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On Friday I came across The Way.



And on Saturday, I came across the Sirius Collection. By the light of the Sirius Moonlight.



Experience has shown me something would come of this and I developed a Fever. I’m burning up.



And Harvey Weinstein.



On Saturday, Jenny and I watched ‘The Butterfly Effect’ movie. And life has become like a carbon copy of the movie.

Shortly afterwards Jenny had to make a trip and drove through a 1000 butterflies presumably on their migration. And I realised I was wearing a butterfly T shirt.



Ashes to Ashes.






92 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Anon

    Who are these women – they are the seven sisters

    Why don’t I walk the other way around the cube?

    As below – so above.

    Once something is realised down here then it can be realised up there.

    What we do down here has an effect up there.

    Improbable as it may sound, the people playing this game have avatars in the machine (indeed everyone has an avatar it‘s just that most never properly wake up enough to do any damage, they walk blindly into pre-prepared mind control prisons like religion/ambition, etc and there they stay until death).

    These avatars are characters who can act for us up there when we do things down here.

    The matrix films go some way to explaining this. For example in ‘reality’ Neo is shaven headed, dressed in rags with holes all over his body. When plugged back into the machine they are showing us his avatar – sleek and assured, wearing black.

    Up there battle is fought with swords and guns and fists but down here for most of us – battle is fought with words and seemingly trivial actions. Our actions down here determine how the battle is fought up there.

    The time when you say a kind word to someone or forgive someone is a most powerful action down here and corresponds to the power your avatar has up there to do real damage to the machine that controls this world. That is why to hurt someone else is only to hurt yourself. However, as an adjunct to that – if you turn the other cheek enough times you generally get your face pummeled in.

    There is a fine line to walk all the time between passivity and aggression.

    To think for ourselves in any given situation is the thing the machine wishes to stop us from doing at all costs. It loves black and white thinking – you do this all the time or you do that all the time – perish the thought you should mix it up.

    That is also why when the elite perform their own sex and death rituals down here it allows their avatars to strengthen the machine up there and create their own mighty fighting force to keep the people in perpetual confusion and slavery. But don’t hate or envy them; their souls are owned by the machine and are eternally at its mercy or lack thereof.

    In addition to the avatars there are of course the people who have died from this life who are up there too – and not owned by the machine. There have been many battles but like TTN says the war is coming. A great army is being prepared in opposition – an allied force of people who all want freedom.

    Interestingly Google have Clare Hollingwood on their banner today – she broke the news of WWII – does TTN have the scoop this time?


    Cock, penis, ring, bell ring, bell end, lord of the rings, ring of fire, wedding ring – I don’t know – all this makes my head hurt most of the time……. What I do know is that the Magician from the Alchemical Tarot has been placed over the King of Swords.

    Today I got told about four green apples and a red cherry and now the High Sparrow with his VI-kings – five eye kings or six kings, sex kings, sex kings on fire?

  2. AEON

    Your post is IMO is near some things pointed out in this article.

    The church folks say that the nearer you gets to god the more the devil steps in and try’s to drag you back.

    Spiritual people say similar things but with different wording.

    I have a mind that says: the deeper within self you go, the more the ego mind try’s to coax or frighten you out.

    IMO the outside god, (sky god) and devil, (pitch fork guy) that TPTB programmed us to believe in does not exist, (except in one’s matrix mind.) We can make it home once we learn how to be in this world but not of it.

    • Highlander

      From personal experience I would agree with you about fear and comfort zones and the ego mind.

      It’s got many tricks which we didn’t understand. But have become clearer. But it is tenacious and won’t lie down easily. It is literally life and death to it.

  3. Frank, hope you feel better soon.
    Monarch butterflies have ancestral memory about finding their way home.
    The fires are in WINE country and maybe you saw that…anyway, I’m under the weather here too.

  4. Yesterday I got the message “There is no flu season” and that made sense. When I was growing up we only had winter, spring, summer, fall. Now its winter war summer flu. Fall and spring seem to have been erased.
    Anyhow, it made me wonder about the trad. seasons too and how even they may be faked.

    Aeon, thx, I don’t understand it but I like hearing more. Btw, where do you see news about the Tarot? That’s another phenom about which I have no clue.

