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                  • How weird the timing of our posts….

                    OK, Frank, but I have made no death threats….

                    I AM the one who has been “threatened with death” on a daily basis, but that’s not YOUR fault.

                    Do you accuse me of making death threats on Merovee?

                    • Trinity

                      There were a couple of comments where you wrote I Want You Dead. You didn’t name anyone but would prefer it not to be put down in writing here. Think it if you want but I dont want any trouble with WordPress if it can be avoided !

                      ‘I never wished you ill before now…..

                      I’m just wondering, why have you dealt me such a whore-like hand?

                      Why? Um, I didn’t mean YOU any harm…..

                      I asked YOU for forgiveness, and I tried to forgive……

                      Now I really want you dead.

                      How’s that.’

                    • Hello? You CIA losers……

                      What, can’t figure out what to say?????

                      YOU”RE CIA!

                      And yes, I get “death threats” on a daily basis from the likes of the mob and YOU.

                      COME AT ME, and I mean it……

                      Come for me…..

                      BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT.

                      How’s that, Frank?

                      No “death threat” there!

                    • Oh and Frank, the comments you have published just now were deleted by some unseen force that night….

                      I THOUGHT maybe by a benevolent force such as yourself??? Knowing I was upset and in the heat of the moment, or WHATEVER.

                      But obviously NOT.

                      YOU are publishing them NOW for the first time….

                      I DO NOT regret them.

                      AT ALL.

                    • I deleted them. From my POV my concern is that some passer by or someone from WP can red flag these type of comments. And the blog can be suspended. They suspend first and ask questions later which would mean a lot of trouble getting it back on track, so don’t want to get into that position if it can be avoided.

                    • Wow.

                      It’s confirmed.

                      Frank IS the Devil.

                      And I will say…. I never issued a death threat to anyone.

                      That much is CLEAR.

                      And you “Sir,” are, as Sarah Conner said upon greeting,

                      siempre como culebra……

                      Oh and I await your officers or whoever, I really do……..

                      LET’S DO THIS!

                    • Trinity

                      I don’t think it does show I’m the Devil. Just want to keep the website up and running.

                      Is there a Devil ? Does sin exist ? Sin implies unforgivable. I dont anything is unforgivable.

                    • OK, thanks Frank

                      But um, I’m a “big contributor,” and in the past for example when there was friction between me and Anon you said you chastised her or whatever, and I assumed that was in private.

                      So why didn’t you warn me in private as well as a friend? You have my email address, and yes, the subject of “death threats” is a sensitive one……?

                      It just doesn’t seem very “loving” or even “brotherly” to me…..

                    • I think I told Anon in public. I don’t like doing it. But I do have to think sometimes that I don’t want to go down that route.

                      As I said, Keep On Trucking .

                    • And wow….

                      The reason they don’t “truck” with females is #1 a female is more likely to object and #2 she’s a nobody going nowhere to begin with.

                      Better to choose a young “guy” i.e TRANNIE who looks the female and is ripe for the “abuse” with no one to object.

                      What is it? Pederasty

                      Eliminate the female, the mother of children who would protect the babies and children they want.

                      This is Satan’s AGENDA.

                      Destroy the Female in any which way you can.

                    • All I know is my own brother did not stand up for me.

                      He sold me out, and is now a member of the “establishment.”

                      He he he…..

                      I know I need to let it go.

                      Which I AM… letting it go…..

                      But it’s that old expression…..

                      You are dead to me.

                    • My most beloved, my brother Scott

                      I love you, and I will always love you.

                      As Frank says, there is nothing that is “unforgivable.”

                    • And maybe I AM just a drunk……

                      But you “sir” are a dick.

                      Plain and simple.

                      It’s been nice to know ya…..”Brother”…..

                    • But I will say that you are a loser…..

                      And Dad would not be proud.

                      And now he knows because you didn’t even stay by his deathbed.

                      Because you are a schmuck.

