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Following on from Caitlyn Jenner and Chelsea Manning, it is now Dr Who who will be transgendering. It is the Transregenderation.

After twelve male actors, actress Jodie Whittaker will now play the role and become the 13th Doctor Who.




It was going to happen at some time. My initial thought turns to the Number 13 and the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Possibly a sign of the turning of the wheel.

And the other thing that struck me like a bolt from the blue, was when the new Doctor showed her face. Because I know her but I don’t. Looks familiar.

I checked some of the images of actress Jodie Whittaker but her pics in previous roles didn’t ring a bell. It seems to apply just to her new Dr Who image. But she doesn’t look anyone I know or have known, so why do I know her? This question has come up a lot for me over the last few years.



Dr Who fits with an idea that has been running around my head for about a year with regards to ‘Archetypes’. The Doctor has at times been portrayed as a Saviour figure – a quasi Jesus.

The vast majority of individuals don’t even get anywhere close to identifying with an archetype at a conscious level and I think it is a sign of ‘spiritual’ progression, if you ever get that far.

But I’ve been sensing its time to transcend the archetypes. Years ago, I knew someone who so closely identified with Jesus that he started to look like him with the beard and other attributes. But he wasn’t Jesus. As far as I can see, the Universe is not so much interested in what would Jesus would do, but what you and I do in the ‘Me’ that we experience.

Below is a video of an interview which discusses ‘transcending archetypes’. Its fairly long but I think it’s interesting.



And Multiples. Wherever I go these days, I am confronted with the concept of ‘Multiplicity’. In different people eg doppelgangers and names, similar life experiences and places and maybe different countries and states layered over each other. Which can then lead into a collective field which crosses Time. At times, it looks like peering into the Heart of the Tardis.

And The Tower again. Watching ‘Never Let Me Go‘ was another dive into strange connections with myself and AN Other, but then would appear to connect with others, and I suspect similar experiences.


Christ’s Hospital school


And again, the rock band Genesis.




But I’m still not letting anyone get near me with a rusty knife, thank you very much.


99 thoughts on “Transregenderation

  1. On one level, transgenderation feels so weird and ‘wrong’ but also to be accepted in an age of accelerated evolution. I find these times to be very intriguing…but also Creative, as we rewrite the script for humanity and our external reality.

    Still, I hope to keep my ‘bits’ intact. 🙂

  2. I would have been more impressed if the Doctor had transcended gender completely. But we are still hung up on appearances, as they help us pass our judgements.
    It takes me back to the 70s when I was asked by a job interviewer if I preferred Miss or Ms,
    and I replied, ‘actually I prefer not to be categorized’.

    And there is this, ‘There is neither Jew or Gentile, neither slave or free, nor is there male and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’

  3. “God made the mountains and then said “I have no place to hide” so he made the rivers and said ”I still have no place to hide” so he made huemans and then said ”I know! I will hide in there and never be found.”

    God gave hueman’s Law and free will.

    Hugo, not to speak for her, but what if Aeon’s “Machine” is conceptually the same as you and Viktor’s “Program” and McKenna’s “technological exoskeleton” that huemans have created outside of themselves as well as the ”same” as Faith and Ken’s “God”? and GoI’s left brain/right brain concept.

    Aeon, what if your Machine is inside of US rather than external to us? What came first the chi-ken or the egg? What came first machine or hue man? Ma-chi-ne Main chi. Man chi.

    Imo, the mind doesn’t have to live outside of the body and vice versa. What if man and machine exists around the watering whole that is the body. Bitextual.

    Maybe regret over the decay of the body and fear of death (analogous to the fear of the flesh) is at the root of the idea that we must transcend the body in order to achieve nirvana, while it might in fact be the body -the greatest piece of “technology”/the greatest work of ”God”- that allows US to experience nirvana. I read an interesting idea about how our bodies would not decay as terribly as they do if people actually used them.

