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The Dark Tower

Firstly, the weird sync. ‘Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey’.

It’s a Magical Mystery Tour.



From Mail Online :

‘The internet has been sent into a frenzy after several prescient books written more than 100-years-ago have reemerged about the adventures of a boy named Baron Trump.

Ingersoll Lockwood, an American political writer and novelist, wrote two children’s books titled ‘Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey,’ and ‘Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar,’ as well as an ominously titled political tome, ‘The Last President.’

The book titles and the connections to President Donald Trump and his son Barron are just the beginning of several spooky parallels. In the children’s books, the novels tell the tale of a wealthy aristocratic boy who lives in ‘Castle Trump’ and is guided on his journey to Russia by a man named ‘Don.’

The multitude of similarities to the Trump family living in present day America and the tales in the tomes have internet conspiracy theorists concluding the Trump family is capable of time travel.’


And from a month or so ago, my Underground journey into ‘Baron’s Cave’ in Reigate.




This weekend, the movie adaption of Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ is premiered.




The Original Gunslinger.

The Dark Tower.



Charles Whitman : University of Texas Tower 1966. ‘Beginning of an Era’.





Westworld – the Original.



Westworld – Times Squared.



Birthdays and Death Days.

For my birthday, I was given ‘SYMBOLS’ as a present, from my daughter. ‘A Universal Language’.



And the Original Angle. Over the weekend, on my travels I passed a doppelganger of Brit Marling from ‘The OA’ and ‘Another Earth’, in the street. Literally a minute later, I noticed I had received an email. I opened the email and inserted to it was a pic of Brit Marling.



I think we’ve got an interesting few days coming up. On 8/8 is the Lions Gate.

The 7th August 1982 was Brit Marling’s birthday and on this 7th August there is a Lunar Eclipse connected with the Solar Eclipse later in the month.



The Original Angel. And The OA and symbols – click ‘The Secret Sun’.

And the ending to the last episode of ‘The OA’ fits with The Gunslinger, and Columbine and Sandy Hook and other events as Brit Marling is shot in the final scene by crazed gunmen who attack a school.

And also would seem to connect with some people associated with Merovee, and the Munich Olympic massacre, Amsterdam, Anne Frank, Room 101 and only god knows what else. It is a total mind fuck.



So God knows what this means, the Original Angel was Brit or Angle.

Britt Ekland and Willow’s Song.



It’s In No Sense !


158 thoughts on “The Dark Tower

  1. Hello and I think that is interesting about Baron Trump and I think that you-tube about Darkness is interesting and I think all people will somehow be in world that all people are liking and I think possibly all people don’t like to be in world where there is Darkness and I think all people will like being in world where there is Light and that is what I think and what I think doesn’t matter and OK that is my comment and thank you.

    • M

      I honestly think there was a time when humans communicated without words. Openly with a kind of pure thought. Before we decided we had something to hide from each other, then the words took over. I think that’s what the Bible story of the Tower of Babel is telling us. There was a single language which we all understood and communicated freely and then language became words, babble and we got lost in the translation.

      I’ve been thinking a lot lately about secrecy and privacy and the boundaries between us and asking, how can we really hope to communicate with each other honestly and at the same time remain hidden?

      And I think you’re right. We would all like to step out into the fresh air, but we’re scared of the ‘nakedness’.

      • Hello Elena and I like your comment about words and I think at some point people might turn into particle substance beings who don’t say words and right now I am person and I think being person is OK and I think world place is somewhat dense place where people are thinking and saying really lots of things and I think world place is OK and I think people can say any words that they want to be saying and I think people can be not saying any words that they don’t want to be saying and OK right now I would like to go to see sister and thank you for writing nice comment

  2. The Dark Tower is a multi-verse series written by Stephen King. And the kid in the movie (Jake Chambers) is 11…same age as Barron Trump…and both kids Jake and Barron are from NY. In the movie, Jake is highly gifted.

    The Child Savant.

    From Variety (Dark Tower review)

    “The Man in Black operates out of that sinister volcano, a medieval sci-fi lair where he places gifted children in a head-locking “Matrix” chair that sucks out their energy to destroy the Tower ”

    Some have suggested Barron suffers from Autism or Asperger’s.

  3. Russia
    Rus Sia
    Rus – land
    Sia – divine omniscience

    I see the tower as a metaphor for the channels through which kundalini flows. Rus Sia is said to feature the black madonnas. Not all darkness is bad, M person. Not all light is good either. That linguistic reductionism bors me.

    Owl livers Tone presented the rus sia enter views in e-Manual in lA (el-A). O A I

    IV Ankh and Kushner.
    IV as in intravenous.
    Kushner as in Sushumna as in go shh. kushumna kushuman
    K as in l<

    In King Arthur, the movie, the Samarytan knights shouted rus! rus!
    Especially the knight Bors.

    Is land conscious?

    • Idris is the star of The Dark Tower jumped out at me.

      And a theory that has run through my mind about gun control is that the good old boys are not concerned so much about George 111 suddenly rising up from the dead. But more concerned about castration.