                      I’m like Jesus, with the knowledge that I was thinking all along you were my brother……

                      Well, now I realize…. I never knew you.

                    • No wonder Mom was always afraid of disaster.

                      It was with us all along in you.

                      I’m sorry for you, you have mom issues that you rebelled against that much is clear…..

                      But you never were able to rise above it and fill in the little space I needed from you as an uncle for my son…..

                      You were NEVER there for him in any way…..

                      SO how can I even think of YOU as my brother?

                      I can’t.

                      I’m not in a good place now, not in a “forgiving” place….

                      And I don’t wish you ill….

                      But I’m DONE with “forgiving”

                      I don’t forgive you….. I don’t forgive mom and dad…….

                      I don’t forgive …..

                      Because you all don’t deserve it.

                    • I’m not really sure what happened with that last video because I did not choose it.

                      So who did?

                      Maybe an elite professing love from a “secret admirer”?

                      That I’m his angel?

                      If it does not come from openness, honesty, and a who gives a SHIT what everyone else thinks, if it is not of God’s commandments, if it does not come from a seeking of salvation but is only of lust…..

                      I don’t want it.

                    • YES, people…..

                      I’m an alcoholic.

                      “So when they continued asking Him, He lifted Himself up and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

                    • Would you look at this people?

                      I went from skinny side-page anonymity tantrum to full-blown Front page Merovee news!

                      You know, I’m the Girl Who Gives Death Threats……

                      If you don’t see a set-up, well…..

                      Thanks Frank.

                      It’s been a PLEASURE……

                      It’s been sooo good to meet you……

                      And well, I might as well go out in STYLE.

                      Oh bothers! Can’t find a clip that starts with the Matrix duo in leather…. oh well…. you will have to first watch whatever advertising they have and then the bit with Morpheus, which in the wrong hands (here!) is full-blown and disgustingly RACIST.

                      In any case, ENJOY.

                    • The “sad” thing is?

                      My Matrix Trinity may very well be a MTF tranny…..

                      Like so many of the other ‘Holly WOOD” stars I have worshiped? Like Sigourney?

                      Sooooo… what’s that about?

                      For me, you question your own “sexuality.” Oh, but you shouldn’t. You were actually spot on. You “lusted” after Sigourney BECAUSE she’s a man!

                      How f—- up is that???

                      How I’ve wanted to emulize Sigourney and Trinity… as STRONG females.

                      But what if they were never “female” in the first place?

                      I’m not into that.

                      And neither is the public.

                      Holly WOOD……


                    • I’d say if Hollywood wants to stay in business?

                      Put some real women up on the screen.

                      An unknown quantity…..

                      Not that I would want that for them.

                      Hollywood is clearly a place to stay clear from: emotionally, physically, and most of all, spiritually.

                      Besta besta, animals!

  1. Frank

    Your article, the article below and I found each other today and it greatly fit with your new article about the fall.
    by Sanna,

    When Earth decided to slowly “fall from Grace” and descend from (what I call) Grace Consciousness, many things took place.

    This was not an over-night event, but a gradual process. She let herself fall, for the love of the living and for the love for her beloved Father Earth. Both the energies are now merged as one once again, as Earth is ascending into its higher incarnation now.

    This fall happened a very long time ago and many things has come to pass ever sense. Then Gaia fell, in time so did the planet. Through many ups and down, Earth had several Pole shifts. Both magnetic and physical and so did all the living on the planet.

    When the planet was “High-jacked” and taken over by beings with a different agenda, the planet went into a non-natural state of being. As this slowly happened, the artificial ways where put in place and that shifted the natural harmony and balance of the planet, both energetically and physically.

    Our matrix reality was completely flipped upside down and that was the time when we slowly entered a deep slumber into duality and separation from the natural processes of the creation and all living. But remember, this was planned and put in place from the highest of sources. We all decided to play “this game”, on some level.

