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Never Let Me Go

Tell me about your weird childhood’.

For those outside the UK, my preoccupation with Eastbourne, which is a town on the south coast of England may seem slightly odd.

But it’s not just me. I didn’t know until a few days ago that Hugo set some of his book ‘Cultish‘ – click Amazon – near Eastbourne in relation to The Seven Sisters cliffs. Jenny also has a very strong connection with the area.

Jenny in Eastbourne in 1982.




But away from Merovee, with friends, who seem connected with ‘what’s going on’, Eastbourne and the area keep popping up. All roads lead to Eastbourne at present.

A book which had an extraordinary effect on me is ‘Never Let Me Go’ by the author Kazuo Ishiguro, who is Japanese but found his way to Britain. The book was also made into a movie.

Kathy H, Ruth and Tommy.



A few years ago, Hugo had a weird experience near the Seven Sisters.
I’m going from memory a bit here, as I can’t find the link. In the article, I believe Hugo took a pic of a stranded boat on the shore. At the time, to me this snapshot from the movie seemed connected. And somehow seems relevant now.



The movie is about a group of genetically created children who meet at a boarding school known as Hailsham. Eventually they are told the truth of their existence, which is that they were created to supply organs for organ transplants for ‘normal’ humans.

Much of the book is set at Hailsham and concerns the emotional effect the school had on their lives and their relationships with each other, into adulthood.



I won’t go over it again but I associate the A22 road in Sussex with Time. Hailsham is a town in East Sussex, and which the A22 runs through.

And please note, I have no reason to believe the school is anything but a normal school. Its just that the timing seems to fit.

In the book and film, the main character is known as Kathy H. Anyway, recently I had a conversation with a Kathy who had made a connection with someone who had gone to school at ‘Bede’s’ which is based just outside Hailsham, near Eastbourne, and also has a junior school in Eastbourne. Like a lot of these things, I had never heard of the school when I think I should have and I wonder why.



Like everyone else at present, I’m peering through the murk of the ‘dream’ at the moment but what I’m seeing is a form of multiverse, alternate realities, holographic Universe or whatever it exactly is.

The other factor which has become more prominent for me is DNA. Looking at a variety of ‘spiritual’ websites I have read more and more talk of changes in DNA and a move in our physical body to something more akin to a Light Body. Over the last few years I have noticed changes in myself and others and believe they are connected with this.

But again, peering into the fog, I wonder whether the reason for the division and dysfunction is due to DNA tinkering, childhood experimentation and trauma. Maybe a long, long time ago.



And the world seems to be getting very strange. The toilets in the Belfry Shopping Centre are now twinned with what looks like makeshift latrines in Bangladesh, Uganda and Guatemala.




Earlier today, I bumped into my daughter and my ex wife and is my daughter’s mum. And my daughter and I discussed some plans. As normal I gave my daughter, a hug when we met and parted. But on impulse as we parted , I gave my ex wife a hug as well. Which she seemed OK with.

This ascension stuff really is going too far 🙂 .



Just because I like the song.


69 thoughts on “Never Let Me Go

  1. I dreamt last night of a barge.
    It will take me some time or never to remember the details. They may or may not be lost forever.
    Today I saw/read a meme about melanin and how it absorbs light and the tag line after the drum roll was ”we are lit.” In hood slang it doesn’t only mean drunk or intoxicated anymore but lit as in past and past participle of “light”. So black it’s lit.

    Funny because I was just listening to this song by JC

    while listening to songs from Cush

    • To those who have patients beyond their nos…try to watch the vi deos sim ultan eously and start them at various points

      these are my personal bias seas

  2. In native news: Maia CAMpbell was vi-deo ed cracking up this week at her local gas station. She was the ”child star” of the black sit com “In the House” costarring the rapper el el cool neutral j (LL JC). I like how she didn’t make the Merovee news….but he news in da hood was all aboot her.

    Lessons in there? Syncs themselves are indicators of bias. Duh

  3. Who wants to live their lives out according to syncs? Really just how ”esoteric” (exotic) are they? Just how ”special” are they? They’re selfies no more no less.

  4. Aint it inner resting how the Age of SyncS has risen hook lock and stinker with the Age of SelfieS? Who says they’s any diSSerent?

