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Where East Meets West

“There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent.”

Feeling the Force ? Jesus Christ. And I think you ain’t seen nothing yet. At the moment I can only concentrate on one day at a time but reading the runes, August and September look like they will be awesome in all meanings of the word.

First, there is the Lionsgate 8/8 on 8th August which has been getting stronger and stronger every year. On 21st August there is a Solar Eclipse. And once we’ve got through that, there is the Cassini dive into Saturn on 15th Sept. No rest for the wicked !

And the next bit is me just playing with ideas. Ever since the Grenfell Tower fire just off the A40 West Way road in London, the metaphysical concept of what is ‘The West’ and what is ‘The East’ exactly keeps cropping up. Personally, I have always been interested in the A22 road in England which runs from Eastbourne to Westminster and bisects the Prime Meridian. You could probably add the North and South as well, but my brain can’t deal with that at present.



How the West was won. From a tweet by Donald Trump to celebrate Independence Day.

‘Make America Great Again’.



And the East. Spot the difference.



At some level, the East and West would seem to connect with the left brain / right brain divide. Venus to the left of us and Mars to the right. Or vice versa. Turtles to the left of me, Turtles to the right, stuck in the middle with a Turtle.



But at the same time, it speaks to me of alternate realities and dimensions and Timelines, however exactly Time works.

In Westworld, a robot host named Peter Abernathy is programmed to believe he exists in 19th century America. But his mind is blown when a photo showing a picture of a young woman in Times Square, New York on the East Coast in 21st century America blows in on the wind.



And yet in another episode, the pic changed to San Francisco on the West Coast. Is there an alternative reality version of Westworld called Eastworld ?



What I am suggesting is that there is a possibility we exist in different pockets of Time and Space maybe known as the East and West (and North and South), and all points in between. I suspect that last summer, myself and maybe ‘another’ may have changed Timelines.

So using myself as an example, where do I exist. I live in the South East. Over the last few years, in my physical life I have been overloaded with connections with East Europeans. Maybe this means I live in the East.

And yet at the same time, the Universe seems to be suggesting that the Poles and others are mirrored elsewhere. Basically, the question has come down to ‘Who the fuck am I really speaking to’. Its not just ‘What Is Real’, its ‘Who Is Real’ ?

For me, the conclusion from all my experiences and the experiences of others, is that we do exist in a Multiverse or some form of different dimensionality. But I am interested in exactly how it works. If this is the New World, I would like to know how to drive the car. ‘It’s here, it’s queer in the sense of weird. Get used to it.’


Is this just fantasy ?’


About a year ago, a young East European woman came in the Shop, looking for a tripod for her camera. She was very pleasant and we got on well but up to a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t seen her again.

A couple of Saturdays ago she came in again and we both remembered her visiting the shop last year. She would appear to be on a spiritual path and she discussed her Yoga and meditation.

But then it turned into the ending from ‘Dark City’, if you have seen the movie. As she left, I said ‘By the way, my name is Frank’ and she turned round and came back and shook my hand, and then said ‘I’m Dominica’. I must admit, internally when I heard her name, my eyebrows raised.



In the pic from ‘Westworld’, a young woman is seen in Times Square. Upon investigation, it transpires the image has been taken from a model who was snapped in Times Square. Anyway, the original model is the doppelganger of Dominica.



Who Are You ?



And how do I explain to my brother, we built a Time Machine ?


124 thoughts on “Where East Meets West

  1. ÆON keeps suggesting we all have a counterpart in another dimension.

    ÆON, who controls or has access to those counterparts? Like do only I have dominion over mine and so forth? Is it possible to get “hacked” up/out there?

    Last night people went buck wild, letting off firecrackers in the hoods all around more maniacally than before. Someone said the dome sounded like ISIS rioting in the streets. Kinetick. The moon was low and bright and probably rolling its eyes.
    I like how GoI says the brain is trying to know itself. Maybe that’s why we all come here? Like scribbles in the margins.
    I wonder where billy is. Where are you, billy?

    • Maybe the question isn’t so much why we’ve stumbled into this fragmented reality…which, btw, clearly IS fragmented…but some of us, at Merovee and elsewhere, are what I would consider to be the variable anomaly. If life can be written and rewritten like software, then somewhere along the way, we’ve invariably been hacked and I’d venture to say ‘we’ are the exception rather than the rule. And I think more of ‘US’ do exist out there in other dimensions…but not the same ‘US’, as only you are you and only I am me…but more like ‘sestras’ and ‘sestra-brothers’ with almost identical genomes.

      My question is…if the software builds its own hardware, then why aren’t you and I hardwired to be drones with the rest of society? What is it we’re Remembering that keeps us going back to Source…and why are there only a few of us fighting against ‘drone-dome’ if you will? Why do we continually see the mirror reflected out there?

      Not sure but I would think the Controllers of the Gene-nome are quite interested in why we are Ascending…all while we fool ourselves that we’re not! lol

      47:30 They don’t play [God]…because they believe themselves to Be.