    When our reality was flipped upside-down, so did the planets natural poles. It has to be said, that after each Galactic year, the ages switch places/took turns from Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine and vice versa. Every time we came around the galactic plane, the energies shifted places with each other.

    This last Galactic year, we are coming out of now, has been the age of the Masculine – the age of PISCES. So our north pole has been Masculine and the south pole has been Feminine. We can easily see this in the world with the western Male ways of thinking and acting and the eastern ways of looking at life and belies, being more feminine throughout our resent history.

    I do not want to get so deep into that, as it has been written and spoken about so much already, but I wanted to give an overall view of our past and how we fell from Grace. Now we are finding our way back to Grace – back home – again through our hearts and higher mind.

    As the poles as been unbalanced and the masculine and feminine energies has been flipped upside-down, so has the energies and poles within our bodies. We all came from Gaia, our bodies is mostly made out of Gaia’s essence and elements. We have now entered a time where the poles are being turned back to its organic natural balanced positions again and that is also the case with our inner poles.

    As we shift and change, we are also experiencing an inner polar shift. Our male north is now becoming the true north of the divine feminine and the south pole is going back to being divine masculine. It is a natural process, for complete harmonization and divine sacred balance of all life. This goes for all living beings and energies on Earth. It is the way it is.

    I had my inner polar shift in September/October and so has many of you or are in still in that process of shifting your inner poles with the outer poles. This is also the case with our Merkaba. It is changing with it. I’m sure you feel and know deep inside, if you are experiencing that inner pole shift or not.

    To easy describe it, the up-right pyramids is truly the natural shape and angle of the divine feminine and the down-right pyramid is the divine masculine. It is the poles shifting within our Merkaba (energy fields) as well.

    First we healed and cleansed the uprising and returning of the divine feminine and now we are in a huge intense process of doing the same with the distorted divine masculine. That is why so many are going though this almost crazy moments and intense purging right now. I know, I’ve been there… LOL !!! Just be aware and honor your process and listen to your own inner voice.

    I worked with the divine feminine a lot earlier this year on a universal and planetary scale and now are working with the divine masculine through the collective energies and earth’s consciousness. It is very sacred and an honor, but is NOT BY FAR a piece of cake.

    The masculine north pole is being pulled down and back to the south pole for healing and the divine feminine from the south pole is returning to its rightful place up-north.

    We will all go through this inner pole shift.

    We are shifting with the planet, as it return to the natural balance and back to Grace. Our planet so deserves this divine transformation. It is truly a sacred and magnificent time we are in.

    As the poles yet again are being shifted on an energetic level, I do not know what will happen on a physical level. I will not even speculate as the unknown is supposed to be magical and NOT placed in fear mode. I know that I have complete trust in the Divine and I know that Gaia is ascending and that is how it’s supposed to be.

    Just a little personal observation and reflection, as this energetic pole shift are happening. The ancient structures, like the pyramids, will now starts to really come alive and be activated, now that the cosmic energies can move and flow naturally through the balanced earthly poles again.

    The cosmic energies are feminine.

    Another thing is our electricity and other artificial electric grids and systems might stop working, being development with the old way, non-natural and unbalanced. I’m referring to the poles of + and – in electricity and how that works. This may not be the case, but it feels logical, looking at it from a natural and universal law point of view. Well, to me anyway…

    That might be a natural organic process in our development into start finding other solutions of energy and communication systems that is harmonized and naturally balanced with all living and to earth itself (that is a soul and living being). That would differently be a future to look forward to, don’t you think?!

    That is my simple look on life. Changes doesn’t have to be hard and struggling. I see it as very natural and compassionate process and progress…and I feel most of us wants to have it that way too. So, our earthly collective consciousness have spoken!

    All is well, all in the divine circle of life… I am here for you, in love and graceful service. I hold you all dear in my heart.

    From my heart to yours – much love!

    From Highlander

    P.S. Thanks for the space to post…
    Much love.

  2. ‘Well-known Paris region Place Vendome is currently on lockdown, following a bomb alert after the discovery of a suspicious package.’