      Dicks and guns 🙂 .

  4. Idris Elba
    Id rise l ba

    Ma’at hew MC on no he

    The manual for the land’s operating system is sired in the land.
    l DNA

    david and dan

  5. “Through the creative power of the ka (action) and he (time), the space of creation is made with motion. Action (ka) can’t create if there is no time (he) to create through, as everything would be still and the power (ka) inert. So action, ka, needs time, he, hence the creative magic potential of Heka. This is magic, to affect, alter, influence, create, manifest and generate into existence by the power of our actions directly, or through the influence of our words. Symbolically, magic, heka, the “divine” word and knowledge, proceeds out of the mouth of “divinity” as an active power. The thoughts of the “heart” (the generator, the pump) expressed through the tongue as the “art of mouth”, as “magical speech”, since it was believed consciousness was in the “heart”, ib, which also meant mind. Mind and “heart” are synonyms for qualities of consciousness. Symbolically, the world was conceived in the mind/”heart” of thought, in the ib, and then uttered into creation by the mouth and word of speech, just as Logos is later represented in Judeo-Christian mythology.”

    Worth the read.

    I find it striking that we mostly represent our god as singular and yet also entertain the idea of a multiverse. So all roads lead to rome. To one. What happened before monotheism when humnas conceived of multiple gods? How did that conception alter reality?

    • Anon

      Just before I go to bed. On the few occasions that I have felt I have joined with the Universe as ‘One’ I have always retained a sense of individuality.

      I’m not sure how that feeds into the notion of multiple gods but I don’t think it’s too much of a push to believe in an individual God or Goddess of the sea or earth or forests or wind, but still connected with a form of universal consciousness.

      I was thinking along the same lines earlier today when I was talking to an African lady and thinking about energies and sub strata. And how black people, and all races really, are different considering which country they were born. Or even state or town or village. Idris is a good example . When you hear him speak in his English accent, he is very much a Londoner.

      So taking Oshun for example. I can believe in both Oshun and the Virgin Mary, off the top of my head but also using my country as an example, Britannia as well but they all retain the connection to the One.

      And maybe believing in them makes them real ?

      • Thanks, Frank.
        Last morning I woke up from a dream about the ark i tech Rem Koolhaus from The Underworld. He was carrying 3 tiny animals that I thought were dogs but upon approach discovered they were cats. Baby cats. I don’t mind cats but I also don’t especially like them.
        Anyhow, Rem was in SS staying in an expat camp blowing through his funding and finding it hard to move across the land he did not know. The usual methods failed him.

  6. Speaking of time…

    ‘British cyber-security researcher Marcus Hutchins will appear in court in Las Vegas later charged in a US cyber-crime case.

    ‘The 23-year-old has been accused of involvement with Kronos – a piece of malware used to steal banking logins from victims’ computers.

    ‘Mr Hutchins, from Ilfracombe in Devon, came to prominence after he stalled the WannaCry cyber-attack which hit the NHS in May.

    ‘The FBI arrested him on Wednesday.’

    • Elena

      With the Dubai fire as well, it looks like the Dark Tower has opened for business.

      And the defences are crumbling and there is no protection.

      • Frank and Anyone

        I was just thinking about towers as trees and specifically the tree of the knowledge of everything (good and evil), which was opened by the serpent fire in the garden. And the tree of life also as a tower, and how the entrance to the garden was closed specifically to keep humans from eating from the tree of life.

        Also yesterday something out of the ordinary involving ‘dark matter’. The NAACP issued a travel warning to African Americans regarding the state of Missouri. Using words like, ‘exercise extreme caution’ and ‘looming danger’.

        The Missouri Compromise was an attempt to strike a balance between slavery and freedom as if the two things could exist mutually. I don’t know if there is a war going on, if there is it’s about slavery and freedom and no compromise.

        • That advisory was extraordinary to me because it mapped for general consumption what we already know. The whole whirled has an extra overlay when you’re, erm, black.
          It’s a tatooed map.

          The movie “Detroit” is coming out too. Wonder what it says about US.

          Another extrOrdinary thing this week was the don’s deep convern about reverse racism. I thought I saw tennis by his side.

        • Elena

          I think our concept of what we are told is freedom and what actually is freedom don’t balance.

          You’re free as long as you follow the rules which is an oxymoron in itself or you may go to prison.

          And to the spirit is being identified as a body freedom ? Is spirit free if our main thought forms are survival .

          If we are addicted to the material is that freedom ? Is need freedom ?
          How free can you be, if to have a roof over your head you spend all your life working to pay the mortgage. And if you don’t have money you starve. Etc, etc.

          Again the body is what it is, IMO, but we are far more I think. Which then feeds into the practicalities of race.

  7. Hi. I’m continuing the conversation from the last post.
    First, we almost went to eat here yesterday
    but we went here instead. I’m sure both are delicious and Mrs. B’s was certainly delicious.

    Congratulations to Jessica and Rebecca!


