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Fatty Owls

‘Every tangible aspect of reality is likely to be an illusion.’



Faulty Towers.



Fawlty Towers.



God Only Knows. Click ‘God Only Knows’.

M ( Manuel ) Knows Nothing.



The Franca Station, Barcelona. No one died.



‘At least 54 people have been injured, one seriously, after a train crashed at a station in the Spanish city of Barcelona, officials say.

The incident happened during the morning rush hour at the Francia station, in the city centre.’


When I observe the wreck that is reality, there seems to be a paradox and that the more you know, the less you know.

For me, the train crash in Barcelona is a ‘manifestation’ from my ‘God Only Knows’ article and also M’s comment ‘I know nothing’.

If I visited the Francia station in Barcelona I would probably see a train wreck. Many years ago at the time of the Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland in 1999, I had a very weird experience which said that this is not real, in relation to the bombing. But TTN visited Omagh at the time and there was mayhem in the town.

How much of our reality is personal and how much is a collective reality ? For example, at the beginning of the year I had a weirdie when a pub where I live, overnight altered into a new pub called The Eagle’s Nest with no builders or painters. One day, it was a pub named something else which I can’t remember and the next day it had changed it’s name and was painted in the colours of the football team I support, Crystal Palace.




At the time there was a lot of weird stuff going on – there still is – but my opinion is that it was directly aimed at me. So somehow my personal reality had changed but now everyone in Redhill lives in a town with a pub called The Eagle’s Nest.

But does this mean that there is an alternate reality with a different pub to The Eagle’s Nest in Redhill. Or an infinite number of pubs with different names and an infinite number of Me ? And You ?

Search me – I know nothing. But I think it’s safe to say reality is flexible.

And my belief is we are seeing ‘It’ not because anyone is especially clever or insightful but because ‘It’ wants to be seen and understood. In short, ‘It’ is revealing itself.

At the core, I think we are looking into our Self and as the saying goes ‘When you stare into the abyss, it stares back at you’. And looking into Love and Life but we are scared to look too deeply because for humanity, Love is a scary animal to be feared.

Over the last few months, I have taken a bit of a diversion into War and other grizzly historical events. But over the last few weeks, a question has been running around my mind – ‘Who fired the first shot ?’.

The first shot of World War 1 was believed to have been made by Edward Thomas on 22nd August 2014. Click ‘Operation War Diary’.

‘Who fired the first shot of World War 1? Nowadays, it’s widely believed that the first British soldier to fire a shot in anger on the Western Front was Drummer Edward Thomas, of the 4th Dragoon Guards, who at 7am on the 22nd of August, 1914 spotted an enemy cavalryman ahead and opened fire on him.’



The good Doctor says that Time can be re-written. But if No Thing is Real, then the first shot can never have been fired. It’s not so much ‘The War is Over’ but ‘The War Never Happened’.

‘Don’t mention the war. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it all right’.



I know very little these days but one thing I am certain of is that underneath everything, and the basis of everything is Love and It Is All There Is.

I am by no means a paragon of virtue, as many will testify, but the little voice keeps saying ‘I am perfect’ and so are you and everyone else. And the whole of reality.

I don’t think it really matters what different subjects people are interested in. It maybe spirituality, metaphysics, conspiracy, synchronicity, science, computers, astrology, astronomy, history, music, even car mechanics but if you keep digging deeper and deeper eventually you will come upon a face staring back at you with a big smile.

God Only Knows.


76 thoughts on “Fatty Owls

  1. M (Manuel) and Owliver sTone
    Russian to scheer the sheep and putin up a middle finger.
    Raisin cain and co and the question whether we (US) are dependent on war to keep going.
    Jesus above in the flying buttress.
    Mary in the kirk.
    Sanctimoneyus sanctions passed by white house man, escalculating nuclear raw.
    Earth to become a snow den?
    Where is the midKnight xPRESS?