  5. Frank, MJ posted a picture of an ‘ark’ on one of your recent posts.

    It was so similar to one of my own pictures that I did some research, found the photographer’s name, and discovered it was the same boat. My photo was taken the day after my ‘missing lighthouse’ experience.

    • Hugo

      Occasionally I’ve wondered about the symbolism of the stranded boat on the beach. Is it the ark or something else ? And if it is The Ark, why is it stranded On The Beach ? It was also significant in the remake of The Prisoner and sometimes shows up in the Mindlines.

      In regard to Eastbourne and the area in general, when I checked the map to get to Hailsham from Eastbourne, you have to pass through Polegate.

      When I look at all the connections from Eastbourne, it’s a bit like looking into the Heart of the Tardis.

      And about the movie ‘Never Let Me Go’ I intend to watch it later tonight. I’ve got it on a memory stick, which seems symbolic in itself, but checking the beginning of the film I discovered it was made by DNA Films.

      • Frank, see my reply to Jenny below. I suspect that we’ve discussed these themes for so long that they’ve become part of the ‘script’ and will keep bouncing about until we stop giving them our attention.

        I think it’d be interesting to see what would happen if we all agreed to take a 6-8 week hiatus from ‘synch spotting’ and writing posts and comments. No ‘probes’, no ‘LoLs’, no ‘missives’, no laboratory experiments, no messages from The Vatican. Detox from it all: forget about the internet and the news, make the most of summer and get outside or go to the pub more, abandon all our assumptions. Temporarily sever all ties, including behind the scenes email discussion.

        You know what I think would be even more interesting? Finding out who can’t bring themselves to stop playing the game, who can’t resist sending an email saying ‘look at this!’, and so on.

        What would happen afterwards? Would we pick up where we left off? Would we even want to?

      • Whether you agree with æon or not, she asks an interesting question: how do we ‘assist’ the ‘process’? Are we assisting a process, or are we the process? Is the process ‘out there’ and ‘objective’, or are we creating it as we go along?

        • Hugo

          I’m with the Program if you like. Maybe I see it different from you but I see what is happening as a positive change in ‘consciousness’ and that we are assisting it. I’m not so much interested in the process but where it is taking us. So I will continue but each to their own.

          Even I didn’t understand it at the time I saw that somehow I was reflected ‘out there’ a number of years before Merovee, from time to time and I put in the ‘Weird or What’ box so I think it happens whatever.

  6. God’s syc·o·phants
    aka ie gods ele phants

    jenny who are you Who who who hoot.
    H El in from CAMeroon hears a who howl vowel owl how

    aiya aiya


    Hugo and trinity, by my own limited vocabulary and sounds my own mouTH makes, id imagine my mynd stillborn has a lot to learn. Hugo presents as the rational mind and Triintiy as the sacrilegious and grammarcheckerslavakeyaan and faiTH and kenneTH as the moreligious. Dream is but a poor scanned in navyian dream. She swaid that, knot ME. Elena presents as the hearth chakra that has found its home as above and so below and allways consistent. I wish I felt as above and so below. I might always then be baalancedl.

    Forgive me my sins fa’ather, for I am your merror.

  7. Dream is but a dream. And she is acceptable, hear?

    Frank, your grammar SUCKS! I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but even if they DID, they never sAId so.

    Trinity scold me to work on my apostrophes. I loved and chuckled that and now return the flavor. Frank: work on your commas!

    Hugo, Charlie allsew sphinxs to “Chuck” as in ”chuckle” as in LAUGH for god’s swake, LAFF!

    Life is but a laughing dream


        Methuselah will be a life-sized steel and stained glass replica of the oldest living tree in the world, a 4,848 year old bristlecone pine located in Eastern California. This installation will provide a mythical space for aerial and dance performances and offer a tranquil place for self reflection, intimate conversation, and connection around its burning hearth.

        going back to our roots 969

        and Im away for a moonth Hugo from today so will get a detox as I am not watching any news or Media just writing…..

  8. Hugo – what would satisfy me?

    I asked two simple questions – what do people here think they are doing to assist the process going on at the moment and if something/someone is guiding them then what/who is it?

    As I said no-one has been able to answer these questions – here or elsewhere.

    Anon – Why am I here?

