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A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born. Russia has launched the Mayak satellite.





From the :

‘If you look up into the night sky later this month, you may see a new “star” shooting across the heavens.

That’s because Russia has successfully launched its Mayak satellite – the result of a $30,000 (£23,000) crowdfunding campaign by the Moscow State Mechanical Engineering University.

Mayak was launched aboard a Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in southern Kazakhstan at 9:36am local time on July 14. The satellite entered orbit a few hours later, at 12:10pm.

Although Mayak is only the size of a rugby ball, it contains a giant pyramid-shaped solar reflector, which once unfurled measures 16 metres squared.’


And I thought I would check to see how many weeks Cassini is into, with the dive into Saturn. At present, Cassini has made 14 of 22 planned dives.



For a while now, I’ve been blabbering on about our spiritual inheritance.

And just passing it on ( thanks MJ ) without opinion. Free Money.

The Heirship Bank.



And your SS number. Who did win WW2 ?




And the Airship and the Summer of Love.



I am very interested in the concept and the questions it raises, and especially interested in Free Money and where it leads, ‘But’. There is always a Butt. I mentioned ‘without opinion’ and this is more an observation than opinion.

There are an awful lot of Terms and Conditions ( thanks Jenny ) – 34 pages to be precise. Click ‘Heirship Bank – Terms and Conditions.’ As I understand the rules, God does not differentiate between Saint or Sinner or give to only the ‘deserving’ righteous.



I don’t think God believes in or even understands the concept of ‘Terms and Conditions.’ It’s unconditional. She’s good like that.

Below is a snapshot of Page 7 of 34 from the ‘Law of The Land Handbook’ as an example.



And just looking into the Heirship, the first item I come across is ‘Affidavits of Heirship’ in Texas. Why Texas keeps coming up, I’m not sure.



On another tack altogether but a path I am being led down. And there are others.Just shaking the tree and see what happens.




Christ’s Hospital school




Lancing College




Charterhouse School


Anyway, All Are Hallowed.


31 thoughts on “A Star Is Born

  1. Heirship… */thinks…* Knot size but rugby ball shaped?

    Fringe = Bangs…’airship…

    There’s even a pyramid in there… Butt… Texas? Claims of flight a year by B Cannon… (more bangs?) before the write brothers…

    Named after the book…

    ‘Ezekiel is referenced more in the Book of Revelation than in any other New Testament writing.[22] To take just two well-known passages, the famous Gog and Magog prophecy in Revelation 20:8 refers back to Ezekiel 38–39,[23] and in Revelation 21–22, as in the closing visions of Ezekiel, the prophet is transported to a high mountain where a heavenly messenger measures the symmetrical new Jerusalem, complete with high walls and twelve gates, the dwelling-place of God where his people will enjoy a state of perfect well-being.[24] Apart from Revelation, however, where Ezekiel is a major source, there is very little allusion to the prophet in the New Testament; the reasons for this are unclear, but it can be assumed that not every Christian or Hellenistic Jewish community in the 1st century would have had a complete set of (Hebrew) scripture scrolls, and in any case Ezekiel was under suspicion of encouraging dangerous mystical speculation, as well as being sometimes obscure, incoherent, and pornographic.[25]’

    *That’s really is an awful lot of bangs, Clicky…*

    • Roob

      I was wondering about the Hair aspect as well.

      I remember having a mad Fringe splurge about the same time as The Note from the Future.

      Actually I meant to include this video as well.But forgot.

    • How did LED ZEPPELIN become led zeppelin?

      One account of how the new band’s name was chosen held that Moon and Entwistle had suggested that a supergroup with Page and Beck would go down like a “lead balloon”, an idiom for disastrous results. The group dropped the ‘a’ in lead at the suggestion of their manager, Peter Grant, so that those unfamiliar with the term would not pronounce it “leed”. The word “balloon” was swapped for “zeppelin”, a word which, according to music journalist Keith Shadwick, brought “the perfect combination of heavy and light, combustibility and grace” to Page’s mind.

      Anyway, who cares about led zeppelin, right?

      Of the song’s chords, Page remarked:

      It’s in A, and then it sort of goes to an E chord. But then, while it’s snaking around it, it has some sort of little triplets that take you back into the A. So, yes, it’s tricky. You just have to sort of know how to count it.

