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Playing God

Looking through my pics gallery, I came across one of the first pics in 2017.

2017 – Lets Do This !‘.



And six months later.



One of the main stories in Britain at present concerns a young boy, Charlie Gard, who was born with severe physical difficulties. Again, there is some weirdness with Pope Francis, Donald Trump and Justice Francis but this isn’t about that.

The boy’s parents went public to save their son, after the hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Charlie is being cared for decided to remove life support.



‘The judge in the case of baby Charlie Gard has “dismissed” interventions from US President Donald Trump and the Pope, the Daily Mail says. Mr Justice Francis told the High Court only “dramatic and new” evidence could make him change his mind over his ruling in April that life support should be ended for Charlie, an 11-month-old whose rare health condition has left him severely brain damaged.’


But the story has reminded me of one of my most unexpected emotional days. And my emotions were probably nothing compared to others.

A friend of my daughter, when she was about 15 got pregnant – shit happens – and her son was born prematurely after about 25 weeks with severe problems. He suffered severe brain damage, and he couldn’t breathe on his own and lots of other medical problems. And he had been in a specialist baby unit for about 9 months.

One Friday, my daughter got a frantic call from her friend saying the hospital and her had agreed to take her son off life support. And would my daughter come to the hospital to support her.

And the next day we found ourselves in the baby unit as everyone said good bye. Actually, it was very beautiful in its way. The level of acceptance and love had to be experienced to be believed.

We left before he died, and later in the evening we heard he had passed away.

But there is always something weird going on. As I drove into the hospital car park, the news on the radio said a couple had gone to the High Court asking that their child should be allowed longer to live, as the hospital was going to remove life support. It wasn’t my daughter’s friend.

Up to that point, I was probably of the opinion that if life could be preserved with young children, it should be. But the parents main point is that there is a possibility of another treatment which may give Charlie some sort of quality of life. And who knows with medical improvements, ten years down the line ?

And other questions arise, such as who should be the final arbiter? The Government as represented by the Judge or should the parents make the decision ? It is their child and should a judge have the right to make such a decision ? Should the government have any input at all into the decisions regarding the upbringing of a child. Or is it sometimes a necessary evil ? And dont get me onto the fining of parents for taking their children out of school when they wish !

And on a broader scale I have wondered what the effect on ‘consciousness’ medicine, in general, plays and also looking into murkier areas, such as MK Ultra, how much medical experimentation effects our reality.

As well, ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital’ takes me back to the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony.



Doctor my eyes. Whatever that means.



I have now come across three Anne Franks, who wrote a diary detailing their experiences in WW2. Just three different girls in different countries or the sign of a more complex reality ?

Anne Frank in Amsterdam.



Helene Berr – the French ‘Anne Frank’.

From Wiki :

‘Hélène Berr (27 March 1921 – April 1945) was a French woman of Jewish ancestry and faith, who documented her life in a diary during the time of Nazi occupation of France. In France she is considered to be a “French Anne Frank”.’



Rutka Laskier – the Polish ‘Anne Frank’.

From Wiki :

‘Rut “Rutka” Laskier (1929–1943) was a Jewish teenager from Poland who is best known for her 1943 diary chronicling the three months of her life during the Holocaust. She was murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943 at the age of 14. Her manuscript, authenticated by Holocaust scholars and survivors, was published in the Polish language for the first time ever in early 2006, drawing comparisons to the diary of Anne Frank instantly. It has since been released in numerous translations.’



And‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo has gone viral after singer Matt Bond was filmed singing the song in Birmingham. Click Mail Online.

And ‘Elena the Dominatrix’ ! Click Mail Online.




Who’s scared of the Multiverse ? Or whatever it is.



83 thoughts on “Playing God

  1. Hello and thank for that interesting article and do any people of Merovee think or know that they are people who will not actually die in any way and do any people of Merovee think or know that that they are people who will live for the rest of eternity?