    Frank talks about the macro and mycrow.
    France is now led by Macro-n — a crow magnon.

    As unpleasant as it may feel to readers, I actually like the discussions between Hugo and Aeon. Exposing our roots.

    • Anon, I can see the similarities with Aeon’s ‘Machine’. As I said in one of my replies to her, I think it can be seen through whatever type of lens we choose to look through, hence my reluctance to pin a label on it. When we do attach a label to it and make that label an article of ‘faith’ then I think our ability to think critically takes a hit.

      I’m less concerned with the body per se than I am the mind. I’ve already offered my take on the origin of Aeon’s ‘gaslighting’, and I think we’re often too busy playing the ‘synchronicity game’ to stop and think about who’s throwing what into the conversation and why. We’re all aware that what we think, see, and write bounces about ‘out there’, but there seems to be a short circuit somewhere in terms of a willingness to even consider how our individual ‘inputs’ cascade through the ‘echo chamber’ and contribute to the ‘big picture’.

      In my view, what tends to happen as a result is that we approach the ‘big picture’ as something ‘alien’ that exists ‘out there’ and attribute other-worldly qualities and motivations to it. It’s a bit like the Marxist concept of ‘reification’, whereby individual workers objectify the product of their own labour. Instead of treating it as the end result of their own relations with one another as workers, they treat it as a separate entity imbued with a mythical life of its own. The money men who pull the strings treat the newly-objectified social relationship as their private property and the cycle repeats itself.

      As I’ve said before, I think we need a new ‘script’ (see below re: Johnny Cash), but I also think we need to break the cycle of the existing ‘script’. Hence my suggestion for a ‘detox’ on Frank’s previous post. I think there’s a whole bunch of stuff bouncing about inside our heads, and if we were asked to say where it originated from and what it actually ‘means’ then I think most (but most certainly not all) would be hard pressed to give an answer.

  4. Frank, re your multiplicity and Ken’s ma’aTHma’at Ticks – did you hear of the deaTH of Dr. Maryam? She came from IRA n, that nuclear powerhouse.

    “Amie Wilkinson, a mathematics professor at the University of Chicago, recalled sitting in on a meeting with Dr. Mirzakhani and Dr. Eskin. Whereas Dr. Eskin tended to be pessimistic, seeing all the potential pitfalls that could scuttle a proof, Dr. Mirzakhani was the opposite. “Just pushing and pushing and pushing,” Dr. Wilkinson said. “Completely optimistic the whole time.’’ After a decade of work, Dr. Mirzakhani and Dr. Eskin proved not the original problem that they had set out to solve but a slightly different one.
    “When these trajectories unwind,’’ Dr. Wilkinson said, “they reveal deep properties about numbers and geometry.” Dr. Sarnak said that though Dr. Mirzakhani wrote relatively few papers, she was still a game changer.”

    • –article written by a Ken Chang (chi-gnese). Includes a quote by Amie (ie: Ma/ EM-Ai) Will Kin Son and references a Dr. Eskin (E-skin).]

      Maryam was poet and maathmatician. I doubt anyone can do math if they’re not poets first. & VV.

  5. Aeon, I don’t consent to the destruction or usurpation of my ka either. I want all pARTs of me and to learn my arts more and more intimately.

  6. Last night I was sure I felt a series of earthquakes.

    Now I’ve read there was a 7.7 cromagnatude quaker off the coast of Alaska. It appened on 71717 in the land between russia and alas! ka, at a point 199km ESE (see) of Nikol’skoye.

    Maybe huemans are here to ensure both God and Machine don’t burn shit to the ground. Maybe we are the “superconscious” of both. Not the other way around?

  7. Goodness Hugo, if I try a little humour on you, you take offence and accuse me of points scoring. Perhaps you meant the content of my post? In which case to put an opposing view is the basis of a healthy discussion surely?

    I know I can get my tail in a twirl but we happen to have opposing views and there’s nothing wrong with that – is there?