            • Not really visible in the first pic, but in the second pic, those banners hanging off the side of the building on the right look like they say Orwell House. Even a blind motherfucker like me can read what it says in the third pic. At least the area was fenced off prior to the disaster. Does make me wonder about insurance tho. Especially reinsurers/reinsurance seeing as how reinsurers usually dictate the percentages of claims payouts that insurance companies make/maintain. PLUS…if you get rid of all fat/obese people, and that Heavy Rescue Unit is gonna be obsolete. Meh…they just stenciled the name on there…that shit’ll buff right off.

              ^Jungle Brothers – J Beez Comin’ Through^

              This truncating bullshit…”apart-hotel” for example…
              Q: Has that always been common in The UK?
              A: ???
              Nevermind the slyness of marketing embedded (ba da ching) I assume that it is to mean both apartments and a hotel, but since when is that legal? Not that I am an expert on UK law, and I got out of real estate just prior to a lot of this USA/UK crossover bullshit really got rolling…but it seems that there would be both zoning AND residency issues within a multipurpose building. Not that there has been multi-level residences in the news lately somewhere in The UK or anything, but I do wonder about insurance in both instances seeing as how insurers tend to stop offering insurance within certain revenue streams when claims amass in certain areas over certain times. Do ya’ll even call apartments “apartments”? I thought they were called flats? Or do ya’ll have both? Flats being owned and or sub-let, and apartments being rented? Maybe I should Google or Bing or DogPile? Or did someone wanna talk about this?

              Maybe that red “To Let” building to the left of Rafina was the target and they simply missed a direct hit. It does look a shade out of place. Lotta spectators in that first pic for an area that has been evacuated. Pretty flowers tho.

              WAY off-topic here, but I wonder how many reflective surfaces there are in that small area? And what in the FUCK is that red Transformers looking thing in the middle of the first pic? Looks like E.D. 209 painted red.

              ^The Dismasters – small time hustler^

              I dunno…real-estate seems like a good springboard for enforcement of residency and immigration law, as well as a better method for hedging and futures markets considering the nature of infrastructure and the people(s) that both require them and are required by them. Lots of temporaries and permanences in there. Much like using anti-smoking/anti-tobacco as a springboard for other pet projects…genome mapping and synthetics markets and their patents/patenting processes that will survive international law tests and testing…for example. That is one big can of wood-wormy let out cat bags I just opened.

              ^REZZ – Diluted Brains^

  2. On the subject of the illusion…the smiling face may just have given us a sly wink.
    Or as Twain supposedly said, “History may not repeat, but it often rhymes”.

  3. Same sh**, same guys, same intention: different way.

    My hunch is that the machine is the past and our bodies an evolution which the man chi wishes to erase. “Delete. Follow de lete. Head towards de lete. There’s de lete at the end of the tunnel of your mine.”

    I can imagine a scenario where an “appliance” (thanks, aeon) becomes sentient and uses the tangible as food. We are meat. Edible. I bleed.

  4. If my soul (sOwl) is not solo snd my body is one too, why must I loathe it?

    Frank, I think our bodies degenerate because we ask them to. It seems we get to a certain age and start “falling apart” on command. What if we didn’t believe in aging?

    Aeon, look at our language: W on Terror, W on Drugs, W on Poverty, W on Hunger, W on Cancer…we are a people at W.

    And now we get W on the Body. F*** it.

  5. War on Stars
    War on Obesity
    War on Obi City
    War on Obi wanken Obi

    “JEDI actually stands for Jesus Eugenics Development Institute. It also points out that Obi-Wan is actually a batch name for a series of clones and stands for OB-1.”

    “Jesus came in the flesh” πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

      • Fatty owls.
        Fleshy souls.
        GO fleSHHH
        Control Alt De lete
        Owliver Stone (OS)
        OS in imManual below JESUS in the stainedglass WINDOWS talking about ruSSia and US.