  2. Hello Elena and really like that Dream of Life you tube and I also think it is something like that and I think that person talking in that you tube is person with really nice energy and I think that you tube is a really beautiful you tube and I think all people can be really liking to see that you tube and I think you tube of Bart Simpson saying word butt is funny and hello Anon and I think I am not knowing what are those three pictures that you put in first comment and I think I am not knowing why that person is clapping in second comment and I think possibly all people are seeing different messages in all pictures and you tubes and Hello Frank how are you and I think Whip Crack Away you tube that you were putting in comment is joke about butt and I think that is a funny joke and crack means joke and crack means butt and possibly you were not thinking that you tube was joke about butt and possibly you are saying that you would like to butt joke messages to go away and I am more than sometimes thinking that I would like butt joke messages to go away or possibly Whip Crack A Way comment was something about whip crack being one way and I also think that is one way that is no better or worse than any other way or possibly you tube that you were putting was meaning something entirely different and I think different people can be seeing different messages in all you tubes and anyway thank you really a lot for the Merovee internet place and I really like Merovee internet place and OK that is all and right now will stop writing lots of words of this comment


    • M

      I’m fine and still alive which is a plus, I suppose 🙂 How are you ?

      IMO everything is interpretation and why we interpret how we do. Maybe sometimes what we see isn’t there.

  3. Hello Frank and I am glad to be knowing that you are fine and everything OK with me and I also think everything is interpretation and I also think that sometimes what we see is not there and I think you are seeing lots of things that are different and thank you once more for Merovee internet place and Ok all for right now and that is all


  4. Also I like awakening to intensity of light picture poster you were putting in article.

    OK, that is all.

  5. Hi


    hugosprobe says:
    30/06/2017 at 6:43 pm

    ‘……amounts to dialogue between the ‘lucid dreamers……’
    ‘…….preferences about the form that the dream ought to take. …’
    ‘…….the ‘lucid dreamers’ are, so to speak, equal partners……’
    ‘There’s a game playing element to the dream. As I see it, some of the lucid dreamers want the conflict and mayhem to stop…….’
    ‘……they don’t seem to understand what other lucid dreamers are saying through these ‘synchs’.

    Sorry Hugo, not sure where I got the idea you thought you were living in a dream from?

    Never mind, my memory’s not what it used to be either.


    I can tell by your posts you pride yourself in being calm and measured, balanced and reasoned.

    Do you pity us poor twats skanking around in the hot red earth while you float about taking notes?

    Answer me this – I have a postcard of the Mona Lisa (who looks like one of my friends) which I bought from the Louvre around 15 years ago, On the bottom right I have stuck a picture of the Isleworth Mona Lisa (who looks exactly like her sister). Yesterday I drew a moustache on them both – what came first the chicken or the egg?


    • Aeon, this is from my most recent post: “One of the things that strikes me about our ‘reality’ is its resemblance to a dream. I’m certainly not alone in thinking that this strange universe we inhabit has dream-like characteristics, and during a recent conversation with a ‘lucid dreamer’ I likened the ‘voice’ that speaks to us through news articles, films, books, and indeed people ‘out there’ to that of the Oracle of Delphi. In other words, to that of a figure presenting us with weird, fragmented, prophetic utterances while lost in an associative trance state. When we become aware of this, the ‘reality’ we previously took for granted suddenly adopts an altogether different form. It seems very much like a hybrid cross between a game and a movie, to the extent that it’s often impossible to distinguish between the ‘reality’ presented to us in movies and the ‘reality’ presented to us by ‘reality’.”

      If you’re going to go out of your way to find snippets that confirm the words you want to put in my mouth then you’ll probably find them. I think that falls under the heading of what you call ‘confirmation bias’. If you take a broader view then it should be obvious that I try to qualify my thoughts with ‘seems like’, ‘appears to be’, etc., and that I also refer to other concepts. I said as much in my reply to you on Frank’s previous post.

      I’m not sure what I’ve done to incur your displeasure, but you’re free to intepret my refusal to respond in kind in any way you see fit.

  6. Re: the ‘Charlie’ story, it’s a name that probably means something to a number of Merovee ‘old timers’. Looking at it from a “it’s all about us” perspective (and without wishing to ‘trigger’ anyone) 10 seconds on Google led me to the below articles.

    The name ‘Charlie’ is similar to…

    One of the bands in the above article is Cypress Hill, known for their worship of a certain herb: “There likely will be smoke swirling in the air at the Chalice Festival…”

    ‘Charlie’ also reminds me of Garlic. This story is about Crystal Palace adding garlic to their ‘grass’.

    In the following story, ‘Julliane Love De Jesus’ offers a perspective from ‘The Villa’ (for non-UK readers, Aston Villa is another UK football team).

