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Doctor Mars

Are these pics likely in the real world ? Or more to the point, what is the real world ?

After Dr Janus, it’s Doctor Mars. Or the Mars Doctor.



And Prometheus Medical Ltd.



Nobody knows I’m a Martian. It’s a secret known only to Initiates 🙂 .



The Black Goo and Prometheus.




And a few hours after I took the pics, it was announced that the 2024 Olympic Games will be held in Paris. And the 2028 games in Los Angeles.

In order to get to La La Land, we have to visit Paris. Or something like that.



Time, yet again with Paris. And 8/4/2024 is the date of the next US solar eclipse ( thanks Jen ).

The Criss Cross.



And the solar eclipse in 2024 passes through Paris and Austin, Texas. And Dallas. Why am I not surprised.



Paris, Texas.



When Time Stopped.

The UT Tower – Austin : 1/8/66.



Frozen in Time.



It would seem to about US.


14 thoughts on “Doctor Mars

    • TTN


      ‘A sudden event that imparts energy or excitement, usually with a dramatic impact’.

      And just playing – Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention 🙂

  1. This is a really good interview if anyone wants to know about this person from Texas who really gets to the nitty gritty about the sandy hook event that didn’t happen.

    I know everybody here is past sandy hook, knowing that it didn’t happen, but the strangeness of it is on a level close to 9/11, and what I mean is that after investing only a little, you learn that it’s even too weird to be a conspiracy.
    Aurora, Batman, James Holmes, Sandy Hook. They fabric of reality isn’t staying “constant” so that logic is losing its upper hand since logic needs constant field to measure cause/effect.
    Anyway, where are we? I notice this paranormal highway goes through southern Illinois, code 618.

    • Thanks MJ 🙂
      Interesting Wolfgang was trained and certified, presumably in Texas, by FEMA and Dept of Homeland Security for Active Shooter events (13:45). Wonder if he was trained at the defunct SSC’s underground facility. In 2001, the tunnels were turned into a terrorist training camp for active shooter events. Little to nothing is heard about it these days and zero has come to fruition on the ‘economic boom’ it was supposed to bring to Texas…but proof it exists or did or something…

      Like you said, the fabric of reality isn’t constant. Something is severely off kilter in this realm.

  2. Anon

    Mona Lisa –v- Venus – is the civilised woman v the whore. The ML is clothed and refined and sat demurely. V is standing naked in the sea her long hair being blown about by the wind. The Adman and Eve story – ie they realised they were naked and began to clothe themselves. They decided to try and obscure their animal selves with layers and layers of sophistication and civilisation, ie they were lying to themselves about who and what they really are. All souls are animal – latin for soul is anima – your heart and soul is located in your genitals where the kundalini (dragon/snake) resides also.

    Morgan le Fay wanted Lancelot but Lancelot loved Guinevere. G was married to Arthur. In the end, however, L & G had an affair.

    In the alchemical tarot the Empress is shown with her child, this child is not the child of the Emperor. Ergo the hieros gamos is between two people who are not married to each other but married to others.

    Marriage is a construct based on fear and not love. If I don’t get married I’m not normal, everyone else is married but me, I’ll die alone, have no-one to look after me when I’m old/sick, people will judge my children, I’ve said these words in front of loads of people so I’m duty bound to obey them, will suffer guilt for the rest of my life if I don’t, etc, etc.

    I appreciate that’s a generalisation and I’m sure there are people who marry for love and have a great marriage but generally speaking the marriage vows we have are all about shoe horning two people together for life no matter what. Essentially you should be with someone because you want to be with them not because you are legally obliged to be.

    The pen is mightier than the sword. The pen*s mightier than the words – ie what a man’s p***k wants is stronger than any vow.

    Anyway I just heard that Morgan died.


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