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The Angel Particle.

Does It Matter ?




From ‘The Independent’ ( thanks Roob ) :

‘Physicists believe they have discovered a particle that is both matter and anti-matter, an idea that was first theorised 80 years ago.

When the Big Bang created the universe out of nothing, scientists believe the explosion created equal amounts of matter and anti-matter.

And, if they were ever to meet, they would annihilate each other – returning to ‘nothing’ apart from a burst of energy.

However, in 1937 an Italian theoretical physicist, Ettore Majorana, predicted the existence of a strange class of particles called fermions that were their own anti-particles.

And now, in an article in the prestigious journal Science, researchers report they have found the first evidence of just such an object, which they dubbed the “Angel Particle” after Dan Brown’s thriller Angels and Demons which involves a bomb made from a combination of matter and anti-matter.

Professor Shoucheng Zhang, a Standford University physicist who proposed how an experiment to find the particle could be carried out, said: “Our team predicted exactly where to find the Majorana fermion and what to look for as its ‘smoking gun’ experimental signature.

“This discovery concludes one of the most intensive searches in fundamental physics, which spanned exactly 80 years.”





‘The Laws of Reflection’ and Angles. ‘The angle of incidence is equal to the angles of reflection.’ But please don’t ask me what it means !



Anti Matter Matters.




Heroes And Villains.




All Are Welcome.


67 thoughts on “Angels And Demons

      • We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all colours and all cultures are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We don’t share blood, but we share the air that keeps us alive. I will not blind myself and say that my black brother is not different from me. I will not blind myself and say that my brown sister is not different from me. But my black brother is he as much as I am me. But my brown sister is she as much as I am me.’

        C Joybell C

        • Was trying to convey this exact sentiment to someone today however I didn’t put it quite as eloquently. Oh, and Frank…with regards to your tree…shake it so many times and you’re just playing with yourself (which is absolutely fine and enjoyable if you so please) But I assume you already knew that anyway 😁

          From some reason I keep getting hit in the head with apols though….oh well. We’ll figure it out (or not) ((or both at the same time)) Or heck maybe something that’s not even been imagined yet, who knows.

          Cheers to the lot of you. Wish I could stick around and chat longer but I’m actually a pumpkin that turns into a human, it’s the darndest thing.

          Oh yeah and Anon….I see you there…*hugs

          Later taters

          • Korben Dallas

            About shaking the tree.

            The blog has always been part collective but also a tool to examine personal things. But then you see how much our personal lives overlap, not sure how much is personal anymore.

  1. The Number 17

    So a few weeks ago I got that 17 was Darth Vader’s number?

    I found this odd as I thought it related to the ‘goddess’ – 1 being the pole – relating to sex majick and 7 being the main chakras (I think this is still possibly the case but ……)

    I’ve been puzzling over this since then.

    If you clip the one to the seven and then slightly angle it you more or less get a segment.

    1+7 = 8

    What has eight segments?

    An umbrella?

    So is Darth Vader – aka Satan – head of The Umbrella Corporation? The corporation seeking to wipe out the world’s population on its terms?

    Any number of medals from the iron cross to the British military cross take four of the umbrella segments for their formation.

    The Umbrella Corporation is an anagram of thermonuclear bio portal ………

    Singing in the acid rain anyone?

    Resident Evil is an anagram of trin(e) devils – three devils here to save the world?


    Satan, Lucifer and the Whore of Babylon? The Father, The Son and the Whore(ly) spirit? Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Princess Lay her?

    Incidentally Hugo, you asked about the black hole – this relates to the chakras which should be black not pretty rainbow colours, When in alignment and unlocked they form a portal to another dimension………

    • “Incidentally Hugo, you asked about the black hole – this relates to the chakras which should be black not pretty rainbow colours, When in alignment and unlocked they form a portal to another dimension…”

      My guess, æon, is that anti-blackness, anti black matter, is a placeholder for this. Dennis got confused by my talk about names people call others and my talk about skin. Skin and names are code. Symbols of deeper things.

      I’d love to hear more about the blachakras.
      Blach as U Knight.

        • Anon

          You racist ! You are deliberately ignoring Da White Whole 🙂 .

          Matter and Anti Matter.

          Up until 30 mins ago I didn’t know there was a White Hole. In my reality did the White Hole exist before I read about it ? Probably. Or maybe not. Trees falling silently in forests and all that.

          ‘In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can only be entered from the outside and from which matter and light cannot escape. White holes appear in the theory of eternal black holes. In addition to a black hole region in the future, such a solution of the Einstein field equations has a white hole region in its past.

          However, this region does not exist for black holes that have formed through gravitational collapse, nor are there any known physical processes through which a white hole could be formed. Although information and evidence regarding white holes remains inconclusive, the 2006 GRB 060614 has been proposed as the first documented occurrence of a white hole.’