    I will state my position clearly:-

    I happen to think there is only this reality as we are living on earth at the moment. As there is a measure of freewill then possibilities in any given situation are available at that moment but once lived those possibilities disappear. Equally I have no doubt that other realities have existed.

    However, our actions down here directly relate to what happens (or does not happen) in the machine – the matrix films demonstrate this quite nicely.

    We are not figments of ours or anyone or anything else’s imaginations;

    We are not in a fragmented universe or any kind of parallel universe where many lives are being lived at once;

    We have a constructed personality, crafted by the machine in order to carry out its agenda. The limitations of which are only counteracted with great effort of will and help – believe it or not – from Jesus;

    Our bodies are real and there is an agenda to try and get us to willingly give them up in exchange for the promise of a future golden utopian existence where peace and love reign eternal (if it sounds too good to be true ………);

    Synchronicity, fortuitous meetings, coincidence, etc are all the machine orchestrating events to make things seem random and incredible – used with great effect to reinforce and maintain its grip.

    I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is and state that I am not wrong about this.


    (Interesting about one eyed man anon – you are probably right – most things have more than one meaning/interpretation that is why there is so much confusion).

    • Aeon, it was my own humour reflected back at you, based on a comment on the same post, i.e. anyone for tennis. It wasn’t personal, just my way of saying let’s focus on ‘it’ and dispense with acerbic comments. I didn’t take offence, so can we leave it at that? I have absolutely no interest in attacking you on a personal level, I’m only interested in what you think ‘it’ is.

    • Aeon, do you have a lot of money?
      Hugo, chillax. I try to detox from this splace but the story brings me back.
      Aeon, if anything, when I write I am talking to myself, to you (plural), to the ether (which may or may not be “the machine”) and to my ancestors. I know the concept of talking to the ancestors and believing there is a direct line to and from them wont sit well with people but who cares. Yeah, “the machine” or “the program” or “the man” might intercept my notes but I take that risk.
      ieSuS is my “it” and I’m being me (free) here.
      Hugo, see you in rehab. After you my friend. 😏
      Btw, I can see you have no stomach for “conflict” which is odd since you had your fingers on or close to the buttons.

      Speaking of “unity” why must the body be less important and divorced from the mind? What if my big toe contains my mind. Not my brain, um…mind you, but my mind? What if my whole body IS my mind?

      Aeon, why would the machine construct personalities who reject it? Who/what is Jesus to you?

      • Anon, if you mean conflict over trivialities then I’m perfectly content with my ‘weak stomach’. I made that decision a long time ago. If ‘conflict’ bothers me it’s only in the sense that in this ‘reality’ the pen itself seems to be the sword.

    • Also Aeon, to whom are you talking and listening to?

      My questions are not rhetorical. Like you, I want answers.

    • MJ

      If I think what you are talking about. Thanks !

      Just got to work out exactly what you are talking about, in the sense of how it works.

      • Frank,

        It has worked 4 times with no failure in the past couple of hours and we’ve only tried 4 times. 100% success!
        Three other people that I’ve been texting with (above) have tried lots today and all success except for 2 times with a visa account, which didn’t “fail”, yet locked the account.
        The money part is certainly not the spiritual evolution that is the ULTIMATE.
        I do think it could help along… here, have some freedom

        The covenant is changing.

        The National Insurance number is a number used in the United Kingdom in the administration of the National Insurance or social security system. It is also used for some purposes in the UK tax system. The number is described by the United Kingdom government as a “personal account number”.

        The number is sometimes referred to as a NI No or NINO. (wikipedia)

        • MJ

          It fits with a money matter that was giving me more anxiety today than was warranted. I felt there was more going on.

          Thanks again if it works this end . Seems to confirm the link with the SS numbers and birth cert numbers and the rest of it.