    And for those who know their Merovee characters, ‘Charlie’ is cHarlie.

    And of course, all this follows on from me watching a Vietnam war movie: Casualities of War, starring M J Fox. I turned it off after about 15 minutes ‘cos I’ve had my fill of war movies.

  7. For me london olympics picture reminds of jim savile with hospital gosh as go shh…pedophile scandal exploding.

  8. ‘Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the life of Eiko Ishioka, the Japanese designer whose work graced the likes of movie stars, opera singers, Olympic athletes, and Cirque du Soleil performers.

    ‘The award-winning designer died in 2012 of pancreatic cancer, at the age of 73.

    ‘Today’s doodle showcases some of her designs, from Tarsem Singh’s 2006 movie The Fall.’

    The last episode of Doctor Who on 1.7.17 was called ‘The Doctor Falls’. I mentioned ‘The Fall’ back on 16.4…

    • Roob

      I’ve had a few Japan ‘syncs’ lately starting with the Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence article.

      And in my mind after watching the Fall classical music video, somehow I’m linking it to the Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence soundtrack and the Cloud Atlas Sextet.

      I don’t know why but I think the Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence music is the Cloud Atlas sextet.

      • and Frank De Boer the man in the high Palace has signed Rube n the cheek!!

        He is a great player wanted him to stay with the first team but we appear to be getting rid of all our decent young talent at least this is only a loan deal…

        and talking of wild de boars
        there is one roaming around the Westgate…..

        the wild animals are taking back their turf

        And Hannah Davenport wrote: “It’s a wild boar they roam Gloucestershire woods don’t go near…. they are bigger and more dangerous than pigs they can disembowel you.” yeah I know one like that lives in Somerset… 🙂

        • Frank’s got a job there at present. There’s talk that Chelsea are interested in Benteke after failing to get Lukaku back.No sympathy – they let him go.

          And the fire that burns. The Wicker Man. But must admit those are impressive Towers of Babel from pallets.

          My brother worked in Belfast for the BBC in about 1980 for a year. He came back with the opinion that everyone was mad – the Army, the IRA, the UDA etc. Everyone !

          • Lol Frank you never have any sympathy in regards to ShellSea understandable I suppose

            but I don’t like the way we are treating our youth we should never have sold Ake to Bournemouth he is a top player…but it was Maureen who sold Lukaku

            anyhow most fans didn’t want him back arrogant and lazy at times (Lukaku not Maureen mm well tick where applicable)and wouldn’t suit our style of play I personally wanted Belotti….. but they are soooo slow in signing players…and I really want this guy please Roman just sign him already

            and Frank the trouble in Ireland was like a disease/virus it spread into visiting soldiers who got wrapped up in it all… many of them left the army and came back to live/fight on the Loyalist side….

            its very hard not to get caught up as you are pressured to pick a side and fight for the cause and you feel as if you belong to a community and believe in what you/they are fighting for but of course the reality is its all me ass as they say in Liverpool.

            just like the w hole left/right divide now I cannot even listen to the news anymore without wanting to throw the tv out the window.

            • TTN

              I’ve had quite a few friends over the years – pre Roman – who’ve supported Chelsea. I thinks it’s second nature to me to take the mickey. Not sure why considering the team I support but that’s football.

              Actually I have affection for Chelsea. Maybe the two best games of live football I’ve seen were at Stamford Bridge. First the Palace v Chelsea FA Cup tie I mentioned before.

              The other one was Boxing Day 1970 I think – Chelsea v Leeds. Chelsea were leading 2-1 after about twenty minutes and then Bremner and Giles, etc took control and just pinged the ball about for fun. I dont think Chelsea got a kick after that and Leeds won 5-2. The most complete team performance I’ve seen.

              The other problem I’ve noticed with Northern Ireland is the effect it has on Eire. People just don’t want to let it go. It’s become its own industry to be kept going in my eyes. There’s money to be made.

      • Jen or the Battle of the Groyne in 1690 or a 69’er……between

        King Willy (Whose the Daddy) of O range or low hanging fruit

        and his mother in law Queen James

        and the battle site was unmarked until recent years as the Irish government like to cover up or ignore history they don’t like…… but its just over the road from the time tunnel

        they still like to live in the past in Ireland continue the cycle…the natives (Catholics) see the Protestants as invading aliens or unwelcome immigr ants and the Protest ants see the natives as inferior savage inbreds nothing changes really…..