          An Impossible Probability

          • The White Whole is what Alice fell down. 😁 As much as she descends she never gets to the bottom and can never tell if it’s real or simply a figment of her imagination (mind). The Blach Whole contains the White. There’s no separation.

            • Just for interest. God knows if anything really exists up there .I think its safe to say physical reality is flexible. From my perspective, it’s all in the mind but I think give us an insight into creation and destruction of Matter.

              ‘Regardless, in essence, a black hole is something that pulls, and in stricter terms, it pulls from a place you do not want to get near. In this case, “near” refers to the Event Horizon. In short, the Event Horizon of a black hole is a name we give to the region of spacetime beyond which anything that drops into it can never come back out. Not even light itself.

              This is contrasted by a white hole, which literally pushes you away by spitting material at you. This is the reverse: A white hole spits out everything and nothing goes in. So while a black hole has an event horizon that, once you get close enough, you can never escape, a white hole has an event horizon that you can never even get close to.’

  2. Steve just asked me if I want to watch a movie…

    Looks a bit like your gif, Frank, yet smoother. Anyway, I’d never heard of the movie, so I looked it up…

    Tom Hanks, Hermione Granger and Amy Pond!

    • Roob

      I watched it a few weeks ago with Jenny. Unrelated TTN also watched it a day or two later. Recommended.

      And the symbol also turned up in the Reigate tunnels. And Westworld.

      • And don’t want to spoil the movie but if you do watch, there is a puzzling link with Tom Hank’s son and River Song and Dr Moon which you may miss. And Charlie Gard.

        Would be interested to see what you think ?

  3. Hello and I think angles and demons are interesting and I think that Source is everything and I think people are seeing sample of all possible things and I think people seeing some angel things and people seeing some demon things and it doesn’t matter what I think and right now I think I don’t know anything and right now I am only knowing that I really extremely like Mega Love things and right now I was seeing this you-tube of person who is really seeming to be aspect/energy of sister and thank you that is all:

  4. Hello Frank and I like that Heather Small you tube and thank you for posting that you tube and thank you for publishing Merovee and I think Merovee is an extremely interesting place of the internet and I am extremely glad that I found out about Merovee and I went away from Merovee for lots of months after some really different things were occurring in the place where I am and possibly some really different things were also occurring where you are and anyway right now I am glad to be once more seeing Merovee and I am glad that I can once more be writing comments in Merovee and thank you really a lot for publishing Merovee and thank you really a lot for making Merovee an extremely interesting place of the internet and thank you also to all people of Merovee for making Merovee and extremely interesting place of the internet and thank you Frank for writing lots of interesting articles and I thank you again for posting the Heather Small you tube and I think that you-tube is saying that people would like to know what is reality and what is not reality and I think you were for a really long time knowing that everything is mind and before I didn’t know exactly what you meant by that and right now I think that the meaning of everything being mind is that everything is some kind of magic dream and possibly you meant something different and also that Heather Small you-tube has a picture next to the Francis Bacon quotation that looks like the picture that you posted higher up in the comments and I think Francis Bacon is code or symbol of Frank and that picture next to the Francis Bacon quotation seems like a code or symbol for crystal energy and I think crystal energy is Mega Love energy and possibly you think the crystal energy pictures are symbols of something else or possibly you think those pictures are not pictures of crystal energy and possibly you think those pictures are pictures of something else and I think all people see different things in any one picture and anyway I think that picture in the you tube and the picture that you posted higher up in the comments are both pictures of Mega Love energy and I think that you-tube is saying that people would like to know what is reality and what is not reality and before I was thinking that most other people in the world are not real people and right now I think all people in the world are real people and I am thinking that possibly some kinds of people are different from other kinds of people and right now I actually don’t know what is reality and what is not reality and right now I really don’t know anything and right now the only thing that I am knowing is that I really like Mega Love things and right now I think that the world will be a Mega Love world and that is what I think and what I think doesn’t matter and anyway before I was thinking that most people in the world are not real people and right now I am thinking that all people in the world are some kind of real people and I am wondering what you think about that and I think lots of strange things have occurred since I started reading your articles on Merovee and I think lots of strange things have occurred since I started writing comments on Merovee and I don’t know any people other than people on Merovee who are seeing synchronicity things in the way that people on Merovee are seeing synchronicity things and I think it is interesting that I don’t know about any other people who are seeing synchronicity things in the way that people on Merovee are seeing synchronicity things and possibly there are other people in the world who are seeing synchronicity things in the way that people on Merovee are seeing synchronicity things and possibly not and anyway that is my comment and this is the end of my comment.


