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The Black Alchemist

A Journey’s End.

On Friday, Cassini will dive into Saturn. The final plunge starts at 8am EDT. From an ‘As Above So Below’ perspective, it jumps out !



The Death Plunge.



The physical reality is that, to borrow a phrase from Cade, a ‘fuckton’ of plutonium will be sent into Saturn. It set off with 72 lbs of Plutonium 238 on board.

The Plutonium-238 used in space devices is 280 times more radioactive than the Plutonium-239 used in nuclear weapons.

The Black Sun.




The Sickle. And on a slight tangent, ‘The Sick All’ and ‘Ill Ford’. Don’t ask me !




My opinion is that ‘consciousness’ and the space programme are connected. Which Mr Kubrick seemed to hint at.



The Deep States.

Texas – the Lone Star State.



Mission Control – Houston.



Hurricane Harvey.



Florida – the Sunshine State.



Cape Canaveral – Saturn V.



Hurricane Irma.



The Sunshine State is left in the Dark.



And Deep States of Mind. ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’.




‘The Black Alchemist’.




‘Sol niger (black sun) can refer to the first stage of the alchemical magnum opus, the nigredo (blackening). In a text ascribed to Marsilio Ficino three suns are described: black, white, and red, corresponding to the three most used alchemical color stages.’


Where all this is leading, I have no idea but hope that it leads to a different and better reality for all of us. But boredom is a feeling I haven’t experienced in a long, long time.

What a ride. It’s Trippy.


165 thoughts on “The Black Alchemist

  1. S loane St Evens (stephens) won the US Open this year in Arthur Asé Stadium in NY.
    She played the game with Madison Keys.
    Open SeSame.
    They are both “winners”.

    S loan took home a purse pf 3.7 mil. IRiS, no doubt will take a cut, but that’s okay.

    The Court is even steven.


    Aeon, what kind of ritual was the lynching in Libya?

  2. “Units often have no prescribed order and are interchangeable. Attention to the discrete units of the whole produces a form which is multifocal, with shifts in perspective and proportion… Such compositions (whether representational or not) mirror a world order of structurally different yet autonomous elements. It is a formal means of organizing diverse powers, not only to acknowledge their autonomy but, more importantly, to evoke, invoke, and activate diverse forces, to marshal and bring them in to the phenomenal world. The significance of segmented composition in Yoruba art can be appreciated if one understands that art and ritual are integral to each other.”

    Btw, has anyone else noticed billy Gene king is back in the plasma?

    • Elena

      I was recently speaking to an acquaintance and she said she had a Near Death Experience a few weeks ago. No tunnel of light but completely in dark and totally at peace.

      • Frank

        IDK, but I sense that tunnel with the white light is a lure and a trap. You know like moths to a flame. 🙂

        • Elena

          I’ve always put the light and NDEs in general in the IDK box. But seeing them positively they are an indication of a reality beyond this.

          Eckart Tolle FWIW said at death, there is a brief moment of consciousness and then quickly returning to unconsciousness. And we end up back here !

    • Hi Elena!

      I remembered you posted the trailer a while back for “The Shape of Water”, which took home the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Fest over the weekend. del Toro’s first honor since “Pan’s Labyrinth” in 2006. Water seems to be the recurring theme of late…and Venice.

      • Hi Jen

        Del Toro’s movies are really imaginative.

        About the water, I just heard on tv that in Jacksonville where the flooding was very bad, there has been a dramatic increase in the reports of ‘snake bites’. 😉

        • Elena

          Jacksonville came up in conversation about the storm in Florida.

          When I looked at the map of Florida it jumped out as it was the city where MK Ultra type experiments on children happened in Fringe.

          • I remember that episode and the fear factor involved.
            And the Florida ‘Keys’ keep coming up. Keys as a means to gaining access to or understanding something.