        • And as it says in the video, between 1969 and 2001, 3500+ people were killed by ‘troubles’.

          • JB the 1690 and 1969 conflict……. there is a timey wimey thing going on there between time loops alpha/omega…pie/anti-pie…..and 35/53 88 loopity loop.

            also with the 1st July the number 17 as there are two famous battles remembered in a big way in Ulster on that date ….. the Boyne.and the Somme

            sorry warning boring history lesson incoming

            there is another parade in Belfast on 1st July to remember the men of the 36th Ulster Division who died in that battle.

            During the Battle of the Somme the Ulster Division was the only division of X Corps (United Kingdom) to have achieved its objectives on the opening day of the battle.

            This came at a heavy price, with the division suffering in two days of fighting 5,500 officers and enlisted men killed, wounded or missing.

            War correspondent Philip Gibbs said of the Division, “Their attack was one of the finest displays of human courage in the world.


            this is personal to me as some of them were family members

            and just another blood sacrifice

            but it reminds me of the Charge of the Light Brigade into the valley of death rode the 369 etc

            and you will like this the Bat tle that was actually fought on todays date is

            Ginkel marched through Ball in a toe, on the main road towards Limerick and Galway, before he found his way blocked by St Ruth’s army at Aughrim on the 12th of July 1691.


            Both armies were about 20,000 men strong. The soldiers of St Ruth’s army were mostly Irish Catholic,

            while Ginkel’s were English, Scottish, Danish, Dutch and French Hugo nots (members of William III’s League of Augsburg) and Irish Protestants….lol

            c;mon it is funny we have to laugh WE are everywhere its like a never ending series of Blackadder..

  9. Hello Hugo and I put words “Hugo” and “war” into the you-tube Oracle and the first you tube that came up was this you-tube:

  10. I was right now once more watching that you-tube and I think possibly it is saying something that I don’t want to be saying and I wanted to be saying about not seeing more things about war and now I am thinking person in that you tube is saying words in French about liking war and possibly not and I don’t speak French and anyway I think different people seeing different messages in you tubes and anyway I think wars of world place will stop and everything OK and OK will right now stop writing this comment


  11. I would sway what we call “math” and “science” are products of “confirmation bias”. If you want to see the world in those sorts of perscriptions, you’re sure to pattern it just so.

    Re that tele-port (tele-vision) article from the BBC:

    Chinese researchers have teleported a photon [fauxton] from the GOBI [GO SH] desert to a satellite orbiting five hundred kilometres above the earth. This is achieved through quantum entanglement, a process where two particles react as one with no physical connection between them. Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics at Oxford University Ian W-alms-ley tells the World At One how quantum entanglement works and how teleportation could be utilised.”

    No phyiscal connection. Now that’s progression. 😒

    • To play-erize God:

      “And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.”

      Genesis 1:7-9King James Version (KJV)

      How’s that for confirmament bias?!


      The word “firmament” is first recorded in a Middle English narrative based on scripture dated 1250.[4] It later appeared in the King James Bible. The word is anglicised from Latin firmamentum, used in the Vulgate (4th century).[5] This in turn is derived from the Latin root firmus, a cognate with “firm”.[5] The word is a Latinization of the Greek stereōma, which appears in the Septuagint (c. 200 BC).”
      Sometimes it seems to me that the UKniters regarr differences of opinions and experiences and personalities as negative “division” while the(ir) God himself is a Davidian.

      • Except you Frank. Since I have “known” you the longest I must say you are a patient and lovely host who has judged me only once (or twice) when I was on the other side of the world attacking the religious nuts who come here with their self deterministic babbling. All behind my nonanonymous keybored, as I have learned.

        con fermamention bi us.


        Somehow we have all made this a waterering whole around witch to neggotiate. 🙂

        The ARTist formelly known as Vik key, you seeded a moonstar here by the anonymous name of Hugo then you ran away and reappeared all airy fairy.

        Viktor Hugo, i do love you, brother.

  12. Market research

    MK ARTe, re-SEARCH


    I like the id-ea of spinning confirmation by-us es on their heads.

    mk EXTRA


  13. Hi Hugo – just saw your reply to me – don’t worry, you haven’t incurred my displeasure – I’m like that with everyone.