    • M

      Good questions in there ! We will understand the Meaning of Life 🙂

      A magic dream is a good description. I have a basic tenet of Its Not Real. But it appears real.

      About other people, sometimes I sympathise with Hugo’s view that you want to poke them in the eye to see if they are real. But they all seem to have lives and stories and emotions.

      Why do we only see what we see is a good question ? I still don’t know. I can see the same phenomena with other synchronauts, and people in my personal life, but no one else has come to the same conclusions and just left it in a jar titled synchronicity and ‘Weird or What’.

      An avenue I have been following are MK Ultra type experiences, for better or for worse, which we have discussed before. ‘Tell me about your weird Childhood’. There is a theory that trauma, especially in childhood, can open up latent psychic abilities. But can also connect with others who have had similar experiences, which maybe because the third eye is open. And can cause MPD, it is believed by some. Just playing with ideas.

      If you expand this theory to take in the world then did the trauma of 9/11, as an example, kickstart a collective mind revolution ? Seems a hard way to get things done though.

      And Francis Bacon is another one to add to the list.

      At present I’m interested in the ‘same soul’ aspect of this and ‘Overlaps’. Why does Winona Ryder play Joyce Byers (JB) in Stranger Things for example ? I know Winona Ryder over here. Alternate reality, Hall of Mirrors, Holographic Universe, Multi Dimensions ? Take your pick.

      Maybe we are just Sims in a 10yr old’s computer game .

      Or if we are creating or altering the videos, for example, how do we do it ? Are we ‘somewhere’ else, as well as in this reality stuck in front of Deep Thought from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and pushing its buttons ?

      If you find out, please let us know !

          • 1984 cropped up last night when I watched this film. It also features white and black holes 😉

            Then I watched The Circle. You were talking about explaining to Gunner kayaking on the river under the moonlight, paddling through liquid silver. I have to say, it’s a fucking creepy film, Frank. Panopticon writ large.

            • Roob

              I had to look up what Panopticon meant – Jeremy Bentham. In that respect, it is a scary movie.

              I take the view we are probably watched anyway. God – how boring a job could you get.

              The bit about Hank’s child where he experiences life through VR and the lives of others reminded me of the Dr Who episode with Dr Moon and River Song and Donna Noble, ending up in an unreal reality.

              And also Charlie Gardian of the Universe.

              But good to see Amy Pond again!

              • That would be the effects of the blue pill… you forget you’re in a wonderland 😉

                Amy’s back in the second movie as Blue Nebula…

                And Charlie’s parents were back in court today because they want to take him home…


              • I don’t like the idea of drones in your face or having my emails read but it raises some good questions.

                Is our desire for privacy because we are afraid of others seeing us without the mask. And who is the Observer ?

                And don’t get me started on Facearse. It’s just a huge data gathering centre as far as I can see.

                    • Frank

                      I just filter out the gender. 🙂
                      We were meant to live an ‘exposed’ life, it’s au naturel. But something, still not sure about the dynamic of this thing we lovingly refer to as sin, causes us to hide, keep secrets, and somehow connects ultimately with ‘you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’. 🙂

            • I had to look up panopticon too, Frank.
              But it resonates with 4 tier data storage underground.

  5. Hi Frank

    I get questions posed or snippets of information designed to make me think around an issue. So Darth Vader’s number isn’t 17 as such, it was just to make me think about the number 17 in the same way as 13 can be the letter B when closed up, so 17 can form a segment which led me to The Umbrella Corporation, etc and as it relates to DV presumably he is the CEO (so if he is the CEO – then presumably the ‘Emperor’ is the dark side of the creative force or the fear – that masquerades as ‘good’).

    DV (aka the Joker / Satan, etc) is the person released from the carbon freezer in the machine/death star/moon – around father’s day.

    If I get the answer to the question right then I move forwards and get a ‘reward’ rather like a rat stuck in one of those maze test things.

    DV is a ‘goodie’ as well as a ‘baddie’ and it was his company – The Umbrella Corporation – that supplied the spiralizer that helped to insert cuts in linear time – the spiralizer moves forwards and backwards (working much like a doubled up Archimedes screw) – it cuts both ways at the same time – like anon cleverly pointed out a 6 and 9 are spirals (when opened up). Moving things forwards and backwards to the future.

    Presumably that’s one of the reasons why we don’t know whether we’re coming or going (or I certainly don’t!)?

    I know it might seem odd that actual appliances are being used in a practical way but I suppose I find it equally odd that so many people seem to think things are just happening somehow in some way, they can’t really say how: that everything is going to be put ‘right’ as if by magic. I would say nothing happens by majick but, of course, that’s not quite true …….

    BTW – despite the help – DV is not to be entirely trusted.