    There is a war going on.

    • æon, I answered your question about the ‘dream’ but rather than accept my response (I didn’t have to look hard either – it was in the first paragraph of text on my blog) you replaced it with your original assertion instead, i.e. “you continually reference a dream world.”

      Similarly, you asked “what you thought you were doing – if anything – to assist the process”, and ended with “So you did tell me what you do after all.” If you’re intent on answering my questions for me then why ask them? What’s the point of giving you an answer?

  9. The War

    There has been more than one dome world – the machine has to tell us everything – the planets floating around above us – whether real or projected – tell us this.

    If the machine wants to create another one it has to cleanse the existing one We are at this point right now. The machine needs everyone to acquiesce to this idea.

    It needs us to voluntarily relinquish our bodies so that our souls can be stored until the new world is created and then we are placed back again in new bodies with new back stories.

    As ever, there are clues to this cleansing – notwithstanding the barren planets – Lot’s wife being turned to salt (ash) when Sodom was destroyed- nuclear explosion? The dinosaurs being wiped out in one massive meteor strike, etc.

    The machine works on the legal principle of offer and acceptance. Much like a proposed new housing development to be built – the local council opens the fact up for the public to state any objections. A proportion of people will object but the majority don’t care, don’t know, can’t be bothered, so the development is given the green light.

    This is the same – the machine has opened up conspiracy theories to the world so everyone has the chance to figure out how this world is really run but only a small percentage have taken up the opportunity. However, there is a nasty little twist to this scenario.

    If it can get this proportion of people to agree to an earth cleanse by couching it in euphemistic language (shift, ascension) allied to the idea of a golden perfect utopia, massaging egos by intimating they are the leaders of the revolution, etc then it can legally go ahead.

    Everything is done by degrees. – a full degree or an arc degree. (The crucifixion cross is a representation of an arc degree – cutting the head off from the body and dividing the brain into two. In order to entirely destroy the power of the cross a full degree is required turning it 360 degrees and breaking it in the process . 0 = 100%) – using the machine’s own tactics against it.

    Note – esoteric websites more or less state this shift/ascension/light body transition, etc IS FOR EVERYONE. If the majority of people can’t be bothered to figure it out for themselves, then – lucky them – a load of people running and contributing to esoteric websites will do it for them.

    Allied to this – although not at first glance obvious – is the inverse of the same principle. The hard-line conventional religious fanatics. Do you think any of them know who they are communicating with either? Once again, however, they are only too eager to make far reaching decisions in the lives of other people.

    How nice for them.

    It is not, however, for me, and I don’t particularly care for people making decisions about my life for me without my consent and I most definitely do not consent to this.

    I think it’s impressive that all you people who have no idea who is talking to you or what you are even doing – have the bare faced cheek to speak for everyone else on this planet; in this world too. You clearly have no idea what is really going on and have not done even the most basic due diligence.

    I want no part of this alleged shift – I want my body intact, my car, my vehicle for my soul, mind and spirit and I will do whatever it takes to get what I want and I will fight you every step of the way.

    I DO NOT consent to my body being destroyed so leave it the fuck alone.

    There is no golden utopia – there never was – and if you sat down and gave it an ounce of thought you would realise that to erase everything you think of as bad/evil, etc is nonsensical.

    But that’s fine – you just carry on writing books churning out the same old cliches, obtaining confirmation bias from the other machine operated esoteric sites and patting yourselves on the back for being so freaking clever.


    • Aeon, lot’s of free will in your words. This prison planet needs many more people like you in it, Refreshing dialogue. Mindful. 87

    • æon, elsewhere you say “I get information in my head or when I figure something out I get confirmation – that’s how I know something is going on” and then bemoan the very same thing: “Once there they find things that confirm their viewpoint – confirmation bias – and their walls get stronger and they then feel able to tell everyone else just what exactly is going on.”

      You say “She is wise who knows she does not know”, yet here you are telling us “There is a war going on.”

      We’ve had these discussions on Merovee before. Frank observed several years ago that what we see ‘out there’ tends to mold itself around our beliefs, so if we want to see it as a ‘conspiracy’ then that’s how it’ll present itself, and if we want to see it as ‘God’ talking to us then that’ll work too.