    ‘Place Vendôme (French pronunciation: ​[plas vɑ̃dom]) is a square in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, France, located to the north of the Tuileries Gardens and east of the Église de la Madeleine. It is the starting point of the Rue de la Paix.’

    Paix is Peace…

    ‘After his death in 1990, American artist Keith Haring was cremated and his ashes were sprinkled out on a hillside near Kutztown. Except for one handful, that Yoko Ono brought to the Place Vendôme because she believed the spirit of Haring had told her to.’

  3. Is it me, or do these two have a passing resemblance to Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence?

    Accountants are departing Times Square…

    A year ago…

    ‘The A-list movie stars are racing against each other to tackle the Jazz Age icon who also suffered from schizophrenia.’

    • Clicky

      It’s Just a Matter of Time.

      I can’t say I’m surprised with the timing. The Manson murders are somehow linked with ‘consciousness’ in a big way. And the summer of 1969 and the Moon landing and the death of Brian Jones. And other things.

      My brother was involved in the making of a documentary about the Manson Family in 2009. It mainly concentrated on Linda Kasabian.

      It’s a long video but if anyone is interested in Charles Manson et al it’s informative.

    • Roob

      Again it ties in with MJ’s Zeus I believe.

      The Lost and Found Leo. According to the article, it has been rediscovered.

          • Clicky

            And Sal

            Salvator Mundi

            King Salman is stepping down to be the Queen of England.


            And Charles Bronson got married yesterday. His real name is Charles Salvador.

            ‘Charles Arthur “Charlie” Salvador, better known as Charles Bronson, is an English criminal who is often referred to in the British press as the “most violent prisoner in Britain” and “Britain’s most notorious prisoner”.’

            Salvador Family History. Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese: from the popular Christian personal name Salvador, meaning ‘Savior’ (Latin Salvator, a derivative of salvare ‘to save’), bestowed in honor of Christ.

                  • DB=Fortitude

                    Do you remember a guy that’s been
                    In such an early song
                    I’ve heard a rumour from Ground Control
                    Oh no, don’t say it’s true

                    They got a message from the Action Man
                    “I’m happy. Hope you’re happy, too.
                    I’ve loved. All I’ve needed: love.
                    Sordid details following.”

                    The shrieking of nothing is killing me
                    Just pictures of Jap girls in synthesis
                    And I ain’t got no money and I ain’t got no hair
                    But I’m hoping to kick but the planet is glowing

                    Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
                    We know Major Tom’s a junkie
                    Strung out in heaven’s high
                    Hitting an all-time low

                    Time and again I tell myself
                    I’ll stay clean tonight
                    But the little green wheels are following me
                    Oh, no, not again

                    I’m stuck with a valuable friend
                    “I’m happy. Hope you’re happy, too.”
                    One flash of light
                    But no smoking pistol

                    I never done good things
                    I never done bad things
                    I never did anything out of the blue,
                    Want an axe to break the ice
                    Wanna come down right now


                    My mama said, “To get things done
                    You’d better not mess with Major Tom.”

                  • You’re into Tom Hanks at present.

                    Hanks is everywhere.

                    When I was at the bank, I was called Frank the Barclays Banker. Good old rhyming slang !

  4. Frank

    If any thoughts on the subject, what say you?

    Seems apparent that ‘everything old is new again’ at least that is the way I see it from my individual illusionary perspective.

    The works of Art depicted is quite beautiful. Click Link to view.


    From the first ever untethered spacewalk to a 15th century map of the stars, stunning images reveal humankind’s ‘visions of the universe’ over 600 years

    A new collection of images published by London-based Phaidon features work from astronauts, painters, astronomers and even propagandists from across history.

    Pictured (clockwise from top left): The Creation of The World and The Expulsion From Paradise, 1445, by Giovanni Di Paolo; Rings of Saturn taken by Nasa’s Cassini satellite in 2005; World’s first untethered spacewalk, 1984; 15 Century cosmological map printed on a deer hide; 1968 photograph of Earth taken aboard man’s first mission to the moon; Northern Lights as observed March 1st, 1872.