          It’s not THE answer as you said but every little helps 🙂

      • Thanks GoI. I’m gonna give a whirl tomorrow. Amazon does ‘specials’ on Wednesday and free shipping according to my daughter. Idk. I’ll let ya know! 🙂

        • Hi Jenny3.14burger!
          Lemme know! On Amazon, for payment I chose “checking account”, and it worked. And it worked again! And it worked again for M! And It worked again and again and again and again….

          • Hi MJ
            Decided to go with the internet bill…which worked like a charm!
            My hands were shaking as I hit ‘confirm’.
            Thanks sestra. ❤

      • I’m not swaying it doesn’t work and is not benevolent, I just haven’t done my research.
        On another note, cryptocurrency rings like from crypt to current sea. Maybe a flood is a coming.

      • Hi anony! I’m kinda not worried about the fine print because I’m not worried about the fine print because I don’t really like thinking about that stuff and I know that everybody here on this great plane should have everything they want and it can happen and is happening and meow meow meow.
        How are you? I really love the video of “this little light of mine”. When I watched it, I got tears in my eyes.

        • I don’t like thinking about it either and would really like to clear my debts but what if it’s illeagle and “they” come for my flesh? Or my family’s flesh? Or other people’s flesh in exchange? Also, I’m supposed to stay out of trouble until September when the presumption of my guilt will be written off. Part of the negotiations……………😒 over something that never appened.

          I’m glad that song twinkled you. May your cat enjoy its baTHs.


          • Anon

            And apols for the masculine. Don’t blame me. It does apply to Daughters of God as well !

            But do understand your point about the legality. Is any hassle with authorities worth it.

            In the holy instant, the laws of God prevail, and only THEY have meaning. The laws of this world cease to hold any meaning at all. When the Son of God ACCEPTS the laws of God as what he gladly wills, it is impossible that he be bound, or limited in ANY way. In this instant, he IS as free as God would have him be. For, the instant that he refuses to BE bound, he is NOT bound.

  8. I have screenshots of my friends doing this with confirmation, too. And I’ll certainly tell you when the new fountain arrives and you’ll probably know already 🙂

  9. Hugo, maybe there literally is a machine and literally a judeo christian God. Maybe it travels around with the ark of the covenant inside. ;P

    • That’s OK, Anon. I sleep under a Star of David, and if I stick my fingers down my throat I’m sure there’s still time to do something about that pork pie… 😉

      • Hugo, you may or may not realize that you too have a very distinct slant, method and value system that comes across loud and clear. Following the rules you’ve been taught may not help us flip the script…if that’s what we are trying to do. Those rules are constructs too.

        What is your goal Hugo? What (again) is yours, Aeon?

        • Anon, if I were following the rules I’d been taught then I doubt we’d even be having this conversation. Am I aware that I have my own values and preferences – biases if you prefer? You know someone that doesn’t?

          If I have a ‘goal’ then it would be to walk into town without seeing people living in shop doorways. It’d also be nice to see those doing things they don’t enjoy (because they can’t live unless numbers are added to their bank account each month, and because they’re trying to repay debt with debt) doing things they enjoy instead.

          Where I differ with the above is that we don’t have to look for more energy efficient ways of generating money if we think of money itself as energy. I mean, we don’t need ‘banks’…

          …if we have these in our back gardens…

          Equally, if currency creation can be made ‘energy efficient’ to the point that it breaks the distinction between creators/users of currency, along with the concept of money as ‘debt’, then so much the better.

  10. Hi

    So I got to work yesterday to find that one of my cabinets had disappeared overnight. On tackling the office manager it transpired that as it was empty and it didn’t seem like it was being used it was taken and given to a new starter. So I said – my trays were empty why didn’t you take them? My chair was empty why didn’t you take that too? He backed away from me mumbling something with his hands up as only a man can do when confronted by an annoyed woman.

    Hugo I feel you have done the same (not that I was particularly annoyed with you).

    Interesting observations about conflict by Anon. For a long time I’ve been of the opinion that men shouldn’t go to war. They may have the physical strength and brawn necessary but mentally they’re just not cut out for it – send a woman instead.