      If you know the identities of Merovee regulars then you’ll know that when one of us squabbles with another the disagreement seems to be reflected ‘out there’. One example I’ve used before is what happens when Roob has a dig at Anon over her interest in melanin: characters such as the white supremacist ‘Dylann Roof’ walk into an African-American church and open fire.

      We see pretty much the same thing on all ‘fronts’. Isis and Nike, i.e. the goddess of Viktor-Y, should be familiar to all Merovee regulars.

      I’m not sure if this is the ‘war’ you’re referring to, but if it is then perhaps the ‘front lines’ are to be found on Merovee, Hugo’s Probe, Blade & Chalice, Roob’s Library, and Doc Cooper’s Laboratory. I’m by no means convinced that we’re actually at war with one another though, or that anything ‘real’ is actually taking place ‘out there’.

      How can we ‘know’ what we ‘know’ if what we ‘know’ boils down to what we ‘believe’? Perhaps if you believe in the ‘war’ then ‘The Machine’ will be only too happy to present you with one? Perhaps by adopting the war metaphors of ‘The Machine’ we inadvertently end up ‘playing the game’? Perhaps the more we play ‘the game’ the more we end up being played?

      Dunno. Anon’s question sounds like a good one. What are we doing here?

    • “I think it’s impressive that all you people who have no idea who is talking to you or what you are even doing”

      What are you doing, AE. Fighting a war, monitoring the machine, trying to override it with sex magic, working for the Joker (is he hiring?) you say. What is your GOAL?

      And who is talking to you? Jesus Christ?

      I don’t think I ever said anyone is talking to me. I just belt out what comes to mind.

  10. Make of this what you will.
    The theme from the past has been to colonize the New World with pond scum. If it survives in a petri dish, it survives in new lands.
    Apparently, that’s US. We are the ‘poor creatures’ elected for the Job and its Ark.

    • Jenny

      The video just seems to give me the feel of we’ve been here before.

      Maybe coming from Mars to Earth or a time loop repeat of us colonizing Mars.

      Mr Muskrat is a very busy man.

    • JB, we all seem to be inside one another’s heads, and I suspect you might be picking up on a theme from a short story that sprang to mind the other day. The story is ‘Bordered in Black’ by Larry Niven. It’s about a planet seeded with humanoid life by an alien race. The humanoids are a food source for the aliens, and the humanoids sustain themselves by eating an artificially-seeded sea algae that’s described as ‘pond scum’.

      The planet is discovered by explorers whose spaceship is called ‘The Overcee’, which is oddly similar to ‘The Overlook’ from a film I’m sure we’re all very familiar with by now. And round and round it goes…

      And see ‘Zardoz’ for the Noah’s Ark spaceship.

  11. Hello and I think Frank’s article is interesting and the part of Frank’s article saying about restroom or loo twins in India is interesting and I was not seeing any restroom or loo twins before and I think that is strange thing about restroom or loo twins and I was seeing really lots of things about restrooms and I was extremely not liking to be going into shower place of bathroom and I was extremely not liking to be seeing any kind of restroom and I think things about restrooms might be something about people of world place being what Frank is calling “Light Bodies” and I think all people of world place are Light Bodies who don’t need to be going into shower places and I think all people of world place don’t need to be cleaning human suits and I think all people of world place are like cat animals and cat animals don’t need to be cleaning cat suits and cat animals are always seeming to be clean without going into any shower places and cat animals are going into boxes of sand and that sand is called cat litter and those boxes are called litter boxes and cat animals are walking in the cat litter sand of those litter boxes and I think feet of cat animals are really clean feet after cat animals are walking in that cat litter sand and I think all parts of cat animals are really extremely clean and cat animals are only sometimes cleaning cat suits of cat animals with tongues of those cat animals and those cat animals are really extremely clean after cat animals are only cleaning cat suits with tongues of those cat animals and I think that all cat animals would be extremely clean if they were always not cleaning cat suits of cat animals with tongues of cat animals and I think cat animals would always be really extremely clean if cat animals were not cleaning cat suits of cat animals in any way and I think all people of world place can be always clean in way that cat animals are always clean and I think people can be always clean if people are not going into any shower places and I think all people of world place are Light Bodies and I think people of world place don’t need to be cleaning human suits of people of world place I really extremely was not liking going into shower place and I really extremely was not liking to be seeing any restroom place and I think going into shower place is OK and I think restrooms are OK and OK that is end of this comment.