      • JB, in many senses (that have me horrified when I self-reflect), I AM a Dr One. I take bits and pieces of the (Ie)ther ( i.e. bits and pieces of the fallen wor(l)ds … and lett(h)ers …and thEIr ass and dissassociated shapes and simbowls and de-script-hive ma’aTH and recycle them b(l)ack N2 the dome.

        Come to think of it, everyone here does the same. We are the drOnes.

        Oh sigh….

  2. Maybe we built it, Frank… Or maybe it was hear already and just we found it..? 😉

    Let’s see… My first PC… (yes, sounds like ‘pissy’, Hugo 😉 )

    …to access the internet for the first time was, ironically, a Time Machine bought in the Old Kent Road…

    For directions on North, East, West, South and what’s in between, please refer to Cultish, the best ‘fucking’ story ever…

    Also Clicky found a manual 😉

  3. Blue Peter in danger as recent broadcast fails to record a single viewer

    ‘The Mail reports that the CBBC broadcast received a dreaded “zero” rating on the system used to measure television audiences. The original airing of the episode, which was broadcast at 7.30pm on 8 June, amassed 53,100 viewers – a far cry from the eight million that once tuned in during the show’s heyday.’

  4. ÆON, a question:
    If you don’t feel a major upheaval happening (“the process”) how do you know it’s happening?

    That is NOT an esoteric question.

    Is “the process” the same as M/V’s “the program”?

  5. Hey hey we’re the CHIP monks 😞
    If we lykke what we’ve foundt better put a ring on it.

    EUgo, yes and no. If a particular language is wedded to a particular land, just hearing the sounds via a Hawk king Vox does not neSSiSarily mean that EU are in da gno. I hear the sound of byrds yet seem to have NO clue what they are swaying.

    Fastblack to Ax: langauge is “the lay of the land”? Otherwise, we are all done…and IT is all finnished….


  6. EU-GO, Ur assumption seams to be that the same sounds mean the same tings to every1 hear?¿ at THis watering whole culled HerEarTH.

    I can be in one place and hear “nigger” one way and tennis can be another and her it as another.

    watt THen?

    • What are sounds without context?
      Sum quantifiable hole?
      A sync whole?
      Sum Mer ians?

      I don’t sync so!

    • Hi Anon, I wasn’t suggesting that. If we all sat down and watched the ‘same’ movie then we’d all come away with our own interpretation of what that movie was about. I might see and hear things that escaped everyone else, and everyone else might see and hear things that escaped me. If the movie that we watch is one we’re writing as we go along then it becomes, so to speak, our own semi-personalised delusion. I think we see and hear what we expect to see and hear, and I also think that we see and hear what we have been influenced (consciously and unconsciously) to see and hear.

      I think we often bicker and squabble because others don’t see what we see, but what I see in all this is information about us. It doesn’t seem to matter if the ‘content’ in question reflects GOI’s interest in the heavens, Roob’s obvious fascination with Doctor Who, or your own interest in melanin. Time and time we see the same characters (us) in these stories. I’m much more interested in trying to understand this than I am in trying to defend a particular point of view based on the subject matter of the content itself.

  7. Do “sounds” change according to the “here” (ear)? Does the ear hear accordion to the landing sp(l)ace and the fig newtons?

    If I go to the moon tomorrow will my APParRatUSis still swerve and make synse?

  8. gene aLollobrigida

    bello labridge Ida

    Billy GOAT gruff

    why TRI to make cents of the nonsensecali? that may all ways endupen a pyremid scream.

    Make cents of ruubish in the name of a degree?

  9. Tomorrow 7/7/17 there is important G20 meeting in Hamburg Germany, Trump meets first time Putin as president. Putin seems to be exactly 777 mounths old…
    (Putins birthday 07/10/1952)

  10. A covenant is an agreement. Then…
    Mark 14:13 King James Version
    13 And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto them, Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him.
    pouring new life…

        • I know MJ Sept 23 is my birthday maybe I will be able to wear my birthday suit freeeedoooommm 🙂

          I was born between Virgo and Libra (I had two mothers its a long story) in the gateway to the underworld it was called Fairyknowe or Faerie Mound…. White Well near Cave Hill just above Serpentine Gardens beside Arthur St (in other words my house was haunted) and not by me before P AI eon in the butt gets any ideas….

          I spent yesterday writing a post on InDiana which I will publish later and I put on the tv tonight and the some guy called Prince (I kid you not) was banging on about this being the 50th year….. the year of jubilee when the slaves were set free and all debts cancelled and the number 17 being the number of Victory and 153 fish and the Walls of Jericho coming down on 7/7 seven times seven and 50 yrs ago in 1967 when JerUSalem was set free ….etc etc etc he sounded like Kendo on speed…

          I need to lie down my brain can’t take anymore well thats if I have one as the jury is still out according to some

          and tomorrow 7/7 I am having another interview so I will be tested assessed examined and tortured and guess what subject they have asked me to teach on in an observed (as in observer watcher kinda way ) lesson..only ruddy….SLAVERY…..its a sign…. a sign I tell you….. ask Prince he knows

          but before that I am going to visit Miss Carter she is very independent in a sexy kinda way

    • GoI


      I feel a bit like when I started driving ! I thought it would be simple to just get in the car and go and that would be it. But I failed my test twice.

