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The Siren Call


I’m hearing sirens and alarms everywhere all the time – ambulance, police, fire.
Car alarms , house alarms and bank alarms. It’s an Emergency.

As Elena succinctly put it ‘This is not a drill’ .

Surreal. Is the Last Trumpet sounding ? An agent of chaos, another agent of big business or a figure in the dream ?




‘This Is Infinity Here’.



Godot is Now Here. It’s boring 🙂 .





And it’s for everyone. All Souls !


98 thoughts on “The Siren Call

  1. I’ve been trying to save rants like the one that I currently feel brewing for Roob’s expert eyes and editing skills, or my own blog where my own editing and skills are pretty much void…but there is something to this for me personally that relates to what you are describing.

    Mine has been about 4/5 years ago now that it started, but there was a period of intense awareness of alarms and sirens. A hyper-awareness of these sirens or alarms, but also a feeling of dread as to maybe some of the underlying reasons for a particular siren.

    What is most odd tho, is that this awareness of sirens and alarms followed two other distinct periods of time.
    1) An acute awareness of the absence of sirens.
    2) An acute awareness of…erm…rings.

    This awareness has ebbed and flowed over the past several years, but it had gotten so intense at some points, that I found myself praying almost constantly for whoever was in whatever distress they were in that required emergency services, as well as for all those involved in these endeavors. Lots of helicopters, lots of cop cars, lots of ambulances, and I assume a lot of carnage. The best that I have to offer, is prayer and good thoughts.

    Hope this helps. You aren’t alone…just…maybe alone sometimes when needing someone to talk to about weird crap like this. I don’t pretend to know what it means because I, in fact, do not know what it means. However, I would like to suggest that maybe there is a reason for that, since everyone is different, and each experience is going to be unique. I could make your head dizzy with all kinds of crazy theories…but I’m not sure that would help. I think calm and reserve are pretty much on the menu as much as “not so much reserve and/or calm”…no matter who might not like it being there. That’s just a guess tho.

    One last thing, this is not the first time that this cycle has happened to me. I recall periods like this when I was younger, and I was always told to ignore it/that my imagination was running away with me….even in, and perhaps especially in, those cases when my parents or relatives started to notice the same trends.

    There’s always something to everything.

    ^Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid Remix)^

    • Cade

      I’ve had it on and off over the years as well, but the last month or so has been insane.

      On Saturday, the local fire station was helping with a local school’s summer fete and coming up the hill for three hours was the sound of a fire engine siren.

      I’ve just been out for a walk as I had ants in my pants and as I was getting close to home, one police car whizzed past and then three minutes later another. And these aren’t isolated incidents.

      I remember you talking about the nuclear alarm a few months ago. That’s a scary alarm.

      • Yeah…I had actually forgotten about that particular incident recently with the sirens going off in clear weather @ 12:30/01:00 AM. Good catch. That said…I get the feeling that we’ll know long before “the shit hits the fan”…(if the shit does in fact ever hit the fan)…in such a way that “when the alarms sound”…we’ll already know. (There will be no question(s) as to the validity)

        What any of that means?
        Your guess is as good as mine.

  2. Dream squeaks broKen anglish butt has never been beRated HERE by Ken, the penultimate dogooder, because she or he presents as a white scan-dinavian christian who fallows the runes (rules) of his and her lawd our savior jzxchristo amen.

    I like how “whites” are allowed to c(o)unt and squeak according to their nonsense and 8gnoranve of the anglish languish but situation hot damn when otters do.

    Happi jewlie new tesla money!

    • 8gnoranve = ignorance
      Sorry….the monkey samsung keyboard and my thickum dingers typed a road wreck.

    • To translate:
      The person known here as Dream rites broken english and has been doing so for years while leaning toward the christian ritewhitewing angle of ken and his FAIth. And in that safe zone of scandinavian purity has been allowed to propagandize all manners of conspiracy, just like ken and faith, and bask in his/her scantittie (sanctity).
      Would that we all were so luc key.

      Lucky dreamers aight?

      Cacacaliban get anu Lang gauge be anu man.

      I love who the english dont even know their english….


      • Your opinion of me is very suprise.
        I like European cristian values,but not big bad churches like Roman catholic and also Lutheran with massive property and not helping poor people. Ken and Faith have their opinion and i appreciate it and i appreciate also all others, if not mischeavious. Like to Faith it was sometimes.
        I am old woman with poor schoolenglish and dont understand only half you say. For me you must use simple english not slang and long stories.

  3. I would like to revisit the idea of the echo chamber. Isnt that a given if we only speak and spell one language and count in one base and read all the same news from all the same source?

    • And worship at the same altar and exit from the same LEGgos and get reared out the same pASSt?

    • I think it depends on what we think ‘news’ actually is, and I think we’ve seen enough to know that ‘news’ has an odd habit of reflecting what’s going on between us lot rather than what’s happening ‘out there’. As for language, if I go to a ‘foreign’ news site then they present stories to me in English. If I read something written in Italian then I see the same messages as I do when reading something written in English. This doesn’t work for alphabets I don’t understand, but if I listen to a broadcast in a foreign language then the ‘synchs’ come through phonetically. Ultimately, all alphabets are just symbolic codes for sound. I don’t have to know the Arabic equivalent of the letter ‘A’ in order to hear that sound when listening to a YouTube in Arabic.

      • Hugo

        Why don’t you write an in depth article about your ideas about us lot ? I maybe wrong but you appear to think it’s more than purely a general universal connection and I would be interested to read it.