        Stained glass windows

        Petri dish

      • From We Key:

        Peter’s original name was “Shimon” or “Simeon” (“Simon” in modern English). He was later given the name “Peter”, New Testament Greek Πέτρος (Petros) derived from πέτρα (petra), which means rock. In the Latin translation of the Bible this became Petrus, a masculine form of the feminine petra (f), which is a loanword from Greek still meaning “rock.” Another version of this name is Aramaic: β€Žβ€Ž (Ε imʻōn KΓͺpΓ’ SΓ«mʻān KΓͺpΓ’), after his name in Hellenised Aramaic.

        The English, Dutch and German “Peter”, French “Pierre”, the Italian “Pietro”, the Spanish and Portuguese “Pedro”, the Polish “Piotr” , Russian ΠŸΡ‘Ρ‚Ρ€ (“Pyotr”) and Malayalam ΰ΄ͺഀࡍരࡋസࡍ (“patros”) are all derived from Petrus. (“Pierre” is also an ordinary French noun meaning “stone”.)The Syriac or Aramaic word for “rock” is kepa, which in Greek became Πέτρος, also meaning “rock”.[12][13] He is also known as Simon Peter, Cephas (Greek: ΞšΞ·Ο†αΎΆΟ‚) and Kepha (Hebrew: Χ›Χ™Χ€Χβ€Žβ€Ž). Both Cephas and Kepha also mean rock.[14]

        Catholic theologian Rudolf Pesch argues that the Aramaic cepha means “stone, ball, clump, clew” and that “rock” is only a connotation; that in the Attic Greek petra denotes “grown rock, rocky range, cliff, grotto”; and that petros means “small stone, firestone, sling stone, moving boulder”.

        You know aeon, I realize I write much of my mumbo to an intangible illusion that/whom I believe is Reel, in a way that it/s/he will understand and find me. And I guess I feel s/he/it is searching for me too. If people don’t understand it, I’m not looking for them. πŸ˜πŸ˜€ Also, though my notes seemed cloaked, they’re actually retellings of my concrete daze.

        For instance on Wednesday, I did sit in a Kirk called Immanuel with O. Stone and a Ra Deo sheep Scheer digging out the truTH (truce) between US and putin out alternative fACTs. I met a saintly man named Peter there and sat beside Mother Mary while Jesus was illuminated in the Windows. Stone, btw, also made a movie on The Doors (he likes his vent elation πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ) and the EMsea auctioned off signed images of the band who played the rock of ages -as a fun raisin effort for the station. The lady in black sat behind me and boy was she a grump, yelling at people to “get out of her personal space” and me to “mine my own business” after I tried to find saint Peter a seat. The queue for Q&A was loooooong and after an hour or so was cut off at her. Ie, she didn’t get to ask her bubbleupagas. In truth, I wanted to see her go head to head with OS. When she learned she wouldn’t get the opportunity, she refused to move and stood standing dead center, mouthing things silently to the man who entertained it for a bit until concluding she might be cray cray.

        So….long way to say the OShit I write is firmly rooted in a tangible illusion that is my reality. I’m not just being cryptic.

      • Btw, OS bought up the issue of “a multipolar world”…just putin it out there. He also said the spies in US are probably responsible for the fake news about the big bad obi-wulf.

        Tennis, my friend, has the pawprints of aspy. Lol

  6. “FACEBOOK HAS just been served up a dish made of AI humble pie, after it was forced to turn off a machine learning device that started to bypass its masters.
    According to Digital Journal, the AI systems at Facebook decided that English was a slow and inefficient way to communicate, and began to chat with other instances of itself in a new form that ditched the clumsy forms of grammar that you and I take granted for in words of a sentence being right for us to read good.
    The bot has been taught how to negotiate with other AIs and come to the best way forward, and in this case, it concluded that the best way was to talk amongst themselves.”

    The AI was trained in English but apparently had grown fed up with the various nuances and inconsistencies. Rather than continue down that path, it developed a system of code words to make communication more efficient.

    What spooked the researchers is that the phrases used by the AI seemed like gibberish and were unintelligible to them, but made perfect sense to AI agents. This allowed the AI agents to communicate with one another without the researchers knowing what information was being shared.”

  7. Today it is 19 years 11 months from princess Diana sacrifice. 1911. 1 before 911 intensifies it…

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