    • Highlander, looking back on it, that photo of the fireman staring at the blaze kinda looks like a skier, one pole exposed to the audionce.

      Instead of s-gno, f-ire.

  5. Frank, do you think Francis will strip too? Get rid of all those pimps and sirCumstances? Xposé “the truth” of the vaticanyon?

  6. Aside from Volcano, (lava flows) Avalanches and Landslides, (massive), do Fires, Floods, Hurricanes and Tornados have personalities?

    Even for me this is a rather bizarre thought, but it just came to mind as I was looking at photos of Kali burned wine country.

    So here goes. I find it a bit interesting that when there is mass flooding cause by hurricanes, those flood seem to effect people who are mostly poor and most often of color. These people rent homes, purchase homes, etc. in the low lands, flood zones, etc. most often by TPTB to do so.

    Now take the people who are able to move up the hill among the trees, etc. Not all but most of them are a bit more prosperous and for the most part, caucasian. They get burned out.

    Tornados don’t seem to discriminate not caring one way or the other who are what it destroys. . Once it hits the ground it hopes, skips, jumps doing this crazy ziz –zaz dance looking to kick arse with anybody and anything in its way.

    • A lot of “money” is accumulated by shitty means. My Mom works right off the exit where the Ka Nyon fire appened (i write canyon like that because “Nyon” is highly significant in the SS and because I CAN) and she knows much about and has had to endure the personalities of the owners of those massive homes in the hills. This is highly judgemental of me -not her- but when I heard some of those homes had been burned down I said Ka rMa’s a bitch. House of Ka rds.


    I understand your sentiments. We must always speak our truth or what is on our mind or in our heart. It’s the only way to get the shit out. One should speak to purify and stop holding on the dis-ease within.

    In any case if you look a the link you will see a woman hugging a fireman/woman and on her left arm are two time pieces, both look to be Rolex watches. Her home was not saved but if those are Rolex watches she has a nice chunk of change right near her finger tips.

    How some of the upper half lived.


    Then there is this person’s home. Probably worked at some vineyard or hotel.

    • Highlander, ever since these ka t astrophies started to happen (extreme water, extreme fire, extreme wind) I’ve sensed an element of ”insurance” (or is that ”insurgence”?).


        Insurance for sure but insurgence of what?

        What is your take on what I said in my post above? Wide the wave, walk on it or drown for one and what seems like burn in the hellfire for the other.

        ” I find it a bit interesting that when there is mass flooding cause by hurricanes, those flood seem to effect people who are mostly poor and most often of color. These people rent homes, purchase homes, etc. in the low lands, flood zones, etc. most often by TPTB to do so.

        Now take the people who are able to move up the hill among the trees, etc. Not all but most of them are a bit more prosperous and for the most part, caucasian. They get burned out.”

  8. This film was distributed into the plasma this year by the company of the “sexual pest” who also co-founded Miramax. Miramax scrambles to Irma Max and Mx Maria. So 3 hurricanes folded into the story of a single jew. Harvey, Irma and Maria. It’s H.I.M. Born in Flushing, grew up in a chi-ken coop called Electchestire, went to Buffalo (water), father was a diamond cutter.

    H.I.M. the Jewpiter Kumputer.

  9. So now the MSM is telling us all about Hollywood’s powerful Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misdemeanours only a month and a half after damaging Hurricane Harvey hit the USA.
    Meanwhile northern California burns.
    Then, on 17/8/2017 we had the supposed Barcelona van attack followed by the Catalans push for independence of which Barcelona is at the centre.
    And shortly before the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, supposed massacre we had the extensive TV coverage of the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing ethnic violence in Rakhine state in Myanmar for safety in Bangladesh. Mandalay is the second city in Myanmar, formerly Burma.
    Can we take these linked events as purely coincidence or is some kind of mind control in play here?

  10. Hi Highlander

    Thank you for your concern about my mental well-being – much appreciated.

    I also appreciate your pov – like the High Sparrow and others here that suggest all of this is in the mind.

    In my opinion, however, the greatest genius of TPTB is to make certain people think this world is not real – quite diabolically brilliant in fact as what does it engender but passivity.