    • Highlander

      I keep an open mind about Ancient Astronaut Theory, and ET in general.

      But I’ve always felt as a collective, the thought that we are alone in the Universe mirrors our personal feelings of loneliness and separation.

      And it could be if we can break through that block, then in the physical we may make Contact and not be alone in the Universe. A sort of ‘what’s within’ is mirrored ‘out there’ type of scenario.

      • Apropos the ball in the pic of Jesus by Leonardo.

        In the song Let It Fall from the article it says ‘Time to smash the Crystal Ball’. Let It Fall.

      • Thanks FRANK

        Often times your thoughts reflect my own or is it that my thoughts often reflect those of yours?

        Cosmic Spill – Smash the Ball

        • Highlander

          The implications of your own question are huge when you examine telepathy closely at even an unconscious level.

          How can minds be joined if they are separate ?

          • I believe its something along these lines :

            The Christ Mind, which is Reality in the mind of the dreamer, shows up in its dream of not-God as dream figures becoming aware, however dimly, that there is more to reality than the world in which they find themselves. Each dream figure is born into the dream to be part of the dream, but if he or she chooses to become aware of Reality then he or she becomes the dreamer awakening.

            The Christ Mind will then use that dream figure to teach the dreamer that it is dreaming, and that the dreamer’s Reality is not the dream, but God. This shows up in the dream as the awakening dream figure becoming more and more aware that the dream is a dream, that he or she is the dreamer, that the Christ Mind is his or her Reality, and that he or she can choose the Christ Mind.

            These dream figures learn to identify with the Christ Mind, but not as he or she once identified with a limited dream figure. This Identification is not limited to a personal self; It is an Identification with the Limitless Being of God, Which is Everywhere.’

            • FRANK

              That is a piece of ‘good stuff’

              That is a powerful statement and it helps me better understand why the Aborigines insist they exist because of ‘dreamtime.’ Also the statement reminds me of the movie Inception


              Dream within a dream: How science fiction concepts from the movie Inception can be accomplished in real life (via MDFA)

              Dream within a dream – As one of the more fascinating concepts introduced in Inception, the concept of the dream within a dream was also the main trick to their success in dream manipulation. Starting from reality, each level of the dreaming subconscious state can be further transposed into another level of subconscious , namely dreaming within a dream.

              The dream within a dream process puts you into a deeper state of dreaming. The deeper you go, the further one’s mind is removed from reality. This is where the subject of dynamic adaptive filtering comes into play (see my previous article here for an intro and basics to dynamic adaptive filtering in iMetrica).

              In the direct filtering world, dynamic adaptive filtering is akin to the dream within a dream concept: Once in a level of subconscious (the spectral frequency space in MDFA), and the architect has created the dream used for manipulation (the metric space for the filter coefficients), a new level of subconscious can then be entered by introducing a newly adapted metric space based on the information extracted from the first level of subconscious.


  5. Today I awoke cracking up. An Iranian teenager in Australia, translation book in hand, called a tour organizer and asked, For your birthday, do they wear you down? Translation: “If it’s my birthday, are there perks? Is the ride longer?”

    The giggling started while still asleep and grew and grew until I got so breathless I woke myself up.

      • I decided to bail. He speaks in one tone only (yelling) and talks too fast like he’s on smack. Plus he used the term “zeitgeist” one too many times to “prove” the “Truth” and you know me…I dislike big words. I left the dungeon and checked into a nice hotel to recoup and luxuriate while watching J.Sessions reconfirm his dementia on tv. First time watching tv in a looong time.

        • Anon

          Glad to see you are not going to end up on the Hanging Tree.

          And I have a problem with Jeff Sessions. There is a TV impersonator over here called John Sessions and in my mind the two have got mixed up.

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