      The guitar tracks are heavily layered. Page’s solo was constructed out of four overdubbed Gibson Les Paul fills. The sounds at the beginning of the song are those of Page warming up his electric guitar. He called it “waking up the army of guitars” – which are multitrack recorded in unison with electric bass guitar to provide the song’s signature. Towards the end of the song, Page incorporates parallel thirds into the riff. Plant’s vocals were recorded in two takes.


    He opens the track singing, “Tell me what I’ve gotta do/ There’s no getting through to you/ The lights are on but nobody’s home (nobody’s home).” In the chorus he belts, “The truth is, you turn into someone else/ You keep running like the sky is falling/ I can whisper, I can yell/ But I know, yeah I know, yeah I know/ I’m just talking to myself.”

    Link – in PARK

    park (v.)
    1812, “to arrange military vehicles in a park,” from park (n.) in a limited sense of “enclosure for military vehicles” (attested from 1680s). General non-military meaning “to put (a vehicle) in a certain place” is first recorded 1844. Related: Parked; parking. Park-and-ride is from 1966.

    park (n.)
    mid-13c., “enclosed preserve for beasts of the chase,” from Old French parc “enclosed wood or heath land used as a game preserve”

    Military and Sport is the energy of MARS, and also VIRILITY

    Venus is linked-in…

    In the beginning Elohim created the Heaven and Earth…
    -Genesis 1:1.

    Elohim is a Hebrew word that means gods and goddesses. There is no complete understanding of theology, religion, philosophy or mysticism without both the male and female. The male force is active and has a role to fulfill, and the female force is receptive and also has a role to fulfill. The cooperation of those two forces results in the creation of all things, but the Divine feminine force can be subtle and has often been neglected.

  3. God Hugo – your probe is freaking relentless – does it ever go down? It reminds me of Henry Miller’s; glistening and twitching. I’m not sure my pus*y can take any more pounding, maybe you’d like to decorate my neck instead? However, if you can’t be arsed to find my posts, then I certainly can’t be arsed to write them all over again.

    It’s interesting you reference Frank’s blog as an example for me and not your own. Do you not think it as good as Frank’s? Interesting what people reveal about themselves. At least you seem to have developed a sense of humour.

    Incidentally, I’m flattered you think that twisting someone’s question to answer what I want is my idea – I think you might find it to be a time honoured political trick?

    Have a lovely weekend Hugo and Anon.

    AE (smiley face)

    • Enjoy your days, Aeon. You’re stronger when you just do what you want. Hugo, to be fair, you weren’t as rigid with Viktor whose were very loosey goosey.

      Happy daze, everyone!

          • Anon

            I was discussing the subject of boredom yesterday. It’s a bit of a generalisation and the two are similar. But my ‘Observation of the Day’ was that women seem to experience boredom more and with men it’s frustration. Even though both sexes feel both emotions.

  4. ”Angel particle’ which is both matter and anti-matter is discovered after an 80-year quest in a ‘landmark’ breakthrough for quantum physics’

    ‘Scientists have theorised that when the Big Bang first created the universe, equal amounts of matter and anti-matter were produced. Anti-matter is made from particles which are the ‘anti-particles’ of those from normal matter.

    ‘Researchers also predicted that if the two kinds of matter would ever meet, they would destroy each other, leaving only a burst of energy behind. But in 1937, an Italian physicist called Ettore Majorana suggested that another class of particles could exist – which were their own anti-particles. He called these particles ‘fermions’.

    ‘Now researchers have found the first evidence that these particles could exist.
    The scientists named their discovery the ‘Angel Particle’ after the novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, which includes the making of a bomb from the combination of matter and anti-matter.’

    Ettore Majorana is interesting – he mysteriously disappeared in 1938, while going by ship from Palermo to Naples:

    • Out with SS, in with SS.
      The podium prefers SS’s.
      My hunch is Spicey will get a big book deal and spill the beans and Putin will smuggle Trump and his family out of US. That would be phenomenal intrigue. Even better than them rotting in jail.
      Frank, I experience more frustration than boredom. My Dad used to say there is no such thing as boredom…way too much to explore. He said villagers don’t say “I’m bored.”

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