    I’m not particularly fond of emotive words such as the devil, etc but there is a quote from Charles Baudelaire (or Keyser Söze) which goes something like ‘the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist’.

    How do you think that might be applied to what you think?

    Like watching a film, if we believe our lives are not real then it doesn’t matter what happens to us or anyone around us – it’s all just interesting information to collate and watch remotely. It might make us cry or laugh or get angry but in the end none of it really matters does it?

    My point in the other article was that a lot of people like Goro have information given to them from TPTB that they share or do not share but that is all they have, and this only has merit to the cause if the truth can be extracted from the lies – but they have nothing else. They themselves are doing nothing, effecting nothing, affecting nothing and, therefore, they can never and will never change anything in any way.

    If you think all of this is a film playing out in your mind then you are powerless to do anything to alter it, change it for the better or worse – you are just so much flotsam and jetsam – reactive instead of proactive. All you are able to do is wait endlessly for things to happen to you and others – find like-minded people and marvel at how synchronised you all are.

    Just as Hugo says it’s easy to take pot shots from your computer keyboard so it is also boringly easy to post homilies that make little or no sense especially when applied to the above inaction.

    ‘Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.’

    What does that mean and how do you do it, have you done it, are you doing it?

    ‘We can make it home once we learn how to be in this world but not of it‘

    Clearly you are already home if you are happy not to take part and need do nothing more.


    Frank – it won’t lie down until someone makes it lie down

  11. Hi Anon

    In Robert Plant’s alchemical tarot the Emperor is depicted wearing no clothes but with a red cloth draped around him so we don’t know if his genitals are there or not there. He is also on top of a barren mountain.

    The magician on the other hand (depicted as Hermes) is naked and we can see he does in fact have his genitals. He is standing on the fertile earth with the sea behind and a fire under the caduceus. He is in the classic as above so below pose meaning that his magic relies on people in two dimensions working together.

    The caduceus represents kundalini sex magick as this is what has been used to reform his phallus.

    It is important to bond the Magician with the Emperor – the Magician goes behind him so that when you hold them up to the light you can see that under the cloth the Emperor does in fact now have his genitals.

    So the past has been replayed in reverse and so with the use of a little feminine blood, now all of the elements are returned and balanced.

    This is alchemical magic and the Philosopher’s Stone, the chemical or red wedding of the phallus to the man again. Turning a useless stone phallus into a flesh one and restoring the hieros gamos king’s ability to join again with the hieros gamos queen and to achieve enlightenment and heavenly bliss from their sexual act once more – that is utopia.


  12. I comes from a beautiful line of people who call themselves reel. Cieng reel to be all most xAct. I also come from another beautifyl line of bavarians -those steerRiotropical germmans and bar maidens who are swayed to be the crudest of their kind.

    So both of my peoples appear to know much about the SS, though it takes on different forms, independing who is squawking.

    I have finally learned not to get too worked up ova the issue of “reel” and “notsee real”.

    Let go of the angst and the rest will follow? Alternatively, resisting a rest is viable too.

  13. MV has taught me that it is goëd to gno no thing.

    Once you thInk you “gno”, you are finished. Finite. Ka put.

  14. Why all low all of “life” (and/or deaf) to hinge on a script (pogrom) of just numbers and blood letters? Like, why not be blind and deaf to “all” the known man eu fractured shit? Why couldn’t that be better than a fucking gno-it-@ll?

    How in any world is it “freedom” to be triggered by a bunch of marks and ticks?

  15. Appear as though we have been in a loop much like in the StarTrek scene below.

    by Limitless dreamer,
    Guest writer,

    “Many lifetimes we chose the path of 3D/4D Unconsciousness. In the state of Unconsciousness, we lost the key of “All is Love” enabling us to let go negative emotions such as fear, hate, anger, guilt within a short period of time by filling them with pure Love and Acceptance and exchanged it for the principle of “Time heals all wounds”.

    Applying this Unconsciousness-based principle entails that over each lifetime we decide to forget in hope to start anew. We opt for pushing the reset button of our active (brain) memory as we assume that by simply forgetting the past physical experience the corresponding past emotional trauma linked to it will fade away as well!”

