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The Seven Faces Of Eve


Saturday at the Movies brought up or dug down into an interesting area.

‘The Woman With Seven Personalities.’

Helen is a lady who experiences seven multiple personalities in her psyche. And it is explained that the reason for the Disassociative Identity Disorder is abuse. And in a bit of a WTF moment, it is claimed that the catalyst for DID was Satanic Ritual Abuse.



I don’t know. Just playing around with ideas. Click ‘Blade and Chalice – 69’ and ‘The Death of David Bowman’ and Nothing Has Been Proved’.











83 thoughts on “The Seven Faces Of Eve

  1. Frank, I daresay it has something to do with this.

    This too. The ‘acrobat’ from Brighton…and the punk rock band played on…

    It’s the strangest thing, because ‘Agratbat’ is a character in Cultish. She’s a “dancing roof demon”.

    Odder still that most of the action in Cultish kicks off with a rock concert in Brighton…right next to the pier in fact…

    “The concert starts about twenty minutes later, some kind of rock with a punky U2 feel to it.”

    Personally, I’ve had my fill of his-story repeating. The question – and I’ve made this crystal clear in my previous comments – is why it keeps repeating.

    Time for a new script.

    • Last night my dreams were all about SS…eScaping Saving Seeing Swooping Sweating through the landScaped Jung leys. Very vivi id stuff. A conclusion was “only magic can overcome policeticians” because this illusion is not rational and dealing with it rationally spells more of the same.”

      Don’t ask me what that means.

      Metaforce be with U! And also with u and u and u!

  2. If there is no sin there are no sinners.
    If there is no bondage from which dimension does the idea of freedom come?
    Likewise unity? If there is no “division” why do we keep talking about UKniting?
    Seems a product of our rearing under Empire.
    Why is unity any better or worse than division?
    Who says division is allways bad?
    Dont we sway here that we are “divergent”?

    I read a great snippet about earth changling from flat to spherical to flat again and so on. Who knows the shape of this place, but today i play with the nocean of “flat ears” (flat earTH) and sine-ing (singing/sinning) out of key.

    Hugo, I always thought Clicky…I mean Roob…was your biggest advocate so was surprised to hear your response to her “playgerism”. In the beginning was the word and the word was with god. We seem to spawns in the gods big wordgasm. As you can read, I’m not getting much dick these daze because I’ve lost my mind and my words are babbled and booze-led.

    Just kidding.

    No but for real. Its a jungley in here!

    • That’s an interesting pic. Kindof a complex and exquisite looking key. Prolly fits a unique and special lock.

      But with even the most complex and complicated of things, or flashy and stylish of things, even the boring and less impressive bits are as important as anything else.

      That said, I can’t imagine the size of the keyring that key goes on, nor how tall the motherfucker that carries it is…nevermind the size of the door, nor the house it’s attached to. Those cars should prolly leave before they get back.

  3. Anon (Hi – posted this on the other page then realised there was a new one!! – didn’t what you to think I hadn’t replied to you ….)

    My brother is a real person – just not living here on earth – much like the poem by H S Holland that people like to read at funerals. To get in touch with your guide is not easy as the machine is waiting to pounce if you go wrong. The only way to connect is to follow a safe route – ie via Jesus.

    You are one of the reasons I come here too – you’ve always been very helpful with your viewpoints (not one of us is here by accident).

    We’re all so ready with all the answers (myself included) but you always ask questions. So many people, it seems to me, when they get into conspiracy theories, fall into one of the pre-prepared answers/solutions and stay there – much like people who get into conventional religion. Once there they find things that confirm their viewpoint – confirmation bias – and their walls get stronger and they then feel able to tell everyone else just what exactly is going on. how to live their lives and what will happen if they don’t follow the rules – yawn.

    She is wise who knows she does not know.

    Speaking of which, Frank may be right again with the summer of love – I’m, being dicked around a bit regarding this I think; not sure why – but then I am working for the Joker.

    Poor confused TTN – I know how you feel; you don’t know whether to hit me or kiss me. I get a lot of that …….

    Don’t you find it ironic Hugo that you think you’re awake because you decided you’re living in a dream world – is that another joke? Like swine flu – swine flew – pigs might fly (that one was from Suli).


    • I don’t think I’ve ever said that we’re living in a dream world. I use terms like ‘dream’ and ‘trance’ and ‘lucid dreamers’ in my probes to try and understand what we’re experiencing. I also use terms such as ‘movie’, ‘score’, ‘simulation’ and ‘The Program’. I don’t think that what we experience can be reduced to a single concept or buzzword, which is why I use different terms to emphasise the different faces it presents us with.

      If you see the ‘echo chamber’ YouTube I posted yesterday then you’ll realise that I share your views on ‘confirmation bias’, which is precisely why I refuse to say ‘it is this’ or ‘it is that’.

  4. Having just glanced through this page – some of you really do tie yourself up in knots don’t you – have you ever heard of the acronym KISS?


  5. THus a sound
    Shut a sound

    “He who has earTH to heareTH, let him here.”

    Aex, your offerings are by no means sim pole!

    To be honest, I’m ready for some very easy (but not fascile) answers right now. I’ve cracked up. It hertz. Truly.

  6. Frank, can you pls fish my ear post (the langerone) out of the eTHer?

    Its 337 am and i cant sLEEp.

    • Sleep please
      id please

      Have i told you lately that i love sleeping and bounding
      in my dreams?
      Dr Ames: plot ease please!
      Ive lost the long and wendy roads

      • Thanks frank.
        Reappeared as MAPS.
        For the cuckoo and crazy.
        You can delete one.

        It doesn’t feel like my chakras are open.
        I dont feel bliss.
        Or maybe every other one is open. 😆
        I’d probably only know if my heart chakra was open. Right now I dont THINK it is.
        Last night I saw/heard “sound” in “south sudan” consciously for the first time. Which may be why I have kept banging on about it.
        My dad was a sound master and came from a land where everyone sings themselves out of the womb and across the lands. Both men and women.

        We know about the power of eyes (tele-vision) and their influence on the brAIn but what about those sound waves spiraling under the dome, through the ears (earth). One of the funniest (best) conspiracy theories Ive heard was about sound wars.

        • Anon

          I just found it strange – not strange at all – you were talking about opening your chakras and then the next day or so, you say you are feeling unbalanced. Takes me back.

          I’m sure your chakras were open anyway. Just opening up some more !

          • Totally upside down inside out, Frank. Nothing pleasant about it.

            I found it weird that last night I write notion as nocean just for the fuck of it and this morning I get an email from a company named Innocean looking to recruit (recircut?) me…ie take me off the perpetual job hunt. Who names a comphany “innocean”? 😩

  7. Why do we call them “ears of corn”?
    I never really knew of or followed this guy but “soundgarden” and “audioslave” are striking.

    “Chris Cornell’s songwriting often features non-standard chord progressions and melodies that do not conform with one diatonic scale. A prominent example is “Black Hole Sun”, which not only involves many kinds of open chords and several key changes in short sequences, but also unique melody phrases with large-interval jumps….
    A recurrent characteristic is his use of major-only chord sequences (“Sweet Euphoria”, “Pretty Noose”), which also leads to more subtle key changes.”

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