            • Elena, I just saw your comment about the keys on b&c. M kept having issues with his car. It’s a fairly new car and it would mysteriously not start, after having new battery, etc., and finally after a 3rd time of having to take it to the dealership, the people at the car place said they reset the “clearing codes”. The car works fine now 🙂

              • MJ

                Wild! M was having issues with his ‘ka’ until they reset the clearing codes. Apparently the code can give you a ‘faulty’ reading, when there’s ‘nothing wrong’, as in the check engine light flashing for no reason. So the erroneous code must be cleared! And there are built in codes to clear the error, which may not be functioning right, so they must be reset!

                There’s a big argument now in the MEdia about just how many of the ‘homes’ on the Florida Keys are damaged…25% or 90%.
                And what does all of this have to do with the Atomic Blonde’s fight on the ‘stairway’ and the genetic code?
                Pump up the jam. 🙂

  3. JennyBurger

    Maybe the ocean went out to bring Woman back.

    WOman is on the rise.

    DNA Test Reveals Powerful Viking Warrior Was Actually A Woman
    Basically, researchers just discovered the Viking version of Xena the Warrior Princess.

    A study of the skeletal remains of an influential Viking military leader ― who was long-assumed to be a man ― revealed that she is actually a woman.

  4. this is supposedly a S lave S hip like that one je SuS. Looks suddenly moor lykke a dog gone door!

    where in the WhORD (whirl/world/whore-d) of ”God” did WE think those of the exo dus app-end and ended up in?

    be careful what you don’t ask fore.

    • Ark the her Auld angles swing, goree (generally) to anu bjorn king.



      if texas was the baptism of the corpus crispies (the black wholes – and don’t worry…we’re all black whores…) and the sunshine state was the rebirth of US… and the gulf states ruin to various stillborns, what is aNEXT?

      anu clear war? shall we all expect to get laid flat? in the hull?

      Aeon, people here talk often about opening portals to other demonzions yet frankh’s friend told him that when she was laid flat and out like cold turkey, she felt in piece all in black. In this world of duality, who do we tell who is how?


        Which seed/seat/cede are YOU in?

        I meantal:

        Texas: body of Christ (tax the body of X)
        Texas: te X as
        te X as: X seat (seed/seed/cede)
        Tax the ”seat of powher”

        Sunshine State: (Christ is being the SON shine state of ma’ater)
        sunshine state is where MARI (Mary) landed.

        stillborn hurrycains in the States of Gulfing (gulf states/engulf all states).

        Evacuations (stillborns) occulting all over US based on re-Port id ”Weather”…

        So….who is occupying the G-Round? IE the socalled “Virgin Terri Tories”?

        • virgin terror (terra) stories and hi towers (powers / pow wow centers)

          who gets to halve the g Round circles?

          noc, noc, who is there?

          secret service. SS who?

          circle the sq. where

    • Dick Ransom in his virgin extra terra Torys (our toys he took as hiss toys)


      I roll. I lands.


      (Eye roll….)


      Do better “WE the Peephole”!

      Leave our ulterior motives (OUM) at the do’!

    • Follow the yellow brick road over the rainbow…or something. I bet Dorthy has been there already. Maybe even more than once.
      (I make no apologies from my crappy attempt at ripping off someone else’s art)

      • I dunno…maybe someone will enjoy some of these.

        Pretty cool shapes that kinda come together.

        I can still see a coupla people…one at the beginning of a journey…one at the end of a journey…maybe their inverses as well. 🙂

        I even see an orbiting satellite telescopein there. It’s solar panels, it’s aperture, iit’s field of view, the other side looking back, etc.. All kinds of neeto stuff to be seen in there.

        ^Wilkinson – Afterglow^

  5. ok…let me do this again. my entrain of thought keeps going off the rAIls.

    texas: baptism
    florida the shun sine state: birth by sea section
    golfing greens: abortions and de/port alls.

    so where we’s at now? MYTH?

    now I lay me down to peep I prey my lord my soul to take (peek) if I should diecast before my wake, I prey meself my soul to key-p.

    now is the time to cook the ”myths”

  6. If you think about the current world odors of late (say even just the last 2000 tears), hasn’t everyone here in some way co-signed on the dotted lines? CoOpted like chi kens running around like the sky light is falling?