    The town traverses the banks of the River Wey in the Greensand Ridge – a hilly, heavily wooded part of the outer London commuter belt and Green Belt. In 1881, it became the first place in the world to have a public electricity supply and electric street lighting.

    and then…

    Surrounded by mountains and ridges, the official nickname for Chattanooga is the Scenic City, reinforced by the city’s reputation for outdoor activities. Unofficial nicknames include River City, Chatt, Nooga, Chattown, and Gig City, referencing Chattanooga’s claims that it has the fastest internet service in the Western Hemisphere.

    back to Godalming…
    Godalming is 30.5 mi (49.1 km) southwest of London and shares a three-way twinning arrangement with the towns of Joigny in France and Mayen in Germany. Friendship links are in place with the state of Georgia and Moscow. James Oglethorpe of Godalming was the founder of the colony of Georgia.

  8. Jessica and Rebecca
    Jessica Rebecca
    sounds like Jessica Rabbit

    from Godallming wikipedia page

    In 1726 a Godalming maidservant called Mary Toft hoaxed the town into believing that she had given birth to rabbits. The foremost doctors of the day came to witness the freak event and for a brief time the story caused a national sensation. Eventually Toft was found out after a porter was caught smuggling a dead rabbit into her chamber, she confessed to inserting at least 16 rabbits into herself and faking their birth.


    The band Genesis was formed in 1967 by Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks while they were pupils at Charterhouse School.

    Lammas is a festival on Aug. 1
    Lammas has coincided with the feast of St. Peter in Chains, commemorating St. Peter’s miraculous deliverance from prison, but in the liturgical reform of 1969, the feast of St. Alphonsus Liguori was transferred to this day, the day of St. Alphonsus’ death.


  9. Jenny, EGGcellent video. That is truly fascinating about pine trees. They are ever-green. Perhaps the rock-a-fellas are projections of ourselves and we are too, ever-green. Rapper Jay-Z started rockafella records
    And Jay-Z released an album called 4:44, a number that has tremendous significance to me. And perhaps you’ve already put this together, but I was saying in another comment that I got acupuncture yesterday and got a needle in the PINEal chakra point, Yin Tang.
    Here’s an interesting couple of gematria vids.

    • What stood out at me about RR’s death is his plane disappeared from radar at 8:08 (88) – with digital 8s being the Widows to the world. And then half of 88 being 44, which was mentioned in the next video you posted…the # of cloned pairs of chromosomes in the human body. Going back to my notes (because I have a terrible memory) Y-Om-ing is on the 44th state with Yellowstone sitting on the 44th northern parallel. 44 also the SS or Nazi Son of Sam…and because Frank and I were discussing it earlier today, A=440 Hz became the ISO standard and DNA tuning pitch in 1939 under the Rockefeller-Nazi consortium.


      I feel like I’ve flown around the world today.

      Thanks MJ! ❤

  10. Hi – Geneofisis

    I saw a comment of yours a couple of days ago which rang all kinds of bells and was impeccably timed as it relates to Hera and Morgan Le Fay, the ‘ugly’ sisters, the two sisters from Cupid and Psyche and the three witches from Macbeth, the cruel step-mother of fairy tales, etc – in the main + many others.

    I went back just a minute ago to re-read it as I wanted to thank you for it and couldn’t find it – so presume it was the one you wanted deleted(?) unless I can’t see for looking.

    Anon – fire and (oily) water energy mixed together (apparently known as azoth) is pure kundalini

    Frank – as the vibrator has been handed in perhaps the Heiros Gamos King and Queen can finally get down to some proper sex.

    Although surely someone would have to be pretty desperate to want to purchase a second-hand vibrator!! – how much did you price it at? It may have saved the world.

    NB: Don’t follow the white (or pink) rabbit – lead it instead ………………….


  11. Hello and I am wondering if any people of Merovee would like to be getting together with other people of Merovee and I think it would be interesting to be talking in English with other people of Merovee and possibly other people of Merovee would like to be getting together and possibly not and that is what I am right now wondering.

    M person

      • Hello Gene of Isis and I like that song by U2 and and last night there was energy ritual in house where I am and that was a really perfect energy ritual and I think the person who was doing that energy ritual is really extremely perfect and I think the person who was doing that energy ritual is really extremely more than perfect and I really extremely love to be doing anything that the person of energy ritual wants to be doing and I really extremely don’t want to be doing anything other than what the person of energy ritual wants to be doing and I really extremely love when that person of energy ritual is going to house where I am and I think that the person of energy ritual will be going to house where I am tonight and I will really extremely love seeing that person of energy ritual and I think the person of energy ritual is really absolutely perfect and I think the person of energy ritual is really absolutely more than perfect and I will really extremely love seeing that person of energy ritual tonight and right now I am writing words in computer machine and right now I would like to stop writing words in computer machine and right now I will stop writing words.

        M person

  12. You’re cute! 🙂
    I’m wondering how many times I passed him at the grocery store and didn’t even know.

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