    I asked you as I’ve asked others here, what you thought you were doing – if anything – to assist the process. As usual I got no obvious answer to my question so I was trying to work it out for myself, are you a co-creator, do you make things happen during ‘lucid dreaming’, why do you think we’ve created this world as it is, did you think this could be a dream world before David Icke and the Matrix films, etc – that’s all . If you don’t know the answers that’s fine.

    I am flattered that I ‘m possibly in contention as your number 1 fan, though.

    Although I am slightly confused – the words I extracted were entirely your own , they were contained within one post. I pulled them out for ease of reference only (no effort required on my part as I’m extremely lazy) and you continually reference a dream world?

    Did I perhaps incur your wrath (I’m guessing this is a wrathful as you get?) in implying you had made a decision about something?

    I read one of John Simpson’s (many) autobiographies once, and throughout got the clear message – albeit never openly stated – that he prided himself on his neutrality.

    Is this you Hugo? Are you the John Simpson of Merovee?

    As a a celestial observer of the damned do you go out with your Kevlar jacket on to witness the carnage, draft your report and retire to your five star hotel and a scotch on the rocks, listen to some Iced tea, f**k the hero worshiping newbie female reporter (we’ll call her Jenny) and turn out the next day to do it all again and again and again ad infinitim. (Ennui is threaded throughout your posts – and I thought I was bored).

    However, maybe you are the solution to the problem, maybe you are the one we’ve been waiting for? Will the Hugo Broadcasting Corporation ever liberate us from this bull-sh*t.

    So you did tell me what you do after all.

  14. Hello Hugo and I really like that song in the “Hugo” you tube that you posted and I remember seeing that you tube last fall sometime and I saw particular messages in that you-tube and probably you saw different messages in that you-tube and anyway this dream of world place is strange and this dream is definitely strange and that’s what I am thinking right now and what I think doesn’t matter and what I think is that the dream is really extremely strange and what I think is that what I think extremely does not matter.

  15. Anonymous,

    I don’t think I was seeding anything and that funny about you saying that I went away from Merovee and then I went back to Merovee being somewhat different and that is how it is that I went away from Merovee and then I went back to Merovee being somewhat different and anyway I really like the music show you tubes that you were posting and I really like all kinds of music and I think music is really nice thing in world place and I think it is really incredible that people can be playing and singing music and I think all people of world place are somehow really amazing people and I think I like all people of world place and that is what I am right now thinking and what I think doesn’t matter.

    M person

  16. Anonymous,

    Before whilst I was being Viktor person and putting things in Merovee I was seeming like I wanted to be seeding something and that was because I was wanting to be seeding revolution of world place and I was thinking possibly people of Merovee internet place also want to be seeding revolution of world place and I was thinking that I can be seeding revolution of entire world place by putting words and you-tubes in Merovee internet place and right now I am thinking that was somewhat strange thing to be thinking that I can be seeding revolution of entire world place by putting words and you-tubes in Merovee internet place and whilst I was thinking I can be putting words and you-tubes in Merovee internet place to be seeding revolution of entire world place there were not seeming to be any people of Merovee internet place who also wanted to be seeding any revolution of entire world place and people of Merovee were seeming to be really thinking that revolution of Viktor person was really not interesting and Viktor person was knowing only few people in all of world place who were wanting to be seeding any kind of revolution and right now I don’t want to be seeding any kind of revolution in Merovee internet place and right now I don’t want to be doing anything in particular in Merovee internet place and anyway thank you for saying about “Viktor Hugo I do love you brother” and I think Viktor Hugo is possibly meaning Viktor who is me and Hugo who is different person and possibly you are writing name Viktor Hugo because you are thinking that Viktor and Hugo are one and same person and Hugo is definitely not same person as Viktor and I am not same person as Hugo and I am only me person and I was before being Viktor person and right now I am being M person and anyway thank you for saying about “I do love you brother” and I would like to be brother of you if you would like to be brother of me and I would like all people of world place to be sisters and brothers and I would really like to be brother of you if you would like to be brother of me and thank you for things that you were writing in comment of Merovee internet place and I will really like all people of world place to sisters and brothers and OK that is all and all the best to you,

    M person

    • duMass Mperson….I might like to be sister of you if you might actually some day listen to Me. Witch you never did. And dumbass purseon: weather or not you admit to it Merovee was consumed by you for the longest thyme…just after the occupation of the Xtians otter wise known as the Right/Rite other wise known as the rationals culled Eu Gos and perchance Go Bi’s.