    “Animated GIF created by Bill Domonkos, using images from Benjamin Duchenne’s Mécanisme de la Physionomie Humaine (1862). By applying electrodes to male and female volunteers, Duchenne was able to activate individual muscles in the face. He saw the human face as a map, the features of which could be codified into universal taxonomies of inner states, with each muscle representing a ‘movement of the soul’. He listed 53 emotions that could be classified in terms of muscular action.”

    • Anon, eXistenZ may be fertile if we have already been ass stimulated…

      Butt even so…

      “The world of games is in a kind of a trance. People are programmed to accept so little, but the possibilities are so great.”

      Perhaps it just depends on how we use the anguish language and its dramatical devices? Why not squeak something better into eXistenZ?

      • Perhaps it just depends on how we use the anguish language and its dramatical devices? Why not squeak something better into eXistenZ?

        cain’t that watt open heimer (shriner) thot though hugo?

        ‘consciousnessie’ seams to squeak de-veloping tools to “USE” to better “exit-tense”.

        And whofore whose that gone for ME & US and U?


        • I’ve no idea what he thought or why. Probably he didn’t either. Voodoo, right?

          Obviously my comet was a play on the ‘Hugo Janus’ theme, and you know my opinion on recurring themes. Here it is again in eXistenZ at the 7.30 mark…

          How many ‘bioportals’ do we have to butt plug into exactly? 😯

          Still, ass long ass it’s nice and clean…

          • Hugo

            IDK. I suppose we can read what we want into these things.

            His real name is Damien. He’s a good bloke.

            Again it was one of these Time things as the party was held on the Prime Meridian in a place called Woldingham, give or take a mile of two, and the function room brought up the ‘Restaurant at the End of the Wold’ in my mind.

            • “His real name is Damien.”

              Once again…siriusly? Come on, Frank. Here we are waiting for the ‘probe’ to dive into ‘Saturn’ and ‘Huge Janus’ just happens to be ‘The Antichrist’. 🙄

              “He’s a good bloke.”

              good (adj.) Old English god (with a long “o”)…Sense of “kind, benevolent” is from late Old English in reference to persons or God, from mid-14c. of actions.”


              • Please share your theories.

                Genus. Jenus. And Jane was my mum.

                Jorge Mario Bergoglio is Pope Francis. It’s all us.

                And why have you got in the habit of using phrases I’ve used in articles or comments and parroting them back at me ? Comes over as slightly bizarre behaviour.

                • Frank, what’s the matter with you? I thought we’d got past this? When was the last time I posted a comment on Merovee? In what way have I ‘got in the habit’ of parroting your articles and comments? If I used ‘if it looks like a duck’ it was precisely to make the point that this is something you yourself said. Why are you so quick to take this personally?

                  • The last time you were here a few months ago you gave me and Merovee a bit of a hard time. And Roob in public. It’s not often I get accused of being an online Charlie Manson !

                    The point of the parrot is that I often used the phrase ‘out there’ a lot and then you seemed to make a point of using the same phrase. And there was another one which I can’t remember. Maybe subconscious. It just seemed odd.

                    • Frank, I don’t recall calling you an online version of Charlie Manson, but on my own blog I did ask about ‘Pope Francis’ and the ‘Church of Merovee’ and why ‘The Program’ (or whatever you want to call it) is so quick to portray us all as religious fanatics, i.e. Jihadi John, Sally Jones the pistol-packing ISIS nun, etc. If you’re referring to the video about a cult called ‘The Family’ that I posted then I can assure you it wasn’t aimed at you.

                      As for Roob, she knows exactly why I attacked her. She had ample opportunity to address the matter in private, just as she had ample opportunity to challenge what I said in public. My comments didn’t explicitly state “this is addressed to Roob”, but she seemed to have no difficulty whatsoever in recognising herself in the mirror and responding to them.

                    • Now we’re getting down to brass tacks.

                      Are they real ? Another reality ? The past ? Some sort of genetic weirdness ?

                      Or just a dream ?