    I gather the screw is also a drill – being used to penetrate the ceiling / sealing of the dome to the space between.

    There is already a walkway from the dome to the machine through the space between (or limbo or no man’s land) – this is symbolised by any amount of covered bridges between buildings – such as the Bridge of Sighs or the ones at Oxbridge – used to ferry the ‘dead’ from this world to be judged in the machine – but a new one is being constructed with the intention to then drill into the machine itself to fuse the two dimensions and gain total mastery of time – on our terms and not on the machine’s terms.

    Thanks for the link.

    Talking of coming, I caught the end of a Dr Who episode the other day when the Dr says goodbye to the blonde assistant he is clearly in love with (and she with him) – but why? Why don’t they just get together, what’s the problem? Why are Jesus, the Jedi, the Dr, etc – seemingly all required to be celibate? I must say I admire their restraint.

    My theory is that once you go to bed with someone you’re really into then everything else flies out of the window – who gives a flying f**k about saving the world now ..……

    • Aeon

      Thanks about Darth.

      About your question about WTF is happening. A lot of this is interpreting situations I’ve been in since the beginning of the year and my take on personal experiences.

      For me the predominant themes have been war and alternate reality/realities. Even though everything on the surface seems normal, I’ve felt I’ve been visiting past/future times or timelines or some such thing.

      This led to my Pure Terror time. After I had got through that, I sensed ‘This Is It’. Time to rejoin with God, however you see God, and the separation. But checking round many others were feeling the same.

      But we don’t always have the same reactions. We’ve got the solar eclipse in about one month.Solar eclipses have a Lunar Eclipse as well. Personally, I’ve always felt the Lunar Eclipse more powerfully than the Solar eclipse. Each to their own.

      And Dr Who and Rose I think you are referring to. Basically it was a plot hole to get rid of Rose and they came up with an alternative Doctor in an alternate reality.

      In general, I don’t think celibacy is a good idea but not sure who Time Lords and Ladies have sex with !

      And the Holy Blood and the Holy Grain implies Jesus wasn’t celibate if you believe in that.

  6. Weird or what?

    “Almost everything experimental psychologists believe about the human mind comes from studies of the Weird. But perhaps you’ve guessed the problem: from a global standpoint, Weird people may be really… what’s the word? Yes: odd. As Henrich et al show, many phenomena we’ve assumed are universal probably aren’t: we can only really say they’re universal among Weird people, who make up 96% of subjects in behavioural science, or Americans, who make up 68%, and often only among US college students, who provide US researchers with a supply of guinea pigs. And the Weird, they say, “are particularly unusual compared with the rest of the species”.”

    • Anon

      I think what is weird is subjective and carries a slightly derogatory tone. And if you don’t stay in the box then ‘You are not NORMAL’.

      And from my experience, undergraduates tend to be conformist.

      To agree or to disagree.

      ‘Conform (v.)

      mid-14c., confourmen, from Old French conformer “conform (to), agree (to), make or be similar, be agreeable” (13c.), from Latin conformare “to fashion, to form, to shape; educate; modify,” from com- “together” (see com-) + formare “to form” (see form (v.)).

      Sense of “to comply with the usages of the Church of England” is from 1610s; hence conformist (1630s), opposed to non-conformist or dissenter. Related: Conformance; conformed; conforming.’

  7. Frank, Aeon, Jenny:
    Have you read any of the c theories about the disappearance of *ornell and *hris of those famous bands? Apparently *ink in *ark is the name of a Kanadian institution that did horrible things to kids and *hris is the doppeganger of that politician *odest* who may or may not be his father. *hris’s wife has released public statements about the disappearance just in time for the discussion here about transparency. Trans – Parent. When you divide it like that it gives aHole new meaning to the word. One of the singerlarities is said to have worked in *aiti and to have discovered the hue man ***ff***** project of the ****** found*****.

    Sometimes I wonder if sharing ***spiral see stories makes them happen in real life, kind of like the White Wabbit that may not have ma’aterialized in the ether if you hadn’t searched for it first in your head.

  8. This blog is a Think Tank where some of the best analytical minds converge.

    IMO life is simple and it is IMO we are each our own individual mini universe. Every individual has their own perspective on any given issue or situation. Having one’s own unique and personal perspective makes it complicated especially when shared with other individual who have their own perspective on the issue or situation.

    What I have just wrote may not be how others perceive what I wrote. Therein lies the conflict as well as the dialogue to agree or disagree. For instance this blog has helped me realize that we all sometimes read the same article, discuss it yet interpret it in our minds a different way. “All the world’s a stage” said William Shakespeare . To me it should read “all the mind’s a stage” (creating one’s own reality) where the individual is the main character and everyone else has a bit part to play written for them by the main character.

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