      Taking Roob and me as an example, why are her Dad and mine doppelgangers ? Does this mean we’ve lived in different dimensions or to do with the genome.

      There would appear be an overlap somewhere with you and Jenny. You are in a different time zone. Again does this mean you are in a different time stream or that you simply live in a different time zone ? But everything is happening Now.

      The conversation with Dominica implied that I was speaking to an individual other than Dominica. Is Dominica real as we would understand it ? She seems to have a life. And the Times Square photo is familiar.

      I think at the basic level we are all The One. But then we have our own individual experience.

      To me it feels like starting school again.

      • The Queen is in heat and leaving her nest her milkshake calling all the boys to her yard

        “I lost a set when the ants came. If I had won that set, probably wouldn’t have bugged me as much.” 🙂

        When the ants were too tired to continue flying, they crawled around the courts, causing unsightly black patches on Wimbledon’s famous green grass.

        The phenomenon behind the unlikely scenes witnessed at Wimbledon is known as “flying ant day” and is triggered when a Queen leaves her nest in search of a mate to start a new colony….in the New World…just like the Mayflower…

        The colony sends out a large number of swarmers because only a very small percentage make it through mating to start a new generation…..she has stamina…

        Fatal Anttraction its a bugs life.

        join (Bilquis) us….. the mile high club…… there is a vac ant seat at the back

      • Hi!
        Time zones and clocks and north and south poles. There is a surge of energy EMERGING that can’t be ignored and if it is ignored, unfortunately it comes out in a very knee jerk reaction. The ultimate gnosis comes from the ME, not what someone else could ever tell you. The Earth is round. It spins a 1,000 miles per hour and the sun is 93 million miles away…or not. The math makes sense, but no one has ever seen this. In other words, trusting the data in volumes of scientific books without ever seeing it for yourself is like…FAITH.
        Earth is a realm. And our idea of planets and stars are energies that explain watt is happening in the brainstorm.

        The field is changing. On 12.21.2012, the heliocentric model of the universe has Venus transit the Sun AS SEEN FROM SATURN.

        The Earth is flat. The earth is round. The earth is neither flat nor round. The Earth is a realm where we experience a somewhat lucid dream, experiencing energy from “heavenly bodies”.
        The compass on a masonic square and compass is always at 47 degrees and the square is obviously 90 degrees. 47 + 90 = 137

  11. Paint it black / Back to Black / Somewhere over the Rainbow
    The machine tries to keep time linear but in several places it is spiralised. The machine tells us something has happened in its own particular way and we can then decode it. Once the main event has been decoded and is in place, there is often other information attached to it – especially a large event – the spiral turns around again and another meaning is taken up from it and so on.

    In the same way events are put in place which only come to fruition a year – or more –later, the main times for these generally being mid-summer and mid-winter – but not always.

    With regard to Gre(e)nfall Tower – the focus is now almost entirely on the cladding of the building as opposed to the fridge which supposedly started the fire. The white chalk seven sisters are crumbling – these events are linked.

    The seven chakra discs have a rainbow colour attached to each one. This rainbow covering – like the skittles sweets’ hard coating – covers up the true power and colour of the chakras. The colours link to the prism we live under and the colours produced during refraction.

    Even if you get to understand how to cleanse the chakras and balance them, they are still not working on full power.

    Their real colour – under the artificial colour coating – is black.

    The chakras are spinning black hole vortices – when all the cladding is removed and the doors unlocked – they form a conduit – or a series of open doors – or a blackened chimney if you like.

    Like the song says – ‘I see a red door and I want it painted black, no colours anymore I want them to turn black’

    The summer of love was, unfortunately, much ado about nothing, however, Christmas is Coming and maybe now will be the winter of our disc-content.

    Coming down the chimney ……
    So Satan is in the mouth of the Whore of Babylon (whore being whole / whorl or whirl – Babylon meaning gate of the gods) – symbolically, therefore, coming down her spinal column (chimney) or the length of the chakra portals – to then meet up with Lucifer at the other end – where he is grating against her or where the fire traditionally is in a house – in the grate or lower chakras.

    All is calm …… for now …….

    • Aeon

      I’m not sure about it being calm or it not being a long hot summer.

      But in relation, to something else I was told we had to be out by Christmas.

  12. A photo has appeared…of ‘her’, the great woman of mystery. The pilot, the co-pilot and the plane, from the west…alive in the east, Japan.

  13. I’ve nothing to add here.
    Cept for that pic above.
    And this text in the middle here.
    And the song/video below.

    ^James Gang – Walk Away^

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