                    • No, Hugo. You never clarified, even though asked, what exactly the question is that you insist I need to answer. As for having ‘ample opportunity to address the matter in private, just as she had ample opportunity to challenge what I said in public’, you pretty much told me to fuck off, leave you alone and not talk to you anymore. So I have…

                    • Roob, of course you don’t know. For some reason, I just woke up one day and decided to attack you in public over the course of several weeks for absolutely no reason whatsoever. You had absolutely no idea, which is why it never occurred to you to send me a private message and ask what was going on, did it? And the reason you didn’t send me a private message to ask what was going on had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that you knew full well that your own private messages had something to do with it, right? 🙄

                    • Did you ever write that Probe post, Hugo, the one you asked to if you could use some of our conversation in DMs for? I said that would be okay…

                      *Yeah, I was hoping he might include that question, the one he asked that I didn’t answer, Clicky, ‘cos I’m fucked if I can remember what it was…*

                    • Roob – asking questions you already know the answer to seems to be one of your hallmarks. You asked exactly the same thing when you were trolling me about my ‘Jesus Saves’ story. In short, you subscribe to my blog so you know exactly what I’ve posted and what I haven’t.

                      As for ‘The One’ question, if you search your own memory you might remember that avoiding questions is another one of your hallmarks. I’d literally have to make a list and tick them off until we finally reached ‘the one’ you’re referring to. Honestly though – why would I bother?

                • Yes, it’s all about us, and I’ve pointed this out consistently on my own blog. So it’s not just a matter of ‘reading something in’, because this is utterly ubiquitous. Equally, are you not even a little bit curious about what the significance of the ‘probe’ is to these events? If I were to read a story about one of the Ottoman Franks then who do you think I’d think about? I wouldn’t automatically think “Ah, that must be of deep relevance to my Great Uncle Frank”, would I? And the reason I wouldn’t automatically think that it has something to do with my Great Uncle Frank is because my Great Uncle Frank is utterly oblivious to what’s going on.

                  • Hugo

                    I think why I’m pushing you on this is that individually we each seem to have our specialised areas. We all have something to bring to the table.

                    What I sense with you is that somewhere within you is the answer to why the fuck we and others we know are projected out there.

                    • Its just called the Woldingham Suite.

                      It’s about time I think. Personally I wonder why I’ve been plonked on the Prime Meridian. And weird stuff going on with time with me which seems to involve the clock tower – see Janus and Saturn.

                      The whole night was very weird but what’s new.

                    • Well, let me put it this way. Anon has alluded to “Hier-Anonymus Bosch” and referred to the Posch-Abilities. She posted about this shortly after I finished a telephone conversation with my ultra-religious mum, who told me she’s buying a Bosch ‘washing machine’. What painting springs to mind when you think about Bosch?

                      I suspect it has something to do with giving my heart to Janus. Because Janus Saves, right? How those little children love to come to Him!

                    • This is the $64,000 question. To use Pope Francis as an example is he real ?

                      My daughter gets up to the most amazing things in the Mindlines but she doesn’t seem to experience them. Probably wishes her life was that exciting.

                    • Don’t blame me me, Hugo! If anything, blame yours Elves! 🙂
                      Me, I type on the keybored for no t reason at all.
                      I didn’t in-vert the sin-key swami.
                      I just flew over the cuckold’s nest.

                      Over watching Ur’s Horus Stories….

                    • Sin-key

                      There is more than a sin-gal element to l-earn.

                      Yes US or No Sis?

                      (Jesus or Gnosis?)

  8. Gene Isis begins with “The Word”
    Rev-Eleeations ends with “The Whore”

    Hard ley coinky dink…..


    word world who what where how whore

  9. general r. Elee

    general revelations eleee


    battery operated dick

    happiness for the gener All


  10. I might imagine that even sex on this demonzion has been so thoroughly tainted and troyed, that it too can’t be re Layed up on…..