  12. I went to Amazon internet place to get two copies of Hugo’s book called “Cultish” I think that is seeming to be a really interesting book by Hugo who also writes really interesting things in Hugo’s Probe internet place and in Merovee internet place. I think Amazon will soon be putting that book by Hugo in the post and I think that book will soon be in the post box of the house where I am. I am really glad to be knowing about that book by Hugo and I think lots of people will like to be reading that really interesting book.

  13. Cat Among the Pigeons


    So the message sent on Friday wasn’t all aimed at you guys – for whatever reason Merovee is a hub and as such is a direct line straight to the heart of the machine. There is possibly one other site like this but I’m not sure about that.

    Causing the machine some damage is what it’s all about.

    My big brother is always watching me and the machine big brother is always watching us – so it’s quite nice to poke it in the eye as often as possible – maybe soon it will have so many pokes that it will be blinded and the one eyed ‘man’ will no longer be king.

    Your post was interesting Hugo – and you are absolutely right – the main players in this are much, much closer to home. The players on the world stage merely act out stuff for everyone to see.

    That is precisely how the machine can win this war by convincing you all that we are making things up in our minds by finding scenarios to fit our feted imaginations – it’s brilliantly diabolical don’t you think?

    Have you ever seen the film Gaslight? that’s what the main protagonist does to his wife – convinces her that all her suspicions about him are all in her mind until he drives her insane in order to steal from her. This is known as gaslighting.

    From Merovee’s favourite wikipedia – ‘Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief.’

    Is this the machine’s MO – trying to steal by stealth everyone’s most precious asset of all – their soul?

    I’m sure I do contradict myself Hugo. I often get things wrong and misunderstand – I won’t point out the lengths to which you have gone to establish that fact though. By the way how much are you paying M? (I’m not paying Dennis anything in case you were wondering?).

    In the end you are again right – there is no way of absolutely knowing for sure with cast iron certainty that you or I or Frank or anyone else is right or wrong. It is always in the back of my mind that I could be being totally hoaxed but I am also quite impressed that someone/something has gone to so much trouble to create this little drama for me – don’t they have anything better to do – like sleep?

    However, at some point you have to nail your colours to the mast or you go nowhere and do nothing. In the end it all boils down to Faith.

    Who am I Frank ????

    I hear the new Dr who is a woman.

    Which reminds me talking of Who – the SAS motto in latin is ‘qui audet adipiscitur’ – sounds a bit like key; old piss taker? I don’t think the real Dr is a woman.

    Perhaps Del Boy and Rodney are in charge? (and I don’t mean Frank and TTN). Bonnet de douche !

    • Aeon

      I’m just about to start an article on the Transregenderation.

      Who Are You brings up a lot of questions with the female Dr Who. With a quick glance she fits a number of individuals. Multiplicity is a concept which keeps cropping up for me.

      And Trotters Independent Traders 🙂 Not sure they would allow that these days unfortunately.

    • I’m not sure if you’re paying Dennis or playing tennis. As for M, I think it’s up to him to determine who or what is playing him. It certainly ain’t me.

      Perhaps it would be better all round if we stopped trying to score points?

      As regards “convincing you all that we are making things up in our minds by finding scenarios to fit our feted imaginations”, this seems to sum it up.

      Inasmuch as the above ‘story’ seems like thinly veiled information about us, what’s the actual ‘message’ here? That I can seemingly create black holes on demand? Or that these and all other ‘stories’ are just ‘vehicles’ for conveying information about us? Or is there an aspect of both?

      If it’s all about us then I suspect that the origin of the ‘gaslighting’ shenanigans you refer to is to be found amongst members of this ‘us’, rather than ‘out there’ in the form of an infernal machine. I’ve said quite a lot on this subject recently, so I think I’ll leave it at that.

  14. I have read Never Let Me Go. Beautifully sad, dystopian book. I love bent reality books. Ever read Life of Pi?

    • Jeremy

      Never Let Me Go is a great book and good film as well.

      Strangely enough Life of Pi came up in conversation over the weekend. Read the book but not seen the movie.

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