above so Bello? I don't think so.

      9 is the number of consciousness is it, KenneTH? What's the frequency. Mayday may day. The aliengals been landed.

      • Oops I didnt mean to post GwenyTH and Elbow twice.

        I meant to post jazz Γ© Belle:

        The real alien invasion has been occured.

    • Elena

      Ditto to the collapse over the last few days or so but not physical. And physical stuff with doctors and hospitals I find incredibly scary.

      FWIW I’m ‘getting’ let it collapse. And sirens and alarms everywhere.

      • Friends – Thanks for your loving thoughts and hugs. ❀

        Yesterday, just at about the time I was leaving the hospital, 'dark matter' entered the hospital, armed and dangerous and went to the 'top' floor.
        According to wiki, hospital comes from the Latin hospes, signifying a stranger or foreigner hence a guest.

        • Elena

          The shooting is quite a mirror.

          Interesting about hospice as I volunteer for a hospice.

          The etymology :

          ‘1818, “rest house for travelers,” especially the houses of refuge and shelter kept by monks in the passes of the Alps, from French hospice “hospital, almshouse” (Old French ospice “hospice, shelter,” also “hospitality,” 13c.), from Latin hospitium “hospitable reception, entertainment; hospitality, bonds of hospitality, relationship of guest and host;” also “place of entertainment, lodging, inn, guest-house,” from hospes (genitive hospitis) “guest; host,” also “a stranger, foreigner” (see host (n.1)).

          Sense of “home for the aged and terminally ill ” is from 1879; hospice movement first attested 1978.’

        • What an eventful time, Elena! I am glad your are well and back home.
          A plane crash here and dark matter ascending over there.
          I consider my hospital stay a trip into an alternate universe and to this day believe all that happened was real even though it’s cray cray. Like I was allowed into the programming room for a day to decide what happens to US and hEarth. I learned a lot about myself.
          Do you feel that way at all?

          That dark doctor is a Bello. As above soul bellow.
          And lebAnon stands out.
          Maybe St.Eve Bannon will be entering the news this week with a bang, ie the smoking gun.

            • Anon

              My strongest sense about what happened is that it was ultimately not personal. Which is why I said I/WE/US. What I experienced every soul is now experiencing but not totally on a material level, yet. It’s coming from ‘pure consciousness’. Still, we know it’s there and that it’s happening. Hope that makes sense. πŸ™‚

              God/Spirit is getting closer. Home has come for US. We are terrified, God/Spirit is angry and want’s to destroy US. A-bomb, find a way to make it stop. The alarms are sounding, the doors are slamming shut.

              Listen to her words…you have a beautiful soul and your heart is pure. She wasn’t just speaking to me. This is for Everyone. ❀

      • ‘Mile End Road is an ancient route from London to the East, and was moved to its present-day alignment after the foundation of Bow Bridge in 1110. In the medieval period it was known as β€˜Aldgatestrete’, as it led to the eastern entrance to the City of London at Aldgate. The area running alongside Mile End Road was known as Mile End Green, and became known as a place of assembly for Londoners, reflected in the name of Assembly Passage.’

        ‘The etymology of the name “Aldgate” is disputed. It is first recorded in 1052 as Γ†st geat (“east gate”) but had become Alegate by 1108.[1] Writing in the 16th century, John Stow derived the name from “Old Gate” (Aeld Gate). However, Henry Harben, writing in 1918, contended that this was wrong and that documents show that the “d” is missing in documents written before 1486–7. Alternative meanings include “Ale Gate” in connection with a putative ale-house or “All Gate” meaning the gate was free to all. Other possibilities canvassed by Harben include reference to a Saxon named “Ealh,” or reference to foreigners (“el”) or oil (“ele”) or “awl”. Gillian Bebbington, writing in 1972, suggests Alegate, Aelgate (“public gate”) or Aeldgate” (Old Gate”) as equally viable alternatives whilst Weinreb and Hibbert, writing in 1983, revert to Stow’s theory that the name means “Old Gate”‘

  5. Perhaps the only THing that keeps us going (growing) is the belief that WE are real. The aspiration for more than deaTH. Now and 4 eve R. Hugo, you say that you dont like to attribute things to feeling and emotions, yet that stance itself is rooted in feeling and emotion.

    Sir Stance Alot.

    Im so darn bored ya’ll! Tell me sumking anu

  6. And FaKe Alien InvasionTH, kenneTH and denniTH the meniTH: Up yours in advance.

    I babble because EngliTH is not my 2TH landguage and today Im scan dinavian so I caint rite strait tho the situation is dire.

  7. 2day I cuntemplated (not really but uk now what i mean) the word “propane”.

    Pro pain



    The anglish are missing some sounds and numbers

  8. twer-King in the given parametrics: hasent the “3rd Eye” long been occuPIed?

    AInt we already latte to that gayme?

    I wood sway that language and gramMER is boTH (boss) the libranation and the lockdown.

    Be carefool what we THink (sync). TH US far we beny THoppy.

    Real babble thumpers all.


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