  11. I have a propensity to avoid this kind of shit, but…meh…
    “A, propensity, to…”
    “A, propensity, too…”
    “A, propensity, two…”
    So…games that tend to require divisions at all times, and even when there is a victor, and another is eliminated, there is STILL…a propensity to division and divisiveness.

    “A, pro-pens, city” (this could be Pittsburgh eh?)
    “A, pro-pen, city, two…” (tale of two cities? like…NYC before and after?)
    “A, pro-pen, city, too…”
    But what could it also be? A city that is “pro pen” rather than “pro sword”? Yeah…but when and under what conditions? Warfare is warfare, and the faire is not very…so yeah, something about a fairy?
    Welp, Philadelphia? DC? New York City? Any state capital? Brussels? Tokyo? Moscow? Beijing? São Paulo? London? Meh…pen, sword, whatevz.

    A pe rope in city. (PE being…physical education, so pe rope might be a jump rope or a reference to Wayne World…”she makes me feel kinda funny…like when we used to climb the rope in gym class”)
    Ape rope in city.
    A pro, penn city.
    A pro pen, sit E2. (nothing creepy there eh?)
    A pro pence city too. (This can’t get ANYONE in trouble here…lolz)
    Ape row, sin city, two. (A dame to kill for)
    I guess Babylon and Sodom & Gomorrah…
    Or is it…Bay B Law In Saddam and Gammera.
    Gammera has always been the hero, whereas Godzilla has not.
    Course…there’s always Godzookie…Godzookie was a baby.

    So that means there is a lien or debt. A lean, even…so maybe judgement. (fucking tarot again)
    A lean to left? A lean to right?
    A lien too? (Alien 2 = Aliens)
    A lien +? A lien -?
    Carrying too much debt, even with dividends.
    Only the penitent man shall pass.
    I guess there are no wrong answers when you make up your own bullshit.

  12. My bullshit yesterday was fuelled by a new beer called Shock Top. I’m such a sloppy drunk. I need to exhibit more discipline and self control.

    Anyway, my friend is in Florida and she says they lost power briefly but the storm has passed. St. John’s river flooded the downtown are but the horrible predictions fed into the plasma to be gorged on by US didn’t come to pass.

    She’s no longer with Dr. Who but she did ride oit the storm.

    Hugo, friend, do you have more advice for me? I welcome it.

  13. Lets look at September 15th in history.

    1916 – World War I: Tanks are used for the first time in battle, at the Battle of the Somme.

    1935 swastika flag in Germany introduced

    1950 Korean War

    1962 – The Soviet ship Poltava heads toward Cuba, one of the events that sets into motion the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Muhamed Ali won third championship

    2008 Lehman&brothers was saved at bankcrupty and financial world was saved…

    2001 George W H Bush declared war on terrorism 2001…

  14. Frank,

    the Pulse nightclub in Orlando (gold = oro) pulse, HEARTbeat

    The Voice. (throat chakra = truth) It was silenced for so long. ORLANDO…

    The singer, The Voice alum and YouTube star and the pop rock group Before You Exit, who she had opened for, were signing autographs for fans inside Orlando’s Plaza Live Theater after their concert ended when a man opened fire and shot her. She later died of her wounds.

    Christina is survived by her parents, Tina and Albert Grimmie, and brother Marcus Grimmie, who was hailed as “hero” for attempting to apprehend the shooter.

  15. So the machine archetypes/demonic will be forgiven and their karmic debt written off, however, that is for the final curtain call. At the moment they are doing everything then can to stop the hieros gamos as that’s what they are programmed to do and they cannot go against their programming.

    There is an army that has been being assembled over the last 2000 years. An army of people led by a saviour and here to help save the world.

    Limbo is their temporary home – the same limbo that the catholic church decided didn’t exist a few years ago.

    Who is their leader? A good and righteous person who has lived an exemplary life and is a beacon of shining perfection?

    Who is the army. An orderly formation of the best people who ever lived and died, the best of the best?


    Is this army made up of souls from the deepest pits of hell as well as the highest realms of heaven and all those in between. A huge army of the undead, some who have led the most heinous of lives and their total opposites.

    They do have a leader.