    Is this why the machine has subjugated women so thoroughly – because they’re so dangerous to it? You only have to look at the bible as an example – we’re either whores or good girls, nothing in between, not even a mixture of the two. All religion either excludes or sub-humanises women.

    Over at the open scroll blog I wonder how happy the guys there would be to know how helpful they’ve been to me. Their series of posts on goddess symbology is second to none.

    I would love to tell them but they won’t allow posts from women as according to the scriptures – women should be seen – in appropriate clothing of course – and not heard from.
    1 Corinthians 14:34-35King James Version (KJV)
    34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.
    35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
    Pax if you like Hugo, it’s fine by me – better get Anon to rub your tummy though as I have claws and I’m not afraid to use them.

    My gaol Anon – is for this to be over so that I can go to bed.

    • What is “this”, Aeon.

      I imagine men go to war when they/we agree (on some dimension 😩) that bodies don’t matter. Which is weird because obviously we dont fully believe …hence revenge wars. Like 1 or 2 or 3 of the right bodies are destroyed so thousands of the wrong ones have to be obliterated. Some bodies matter. Some bodies are “real”. And those somebodies -who long to be just mind- increasingly outsource and abstract their wars -dont even bother so much with the ground anymore. Just drop shit from above behind control panels like chinese gamers. Or maybe those somebodies dont really think theyre real either, just symbols for ideas like pride and brawn. Hence the volunteering to be shipped off to useless and all the “support our troops” chanting.

      Women in war would go for the hair.

      Maybe “the West” is not truly ma’aterialistic. All it’s stuff merely symbolic -of status, of happiness, of success. Shoes to signal social standing. Cars to do the same. Houses for the same. Phones and tvs for the same. Little to no thought as to how theyre put together or who put them together or what wars are needed to keep the production going. Maybe the bodies there are just symbolic too. Useless and unreal. Maybe that’s why we reincarnate. Constant disposing of the old and collecting newer shiner symbols like shoes. Somebodies. Symbodies. SIM bodies. Meaningless placeholders.


      Hugo, I meant your methodological approach to questions. No room for mystery.

    • Aeon, anyone can throw digital punches from the comfort and safety of their own home. It means nothing whatsoever though. I can assure you that I’m totally disinterested in what you think or feel about my actions and inactions, or any opinions you might hold about me as a person. I simply do not care. I’m more interested in why you’ve yet to make any attempt to explain your views about the body, Jesus, ‘The War’, etc. Am I supposed to accept that you’re “not wrong” simply because you say you’re “not wrong”?

      • Hugo look at it this way: we’d all probably act the same way in a pub down the street. We just can’t afford the tickets.

        • Actually, GoI, that’s a job for the new bank. Someone: purchase us all tickets to meet each other at a destination of our choice and we can all finally meet and do “this” face to face. I’d do it but September…..

    • Specifically, please tell me how you arrived at your conclusions, preferably with examples to support your assertion that there is a ‘war’, an ‘agenda’ to convince us to surrender our bodies, and that Jesus is part of the solution.

      • I’d like to hear that too. I keep asking concrete questions and answering questions no one asked to the best of my ability but for the most part echoes in the sound of silence.

  11. Hello Jenny Burger and thank you for saying that people like me too and I like what you are saying about not wanting to be in world place full-time and I think world place is OK

  12. Archaeological dig overthrows accepted Oz history timeline:

    The Mirrar people of Kakadu and the scientist…

    ‘A grain of mineral is, in effect, a battery. It discharges when exposed to sunlight, but as it lies beneath the ground, deprived of light, it charges up from the radiation that exists in all soils and rocks.

    ‘The longer it lies in the dark Earth, the greater the charge. It keeps perfect track of time.’


  13. Hey Hugo

    I didn’t think you wanted to play with me anymore?