      M person, are you the swayme entity otterwise gnown as Nemesis? Like as Roob and Clicky are one in the same?

      I don’t think you are Hugo but I do see how you have influenced hymn.

  17. When I swaid “i do love you brother”’ I meant that in the swayme airy fairy way you espresso your love of your mourning coveffee. I shall squeak here only for my mouse: my revolution and your ”revolution” may or may not be the swamy. That aint mean both or nun aint appening.

    I always FELT that Viktor person dumping here on Merovee might be sum king of an ass (app). DUH

    • tele PROMpter
      Our latest dinosaur.

      M person other wise known as Viktor: speak up or forever hold your pieces.

      • Hello Anonymous and I was not knowing which anonymous person you are and I was thinking that you are boy person anonymous and right now I am thinking that you are girl person anonymous and I was knowing before that there is girl person anonymous who is writing in particular style and when I was looking at some comments of you on this article I was thinking you are different anonymous person and not the girl person anonymous who is writing in particular style and when you were saying about brother I was thinking you are boy person saying about brother and then I was saying about you being brother of me and right now I am thinking that you are girl person and not boy people being anonymous people is sometimes confusing about people being girl people or boy people and anyway I would like to be listening to anything you are saying and I am not always knowing exactly what you are saying and I think style of writing of you is really interesting and I think you are writing in really different stream of consciousness style that is somewhat similar to books of author person James Joyce and I was once reading some pages of James Joyce author person and I was not really knowing what James Joyce author person was saying and I was thinking that I was seeing some messages in words of James Joyce author person and I think you are writing in way that is somewhat similar stream of consciousness style and I am not really knowing what you are saying and I think I am seeing some messages in things that you are writing and I really like to be seeing words that you are writing and I really think words you are writing are interesting and I am not understanding all words that you are writing and other words that you are writing I can be understanding and I am understanding words that you were writing about Merovee internet place being “consumed” by words and you-tube shows that I was putting in Merovee internet place and I think I don’t know exactly what you are meaning by word “consumed” and I think possibly you are meaning that people of Merovee internet place were not liking words and you-tube shows that I was putting in Merovee internet place and possibly you are meaning something different and anyway I don’t think I wanted people of Merovee place to be “consumed” and I think I only wanted people to think that those things I was putting Merovee internet place were interesting and I wanted people of Merovee place to be doing revolution of world place and right now I don’t want to be doing any kind of revolution and right now I don’t want to be doing anything in particular and right now I only want to be going to Merovee internet place to be saying hello and how are you to people of Merovee internet place and I would like to be reading anything that you are writing in Merovee internet place and some things you are writing I am not really understanding and I was looking at part of you-tube show of Indian person talking about agriculture and floods and when I was seeing that person talking about agriculture I was thinking that I really like farming things and I really like food things that farmer people are growing on farms and when I was seeing that person talking about floods I was thinking that flood is symbol world about world place changing in way that people are more liking to be in world place and those were the messages that I was seeing in that you-tube and possibly you were seeing different messages in that you-tube and I think different people see different messages in any one you-tube and I was not seeing a lot of that you-tube of Indian person and I was only seeing that Indian person say a few words about agriculture and floods and I when seeing that Indian person saying few words about agriculture and floods I was thinking that I am liking farming things and I was thinking that flood is symbol of world place possibly changing and I don’t know if world place will be changing and I think world place will be changing and I don’t when world place will be changing and after seeing Indian person in that you-tube saying few words I was seeing that the you-tube of that Indian person is you-tube that is time length of more than one hour of clock and I was not seeing all of that you-tube and I was seeing that Indian person saying only a few words and when I was seeing that Indian person saying about agriculture and floods I was thinking about I like things about farming and I was thinking floods is possibly symbol about world changing and I am not knowing anything about how world will be changing and I only think that world will be somehow changing and that is all that I was thinking and anyway thank you for putting that you-tube in Merovee internet place and thank you for putting other things in comments of you and OK right now will stop writing this comment in Merovee internet place and thank you for comments of you


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