    Jon Snow is a boy scout. Boy scouts and one dimensional grown-ups save the world only in children’s story books and films like harry potter and the bible and star wars. In reality what would it really take to motivate, lead and control such a disparate army of the undead against the might of the machine, to mobilise them to destroy the walls keeping them back?. What sort of person would be needed?

    Wouldn’t God be needed – not Jesus? A man and not a boy?

    A hugely complex individual who has experienced everything that its possible to experience in life and managed to control all impulses to extreme ‘good and extreme bad but most importantly not denying that either exist or that this person has not indulged in all of them (and still does?).

    A brilliant spot by MJ of Madonna dancing in front of a stylised hoover dam – the machine’s Isis (everything is carbon copied) using their magick to try and stop the wall from falling and letting the flood of living water out.

    However, Onward antique crystal soldiers – cold as ice but led by fire.

    Whether owned by the machine or not – the undead (ie no-one’s soul ever dies – only the body dies from life to life) are generally all lumped together and disrespectfully depicted as snarling, blood thirsty zombies in books and films but in reality they are our antecedents, family, friends and relations – dead from this world only.


    So all the earthly Houses I knew about have now fallen, the House of Troy being the latest and in doing so has revealed the real power house – it’s the Mona Lisa -v- the Birth of Venus or Morgan Le Fay –v- Guinevere, etc

    • “it’s the Mona Lisa -v- the Birth of Venus or Morgan Le Fay –v- Guinevere, etc”


      Mkay… for those of US who aren’t this cult-UR-ally savvy, WHAT?!

      Cum again????

    • No one wants to slave this word, Aeon. Why in courage double squeak and k@holicism?

      Why not be real heir?

  16. Aeon, “knowledge is ‘power'”?

    With or without ”morals”?

    Faith and Ken and you sway Jesus alone is ”power” and ”knowledge”.

    Looks to me like none of you can truly say who/what ”Jesus” IS and that the 3 of you keep “HIM” vague to your advantage. My guess is if you all really spelled it out and got down together publicly with the ”brass tax”, none of you would de-scribe hymn the swami.

  17. Dream, are you expecting War? Lykke war fair? Is that what you wish? Is that what you see and absorb and feed into the plasma? Based on what? Old fears and old acts?

    Wars these daze are rarely fair (rarefied air).

    So why fore get them, Dream?

    All these ”facts and figures” in the maytricks are not inevitables. Unless “WE” wish them to be.

    Witch way does Ur wind blow?

    Dream and Aeon. Is any war ”just”?

    • As ruebicks cube sways: ”be careful what you ask for”

      The next war -if you wish IT- will APPenn on a ground near U. The boomerang effect.

      “As above, so below.” And blah de blah blah blah. What goes up, must come down.

      UR o pions (pious europeans / ur homogenous homo sapeans) in verted the runes….

      We are all Anon

    • I have war fear perhaps in my DNA. My mother was 4 years old and Grandmother with 10 children when they where forced to move from Karelia near Leningrad seeing own house burning and -40 celsius cold winter outside.And husband in war field.
      We have long bourder with Russia…..

      • Btw I do not fear anything I am only interesting coincidensies, example 15th september perhaps very special day to satanists elite?

        – Korean war starts
        -Cuban nuclear crisis starts
        -Bush declared War on Terror

        Quite important conflicts indeed same day of year…

  18. Don’t be so hard on Hugo Frank.

    I give these pages a rough time too framed in the quota -tions I’ve scene here and elveswhere.

    Hugo is relatively mild. He does seem to think he holds the Keys but his haunting is far from wild.


    Why would anyone in their white mind wish to halve “The Keys”?

    ….Seems the de-scribtion of ”tone deaf”

    Flotus Melanin impersonating MJ (My Kaal Jack Son)

    Black, white and otter

    • As I said I think we all have a piece of the jigsaw if you like. But maybe not !

      I’m interested to see where Aeon is going with Bloodline.