    Hugo’s Probe 3.40 am (!!) (not keeping you up am I – or do you have a baby or live in America?)
    You say – ‘Specifically, please tell me how you arrived at your conclusions, preferably with examples to support your assertion ………’

    Have you really just set me an exam question?

    Now I’m nervous. Have I revised enough, am I allowed to take my books in? can I write the answers on my hand, how much time do I have? What’s the pass mark?

    Like most exams these days, however, the course work makes up the majority of the overall pass mark. You might care to look back over some of my posts – I’ve been posting here since June last year – to collate your assessment. My views on the war, the body and Jesus are all contained there.

    You know as well as I do there is no proof, if there was proof it would be a whole lot simpler wouldn’t it? However, I’m reliably told there are large amounts of kundalini floating around, where did that come from? (pun intended).

    You don’t have to accept anything I say, neither does anyone else, however, the machine most certainly does have to.

    I’m always struck that people who want to save the world are always so worthy on behalf of their fellow man – like a Miss World Competition.

    There is only one thing I would bother to get out of bed to stop and that would be all forms of child abuse.

    As for adults, as far as I’m concerned they can live their lives any way they want, good, bad or otherwise as long as they don’t harm children (or animals).

    I appreciate that some dysfunctional adults have themselves been the victims of abuse as children and that is why, in my view, this is the root of all evil – and this is the thing that needs intervention to stop. As an adult you are more or less free to make choices about your life, whether to buy a house, lots of possessions, get into debt or f**k your life up in any myriad ways, etc but as a child you have little choice over your life, you are entirely reliant on the people around you to do the best for you.

    Incidentally, the bible is full of instances where g*d has allowed children to be abused, murdered and otherwise treated harshly.

    We’re told g*d is good – so people believe it – is this right?

    We’re told S*tan and L*cifer are bad – so people believe it – is this right?

    We’re told money is the root of all evil – so people believe it – is this right?

    S & L may not trouble themselves to care much about the lives of adults but I know who I would rather party with.

    ‘This’ Anon is the war against the machine – think of it like that scene in Star Wars where they wind a rope round the legs of an at-at walker – it still carries on for a bit but eventually comes crashing to the ground and stops.

    • Aeon, you seem to have this odd habit of deliberately misrepresenting what others say in order to pose and answer your own questions. I didn’t ask for ‘proof’. I asked for examples, and that’s not the same thing. If you’re not sure what an example is then please re-read Frank’s post and note his use of headlines, images, and commentary to illustrate his points.

      I’m not going to wade through hundreds of Frank’s previous posts in the hope that you might actually have more to offer than what I’ve seen thus far.

      I’m not playing with you, Aeon. I don’t need to when you’re doing such a good job of playing with yourself. You don’t seem to appreciate the importance of the ‘money shot’ though. If you want your audience to come back for more then you need to put your claws away and show a little pussy every now and again. 😉

    • Oh come on you two.
      Answer the questions!
      Independently of each other if you must.
      Just answer the damn questions as best you can.
      I’ve read all your posts, Aeon, and still don’t know really who or what Jesus is to you or who or what The Machine is to you. I have a blurry outline but let’s fine tune it.
      Ramble shamble shish boom bah.
      Aeon, what did you sway about a house divided?

      • Where does Jesus reside? Is s/he living flesh? Or is s/he concept … like Balance? Where is the Machine located? Who made it?

        Hugo, to be honest, when I went to Egypt and saw the ART-i-FACTS, my first impression was that the hieroglyphs in certain locations were not handmade. They appeared to be made with a high tech router. I understand that artisans back in the day actually knew how to use their hands…but those scripts are just too perfect, the interior bevels just too consistent and clean. For a long time I’ve imagined they were banged out on a production line and I can wntertain the idea that a literal Machine does and has existed maybe even before us. I don’t have to believe what Aeon writes but I sure do want to hear more.

  14. This tune is catchy.
    Agree with AJ on the Christian murdering scum dogs…but yeah, that’s about it.

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