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Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence

May the Source be with you.

Sometimes when I take my pics of odd things in the street, I wonder if a man in a white coat will appear behind me and in a kind voice, say ‘Excuse me, sir. Would you mind modelling this strait jacket for me’ ?


‘Release The Beast. Dare To Go Double’.



The missing jigsaw piece ?



And a rather beautiful Butterfly appeared earlier today.



We’re experiencing a Heatwave summer in the south of England. Well, for England. It is Hot, Hot, Hot.





Where East meets West in Hamburg.



The Hamburgers are on fire ( thanks Roob ) . It’s smoking hot.



We’ve all been on a trip down the rabbit hole over the last few years. But for me, the answer remains the same. There is only one thing that matters, can matter and will ever matter. The source of everything. Sweet surrender.

Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence.

The Forbidden Kiss.





No words.



Related reading ( sort of but WTF ) : ‘Dr Cooper’s Lab – The Lost City of Z’.


53 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence

    • Hugo

      I wondered about the burger last night. I was standing near my local MacDonalds and suddenly about 100 teenagers and their teachers turned up and invaded the store. I felt sympathy with the staff.

      About the time your comment came in about the Source, I was debating to use the title ‘May the Source be with you’. And at the same time I was putting the Trump/Putin East meets West part in, Jenny replied to MJ along the same lines. And so it goes.

      • Frank the Sun King and the Prisoner in the Land of the Rising Sun and Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers but who became a King of Egypt….its a great movie filmed in a technicolour dream coat.

        the sun and the stars rise in the east but have to travel west.

        and Shakespeare Sister Morgana…. Eve (Green with Envy) through Time hurt and betrayed by her brother/husband Merlin

        and now Flash Forward and Merlin has risen and escaped from his time tomb/womb cry stal

        and finally the happy ending he is Shakespeare in Love with the Magdalane after her love freed him from Old Father Time the Grim Rapeher and he freed her from the seven headed hydra…. La Fin

      • Clicky/Roob – thanks for making the source of your inspiration so crystal clear. You ever consider writing your own novel? Maybe one with a happy ending that forgoes the Snakespearean amateur dramatics?

  1. Anon – in my case my counterpart in the machine is my twin brother.

    I’ve seen nothing to demonstrate that there is any other reality than this one for us who are alive on the earth at the moment.

    A possible source of confusion might be that as there is a measure of freewill here then other possibilities of outcomes are swirling around at any given moment – but as soon as the moment is lived then the machine ties down time, the possibilities disappear, and cannot be altered (unless of course someone has inserted a spiral somewhere!).

    I get information in my head or when I figure something out I get confirmation – that’s how I know something is going on.

    I was wondering where Billy was too ……

    Frank – we had to be out by Christmas – was this the exact wording you got ? Sounds like something being done to you guys (against your will?); like someone terminating a lease and giving you notice – I’d club together with TTN and Suli now for that cardboard box if I were you!

    As for TTN being inside the goddess – only in your dreams mate ………..!

    Make America great again – make US grate again.


  2. I should just clarify and say of course there is another reality in the machine – which I have seen – but I don’t think that that is what people here mean when they talk about dream worlds and parallel universes?

  3. Æx, I saw the ”moon” between two pillars last night.
    That is between the left and right frames of my sliding window panes.
    It is always there because that’s how my bedruims face and boy does it move fast across the spy.
    For æxample, Last night I saw it directly above my neighbor’s pine/s while praying for my chakras to activate… but soon it shifted over a little bit and the windows framed it like JB.
    I noted the curiousity.
    So, do you hack your twin, Æx, or can/does he hack you?
    Or does the machine hack you both?
    I know I seldom make sense and I seem to squeak quite literally (SUI) to the point where no one understands me and I get embare assed… but that’s ok because here I don’t care. No one here seems to care about under standing either….and that also UKnights US. 🙂 Lots of shit is made to not understand.

    Frank, there was a Kurtz (con rad-deo) and a …oh …forgot what else I was going to sway…… in that story of the plane crash on the 405.
    Æx, while everyone here is inner resting in deed, lately I come here for you and to hear things I haven’t herd before. You must not leave yet.

    • “Frank, there was a Kurtz (con rad-deo) and a …oh …forgot what else I was going to sway…… in that story of the plane crash on the 405.”

      OH! I remember Now…..JB, there was a “Francis X” in that 405 story too.

    • Meh…fuckit..words are inadequate for something Spiritual happening, anyway.
      And lol to praying for your Chakras to activate. Don’t know why, but that made me laugh. You always have that effect on me though. 🙂

      • JB, our birTH was ”spiritual”.
        What has ‘appened’ between then and NOW? And why cain’t I fill that space too?
        I wish I felt the change like every One(Neo) else.

        more than that, I wish I could feel myself

        To Everyone: how can you ”feel” anything if/when you don’t have a body?

        JB, I like it when WE laugh.

  4. Where does the ‘ma-chi-knees’ resyde’ ÆON, and in watt land guage does it squeak?

    Be couz EU2 are confusion.

  5. VIEtnam
    VIE IT Na’am

    the sum mer of ”love” the na’am of evie

    eugo, the byrds in my gu’arden here ting aligns in ways eu may knot (tie-pe)?

  6. If a tree falls in the forest and hugo doesn’t here it, what does that mean?

    e. oTHer

  7. IF I hear and type and type cast and cast ting a lings along wid myyyyyyyyyy be liefs, do I make IT truth?

  8. Anon

    My brother is a real person – just not living here on earth – much like the poem by H S Holland that people like to read at funerals. To get in touch with your guide is not easy as the machine is waiting to pounce if you go wrong. The only way to connect is to follow a safe route – ie via Jesus.

    You are one of the reasons I come here too – you’ve always been very helpful with your viewpoints (not one of us is here by accident).

    We’re all so ready with all the answers (myself included) but you always ask questions. So many people, it seems to me, when they get into conspiracy theories, fall into one of the pre-prepared answers/solutions and stay there – much like people who get into conventional religion. Once there they find things that confirm their viewpoint – confirmation bias – and their walls get stronger and they then feel able to tell everyone else just what exactly is going on. how to live their lives and what will happen if they don’t follow the rules – yawn.

    She is wise who knows she does not know.

    Speaking of which, Frank may be right again with the summer of love – I’m, being dicked around a bit regarding this I think; not sure why – but then I am working for the Joker.

    Poor confused TTN – I know how you feel; you don’t know whether to hit me or kiss me. I get a lot of that …….

    Don’t you find it ironic Hugo that you think you’re awake because you decided you’re living in a dream world – is that another joke? Like swine flu – swine flew – pigs might fly (that one was from Suli).


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