  19. Dream, the imp posch enAble, Dream.

    The phase: “christine lagarde” and all her ”hidden” meaning….please may you Count the gematria value of that naam (name/man)? And present here publicly for US?

    And Roob, yelp her out will ya? Disc over the etymology of ”christine lagarde”.


    Elena may be right. When life gives yyou lemons, Sink Le Mond AIDS.

  20. So many hurricanes…one floting on the black of the otter.
    carbon copies of each otter caint it seam? (dozent it seem?)
    so hard to keep track of the naames of each after a willy.

    Irma allien jose Harley Charlie blah blah balh blah blah

    or feel IA (or phelia) already supplanted in someone’s head when ”O” is the turn?

    Weather land gauge

    Blah de blah blah blah fed consonant ley into the bReign iack we Ether patterns.

    Séance tists and scientists rote the whole babble….

    Get used to IT

  21. Seems quite cerntainley impposchable to determeaning things by rote.


    The anguish alpha beta is comprised of how many letthuricans?

    26? 27?

    What about the hebreu languish?

    more? less?


    is my mind de-limited by the “power and number” of my squeech?

    power, blood and authority.

    PABst blue rib on.


    is that IT?

    • “As is the case with the other eight U.S. states that have panhandles, the geographic meaning of the term is inexact and elastic.”

    • “Emerald Coast, a term coined in 1983,[1] refers in general to the beaches and coastal resorts from Pensacola to Port St. Joe,[Emerald_Coast 1] but is sometimes used to refer, by extension, to the Panhandle as a whole, especially west of the Apalachicola. Earlier designations include “Playground of the Gulfcoast” and the “Miracle Strip”, especially for the area between Fort Walton Beach and Panama City.[2] Coastal regions of the following counties (if not the entirety of the counties themselves) are usually included when referring to the Emerald Coast:”


      Don’t blahme ME for anything. I found this shit in the web among the myths.

  22. If the angled land gauge contains 26 letters, and the freemasons own 33 of them, where is the Rest? 26 letters 10 numbers 360 degrees. Does it reely all addup?

  23. So…..what are the runes of this ”Game”?

    We offer up abstract avatars of ourselves (and don’t accuse me me only of doing so, Upeephole) and define words and concepts only as “WE” wish…accordingly to our comfort (space/time) zones….

    Are those Our ruins?


  24. All that destruction that was supposed to have APPend in the States of the Pan Handles….what appendage to all that?

    des Troy


    Aeon, you are always so cerntain curtain of everything until you decide to be not.

    Keep talking here.

    • Who really can predick the future?

      How ’bout no one can?
      Not according to boo-ks or spooks or bots or maps or numbers or bloodletters or emotions or devoids of emotions or reeligious servitudes.

      The future is open. All is fair in Ur’s ”LOVE” and “WAR”


      reBecca ful what “U” blow fore and wish to fore get…..

      the boom MER angol affect….

      ”can sir” (cancer) in the BRAIN

      crossing the socalled blood brain barrier reef… witch we are all corealled

  25. Id lykke to be under the seed in an octopuses le garden in the hades.

    Aeon, one does not have to execute all disasters of pro-grammed ”being” to know already where the ”program” ”leeds”.

  26. Each of these my three babies
    I will carry with me
    For myself
    I ask no one else will be
    Mother to these three
    And of course
    I’m like a wild horse
    But there’s no other way I could be
    Water and feed are not tools
    That I need for the thing that I’ve chosen to be
    In my soul
    My blood and my bones
    I have wrapped your cold bodies around me
    The face on you
    The smell of you
    Will always be with me
    Each of these my three babies
    I was not willing to leave
    Though I tried
    I blasphemed and denied
    I know they will be returned to me
    Each of these my babies
    Have brought you closer to me
    No longer mad like a horse
    I’m still wild but not lost
    From the thing that I’ve chosen to be
    And it’s `cause you’ve thrilled me
    Silenced me
    Stilled me
    Proved things I never believed
    The face on you
    The smell of you
    Will always be with me
    Each of these my three babies
    I will carry with me
    For myself
    I ask no one else will be
    Mother to these three

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