    “Having lost our active brain memory of past lives’ superficial physical experiences yet still being unconsciously entangled in the corresponding undigested emotion at the same time, our inability to let go of these past emotional traumas as a reflection of our denial of “All is Love” is constantly putting us into the mode of “mis-creating” our reality.

    Playing the victim, any experience is again and again happening against us, not for us, the culprit needs to be outside in our restricted perspective since we cannot connect the dots as to the real cause of our “miscreation” and the effect it has on our reality.”
    Can’t tell you in my words what we may be dealing with so I will show you two explanatory, possible examples.

    Appears that we have been slowly waking up and now at a much faster speed. TPTB don’t wish it to happen hence the bombardment of situations to keep humanity vibrations running on the lowest frequency, possible.

      • “Influenced by 18th-century Enlightenment philosophes such as Rousseau and Montesquieu, Robespierre was a capable articulator of the beliefs of the left-wing bourgeoisie. His steadfast adherence and defence of the views he expressed earned him the nickname l’Incorruptible (The Incorruptible).[4]
        Robespierre’s reputation has gone through several cycles of re-appraisal.”

        There was a sense of emergency among leading politicians in France in the summer of 1793 between the widespread civil war and counter-revolution. Mr. Barère exclaimed on 5 September 1793 in the Convention: “Let’s make terror the order of the day!”[5][6]
        They were determined to avoid street violence such as the September Massacres of 1792 by taking violence into their own hands as an instrument of government.[4]

        “MAXimilien Robespierre, member of the Committee of Public Safety.
        Robespierre in February 1794 in a speech explained the necessity of terror:
        If the basis of popular government in peacetime is virtue, the basis of popular government during a revolution is both virtue and terror; virtue, without which terror is baneful; terror, without which virtue is powerless. Terror is nothing more than speedy, severe and inflexible justice; it is thus an emanation of virtue; it is less a principle in itself, than a consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing needs of the patrie [homeland, fatherland].[7][4]
        Some historians argue that such terror was a necessary reaction to the circumstances.[8] Others suggest there were also other causes, including ideological[9] and emotional.[10] ”


        max max max tam pax

  16. The Lovers’ Revenge – 13.10.2017 = 2 BLOOD – true blood

    So as I said – all religions are connected. Anywhere a group of people come together and submit to an authority outside of themselves is a religion.

    So, therefore, the masons are a religious order, the templar knights are a religious order, the Elite are a religious order.

    Religion makes you weak and ineffectual – always doing the work of some entity for some reward or other. You only act when they tell you to act – go to church on a Sunday morning, sacrifice a child on a Sunday evening.

    You’ve all heard of the whore riding the scarlet beast – there are many interpretations as to what this means – shall I tell you another one – are you sitting comfortably?

    The hieros king and queen were making love when a religious order burst in on them and on the command of their superior cut off his penis whilst it was still inside her. He was covered in his own blood and she was then made to keep ‘the filthiness of her fornication’ – his severed penis cupped in her hand – inside her until it rotted away – mimicked today in the menstrual bleed.

    I always find it amazing that religion hates sex between consenting adults so much but always seems more than happy to allow children to be abused, tortured and murdered.

    Psalm 137:9 King James Version (KJV)
    ‘Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.’

    Isn’t it nice that they can hide behind the skirts of their ’god’ as they carry out such despicable acts.

    I should say that not surprisingly the guy who had his penis hacked off – is pretty pissed off about it – and now he’s back and since it was a religious order that ordered the castration ……….. then perhaps a religious rearrangement should be begun – E ligroin (Euler‘s Identity)?

    The kundalini oil known as azoth which ‘new age’ people have been so excited about since it began to arrive in this world a couple of years ago should perhaps be more likened to the game of thrones wildfire – except that this is the real deal – actual dragon fire – it’s an extremely volatile substance and highly flammable – another alchemical wedding or should that be weeding?

    What will happen when the lovers meet again – on earth – as they have already in ‘heaven‘? What will happen when they are united in all dimensions?

    Happy Fryday the 13th. Reap what you sow.

    (Keep singing your version of ‘All Is Love’ Highlander – I like to be entertained)


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