        • Frank, I might at some point. I just wonder sometimes whether some of the characters we meet ‘out there’ are the human equivalent of the mysterious scenery changes you’ve written about before – pubs and shops appearing or changing literally overnight. People seem to materialise before our eyes, say something that just happens to echo events in our own lives, then disappear never to be seen again. I think Anon’s term for them is ‘costumers’. I’ve met a lot of unlikely characters (I’m sure you have too) that have made me want to poke them to see if they’re real. Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m intrigued by our ubiquitous presence in the ‘mindlines’ and the links between us in particular.

          • I was saying to Jenny the other day that walking in town seems orchestrated. Like a real life Truman Show.

            What intrigues me most is not so much the online connection but with people who have no connection here.

            For example I know Edith Piaf, and the Mona Lisa and Wednesday and Pugsley from the Addams Family. And others.

            Good luck with the article if you write it 🙂 .

            • Speaking of the Mona Lisa, I’ve just returned from the local shop and overheard a women talking to a shop assistant she evidently knew, saying “Frank says that the girl from Italy sends her regards.” On the walk back, I passed a Mazda saloon car with a ‘Film Crew’ sticker.

  4. Hi Everyone

    I haven’t been here since Friday so am reading your comments to my question at the moment. However, London is an anagram of da Land of Nod (more or less) don’t you think? Sleepy time down south?

    Another sign I quite like is the Loch Ness Monster. Colloquially known as Nessie. If you look at a simple pictorial representation of a sine wave and then cut the bottom off it looks a bit like the LNM in the water (with tail loop)?

    Nessie is of course (again more or less) an anagram of sines.

    The whole Loch Ness Monster also represents the FAWE – fire – often lochs are volcanic craters – Air – clearly the LNM needs air to breathe, Water speaks for itself as does Earth.

    Scanned-in avians are what we all are – except that once here, 99.9% recurring – don’t learn to fly ever again.

    Glad to see someone else is bored like me – whoever Elon Musk is?

    Is it Wimbledon again already? ten is caught.


  5. Sorry, have just seen that Anon is bored too – not missing you on purpose.

    Gina Lollobrigida taught her toyboy boyfriend to say ‘let’s fuck’ in Italian – the Daily Mail said it; so it must be true.


  6. Yesterday the transportation hub at the WTC was evacuated for A-bomb scare. Folks were ‘waiting for a train’. The hub building is called the Oculus as in the eye.

    For years I’ve been dreaming of moving thru a huge transportation building but haven’t found the pic of it until today. The Oculus was designed to ‘aspire to a spiritual dimension’. As a bird being released from a child’s hand.

  7. Dream, Cade, Hugo: about every 2 weeks I tank with the booze and can become an asshole. Ignore me during those times, ok? I’m working on making them less and less and on being less judgemental.

    Happy independence day to US!

  8. The passengers on the plane that crashed on 1717 have been named. Francis and Janan. In Arabic, Janan means “heart” and “soul” though their last name suggests Italian origin, after the city with the leaning tower.

    This new article mentions yet another Blackstone. So now there are 2 -the uber driver whose car was grazed (scanned) by the falling plane and the aviation school instructor. Blackstone Hamilton and Mike Blackstone. Hmm.

    ” Mike Blackstone, the owner of ….flight schools Sky Thrills and Air Combat U.S.A., said engines going out are rare.”

    A few motorists ran over the debris including, get this a man named Triplett, 69.

  9. Hi Hugo and everyone

    Thanks for your replies – sorry for the delay; something slightly unexpected has happened which has taken my attention.

    I guess we will always probably be at cross purposes – a lot of people here seem to be up in the air – ie they value the mind over the body. I find the body has its own mind if it can be heard. Perhaps you find it comforting to think we live in a dream world where only minds matter?

    I always sympathised with the guy in the Matrix who found the machine so much more appealing that he betrayed everyone for a steak. Reality there seems just so very boring and uncomfortable; no creature comforts; and all those tw*ts worshipping TTN – oops, sorry, I meant Neo….

    Incidentally, ‘good’ people are so very boring don’t you think?

    I always preferred Commodus to Maximus and Ravenna to Snow-tedious-White – so much more fascinating than the goody two shoes heroes – who in the case of Gladiator – finds being unfaithful to his dead wife more abhorrent than slaying loads of people – subtle mind control – s*x is bad and killing is good (in killing you free the mind from the pesky body – also that time on earth is to be endured rather than enjoyed – a notion endorsed by all religions). Don’t even get me started on Katniss Everdeen.

    However, this dream world we seem to have created is a bit s**t in various areas don’t you think? (although I expect that’s because of those darned giant lizard aliens dumbing us down? It would be a shock to find that we’re just dumb wouldn’t it? Always something/someone has to be to blame for the choices that we make and how we live our lives – not us of course.

    The machine is phenomenally powerful but even it is not allowed to act against our collective best interests without our individual freewill consent.

    I also find it fascinating that although there are – at the very least according to you – three disparate groups – at some points we all seem to manage to pull together enough to create – for example – the same structures – at the same time, in the same places which we all see (presumably) in the same way – I suppose you or David Icke probably have an answer for that though?

    As regards co-creation, I always thought it was bo**ocks – however, I have come to realise that it is possible to co-create but you need a counterpart and that counterpart is not in this dimension – asleep or awake – and you need to be extremely careful they are who they say they are and the process is not interfered with.

    Anon – I try not to categorise people, I find they do that themselves – I was just condensing some of what was revealed – but you’ve always been extremely helpful to me.

    With regard to the process, there is a huge upheaval going on which not many people are even aware of. Some people like Frank are aware of it and can feel it, I can’t feel it at all.

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